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  1. Ricardo Mortimer

    Dear Basketball release?

  2. Ricardo Mortimer

    Temp track for Fawkes the Phoenix

    Some ideas what was on temp track for this piece?
  3. Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg
  4. Ricardo Mortimer

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
  5. When he starts to travel again, it means he can conduct LSO in Abbey Road on Star Wars recording session in 2019?
  6. Ricardo Mortimer

    Chanel Commercial and John Williams?

    Hard to say. Williams is very adaptable and chameleon composer.
  7. Yeah, very Williamsy...I expected the whole score in this style
  8. Where is BTTF theme in SOLO soundtrack?
  9. I downloaded it already! It's awesome! The trumpets rules again!
  10. I need link for free download soundtrack. Thanks
  11. Oh shut up, wubba lubba dub dub! It's not good sound quality! It's the best melody from JW since Hedwig's theme!