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  1. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    Incredibles 2 (Brad Bird 2018)

    I didn't get the pun in the villain's name! That's clever.
  2. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    Track-by Track: Solo vs. The Last Jedi

    Except maybe the last really tragic section of Main Title and Escape. It's just so emotional; it's like a punch in the gut. And I don't think Main Title and Escape is very similar to Attack on the Jakku Village at all! Seems a lot different in mood and tone to me. Especially that last part. Plus there's a ton of new motifs in TLJ; Rose's theme isn't the only new one. Check this out for the other ones: http://www.academia.edu/33487589/Complete_Catalog_of_Star_Wars_Leitmotifs_Compiled_by_Frank_Lehman
  3. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    An Evening with John Williams -- Baltimore 6/13/18

    I went to the concert too! Absolutely loved Adventures of Han (when am I ever going to hear that live again? Probably never)!! E.T. and Shark Cage Fugue were also incredible! I loved that we got Williams pieces from all three of the new movies he's done. And the Throne Room . . . incredible. I loved that they used the Revenge of the Sith end credits Throne Room suite; that's always been my favorite end credits suite of all time. I actually teared up during those moving renditions of the B section of the Throne Room; it was so emotional and well-played. Agggh! Why can't he do five more of these performances in Baltimore before he leaves? I need to attend more film music concerts.
  4. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Two things in the soundtrack that really reminded me of John Williams. The Han/Q'ira love theme reminds me a whole bunch of Born On The Fourth Of July. At about 0:52 or so in this recording. Also, the brass swoops up in Into The Maw when it's showing the big creature seriously remind me of something very similar when it shows the swordsman in Raiders.
  5. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    The "Out of Context" Thread

  6. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    The "Out of Context" Thread

  7. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    A brass-playing friend of mine noticed a classical piece that John Powell may have been referencing. Gustav Holst, a late 19th century composer, wrote a number of suites for military bands. His second suite contains a movement called "Song of the Blacksmith." The entire vibe of Powell's "Mine Mission," starting at 0:15 through around 3:20, is exactly the same as Song of the Blacksmith! The militaristic beats and instrumentation are quite similar (although Powell also adds strings), and you can really hear the similarities! Why would Powell do this? Well, Holst's piece is about a blacksmith, and in it, you can hear the percussion of him hammering away with his tools. "Mine Mission," it will come as no surprise to learn, takes place on Kessel, where miners are using hammers and other tools to chip away at the rock. Powell evokes the sound of the blacksmith because the miners are doing something very similar! Check it out.
  8. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Really?? So much for my inventive theory. I did not know that!
  9. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Your Father Would Be Proud raises the entire R1 score to a level of perfection for me. All the themes were already good, but YFWBP just put it over the top. Such an emotional piece. It could really stand on its own as a concert piece. Also, I have a thought. It seems to me that the Rebel Fanfare is now the Falcon's theme more than actually representing the Rebels. Which makes sense given its previous history. The Rebel Fanfare shows up in bits and pieces throughout ANH, but it really gets its due during TIE Fighter Attack, which, of course, heavily features the Falcon. It appears other places, but is most prominent in the OT when TIE Fighter Attack returns to score the Falcon's harrowing journey through the interior of the Death Star II. Its next prominent quote is in TFA, when it is boldly stated when the Falcon appears onscreen for the first time during "The Falcon." And now, here, during Solo, Powell quotes it all the time when they're in the Falcon. So what do we think? Is it the Falcon's theme now? It at least seems heavily associated with the Falcon at this point.
  10. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    Avengers Infinity War Part 1 (2018) Review *SPOILERS*

    Interesting; I've never really heard anyone complain about the CGI for Jar-Jar, for instance. Annoyingness aside, he does look like he's actually there. To me and others I've heard anyway.
  11. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    Avengers Infinity War Part 1 (2018) Review *SPOILERS*

    Here's what I dislike about a lot of reviews for superhero and action movies. People complain all the time about how there's "too much CGI." If the CGI is great, what does it matter? Why can't it be a classic if the villain is computer-generated instead of a burly guy in a big rubber suit? What's so objectionable about the simple use of CGI. I especially hear this about the SW prequels. "There's too much CGI," "They didn't use any actual sets," the list goes on. But even the haters agree that the prequel CGI is amazing and doesn't look that weird at all. So what's the problem with CGI? Also, Spiderman was great.
  12. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I love these! Such a cool idea!
  13. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    An Evening with John Williams -- Baltimore 6/13/18

    I'm going to the concert, and it'll be my first time ever seeing JW in the flesh!! Super excited!
  14. Mitth'raw'nuorodo

    The Official Jazz Music thread

    Gotta love Claude Bolling.