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  1. The average age of this cast is 53. Let's hope they are the Argyraspides of action heroes.
  2. Fabulin

    Best Christmas Music

    Eugene Ormandy and Philadelphians play The First Noel. The most serenely tear-worthy string moment I have ever heard.
  3. Oscars make Nobel Prizes in Literature look good. And me sick. They are one of the awards that I think if something noteworthy wins, it is more like "My score/film/acting is so good—that it won despite how despicably unfair they are". That being said, I mildly wonder who will win this time.
  4. We need a thread for our extensive collection of the meta-cultural villains of the 21st century
  5. If we reach such high numbers of best villains, then surely August Walker from M:I - Fallout would make a fine addition.
  6. Fabulin

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    In the superhero genre, characters are merely symbols. Timelines and alternative universes are an everyday sight. Different artists write superheroes, draw them and portray them. They are a universal code used to tell stories. MCU, the last 10 years of movies, is such a long, complicated story, featuring many sub-stories, and when it finally ends, they all end too. Of course some prequels/midquels might still get made afterwards, but this particular cast is going to be gradually retiring. And then another story timeline/universe for TV-Series, Movies and Comics will be made, using some of the same heroes again, alongside some other—long unused—heroes. Characters known from the MCU might have different ethnic and personal background then, live in different era, within a new artistic style, etc.
  7. This exotic version of the force theme makes me wish for a Lost World-like Star Wars adventure. The Jedi, The Sith?—No more of it. My favorite track in ROTS in general. The times stops for a while... This Holstian choir; some wandless magic:
  8. Fabulin

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    "This is gonna work, Steve". "I know it is... 'cause I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't" "Hopefully it will work" "I might have gone too far in a few places" "We are never going to beat Titanic" Theories, hype, wondering about the title... now I see how some people must have felt before The Phantom Menace. This felt faux-dramatic and underwhelming. Acting was...you know, after all these years of paying attention to movies with the same cast of actors, it looks like they are phoning it in. Or maybe the dialogues are just so rudimentary and generic. Or maybe the DOOM sound and random synth-piano/whatever notes are to blame? The directors said No. 4 will be their most ambitious movie. Presumably a "deeper" one. Now I see they meant Interstellar type of ambitious. Oh no... And I loved Infinity War! Although it doesn't have a re-watch value to me at this point, because two screenings were apparently enough to remember it from start to finish, It still stays on the 20 spot of my favorites, above 800 or so other movies. On the other hand... would I want the teaser to be a spoiler fest?
  9. This is how I feel reading my words being misrepresented and 'confronted' with not conflicting statements by a person who apparently had the time to post nearly 35 000 thousand times. You need to sort our little philosophical conundrum out for yourself.
  10. That does not contradict what I said.
  11. I just believe there are things far scarier than one's own death.
  12. My top 10 living composers are 63,7 years old on average while my estimate of an average lifespan of a film composer is 70,5. I am a bit worried about near future. No names.
  13. Villains =/= scary, unless for babies. Villains are first of all evil in power. They can be scary but also can be mostly insufferable. (like Umbridge, Joffrey) Joker is a magnificent example of the latter. P.S. But... chattiness was in the sentence about what makes Joker appear morally liable. Do not take it out of that context.
  14. Chirrut Chigurh is overrated. Dude walks around and kills people. Could as well be Jason Voorhes. Or Harvey Dent. Or whatever else that walks and destroys the surroundings. What makes Joker a great villain is not his bombs or schemes, but the fact that in contrast to silent, terminatorish characters, who could as well be rolling rocks or angry bears, he is chatty, smart and sane, which makes it applicable to think of punishments for his deeds. And yet he cannot be punished at all... And he cannot be even stopped, because his philosophical "discovery" spreads all over the place. Frustrating, because he appears to be more powerful than his physical body.