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  1. Screenshots from a super quick sneak peek of TROS at the D23 Expo. If anything else will be released it'll probably happen tomorrow at the Disney Studios panel.
  2. Obi Wan series confirmed at the D23 Expo just now. Ewan's on stage! Scripts are written, shooting next year.
  3. It's my favourite, but it's insanely close between it and OHMSS.
  4. https://ca.ign.com/articles/2019/08/23/the-mandalorian-ming-na-wen-joins-the-cast-of-the-disney-star-wars-series And a new addition to the cast- Ming Na Wen, known for Mulan and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Super excited for this trailer to drop, presumably within the next few hours as the Disney+ panel at D23 is from 3:30-5:30 PST.
  5. First poster for The Mandalorian. Jon Favreau has said that a trailer will be revealed later today at Disney's D23 Expo. Whether or not it will drop publicly or be an exclusive is not yet certain, but I think it'd be wise to put it out there at this point.Can't wait!
  6. Johnny English Reborn (2011) Supremely entertaining! Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) Hot diggity, I'm a sucker for these movies! And the score! Howard Goodall's Strikes Again is to Johnny English what Joe Kramer's Rogue Nation is to Mission: Impossible. Film was a riot, as always. Minority Report (2002) Almost done checking off all remaining Spielberg movies that I've yet to watch. What an intriguing premise pre-crime is. Good story, great score. The cinematography, especially in the lighting, was quite keen on these pale whites and blues, even some hazy contrast. Not particualrily eye-catching filmmaking at first glance (although there are some very cool shots), but it certainly feels like a product of the early 2000s somehow. There is a certain genius to a few shots that elevates them above the rest of the movie, and the below image immediately struck me. If anything I wasn't totally on board for the 2h+ runtime, but it's not that big of a drawback.
  7. Let me know when you start up your next period of abstention and I'll give up my Canada Dry for however long in support.
  8. Honestly, as much as I appreciated the zaniness of the track, I really could've done without Chicken in the Pot on the Solo OST. For one, there are so many wonderful cues in the film that'll probably never get released that could've taken the spot, and two, it's not even the film version- that one features a much deeper second voice!
  9. Sticking together is what good waffles do! We're here for you mstrox.
  10. Don't worry, Kasey. Call of the Wild will be out before you know it!
  11. Schumann's Piano Concerto Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1 Schubert's Symphony No. 4 "Tragique" (thanks @SteveMc) Interesting about the Schubert piece. It wasn't given the Tragic title until some time after it was written, and it is one of only two of his symphonies in a minor key. Crazy to think that he was 19 years old when he composed it- it's lovely!
  12. 4:57-5:16 0:58-1:21 I love how it practically trots along after 1:13 before heading into the finishing touches. 15:09-15:42
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