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  1. Why is the word 'smiley' outdated but 'screen name' isn't. I'm so lost and confused in this fancy new world.
  2. I think he'll do it, if Spielberg agrees to direct.
  3. Mark Hamill listens to John Williams every day, ever since the first day he saw Star Wars.
  4. Who is Slant? Grant Kirkhope's retarded younger brother?
  5. Tyrell Wellick from Mr. Robot is pretty fuckable for a guy. I liked that scene where he pays a hobo to get beat up. Hot stuff. His wife is also bangable, they make a cute couple. Then, meow, Agent Tammy Preston from Twin Peaks, top of her class in university. I'd give her a weekly raise, if you know what I mean. All these people in suits are making the globe heat up.
  6. Thanks. It's what I use to translate Giacchino scores into English.
  7. Well, no such thing as a perfect composer, even if John Williams and Alexander Borodin are the closest. After-the-fact I'm sure Williams has said many times "should've done it this way."
  8. Is this the thread where we post Speilberg clips? Because I can't find the Home Alone intro. 2:08 till the end
  9. Hmmm... it's clear Beethoven was way ahead of his time, but I'm not into a lot of his stuff personally/aesthetically--the classical sound to me is a bit humdrum and plain, a lot of its purpose appears to be experimenting with basic note combinations instead of creating truly great aesthetics and themes. Beethoven pushed us forward on the latter, but nowadays there is much more beautiful and imaginative thematic development. I admit sometimes Beethoven is totally awesome with stuff like Symphony 3, I never understood why Sym 9 would be his best, I don't think it's superior-sounding in any way! Anyway just wanted to give my take.
  10. Graphics isn't the first thing that comes to mind personally when it's time to criticize LoTR... you'd think it's because its graphics are highly-acclaimed and visionary, but it's moreso that graphics aren't too significant a factor compared to the dynamic of story and directing.
  11. This one's for the forum. It will either save us or destroy us. @Kasey Kockroach you too.
  12. If I had to choose Film: Lord of the Rings Score: Harry Potter, err I mean, Star Wars
  13. We need a snack machine in the lobby. I'm getting tired of the forum's cooking.
  14. I shouldn't be making memes. Here's one for the Star Wars fans,
  15. Just got around to watching 2 series, and what a contrast in quality.. The Boys - Superheroes I guess is an important subject with people for some reason. The show has a slightly interesting twist on a concept that is unfortunately loaded with shallow direction, predictable story with not much connective world-building, and some utterly bad character-development. It feels like the plot's driving the characters, not the other way around. I have seen much better writing and direction in films that the public would dub "mediocre." I think one critic spoke succinctly when he said the title The Boys is in reference to its target audience. If people weren't so captivated by superheroes I think they would find the show to be hot air. Mr. Robot - This show, by comparison, has brilliant direction and enticing character-development, much more intelligible world-building, and its most notable quality is only showing and saying what needs to inspire its story. The kind of show I feel invested in the interwoven fabric of its psychology which paints its narrative conflicts in a fluid suspense, the way each reflects on their circumstance in order to drive the plot, instead of the plot driving them, illustrating the ideal transformation into its new self, and I don't quite want to let them go when the show ends. It's a well-made show.
  16. I don't have much issue with the series. Only good things.
  17. Should moderators honor customizable genders? If not, why so sexist?
  18. When I was child, I thought the candy that's pill-shaped might be healthy 4 me.
  19. Window ghost b creepin. She might even b peepin but she definitely creepin.
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