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  1. Wow ! Thank you !!! the Blue Thunder one is my little baby Glad to see some enjoying it ! Thank you ! !
  2. Martyprod

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    Wow, sometimes the memory is weird !! yes, it was Patrice !! i saw rachel Z with steps head few years later (for the NYC tour, Michael brecker already left the band before) wow, first time i see a video of the wayne / santana tour !! thank you !! weird anecdote ! (lol). before the stage entrace of this concert, the roadies and other technicians was making the stage ready. it's a jazz festival, and bands were playing after each other on the stage, so in one afternoon, we were seeing 4 to 5 different band on the same stage. and then, there is someone who come on the stage, and Light... some stick of encenses and it started to smell in the whole audience ! everybody was complaining about the "bad" smell lol. (it was outdoor). Ana Maria's death ... I played the tune attached to her all my life, one of my favorite Jazz tune My life is somthing pretty weird. it stopped 23 years ago during a jam (on Tutu), Hearing traumatism accident and ended my possible "musical carreer" at this moment. I didn't see a concert since then. i met the yellow jackets in 2008, steve lukather in 2009, but just saw the rehearsal and met them in private during the rehearsal, and then i had to leave because it was impossible to see the concert (ovensensitive hearing) (i don't tell this to make anybody cries lol ) but i'm pretty fortunate to have been able to see some historic musical moment with all these concerts before it's happened (1995/1996)! here is a picture of the tour with mitchel forman and tomy bretchlein, unfortunatly , my family member who took the picture didn't took wayne on the picture, and I never could have the other pictures he took from the concert (he was/is a big a******). Maybe it would be better to continue to talk in private ? i'm afraid we're killing the "topic" lol... (i have hundred of pictures of all these moments).
  3. Martyprod

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    Wow, your story give me tears !!! what a beautiful present !! i have so many funny but sad anecdote to tell.(like the one on wayne's concert and the TWA). one of the funny one is for my meeting with steve lukather, i offered to him a Led Zepplein Tshirt for his 2 years old daughter lol. (she's now 12 years old). (took 3 weeks to find it for a 2 years old girl ahaha.). A sad souvenir is unfortunatly related to wayne shorter. I saw Wayne 3 times ! (I'm actually working on a cover of a tune that he played on, "Judy" by Michael landau's Tales from the bulge, his solo is so so beautiful ! ). I saw him with Carlos santana, for the so "famous" tour that wayne did with Carlos. i think it was Sheila E on drums, and Patrice Rushen or Maybe Rachel Z on Keyboards, my memeroy is bad sorry i was very young. it's when i saw miles for the first time too. then i saw wayne a second time with Mitchel forman on keys (i have been "Email" penpal friend with mitchel during 15 years, tom bretchlein on drums.) I have this on picture (but wayne is not on the stage at this moment). the third time, the concert has been cancelled, because it's when the awful accident of the TWA happened... i'm sure you know how wayne has been impacted by it in 1995/1996, i started to produce a jazz-rock album (still in production), and one of the tune, i called it "Wayne" at this time as a tribute and thanks to wayne. I changed the name of it since then, but the tune feature John J.R robinson, Michael Landau, Eric Marienthal on soprano (of course !) and Jimmy Johnson. here is the picture of Vinnie, so tired so unable to throw his stick on me after "Can i take a picture of you Mr Colaiuta ?" "Quickly". "ok ok !!" (the flash refuse to work lol) i'm sorry hold..." "QUICK !" "ok (i let the flash turned off), here is thank you so much !" Included here some picture and the "vinnie one", and one during the concert where he does his "Animal" imitation very fun as well. i saw this tour in summer. I took the picture of John Beasley (keyboards) but i saw this tour a second time 3 or 4 months later, so i bring the picture i took of John earlier, and asked him to sign it ! one of my biggest frustration is that i never had the chance to see herbie and Dave grusin in concert. (i saw his brother, don, with lee ritenour, gary novak, and ernie watts but not dave ).
  4. Martyprod

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    if you visit my website on the homepage, you'll find a tune i did with Weckl, Will Lee and Eric Marienthal. I contacted patitucci too to have him as a guest on my Jazz album, but healt and time schedule made the fact it didn't happened :(. I saw Vinnie Twice, he's (of course) one of my favorite drummer ! saw him in 1993 on the Sketchbook patitucci Tour (with steve tavaglione and john beasley, i took a lot of pictures of this concert), and i met vinnie backstage. the meeting is pretty hilarious... i'm certainly one of the very few fan on earth to have backstage a picture of vinnie who looks very very p*** lol. My flash didn't started, so i had to took the picture without it, if not, he would have maybe throw his sticks on me lol. The guy is not very "social" but he's a genious and one of the best I had to wait 2 hours because he didn't want to meet any fans, so after 1 hour everybody left, and i'm the one who waited the most... talking with patitucci about the pre-amp he was using on stage, etc to spend time lol etc.. I hired Michael landau to record on some tunes of mine in 2009, and i wanted to hire vinnie, so i asked him if he could help me to join vinnie and ... (and i can't write this publically lol).. i saw him a second time the same year, on the same tour but this time in my town (Nice, French Riviera), but with bob malach on sax. I have the chick/gadd album but didn't listened to it, i'm suffering from an hearing illness and can't really listen to music anymore (to be short..). chick is giving in few days a concert with the akoustic band reunion tour next to my town, but can't go there for the same reason :(. crying since few days about it lol... it was maybe related to your t-shirt ? (Nice Cap ) !! nice story and anecdote , thanks for the share !
  5. Martyprod

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    Both ! Saw Elektric band II in 1994, shaked the hand of Alain caron while leaving the hall (ahah),. I met the band a firs time in 1988 during the light years tour for a short autograph session but the real meeting was in 1992 for the beneath the mask tour (Jimmy earl on this tour, patitucci left to join Wayne Shorter band). this night the concert's production run out of limo and cars for the Band Member's, and they asked one of my family member, who was part of the production team and was friend / musician of jean luc ponty in the 60's, to "grab" chick and his wife at the hotel in his personnal car to bring them for the concert lol (it was a renault 5 ! imagine Chick and Gale in a French sh*t Renault five lol :D). i was a kid (17), we talked a bit about his future projects which at this time was still an idea or not finishedd, his piano concerto and his future piano solo album (expressions). talked a lot about mozart too, as my family's member is a classical musician who was giving conference about Mozart. then, met Gambale, earl, Weckl, and few months later during the Akoustic band +one tour, had an amazing chat with gary novak, patitucci, Bob Berg and chick again. I talked with chick a third time when he did the Chick Corea and Friends tour, with eddie gomez, steve gadd and bob berg. 20 years later, i would have never imagined that i would record some tunes with Weckl and Marienthal lol ;). if you want, i can send you the autographs and some pictures in private.
  6. Martyprod

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    speaking about it, i saw or met some of the most known Jazz artist in the world including as well miles davis, which is limo almost killed me lol. I met in private Toto's Guitar player, Steve Lukather to invite him to join me on a musical project. I recorded and worked with some amazing musicians, including John JR Robinson (drummer of "Off the wall), Michael Landau (most "recorded" guitar player in the world), Gregg Bissonette, and many others. A friend of mine (professional drummer) (don't know how to write this in english lol) shared the bathroom with Al di meola lol. (you know, to pee... ) The list of people i met is insane, mainly after a concert, from Michel Camilo, Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Bob Berg (RIP), Al Di meola, The whole Elektric band, the Yellow Jackets, who sung to me a great "happy birthday", shaked the hand of John McLaughin, Carlos Santana with Wayne Shorter etc .. !
  7. Martyprod

    Who's the most famous person you have met?

    I have been best friend since we' were a kid, with a guy who became around ten years ago, a Golden Globe Jury's Member and Organisator. Last nice words we shared the last time we saw / speak each other (2011) was stuff like a*****, c***, j**, go f** ****** and some other very nice words in the french dictionnary. I did the website of the official fan club of a famous Jazz singer and actress (Well not famous anymore) who had her "oprah" famous moment as she had 2 albums produced by producer david Foster. After a (crazy) issue with her (crazy) paranoïd Fan club "owner", the guy stole all my work (It was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away), I wrote to her to report the issue and what's happened and got a very nice "Please accept my apology, my best wishes for you and your music, and a really big and sincere thank you for all your hard work! Much love," ... lol... yeah, but what about the stolen work ? well ... ahah ...
  8. (I'm posting this message a bit edited that i sent to TGP in private on his suggestion). I started to reply here publically, because it seems that everybody know me more than who i am... then i stopped. I have other stuff to do than justifying myself about what i wrote. Just look at the number of post i wrote, and i'm there since or close to date of the creation of jwfan... and not someone who wrote 19235 posts... i'm not one of these "bashing zimmer / one of those holdovers of JWFan blablabla ". I didn't listened to any music since 10 years ! so i have other stuff to do or think than that ! (Can't beleive i'm trying to justify myself again...). A small search in my signature will show that i recorded several tunes of Mr Zimmer, and they are all available publically... I was just telling the irony about who was giving this award to and the name of the award ! Bashing (???) people who tell something about zimmer, and thinking immediatly that he's a crazy williams fan completly blind (in my case, it's "deaf", not "blind") who... whatever. sorry guys, but i'm not this kind of person. And it will be very hard to find a post from me on this planet telling something bad about Michael Giacchino too as someone told it as i didn't listened to any music he did since 2009, but not only him, John williams music too, and in fact, anybody else as well !
  9. Martyprod

    R.I.P. Arthur B. Rubinstein

    Ho no ... I'm working with Marc Papeghin (the french horn crazy player here) on a recording of Blue Thunder actually, we were planing to send it to Mr Rubinstein once completed . i'm a "fan" since the 80's.. s... so sad ... bye Arthur ... thank you for all the music !
  10. I quote my friend (from the "other orchestra") : "Concerning jw, no unfortunately i dont have anything to do with it. Its a show with the vienna philharmonic !! it will be very expensive probably."
  11. Sorry bad error typing (suffering from hands issues, if i don't re read me carrefully, i write that kind of error all the time ) Anyway one of my close friend work for them, so it's an information easy to confirm (or not).
  12. Wow you're absolutly right !! Thank you !! Amazing !!
  13. Anyway, giving the Max Steiner award to Hans zimmer one month before John williams will perform in the same city (it's not the same orchestra and not the same hall) is kind of.. insult ? Joke ? i know that sandra tomek (producer of the vienna film festival) did this as a pure business move to have Zimmer in her pocket, to have more recording contract with remote control and for other reasons too as she's producing as well the european zimmer tour, but it's a kind of a shame. in my opinion... the zimmer "party" will be broadasted on 35th Tv network, and what about ... Williams ? and come on, Max Steiner award to...
  14. Well, it was not your film