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  1. OH okay. I'm getting it now. Thanks so much for replying. I played the blu-ray on my PS4 for the first time yesterday and it sounded fine to me (though I'm not sure I'd notice a difference) but since I'm definitely going to be using the CDs a lot more, I think I can live with whatever possible fault there is either way. I'd still be interested in hearing confirmation of the blu-ray disc having the same issue as the HD downloads or not, but I don't think I'd be able to figure it out myself. Thanks again.
  2. What is this about the reissue being screwed up? I've read every page here and am still not getting it. Are you telling me I just spent £64.99 on something I've waited over a decade to own only for it to be faulty? Anything in layman's terms would be greatly appreciated.