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  1. Just redid the "Unable To Stay" film mix, using the OST version with jointy95's Blu-Ray rip and the film stem to remove those dialogue echoes. There was only a small part of the film stem that I needed because of audio issues.
  2. You're right; I'm noticing similarities a minute and 14 seconds into the cue. Horner was infamous for reusing of material between his film scores. And "Trapped on 'D' Deck" is just one of several examples of him doing this (he quotes material from the Playtronics cue). "Hard To Starboard" also reuses some of Playtronics as well as material from "Al Bathra" from Courage Under Fire.
  3. I just began listening to the Sneakers score, and somehow I don't see any connection with the "Trapped on 'D' Deck" cue. But maybe there is one section in 'D' Deck that reminds you of Sneakers. Can you chime in on that one? The Main Title cue from Sneakers however does remind me of A Beautiful Mind.
  4. Yep, as I have a thread about the LOTR score.
  5. I'm curious to if film versions of certain cues for TTT and ROTK are on the Rarities album or their OSTs. Once I get those scores and watch both films, I'll be creating custom presentations.
  6. I was talking about those complete recording 3 or 4 disc sets, which are also available on iTunes. I got the complete recordings for LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring, and all it has is cues used in the film. There is a book which also contains a CD with alternate and unused cues. LOTR, unlike the LLL releases of Braveheart and Titanic, have separate albums for the score presentation and alternate cues. Guess my next project is getting the complete recordings for LOTR: The Two Towers and LOTR: The Return of the King.
  7. Those complete recordings of the LOTR scores only have material heard in the film. No alternates or album versions of cues. And some of the cues have certain cast members singing in parts. At least LLL included alternate cues when releasing the scores for Braveheart and Titanic. Imagine if LLL decided to re-release the LOTR scores.
  8. At least be grateful the EDM version of the tragic leitmotif isn't on LLL, and I think it's way too cheesy. I'd choose Horner's original score over this any day. Plus, I prefer Sissel's vocals over the ones heard here.
  9. I'd say that love theme from Braveheart was influenced by Vaughan Williams. That said, I'm currently working on a custom complete score for LOTR: FOTR. In the score presentation, I renamed a few cues (some are incorrectly titled with respect to the scene they're heard in, but a couple I renamed to reference them being film version cues), and also made audio adjustments to some others. Another note, I put the track "Flaming Red Hair" with the additional music as it honestly stands out from the rest of the score. SCORE PRESENTATION 1. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All 2. Concerning Hobbits [film version] 3. The Shire (this was the cue used for the OST version of "Concerning Hobbits") 4. Very Old Friends 5. A Long Expected Party 6. Farewell Dear Bilbo (used the ending of the "Rivendell" cue" to remove Bilbo singing) 7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (reconstructed the opening of the cue to remove Bilbo singing, restored the choir using "The Shadow Of The Past" from the OST, removed "The Drinking Song" sung by Merry and Pippin at the end as I don't think it should belong in the score presentation) 8. A Conspiracy Unmasked 9. Three Is Company 10. The Passing Of The Elves 11. Saruman The White 12. A Shortcut To Mushrooms 13. Strifer 14. The Nazgûl (removed Aragorn singing) 15. Weathertop 16. The Caverns of Isengard 17. Give Up The Halfling 18. Orthanc 19. Rivendell 20. The Sword That Was Broken 21. The Council of Elrond [film version] 22. The Great Eye 23. Gilraen's Memorial 24. The Pass of Caradhras 25. The Doors of Durin 26. Moria 27. Gollum 28. Balin's Tomb 29. Khazad-Dûm 30. Lament for Gandalf / The Mirror of Galadriel (crossfaded both cues into each other as heard in the film) 31. The Fighting Uruk-hai 32. Parth Galen 33. The Departure of Boromir 34. The Breaking Of The Fellowship [film version] 35. May It Be / End Credits (crossfaded the song into the cue in which Edward Ross sings)
  10. The Shire leitmotif does kind of sound like the love theme from Braveheart.
  11. TitanicFan2018

    Currently watching Braveheart

    Now that I've listened to the entire Braveheart score, I have to say that now it's one of my favorite film scores. While I still enjoy the score for Titanic, I love Braveheart dearly.
  12. Aside from James Horner and John Williams, another film score composer I've admired is Howard Shore, in particular the scores for the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I saw all three films shortly after they were released in theaters as well as on DVD. I saw The Fellowship of the Ring right after it came out in late 2001, then The Two Towers around late 2002/early 2003, and then The Return of the King in December of 2003. Not only that, I also got the OSTs for Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, but I mostly listened to the OST for the first film (I believe I got in early 2003). In fact, I even arranged parts of the Fellowship score for the middle school band I was playing in (I played trombone at the time), and got it performed in the May 2003 concert. Anyways, I just got the entire score for Fellowship on iTunes, and I'm about to listen to it. Then I'll watch the film later. However, I'm noticing at least some of the cues sound like Braveheart somewhat (I guess Shore was influenced by Horner, but correct me if I'm wrong), but I also notice some John Williams influence in the cue "Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe".
  13. TitanicFan2018

    Have you ever bought OSTs after an expanded release?

    I too have a tendency to stop listening to OSTs after purchasing expanded/complete releases. And sometimes I create custom presentations of the complete/expanded score like whenever the OST versions of certain cues get put into the main program rather than their film version counterparts (like when Titanic got a nearly-complete release last November).
  14. TitanicFan2018

    Currently watching Braveheart

    I know about the love story (Jack and Rose) as I saw the film a bunch of times. But what I was going to mention is that Horner used uilleann pipes in the score because the ship had Irish connections (it was built in Belfast), not because some of the steerage passengers were from Ireland. My mistake. Also, Cameron loved the Braveheart score. It's just that for the most part, the score for Titanic doesn't have any connections with Braveheart, although the unused Logo-Main Title alternate cue on LLL disc 3 has a Braveheart-like sound. Other than that, the scores are dissimilar.