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  1. Just found out that the slowed down middle section in the "Southampton" film edit with the percussion at the beginning is indeed taken from the "Trailer" track. My mistake. That being said, I too have created an album of the film mixes for my iPhone. And I even edited them such that they are a more enjoyable listening experience than the butchered edits in the final film. Below are the tracks I created for my album in the order based on the music heard in particular scenes. 1. Opening Titles, 2 1/2 Miles Down - recreated the "Violin Tool Kit" and "Wild Piano" cues myself, recreated the synth string cue heard right before the thumping bass line in "2 1/2 Miles Down (Alternate)" towards the end, used the synth choir from "A Promise Kept" OST version where "Drone and Chord" was placed in the final film edit, crossfades into "To The Keldysh" at the end 2. Rose Revealed - clean ending 3. Distant Memories - a couple of cuts, first section repeats 4. My Drawing, Relics & Treasures - crossfaded "My Drawing" into "Butterfly Comb" 5. Southampton - only has like three cuts, left in the entire middle section, didn't crossfade "Southampton (Alternate)" into the aforementioned "Trailer", but instead I added in chimes from "Leaving Port (Alternate)", 6. The Winning Ticket - edited "A Lucky Hand" from Heaven Help Us to closer match "Lovejoy Chases Jack" 7. Leaving Port 8. Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch 9. First Sighting, Rose's Suicide Attempt - second part beginning with "2 1/2 Miles Down", crossfading into "Rose's Suicide", then into the OST version of "A Promise Kept" 10. Jack Saves Rose - cuts in a couple of places 11. The Heart of the Ocean - segue with "2 1/2 Miles Down", crossfades into "Rose's Suicide" with former overlapping near the end 12. The Promenade - just 40 seconds of that track 13. Rose - the entire "Rose (Alternate)" track on the LLL release 14. Butterfly Comb - the entire Butterfly Comb track 15. The Portrait - the first minute and 45 seconds of Horner's demo 16. Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose - second part is material from Heaven Help Us 17. Lovemaking - second part I got from another fan-made edit that was ripped from the film, the ending of "Rose" with the flute pitched up an octave with sound effects dialed out 18. Hard To Starboard - few cuts, overlapped with "Hard To Starboard (Alternate)" in places, used a similar whooshing sound effect to the the one heard when the iceberg is spotted 19. Rose Frees Jack - combined all the music heard in this sequence of the film into one track, included the first piano entrance from "Rose's Suicide" toward the end (as Rose breaks Jack's handcuffs with an axe), briefly crossfades back into "2 1/2 Miles Down" for the clean ending 20. A Building Panic - crossfaded "Intro To Building Panic" into "Trapped on 'D' Deck" and then into "Hard To Starboard" with the "Al Bathra" cue from Courage Under Fire overlapping it, created a clean ending by looping the last chord in "Intro To Building Panic" 21. Women and Children First - crossfaded the intro to "Trapped on 'D' Deck" into "A Building Panic", "Rose's Suicide" repeating at the end 22. Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave - used jointy95's edit where he dialed out the dialogue 23. Trapped on 'D' Deck - crossfaded the middle part into "Hard To Starboard", then into "Trapped on 'D' Deck - Ending" 24. The Sinking, Death of Titanic - used "A Building Panic (Album Suite)" for when the big choral theme returned because I think the whooshing sound effects work 25. A Promise Kept - recreated the missing synth choir overlapping the low brass in the first half, used Michael Stearns' "The Beacon" in the second half 26. A Life So Changed 27. A Woman's Heart is a Deep Ocean of Secrets 28. An Ocean of Memories - used the string cue from "Relics & Treasures" for when "Rose (Alternate)" crossfades into "Unable To Stay, Unwilling to Leave", used flute ending from jointy95's edit 29. My Heart Will Go On - no cuts 30. Post - used the synth choir from "A Promise Kept" OST version to bridge second half of "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch" film version with the closing to "Hymn To The Sea"
  2. I see. Well you have a point here. I've also been interested in the other unreleased cues, especially the aforementioned version of "Hard to Starboard" that was heard in the film but not even released on the LLL album. Another track not on the LLL release is Horner's other arrangement of the "Rakish Paddy" reel for Heaven Help Us (it's on that soundtrack), which was heard when Jack and Fabrizio were dashing towards the ship just as it was about to depart, and when Jack and Rose were running in the boiler room. Oh, and by the way, I noticed that in the film, the middle section of "Southampton" plays at a slower tempo and has wind chimes heard at the beginning just as the key modulates to B major.
  3. I watched Titanic a lot since 1998; first we rented it from my local grocery store (it was a 2-VHS set at the time), and then my sister got a set of her own. She also recorded the movie off a blank VHS tape when it aired on NBC in late 2000.
  4. Don't forget. "Trapped on D deck" had its ending removed in the film but plays through in the live performance.
  5. I skimmed through the film after purchasing it on YouTube, and if you listen closely, you can still hear the synths in that cue.
  6. I even saw on another forum that the film version of "Rose's Suicide Attempt" wasn't released. But that's not actually true. The film edit of "Rose's Suicide Attempt" uses the opening few seconds of that track (begins after "First Sighting" on the LLL album), but then the rest is the OST version of "A Promise Kept", with the opening trombone notes overlapping in some places.
  7. Another note to make. The version of "Hard To Starboard" heard in the film has spots that are different from in the OST and LLL releases. First, the music where the scene cuts to Mr. Andrews' headquarters (chandelier on the ceiling is shaking, as does his wine glass), the clarinet and percussion don't play until it cuts to where one of the lookouts utters "Jesus" under his breath as the ship continues scraping along the iceberg. Second, in the scene where chunks of ice fall onto the ship and Jack gets Rose out of the way, the trombones phrase their notes different than in the OST and LLL versions; it is also heard where it cuts to the boat deck after Jack ramsdown the gate with a bench. Jointy95 somehow found this version and used it while recreating the "A Building Panic" film edit. If you skip to 2:41, you'll probably notice the trombone notes being phrased a bit different. 2:49 - 3:21 is the passage I'm talking about that's different from the versions that were released, both OST and LLL.
  8. I've had the LLL release of the Titanic score since January of this year, and I even just finished creating the film edits. Doing them, however, was quite difficult (especially "2 1/2 Miles Down") as some of the edits had multiple tracks overlapping each other. I also had to recreate much of the unreleased material (e.g. Violin Tool Kit, Wild Piano, and the synth choir overlapping the trombones in "A Promise Kept"). That being said, I'm happy we finally got to hear the score in it's entirety. My favorite tracks in the LLL release are "2 1/2 Miles Down"; the film versions of "Southampton", "Leaving Port", and "A Building Panic"; and "Trapped on D Deck". I'd wish "Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave" without the Uilleann pipes, as well as the version with the flute ending heard at the end of the film just before "My Heart Will Go On", would get released.