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  1. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    hmm, how about that... Why are the Avengers off-base?
  2. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    It's on par with Indy surviving the blast without a fridge
  3. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    I was so confused by that at the cinema. I thought they are all dead and the script will have to deal with it.
  4. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    Could you elaborate more on this? I am puzzled ever since Red Letter Media bashed Rogue One for supposedly being this. And what is wrong with fan fiction to begin with?
  5. Fabulin

    Your 10 Favorite Tunes

    Just a chill topic I wonder what will you come up with. I do not mean exact arrangements, orchestrations or recordings, but rather something that can have a thousand versions and you just love them "all". Choices need not to be limited to film or classical music. To me they are: 1. Dixie by Daniel Decatur Emmett 2. Soviet Anthem by Alexander Alexandrov 3. Entry of the Gladiators by Julius Fučík 4. Marche Militaire No. 1 by Franz Schubert 5. Han & The Princess Theme by John Williams 6. Lyric Waltz by Dmitri Shostakovich 7. Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Piotr Ilicz Czajkowski 8. Waltz from the First Echelon by Dmitri Shostakovich 9. Hohenfriedberger March by Frederick The Great 10. Swan Lake Waltz by Piotr Ilicz Czajkowski I avoid honourable mentions this time, because the list would just not end
  6. Fabulin

    Favorite Golden Age Composer? (Poll)

    Yes, these two. Tough act to follow. The first one gets you crying, the other euphoric (it gets me, in any case) But I have to say some of the more leisurely string moments and especially the finale always seemed worthy to me. In fact the finale somehow manages to make up for the obvious matte painting and a prequel-eloquence level final line.
  7. Fabulin

    Favorite Golden Age Composer? (Poll)

    If only it wasn't outshone every time Dixie appears... but I guess no matter what Steiner would do, it is just impossible to stand one's ground against this tune
  8. Most have seen too many winters. Or too few!
  9. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    You can't have too many deaths in the Marvel version of ROTJ. Win a war against partial/total extermination of the galaxy and nearly no-one died? Wow. I guess Eisenhower, MacArthur and Zhukov were complete morons after all
  10. Fabulin

    Transcendental Finales

    Sounds ok to me... Maybe the elephants are a bit too angry though
  11. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    Lol I know that. But Thor doesn't remember that he had a brother even after seeing him in the past. Not a line when he is depressed and alcoholic. Not a line during the talk with Valkyrie about New Asgard... why? Karol
  12. Fabulin

    SPOILER TALK: Avengers: Endgame

    FULL SPOILER ALERT A fine movie which felt more like a real film and less like a Marvel circus show than I expected. It does require the understanding of at least 10+ films prior to get the most of it, mind you. I enjoyed: 1. slower and more humane moments of it, which are everywhere, but rather improved upon when compared to the previous films 2. resolutions for nearly all characters except one or two 3. the "walking camera" movement at Stark's funeral 4. Fight between Natasha and Clint was a bit longer and more intense than I expected 5. The choreography in the duel of Clint and the Japanese mafioso 6. Thanos being well written, well acted, meaningful, smart and a true danger 7. Choreography in Thanos fights 8. Keeping Captain Marvel (her ridiculous powers and equally ridiculous attitude) down to the bare minimum, basically absent 90% of the movie 9. The beer-belly Lebowski Thor. I nearly expected him to go surfing at the end 10. The music at the end. Real. Beautiful. Music. Completely unlike what 3 hours of Silvestri schlock accustomed me to hearing. 11. The beginning, with a vengeful Rambo-style visit and murdering Thanos in his hut, while he was just cooking his soup 12. Nebula was given lots of scenes and now I have gotten to like her 13. Captain with Mjölnir. And how! 14. Lots of wacky scenes in 2012, Asgard, etc. Thor's mother? Loki? These shots with Natalie Portman filmed.... when exactly? 15. Lots of good Marvel comedy 16. The defeat of Thanos being more complex and prolonged than I thought, and very entertaining 17. Thanos and his daughters getting the information about visitors from the future and posing a competent threat (reminded me of a certain series of books about modern soldiers trapped in World War II and how the local powers (Nazis, Soviets) reacted to their presence) 18. Captain America and his The Final Countdown (1980)-style ending, also reminding me a bit of UP 19. Professor Hulk. Well written and very well played. 20. Stark lines, speeches, arguments etc. 21. Barton scenes in the "sewers", with a flashlight, katana and a pack of vicious monsters. 22. Overall post-apo feel of the world after the snap, with desolate streets, rubbish everywhere and memorials. The movie gave a due lot of screentime to it at the beginning. What I didn't enjoy: 1. Falcon becoming the new captain America at the end, which felt very "they counted down from the worst choices to the least bad and were just left with him" 2. GIRRRRL POWER scene. Felt very forced. When 5th female character walked to the middle of the screen, I thought they are going to just hack Thanos to pieces and the movie will end 3. Slow-mo charge of everybody at everybody in the final battle 4. The slow walk to the time machine at the beginning, also very awkward 5. Doctor Strange was very underused, and to keep him out of a fight, they tied him down with... a wall of water, Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor-style 6. Bucky Barnes just... was there and had neither something to do, nor a cool gadget, trick, a clever line, or anything 7. No conclusion to or mention of Loki at the end. Couldn't Thor at least say a line how his brother is among those who didn't come back? 8. Silvestri "score". For a half-a-billion dollar movie years in the planning and making this is a complete disaster. They probably could have hired virtually any composer on Earth and yet they ended up with what gentlemanly words suffice not to describe. 9. The fact that rewatchability for me and timelessness for the posterity of this film are probably close to 0, despite it being really good entertainment for it's place and time. watched in Poland, 20:00 of the local time, April 24th 2019.
  13. A dashing brass overture for a 1960s metropolitan landscape 0:04-0:40 https://youtu.be/A-EyTOohO6c (doesn't embed)
  14. Fabulin

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Metropolis Op. 29 (1927) by Gottfried Huppertz; Berlin Radio SO recording Due to the topic of the film, the score is rich, majestic and beautiful. The thematic nature of Metropolis is recognizable already on the first listen, the action pieces are nothing short of amazing, and the quieter cues, panoramas and overtures are all sorts of marvelous. Every track proved interesting in some way. In tone it is a perfect blend of (even at the time) dated symphonic elements with early XXth century modernism, pleasant as a classical work and nimbly formal as a film score. And then it is somehow smarter about film music cliches that were still yet to come than were many later works. All in all Metropolis possesses a kind of innocent competence that probably shouldn't surprise me at this point, and yet it still does, and the likes of it probably always will.