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  1. Nobody gives a shit about Rotten Tomatoes obviously. But this movie has 27.3% of IMDb users giving it a 10/10, which is usually the number I look at after a year. So we'll wait for that number to come down before I see it. The African-American Cauldron
  2. Me too and I haven't even heard The Lion King yet. /Jk
  3. I respect your opinion, but maybe this will change your mind:
  4. Also just noticed, all the audiophiles on the site like rateyourmusic are pretty accurate on who the best composers are. John Williams is really high up there, woot woot, ESB is the 11th greatest Classical album of all time! In Classical category! The highest there overall are Stravinsky and Beethoven. That's better than asking Classical people who the best is. Williams wouldn't survive, Stravinsky would suffer as many topped him... But it's just a dumb site. The real answers are subjective.
  5. Highest truth? Hmm...I'm not even big on Beethoven. Why would my mind assume there's any 'high truth' to this because a small percentage cling to archetypal Classical? How could mine, or Einstein's or Debussy's minds possibly care for such a ruling? I went over to Einstein and he told me he doesn't care for Beethoven. I went to one of my main bros, Debussy, and he's not keen on Beethoven either. It's cool that some people cling to archetypal Classical structure and Beethoven, got no issue with that. I think the music is more simple-minded. I am fine leaving B as 'best composer' because that represents Classical enthusiast averages. As a Contemporary enthusiast, I'm more into Williams, Stravinsky, Dvorak (the guy who finally broke out of the hum-drum) and many other styles than classical. Classical to me is repetitive and very limited. Though my favorite of Beethoven's is symp 6-2.
  6. B's decent, though his pieces don't make my personal top. Obviously the greatest composer according to popular rating and inventiveness is Beethoven, but we could get into all the other musicians and bands who are consistently rated higher by audiophiles. Can't say most people agree with consensus. I don't believe there's any objectivity to what makes a great composer, just subjective consensus. For me, there's no way he beats Williams, even if Williams prefers him, that's his problem . Williams lived the better musical era imo. Just classical enthusiasts (>1%) say Classical was the best era, and then many less people would prefer Williams, even maybe Williams himself, so that's that.
  7. When you apply the term to music, I think it connotes a slightly different meaning, because art in of itself has no particular function, thus it can't become inferior or defective. Instead, outdated in art or style is a clear reference to trend. If John Williams is considered outdated, there are a lot of people who would say Beethoven is even moreso, and I think that is based on Beethoven's adoption of older classical phrasing, instead of the phrasings found in similar instrument sections of filmscore or soundtrack, which I'm sure he would've been fairly interested in. Beethoven is the best composer I believe. Seeing how everyone now all of a sudden is so hyped and cracked-out on Beethoven, it begs the question: "Where are all the Beethoven threads?" I guess everyone primarily belongs to the Beethoven Theism forums, that's why they're so much more trendy, hmm.
  8. Well my original sentence reads "Beethoven can sound outdated," which is an opinion many will share when comparing to any music using the same instruments of an orchestra, such as soundtrack. I personally disagree he doesn't sound outdated, but my point was, you can be a little more open and reasonable with your descriptions. That is what lacks in the previous analyses.
  9. That's a bit more like it: the lovely sentimental wording is becoming more coherent. Anyway, separate thread maybe?
  10. It's strange hearing such contradictory arguments on a John Williams forum: I understand it's fine to defend Beethoven, and your wording is lovely, but you all can do a much more rational job at it than this. He birthed a pinnacle aspect of music interpretation, as well as adopted many others, but thousands after him have enormously evolved how great-and-simple music can sound. That's the definition of modern. At least be a little more honest and open-minded in your descriptions. Also I keep forgetting that some of you are classical theists. "Praise be to the perfect man" or whatnot.
  11. I meant best composer, not inventor. But yes, Beethoven hits the fine dynamic, not the fine point. The fine points were developed after Beethoven. Although some would argue that classical harmonic phrasings are better, I will happily disagree about one single way of looking at it. Sure, Beethoven's phrasings are considered by many people to sound outdated, many times over. Best composer I think though.
  12. TFA and TLJ are the worst for me. Always thought that since 2015 and 2017. The originals are much more Mussorgskian in spectrum and variance in describing the palettes of adventure, and Dvorakian in craft and structure. The prequels were somewhat as interesting and breathtaking, noteworthy at least, but nothing beats SW and ESB, SW being the pinnacle of music (unless you, say, enjoy the more ordinary harmonic forms of Beethoven or something, then that can be very good. Beethoven was the best inventor but his music can sound outdated. Would be nice to hear a Beethoven in the film and fantasy era.)
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