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  1. If you were hearing choir effects in a couple places before Michael Stearns "The Beacon", then it was probably my recreated "A Promise Kept" film mix. The two choir-like synth overlays, I recreated myself and added in. And like NL just said, any cue with "Revised" in its title was relabeled as "Alternate" on the LLL album. Also to point out when I did my custom complete score, I relabeled some "Revised/Alternate" cues as "Film Version" and put them into the main program (esp. Southampton, Leaving Port, Rose). But with "Take Her to Sea" I relabeled as "w/ Alt. Ending" and used the cue with the film version ending (alternate and OST combined) in the main program, and labeled as "film version". I also labeled it such because I added in the heavier thumping bass line.
  2. I've noticed some cues that have 'alternate' don't have a recording date (e.g. Rose, Hard to Starboard). "Hard to Starboard (Alternate)" is also mixed different from the OST/extended version on disc 1 (though LLL opted to insert the OST mix of the trilling trumpets and low-brass iceberg leitmotif), but I believe it's the same recording as the OST version. I don't know about "Rose".
  3. Death of Titanic recorded twice? That's interesting because I thought that the alternate cue on LLL disc 3 was the same recording as the OST version on disc 1 but without the synths; and the alternate version was also the film mix I think.
  4. I wonder if the ending for "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch - Revised" was recorded after the main cue. The revised cue is the same as the OST version except for the ending (features octave strings, cymbal crashes, and ends with a brass fanfare).
  5. At one point a few years ago, there was a fan-made recreation of the Southampton film version cue (but just the first minute of the cue) on YouTube where the original uploader used a sophisticated composition program (like Logic Pro). And it sounded just like the real thing.
  6. My idea for a revised Titanic OST 1. Main Title 2. Distant Memories 3. Southampton (Film Version) 4. Leaving Port (Film Version) 5. Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch (Film Version) 6. Rose (Film Version) 7. Hard to Starboard 8. A Building Panic 9. Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave 10. Trapped on 'D' Deck 11. The Sinking 12. Death of Titanic 13. A Promise Kept (Film Version) 14. A Life So Changed 15. An Ocean of Memories 16. My Heart Will Go On / Post
  7. Oh, and by the way, "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch" reminds me of Enya's "Book of Days", the section with the synth choir and thumping bass line, and especially if the bass line is bumped up (like in the film). James Cameron initially looked to Enya to compose the music for Titanic, but then Cameron called upon Horner to write the score. And Horner incorporated Enya's style in some of the cues.
  8. I wonder if Horner intended to have the intro cue crossfade into the larger one like LLL did. LLL also crossfaded "Hard to Starboard" into the smaller extension cue; and I'm pretty sure that's what Horner intended as the extension begins with the same high strings the larger cue ends with.
  9. I especially liked how Horner used the uilleann bagpipes extensively for Braveheart, which is one of the reasons I love that score so dearly. On the other hand he used the bagpipes much more sparingly in Titanic. And I can only think of a handful of cues that use them: - Logo / Main Title (1st half is also "Never an Absolution" on the OST) - Logo [Alt. Extended] - Trailer - Leaving Port [Film Version] - Lovejoy Chases Jack & Rose - Lovejoy Chases Jack [Alt.] - Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave (pipes removed in the film mix) - Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave [w/ Alt. Ending] (pipes again removed from audio in film mix)
  10. That's exactly what I did when I recreated the "Hard to Starboard" film edit. I removed that atmosphere effect simply by looping the ostinato synth and combining it with the alternate cue. I also made "Hard to Starboard" a film mix but without any loops and micro-edits; just the following adjustments to the audio: - added in the metallic whooshing sound for the iceberg being spotted - removed the atmospheric effect but added in the looped ostinato synth (I used my already-recreated film edit) - added in the thicker low brass phrasing of the iceberg motif (heard when ice is falling onto the boat deck and Jack moves Rose out of the way) Guess I could put that into the main program of my custom complete score. Currently in the main program, Hard to Starboard has the metallic sound and amped up low brass but still has the aforementioned atmospheric synth. In addition I added in the heavier low brass into the alternate track but included the muffled timpani roll. LLL just decided to use the OST mix in that section.
  11. Another difference I found in that film stem leak is the edit for the panic in third class sequence ("A Building Panic"). It starts with the "Intro to Building Panic" cue, but the material immediately following is replaced by elements of "Hard to Starboard". In the actual film edit, we hear "Intro to Building Panic" and then "Trapped on 'D' Deck". I can agree that some of the edits were recreated differently than what you hear in the film because they were intended for concert performance. That can also explain why "A Promise Kept" didn't use "The Beacon" by Michael Stearns in the film stem.
  12. I only used that film stem for the following: - adding in the heavier thumping bass line in "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch" - the metallic whooshing sound and amped up low brass in "Hard to Starboard" - the ending of "Intro to Building Panic" and had the larger cue "A Building Panic" start right after, removing the crossfade - a small chunk of the no-bagpipe version of "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave" to remove dialogue echoes It was for both the main program, a few cues in the additional music & alternates, and a handful of my recreated film edits. That being said, most of those toolbox insert cues that are still unreleased, I recreated myself in GarageBand when I redid the film edits, mostly they were for "2 1/2 Miles Down". I only recreated "Drone & Chord" for the film mix of "A Promise Kept" but also have it as a standalone track in the additional music and alternates playlist. In the film edits for "2 1/2 Miles Down" and "Post" I replaced "Drone & Chord" with the synth voices from "A Promise Kept" (I'm talking about the ones you hear before the clarinet solo). Also in the film mix for "A Promise Kept", I recreated those synth voices you hear in the film playing over the low brass in the first part. I found the "Violin Tool Kit" in the behind-the-scenes Electronic Press Kit of the film. Also, "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave (w/ Alt. Ending)" is still unreleased, but I was able to find the full quena ending in the EPK behind the scenes video as well. That's the quena solo from "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave (w/ Alt. Ending". Would've been nice had it been on the LLL set, but oh well.
  13. When I did my custom complete score, I created my own arrangement of "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" in GarageBand and then added it to the source music, between "Drowsy Maggie" and "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine". I titled it as "Original Piano Performance - Eternal Father Strong To Save", and it's just piano playing the hymn.
  14. I also used the film stem leak to make a cue list for Titanic on another thread, of corse the "cues" are actually multiple different cues edited together, looped, tracked. But here's a cue list of Horner's intended cues (score only) 1M1 - Main Title 1M2 - 2 1/2 Miles Down / To The Keldysh 1M3 - Rose Revealed 1M4 - Distant Memories 2M1 - My Drawing 2M2 - Relics & Treasures 2M4 - Southampton (film version) 2M5 - Leaving Port (film version) 2M8 - Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch 3M1 - First Sighting 3M3 - Rose's Suicide Attempt 3M4 - Jack Saves Rose 3M8 - The Promenade 5M2 - Rose 5M4 - Butterfly Comb 5M5 - The Portrait 5M8 - Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose 5M9 - Lovemaking Pt. 1 5M10 - Lovemaking Pt. 2 6M1 - Hard to Starboard 7M3 - Rose Frees Jack 7M6 - A Building Panic 8M2 - Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave 8M3 - Trapped on 'D' Deck 8M4 - Murdoch's Suicide 9M1 - The Sinking 9M2 - Death of Titanic 10M1 - A Promise Kept 10M3 - A Life So Changed 10M4 - A Woman's Heart is an Ocean of Secrets 10M5 - An Ocean of Memories 10M6 - My Heart Will Go On / End Credits
  15. A lot of those BTT tracks weren't part of the score to begin with, other than "A Building Panic (Album Suite)" and "The Portrait (Album Version)". However, BTT has the film version of "Alexander's Ragtime Band", which I put into the source music section of my custom complete score. Anyways, I included the song in the score presentation but crossfaded the ending into "Post"