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  1. Although I had the choice to cancel the whole trip to Vienna without really losing any money (refundable flights and hotel), I decided to go anyway and boy, did I NOT regret it. What a beautiful city! I took the guided tour on Wednesday. The guide was young (like 30 years old) and was very strict on taking photos, he wouldn't let us! I'm surprised some of you managed to take they, you're so lucky. Except if you did it when the guide was not looking 😉 On topic: I asked a very kind gentleman that was working in the Musikverein regarding the concert. He explained that the reason the concert was cancelled, was that the tickets were way too expensive and people paid all this money to see Williams conduct, not another conductor. Many would be very upset and demand a refund. I asked him about the reschedule and he had no idea. He gave me the number of the Vienna Philharmonic, in case they had more info. If any of our Austrian friends want to call, it's +4315056525
  2. I am afraid that his doctors will forbid him to fly to Europe again, but this post sure gives some hope. What makes you think Vienna was the main anchor point, since London was announced first? I think 3 weeks before Vienna?
  3. I was ready to go through an ancient ritual or swear my fealty and give my blood for the memory of Kaiser Franz Joseph, but 72 euros??!! PASS Joking aside (and thanking Marian for the useful info), do you guys think the concert will sell out from members only? It's quite possible, since anyone can become a member.
  4. Marian, since the presale for members start at May 28, the BIG question is: How does one become a member? Registering on the website is enough?
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