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  1. I thought it's about a sculpture of Williams. Well, anyway, every person at the streets who does recognize a John Williams theme should be mugged into donating a dollar for a big Williams statue made of marble. We---JWFan---can do the mugging.
  2. What is this? Exhibitionism on the part of a government official? Obscene! Outrageous! Oh wait, this is Australia... the penal colony... Carry on, Attorney General. Carry on.
  3. When I was a child, I thought that if the main characters are running to a bombastic melody, then that is the main theme by merit. No confusion whatsoever. I think it's beautiful that LOTR can have a different maintheme depending on the individual listener's mindset. There are a few that one can choose from. That's a strength, not a weakness. Each of the main themes of LOTR could be a gushed over TV Series / Film series theme on its own, couldn't it?
  4. Yeah, that movie was rather hollow and boring. Now just imagine The Fury Road starring Samuel L. Jackson, Brad Pitt and Vin Diesel. Musical score by John Williams. Better? Better.
  5. No, no, it's the reverse: 1. Write a piece of music 2. Open a collection of modern poetry 3. Pick a random phrase in a random poem; this is your title. 4. Rationalize backwards
  6. What are some examples of stupid pretentious titles? I see no incentive for absolute music in the first place: with no names, no programmes, etc.. It's like not packaging wares nicely for a consumer and instead giving them a production number. Sure, quite common in industrial settings, but at least baffling in front of potential patrons. I admit maybe a set of études or preludes and fugues can skip having them named, but that's because it's a set of educational tools---much like a serious geography atlas. Music that is not unlike films, prose or home decor (where applicable) logically would tend to be presented to a potential patron in similar way as they are. And as for the question of whether it's good that film music influences concert music... I think everything can be used wisely and to an advantage, but I also hope the inspirations will stream from some more ambitious film scores---especially obscure ones; that people will use the internet and search for musical niches.
  7. I wonder what does Zimmer identify as. Possibly a helicopter, considering the sounds he makes
  8. Hey @JoeinAR I would like to make an amendment to my list. Non-JW should go like this: 1. Batman 2. Cheryomushki by Dmitri Shostakovich instead of The Mummy 3.-5. no changes I have forgotten just how damn good this score is. Too much exploration, not enough repetition. I forget my own adventures. Btw. I always found this "Sail Barge" moment interesting. I wonder what the common root is this time:
  9. Gentlemen, let me propose another answer: 1963: Cheryomushki - Dmitri Shostakovich Cleopatra - Alex North It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - Ernest Gold 55 Days At Peking - Dmitri Tiomkin The List of Adrian Messenger - Jerry Goldsmith Jason and the Argonauts - Bernard Herrmann Sodom and Gomorrah - Miklós Rózsa The Sword in the Stone - George Bruns Il Gattopardo - Nino Rota The Pink Panther - Henry Mancini From Russia With Love - John Barry The Great Escape - Elmer Bernstein One could storm the gates of hell with scores like these
  10. Lebo M. is a professional. He can handle himself. But anyway I would be more excited for a live action Lion King 2, with its superior songs and a remake of the Nick Glennie-Smith score which has never even been released.
  11. Williams, like other composers of his and earlier generations, is a hard-boiled professional lacking that sincere veneration for... well, any source material, which would be necessary to actually tinker with themes and meaning in pre-production as much as Shore did. He, JG or Herrmann would shrug way sooner. Anyway, we will never really know because he has always been hired on a single film basis and not---for example---to score the adaptation of his favourite poetry books over 4 years.
  12. You think that the anecdote about how "they are all dead" reached Goldsmith a decade late and he decided that... that's the only way?
  13. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (OST / isolated) by James Newton Howard The Island At The Top of The World by Maurice Jarre Waltz-like sequences for the French aerostat over the Arctic, peaceful viking village music, mysterious and chilling adventure tracks and a good use of every instrument in the orchestra, including the piano. Traceable influences or Zeitgeist of North and Rózsa. What is not to love? Plus that very well done score to an instantly classic motion picture: I find it fitting how the maintheme sounds like that French song Les Rois du monde. Toothless and his gal are in fact royals of the hidden world now, aren't they?
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