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  1. The Official Members List Thread (please add your profile)

    NAME: Paul Brennan LOCATION: Annapolis, MD AGE: as Rolf says in Sound of Music: 17 going on 18 SEX: M PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Student FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): All his SW scores, Raiders, and Tintin FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Anything Michael Giacchino, The Rocketeer, Rogue One, The Old Republic, LotR, Batman '89, Gettysburg FAVORITE FILM(S): All the SW movies, most of the Marvel movies FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Christopher Nolan, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg SPECIAL INTEREST(S): playing piano, finding new arrangements of SW pieces that I haven't found yet, composing, listening to soundtracks (obviously), US history (especially Civil War) VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: Practically yesterday in terms of actual hours spent on this excellent website
  2. The Last Jedi - Piano Arrangements available

    The easy piano arrangements of TLJ are available in book form, as are string orchestra, full orchestra, and concert band arrangements. I wonder what's going on with the regular piano solo book?
  3. So where is "Peace and Purpose?" Was it folded into another track or is it just not on here? And why is "Old Friends" so close to the end? On the OST, it's near the beginning. Thanks!