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  1. Updated my custom complete score just fairly recently but just a couple of changes: 1) I added the film version of "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave" into the main program. 2) In "Hard to Starboard", from 4:11 to 4:20, I added in the film mix part of the passage in which the clarinets and percussion are dialed out (heard during the cut to Mr. Andrew's stateroom to a flooding watertight compartment, until it cuts to the crow's nest and one of the officers saying "Jesus" under his breath). 3) Took the film mix of "Rose" from the film stem leak and put it into the main program.
  2. Wasn't "Hard to Starboard (Extention)" intended to be crossfaded into the larger "Hard to Starboard" cue, or did LLL crossfade them to create a more concert-like listening experience? The extension cue continues the high strings that the larger cue ends with.
  3. Just in. The new theme music for the CBS Evening News is actually a rearranged version of the 2016 theme, not an entirely new composition. And it's played at a faster tempo.
  4. That i'd like to know. The longest running theme music package CBS used for their evening news broadcasts lasted from 1991 to 2006. The only instance I can think of is the melody from the 1987-1991 theme being carried over into the 1991-2006 theme. Other than that, the music packages that CBS has used are completely different compositions. Only NBC and ABC have been using effective musical themes. ABC updated the classic Kalehoff theme several times, and then Hans Zimmer came along and wrote a completely new piece which sounds more like a movie score cue. NBC has been using "The Mission" to this day, though it was slightly rearranged in 2004 when Tom Brokaw retired.
  5. As many of you probably know, Norah O'Donnell is making her debut tonight on the CBS Evening News. And from what I read, the current theme music package that was composed by Joel Beckerman back in 2016 during the late Scott Pelley era and was carried over into Jeff Glor's tenure will be retired. I read somewhere that the new music is a slow orchestral composition, and I was wondering about these possibilities. One thing, they may revive the 2006-2011 theme music package (composed by James Horner) from the Katie Couric era. Another possibility is they hired another film score composer to write the new theme because the producers wanted a more cinematic sound again. I wouldn't be surprised if they revived the James Horner theme music package because when Scott Pelley took over the anchor desk in 2011, they revived the 1987-1991 music package after retiring Horner's music. And it wouldn't be another five years until there's a completely-new music package.
  6. Regarding Horner's intended cues, I would say they would've worked only a few spots in the film: - "Relics & Treasures", in where Brock Lovett says "claim was for a diamond necklace whose son Caledon bought his fiancée, you", continues as old Rose is presented artifacts recovered from her stateroom, out where Lovett asks Rose "Are you ready to go back to Titanic?" - The entire "Southampton" film version cue without any micro-edits, the beginning of "The Promenade" not being added in, no slower strings and chimes from "Trailer". I started the cue when old Rose says "Titanic was called the ship of dreams" and the camera pans from her to the bow section of the wreck for the transition to 1912. - The film version of "Leaving Port" - "Rose Frees Jack" for the entire sequence Rose goes back down to the flooded corridor with an axe and then breaks Jack's handcuffs - "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave" without any micro-edit (I noticed one in both the film and the film stem leak)
  7. Here's another note I'll make regarding the film stem leak. "A Building Panic" - In the film, it begins with "Intro to Building Panic", then segues into "Trapped on 'D' Deck", and then into "Hard to Starboard", "A Building Panic", and closes with the "Intro to Building Panic" cue. But there's one difference in the film stem leak: the "Trapped on 'D' Deck" section is replaced with more "Hard to Starboard". Was it meant to be played like that in the live concert or does the live concert play it exactly as heard in the film? "Trapped on 'D' Deck" - for an unknown reason, there are two places where it has the thumping bass line from "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch". It wasn't even heard like that in the film, and I don't think it works there anyway.
  8. NL, perhaps can you do the same for "Rose Frees Jack", using that cue for the entire sequence where Rose goes back to the flooding corridor with an axe and then breaks the handcuffs?
  9. I definitely would've preferred this over that butchered Heaven Help Us cue. Now, if only the Titanic Live concerts were to play some of Horner's intended cues (e.g. the entire Southampton film version cue without any edits, Leaving Port), that would be a much better listening experience than those sloppy film edits. Most of the film edits suck, even when performed live.
  10. I have yet to go see a Titanic Live performance, but good thing that there's one coming soon. It's always a different experience when you're seeing a movie and you have the score being performed live versus when you go to the cinema or you watch it on DVD/BluRay/Netflix. Perhaps the LLL album is in stock to coincide with the upcoming Titanic Live concert.
  11. Did another experiment: I played "Rose Frees Jack" over the sequence where Rose goes back to the flooded corridor with the axe and then breaks Jack's handcuffs. And I believe the cue was meant for that sequence; in the final film, much of it is replaced with "2 1/2 Miles Down", and then you have a little chunk of "Rose's Suicide Attempt" for when she breaks Jack's handcuffs. Also I wonder if music was intended to be used in the earlier sequence where Rose looks for Mr. Andrews and asks him for directions, the room where Jack is handcuffed is flooding, and Rose eventually finds him there. The film edit consists of "A Building Panic" and "2 1/2 Miles Down".
  12. \ It's still in stock as of this day. Again, I hope someday it'll be released digitally once the sets are sold out.
  13. If you were hearing choir effects in a couple places before Michael Stearns "The Beacon", then it was probably my recreated "A Promise Kept" film mix. The two choir-like synth overlays, I recreated myself and added in. And like NL just said, any cue with "Revised" in its title was relabeled as "Alternate" on the LLL album. Also to point out when I did my custom complete score, I relabeled some "Revised/Alternate" cues as "Film Version" and put them into the main program (esp. Southampton, Leaving Port, Rose). But with "Take Her to Sea" I relabeled as "w/ Alt. Ending" and used the cue with the film version ending (alternate and OST combined) in the main program, and labeled as "film version". I also labeled it such because I added in the heavier thumping bass line.
  14. I've noticed some cues that have 'alternate' don't have a recording date (e.g. Rose, Hard to Starboard). "Hard to Starboard (Alternate)" is also mixed different from the OST/extended version on disc 1 (though LLL opted to insert the OST mix of the trilling trumpets and low-brass iceberg leitmotif), but I believe it's the same recording as the OST version. I don't know about "Rose".
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