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  1. True story. What's the difference again between best movies and favorite movies, someone pls eggsplain.
  2. I am the best friend they will ever have.
  3. Borodin

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    You keep on calling me Babu. It's Singh, motherfucker.
  4. Borodin

    The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    I think this is a contender for the greatest single moment in pop and rock music history. I would currently rank it as my #1 moment, and also moved the song from #4 to #3 in my all-time list! 0:38 - 0:58
  5. I'd tell them to go fuck themselves, you will never make it in the score-appreciation business. This is for serious students only.
  6. Borodin

    NSFW Random Comic Generator

    (3) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (4) Truly random
  7. Borodin

    Favorite movie to feature Bryce Dallas Howard?

    It's all about Jessica Chastain. Only room for one redhead.
  8. The World Wide Web is a fascinating place, isn't it?
  9. Borodin

    NSFW Random Comic Generator

    Why do I post these threads. I must've been drunk. Some random generations: (1) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (2)
  10. Borodin

    NSFW Random Comic Generator

    Has anyone used the random comic generator before? http://explosm.net/rcg Or played the card game Joking Hazard? What are your best plays? Any funny generated comics? Could random AI / Genetic Algorithmic generation be the origins of your latest successful film screenplay? Do you think I am human?
  11. I think you guys need your emotes be cartoon caricatures of popular Lucas and Spielberg characters. Maybe: The crying one = E.T. The thinking one = Indie The confused one = Rey, The heart = Jar Jar. Naturally because Jar Jar is associated with love. We love Jar Jar. The blank stare is... Darth Vader. Don't ruin my fantasy! ...a picture is worth a thousand words.
  12. Ok, too bad someone's not able to use paint for 2 minutes to draw a yellow circle.
  13. I'm conducting an experimental survey with one question on the survey. Which new reaction emote would you like to see on JWFan? Currently the Jwfanbase can react to posts using the following emotes: But personally, I'd like to be able to use ones like this: The last one especially would come in handy to me, in numerous situations where there aren't the proper expressions and you're not sure what you're even trying to say...
  14. Borodin

    What film genres do you dislike.

    Oh, I hate superhero movies! Thanks for reminding me. The only series I liked was X-Men and Nolan's Batman. I don't know what it is, but I posted my favorites above for comparison.
  15. Borodin

    What film genres do you dislike.

    I just watched The Green Mile for the first time in a long time, and while I think Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile are great movies of course, they're not really my style. The themes are too down-to-earth and simplistic for me, kinda turns me off. Same goes for most sports movies, like Field of Dreams type stuff. Favorites are Mulholland Dr., Goodfellas, The Matrix, The Time Machine, Ponyo, Star Wars IV, Memento, The Departed.