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  1. the mstrox thread

    His was actually one of the few I was able to catch in the movie and remember.
  2. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    Well @Richard and @John I assure you that when it comes from Jerry it is meant to be what it is.
  3. the mstrox thread

  4. the mstrox thread

    do you even know him?
  5. Headphones

    These are great
  6. the mstrox thread

    well i changed my profile pic because i received a number of messages from other members asking me to take it down. so now its captain canady.
  7. Will you get the newly remastered Star Wars soundtracks?

    I don't think its quite the release for me. i have my eye on something else already. However, if it sounds that much better... If I end up buying them and they are junk then I just might...
  8. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    And any groans from George Lucas, who had to sit in the studio for 6 hours.
  9. What is your favorite Star Wars alien?

  10. Who are your top 5 rudest JW fans?

    Look @John...
  11. America

  12. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Oklahoma This has some great songs but I couldn't follow the story too well.
  13. Remasters of the First 6 Star Wars Soundtracks Coming May 4

    Seriously? Are these just the OST's? Nothing special? Boœ!
  14. The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @bollemanneke!
  15. The Official Jerry Thread