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  1. Borodin

    The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    Some evocative Franky: Check out my Top 30 of All Time if you haven't. I recently made changes and haven't updated it here, but the majority of changes are moving I Want You Back to 5th place, Everybody Plays The Fool is moved higher, and I added Don't Speak and Break My Stride to the top 30. But you won't see the changes here.
  2. Borodin

    Video Game Music

    Forgot how much I loved this theme, because of the chorus part right at 1:21 starting from 1:16. The most happy, refreshing sound I've ever heard.
  3. Borodin

    Video Game Music

    Alright you goofs. Here is one of my favorite tracks from Masashi Hamauzu from his personal album, although he also worked on Final Fantasy music. This one is a combination. I absolutely love this style of jazz influence.
  4. Borodin

    Video Game Music

    I used to like Koji Kondo more, but I think there are many better VG composers. I used to like Zelda more too... MM, TWW and OoT are still some of the most qualitative gameplays with quality always around you. Not sure what happened with Nintendo. It got more into just combat and scenery and scattered mechanical things, instead of before where everywhere you go had cool world-building interconnections/story puzzles everywhere and deep atmosphere. The majority of my time with BoTW was just running everywhere, collecting shallow junk and doing repeat tasks. Mario these days is much more interesting I think than Zelda, which didn't used to be the case... Love Mario Maker and Odyssey. Overall though, I think Banjo-Tooie is the most superior of any Nintendo game, and it was made for toddlers or something. Just perfect gaming. Grant Kirkhope I don't find to be a superior VG composer compared to many.
  5. I imagine any composer will know JW's answer "How you do what you do" if they first apply it to themselves. It will sound more-or-less vague, because it's a process of creativity. For instance, I would probably respond like "I had a few ideas, and while working with them, I thought one in particular stood out as both fitting the context of the film and the ideology of the film (in the following ways.)" I think it's an intuitive response.
  6. Borodin

    the mstrox thread

    Is it : Ms Trox , Mistr Ox , Maestro X , or a butt?
  7. Borodin

    The Matrix reboot (rumour)

    They might make a movie called "The Mate Tricks".
  8. Williams's melodic fluctuation between G and D has been stuck in my head all day for some reason, 5:20 - 5:40 :
  9. Borodin

    The Quick Question Thread

    What ever happened to that guy who was obsessed with Glazunov. I liked that guy.
  10. Borodin

    Your 10 Favorite Tunes

    Excellent. That diminished at 0:46 and 1:42! I often try to incorporate diminished harmony into my compositions, especially with the kind of ethereal fairy tale style this has. Diminished is my favorite (the name is Borodin after all.)
  11. Borodin


  12. Borodin

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    What am I eating? Not sure what. The label was in Spanish, and when I photographed the containments, my camera turned off and wouldn't go back on. I nuked it thoroughly to kill any problems.
  13. Borodin

    Your 10 Favorite Tunes

    I'll one-up that one! I have some list editing to do.
  14. Borodin

    Your 10 Favorite Tunes

    Ooh, I forgot an obvious one on my list.