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  1. Jerry

    The Official Jerry Thread

    Robin Hood is the closest thing I have to the admiralty uniform. I don't have John Wayne or Indy Legos. I actually don't have a Star Wars Legos either, so this is what I do.
  2. Jerry

    Show us your music collection

    I see Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Miklos Rosza, How To Train Your Dragon, Jaws, Home Alone. Can't pinpoint the others without really thinking, but the obvious ones are those.
  3. Jerry

    The Official Jerry Thread

    LEGO Update from Jerry. The bridge of a First Order Star Destroyer. Complete with narrow walkway, control dugouts, wide glass lookout, and who is supposed to be General Hux. This took about 4 hours, as there are a hell of a lot of bricks there not visible but essential to the construction process. There were also a lot of specific pieces that took a while to track down in all my bins, but this is the end product. I also made a makeshift TIE Fighter but I have not yet photographed it.
  4. Jerry

    the mstrox thread

    We go way back.
  5. Jerry

    the mstrox thread

    So Bespin is in Turks and Caicos? I'll have to tell Lando.
  6. You will fit in well amongst us. The other day, I was surfing Bespin's discography and I discovered that that was exactly what he intended with that post earlier.
  7. Jerry

    Useless Trivia

    South Pacific was all I was looking for. There's a lot down there. Palau too, yes. Kiribati comes to mind.
  8. Jerry

    Useless Trivia

    Where is Vanuatu?
  9. Separatist? I, as part of the Canada, am undecided when it comes to Quebecois independence.
  10. Jerry

    the mstrox thread

    Are there many right in the thick of the Empire's reign? Aftermath sounds like a good shot, thanks Stu!
  11. Jerry

    the mstrox thread

    Ah. Well while we're on the topic, any good Star Wars novels I should bother to read to expand my fandom and to kill some time? What's the best place to start when it comes to this stuff? I'm a scholar when it comes to the movies, and I'm trying the TV shows, but what about the books?
  12. Jerry

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Indeed they are. It's Star Wars and that's that.
  13. Exactly what this thread is for. Thanks mstrox!