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  1. Do you own the OST album of Return of the Jedi?

    Whoop, sorry. Lets try to elongate that name as much as we can. James (Jay) Thelonius Blanchett
  2. Do you own the OST album of Return of the Jedi?

    The names Bond. Savings Bond.
  3. America

    I like money, money is nice. Without it I would have no rice. Money is payed. Money is sent. Money controls the pres-i-dent. Thanks friends,I'll be back Tuesday.
  4. Bloody gators. Never did this. NAME- Jeremiah "Jerry" Arthur Heber LOVES- Star Wars MISSES- Burley, my dog RIP LIVES IN- Somehwere in Canada I am mail. I meant male. Did I get everything?
  5. I was hoping either Rose or Finn would die at the end of TLJ. But for anyone who hasn't seen the movie, it's not to say that one or both of them didn't die. You must look at it...from a certain point of view.
  6. America

    Some people don't get married. They are people.
  7. Daisy is very greatful to JJ. But I feel like JJ Abrams and Star Wars are no longer a good idea. Rian Johnson Episode 9 =better. I guess that the story can go a lot of places from where it leaves off. I almost feel like it's over the way TLJ ended. but it's very open ended and JJ can pretty much do anything with it at this point. 🤑 ⬆️Hey look it's Bob Iger.
  8. Do you own the OST album of Return of the Jedi?

    I still liked it but it felt to be the choppiest of the OT ultimates.
  9. Some good Pixar bits out there from- UP Finding Nemo and Finding Dory Monster's Inc Inside Out Walle Ratatouille Every now and then there's a gem in the dirt patch.
  10. the mstrox thread

    I want to see Darkest Hour.
  11. I don't like Rose's character. But Kelly Marie Tran is great. Just not for Star Wars.
  12. This is the best footage to come out of TLJ. When Gleeson says "You're supposed to say Hux." I died. Domnhall and Daisy are great together. Same with Mark and Laura. So funny.
  13. Bear in the Big Blue House was a tough one for the younger me. When he went right up to the camera and was practically shoving his snout into my living room I flipped. My mom had to settle me down to some Koala Bros.
  14. For me it was Lord of the Rings man. Not a horror movie, but not suitable for a 10 year old at the time.