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  1. The Quick and the Dead (1997) Harmless but lacking family Western boasting Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman and a youthful Leonardo DI Caprio can't seem to outgrow the comfy shootout niche. Great title. 2.5 / 5 Man of Steel (2013) *considerable retching* Completely defecates on everything that makes Superman great. Overlong, tiresome and shot with so many quick zooms that one has to question who let this pass as a final product. 1 / 5 Manhattan (1979) I really do enjoy Woody Allen's movies, what with all the witty dialogue and heartfelt odes to New York living and life in general. This one really takes the cake, with some bold takes as far as b/w films go. Immensely enjoyable to watch. 5 / 5 Paterson (2016) Jim Jarmusch warms up to blue collar life, and maintains an impressive amount of interest for something as routine as a simple and relatable "week in the life of..." story. 4 / 5 Hail, Caesar! (2016) A guilty pleasure second viewing for me. One of my favourite films in the last while, simply because I know the Coens had as much fun making it as I did watching it. For me that's the greatest joy of filmmaking, and you can tell they love what they do. Naturally I've written far more about this, but I'll post that some other time in Reviews. 5 / 5 The Aviator (2004) Scorsese dives head first into 20th century film and aeronautics, with the aid of an extraordinary ensemble. Cheers to Cate Blanchett. Can't say I was with it all the way, but it had its moments, and a fair number too. 4 / 5 Kansas City Confidential (1952) Overlooked, and if not then underrated, crime noir revolving 'round a somewhat overstated "perfect crime" that sees an unsuspecting delivery man framed to the point of vengeance. A side note, what awesome faces people used to have in movies. What ever happened to those? 4 / 5 Not a bad week.
  2. I thought it worked wonderfully, chugging in musical power to an already million mile a minute movie. Don't think I'll ever listen to the album though. In fact, my biggest music-related takeaway was seeing Tom Hardy take down a couple of people with a flamethrower guitar.
  3. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) A solution of blood, sweat, grime, oil, dust, body ink, and testosterone, all of which are perfectly balanced with such precise concentrations and supreme skill in this delicious concoction of director Geogre Miller's creation. Simply one of the craziest and awesome action movies of all time, and one that is aware of so much else beside the action itself. Striking photography, unreal car chases and a very good story add layers to what would already be a more than passable action flick. Above and beyond, and was with it from the very start. 5/5 All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) I'll give most of the credit to Erich Maria Remarque's crucially important WWI novel for so much of the brilliantly done symbolism and the underlying lesson that the only thing worse than dying in the trenches was surviving. This Oscar-winning adaptation does a fair bit of justice for Remarque's book, and is quite an interesting taste of the way cinema was at the time. 5/5 Only the Brave (2017) Not very keeping. Perhaps one too many Josh Brolin or Jeff Bridges movies lately. 3/5 Secret Path (2016) Historically important animated short film created by Canadian icon Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip about a young Indigenous boy's experience in a residential school and his attempt to return to his family. Underscored by a number of wonderful and powerful songs, released on an album of the same name. I remember when this aired on the CBC a few years back but I hadn't seen the whole thing until now. It's available on YouTube on the CBC Arts channel. The actual short film is about 40 minutes with a longer documentary portion afterwards. 5/5
  4. Whether you celebrate now or later in November, every day offers something to be thankful for. So I wish a blessed and beautiful weekend of Thanksgiving to all JW Fanners in advance, as I'd like to take a little break from the Internet for a day or two if I can.
  5. No, no, no. Unknowingly impregnate Marion, abandon her, reunite with her, encounter aliens with her, marry her, then kill Mutt.
  6. Describe your latest relationship with a John Williams track title:
  7. I think Manakin's referring more to something like Yoda in Attack of the Clones, where he does a quintuple lutz over Count Dooku.
  8. As far as The Phantom Menace goes, I always though that the force field corridor idea was really neat. It's kind of crazy if you think about, having that moment of breath (Qui-Gon's literally meditating) in the middle of a big action setpiece. Also conveniently awesome how it causes Obi-Wan to watch his master be killed while he is powerless to help him, causing him to seek revenge. Always liked that aspect.
  9. Today is World Mental Health Day. As I'm sure we are all aware, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond physical fitness. Our mental well being is essential to a healthy and positive outlook on life. Many of us may have or know someone who has a mental illness. The past few years have been really progressive in terms of ending the stigma associated with mental illness, but we still need to support and educate one another as to how best we can help those affected as well as their caretakers and families. After all, we are all human beings and although we don't realize it we often deal with many of the same things. Throughout the next week I encourage everyone to share a smile with someone, or something along these lines, because even that little action can go a long way. I am a firm believer in working towards the mental well being of all humans, and to help those who are struggling cope with and overcome their situations. Smile
  10. Marry them all and let life take its course.
  11. The Empire Strikes Back (Vader and Luke) takes the cake for being the best shot and the most iconic. Personally though, the Praetorian guard fight in The Last Jedi was the best choreographed, and it's just so darn cool. The red backdrop, the zappy weapons, the camera work, the music. There's a lot to like about that one. I never really leaned towards Return of the Jedi (Vader, Luke and the Emperor) as much. Don't know why. Also, The Phantom Menace is by far the best of the prequels. Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith feel so overdone, and the latter is way too stretched out.
  12. I'm pretty sure @Richard's referring to Handel's GLORIA, which he's praised in the classical thread, not the Monsignor one.
  13. Perhaps I can extend the length of the conversation then... Jay, can we be sure this release is definitive?
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