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  1. The collection grows... Also, I saw a 9 CD Wagner opera box, but it was something like $100 Canadian. A good purchase, for another time. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is plenty for now! And it was brand new.
  2. With all respect to Gary Larson, here's something a little more artistically inclined.
  3. Haha! Well if you were confused about the Will Smith Genie, don't worry! We all are!
  4. That truck driver's crazy! He's been trying to kill me! I mean it.
  5. Ah, yeah. I know that this is an issue and I get that some might find it possibly pedantic or unnecessarily repetitive. This was meant for everything and anything classical that you listen to, like a "what is the last score you listened to?" thread for classical music exclusively. I was under the impression that the Classical Music Reccomendation Thread was more for lesser known works that people may not otherwise know, so I created this thread. I tried my best to explain in my original post. If members would prefer to merge this into the Classical Music Reccomendation Thread, feel free to inform the moderators so they can deal with it, if they so choose.
  6. I will blanket the city in endless winter! First Gotham, then the world!
  7. Nice! Have you heard The Pacific before? It's not bad, IMO. And of course, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List are two excellent pick-ups.
  8. Another reason why A New Alliance is my absolute favourite track on the OST. I could rant about it for days! Oh wow! Nice!
  9. I think the difference with Spielberg, and this case with Johnson exclusively, is that it's done with a certain sense of charm. Plus, Spielberg's are so darn clever (it's imagery as opposed to self-parodizing dialogue, which can often fall flat into the laps of critical viewers). So it's not necessarily that you just do it, it's how it's executed.
  10. A few more flicks I'll not be giving full time or effort to re-cap. Green Lantern (2011) Forgettable, but I've seen worse. Obviously the major pet peeve of viewers is the animated costume for Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern, but I feel like with the right writers and learning from past mistakes, a sequel could be worth DC's time at this point. I'm glad James Newton Howard shifted away from more electronic music, because if recent projects are any indication, he clearly favours the orchestral sound. Battleship (2012) Terrible. It's like someone took inspiration from Michael Bay's Transformers (which was already kind of flailing at this point) and made it worse. American and Japanese navy are forced to team up against a super developed alien race who've come to destroy everything. Predictable. It does itself no favours. USS Indianapolis (2016) Hoo-boy. This sucked. Nicholas Cage, armed with his deadpan face, captains the USS Indianaoplis, the ship that delivers 'the bomb'. On the return journey, however, they get torpedoed. The ship begins to sink, the men jump for their lives. And then the sharks come. If this sounds familiar, it's based on true events. And perhaps more notably, it's the basis of Quint's tale in JAWS. On that note, this would've been far better as a JAWS prequel with a Quint POV, perhaps a decent composer manning the score, and some advisement from Steven Spielberg. Even so, a thing like that should've been done earlier. So we're not looking to fine and dandy on that front. To be honest, I didn't finish this movie, and I don't like to do that normally but it was necessary here. I'd caution against seeing this.
  11. I listened to one track. I'll give it some time this weekend.
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