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  1. Borodin

    What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

    I wonder why not as many people post in this thread as they do soundtrack thread. Are people high? Like, every cue and scene has its own intrinsic personality. I love this song. Especially parts 1:55 and 2:39
  2. I'm actually terrified. Just imagine if Agent Cooper found out.
  3. And hmm.. who's going with the free speech option?
  4. For a composer who doesn't really impress me like Williams does, Titanic actually impresses me. I love its melodies and range of mood from thrilling, to amazingly melancholic and almost scary how he portrays death and the grief of the past, to awestricken, and frustrated. Love the chorus sounds. For comparison, my favorite soundtracks: 1. Lion King 2. Star Wars IV-V 3. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 4. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 5.... Mostly Williams, he's pretty much always on top except with his modern routine ie. backbreaking Star Wars nonsense.
  5. Pppp..pp...pp...potter. I think this will always be my favorite LoTR scene:
  6. Borodin

    Favourite Memories: The Fellowship of the Ring (Current)

    A bit of interesting trivia which I hold some respect. Jaws (1975) is considered the most underrated film of all time, according to the IMDb voting stats. In other words, Jaws (1975) has the highest difference of score of any movie when comparing its high score from the Top 1000 experienced voters to the lower, public rating.
  7. Borodin

    What is the Last Cue You Listened To?

    If I were to make the list "Top Cues of All Time", this would probably dominate it
  8. Borodin

    Bait for E.T.

    I'm wondering where Bernard Herrmann got this 'playful' John Williams end-credits style at 2:38 - 2:45 ↓ It's very reminiscent of film credits music. https://youtu.be/kC5AzFc3coo?t=158 This forum doesn't seem to have auto video-embed.
  9. My opinion is essentially this: Those who think the Harry Potter movies are bad, essentially don't know much about film-making.
  10. I've had deep dreams of 'an evening with John Williams,' we discussed many significant things and he shared many of his secrets to life. I know it sounds weird, but it's true, and I nowadays I feel at peace.
  11. Everything Harry Potter is always underrated. First three films and their scores absolutely mind-blowing. If producers wanted to make better movies in the fantasy genre, then ratings should be adjusted accordingly. But since that's not happening, Harry Potter is still one of the best movie series.
  12. Borodin

    Do you think no one asks for Williams anymore?

    The answer to this question is not so much about what directors want, if they wondered about it deep in their hearts, it's about the popular demand/trend for great film music. How many people care about orchestral music in film, How many average people do you see listening to that in their cars or during work or at hangouts? Film music doesn't need to be great anymore, just minimally affective. Directors have figured this out and have been able to cut corners, essentially, while still affecting film music fans into loving their music..somehow. I never can grasp how people can love so much bad film music, personally. So, John Williams is not only amazingly talented, but lucky to have had some time windows to focus on quality.