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  1. I absolutely love the whole set, and I can see why they thought HP3 could benefit from a non chronological presentation: when compared to the first two, it really has a lot of short disconnected cues with different styles. I’m starting to get used to a lot of weird track combos, but in the last few days I also tried creating a continuous mix for HP3: I’m not finished yet, but it works really fine so far. I’m trying to include source music (after all HP1 has Cast a Christmas Spell) to make it as chronologically accurate as possible (the Hogsmeade part is quite hard to recreate, though: a lot of source music is overlapped), while also combining alternates in the main presentation. So it’s not really chronological but it feels chronological and it flows quite well: I must say I’m surprised, and now it feels a little bit weird to hear the LLL presentation. I’m not a fan of gaps between tracks, too, so this mix I’m creating is perfect (I’ll probably listen to it during my long strolls in the countryside!) I’m also putting some “repetitive” tracks (the shawm cue I recreated, the Waltz and Firebolt alternate, the teaser) in a last assembly after the end credits (the teaser is a perfect ending). I’ll share the tracklist when I’m done if you want! After all, this is an archival collection, so I guess it’s cool to try and morph it the way we like. Anyway, I decided to keep Something Wicked Intro separate from Double Trouble (didn’t want to repeat DT thrice with the teaser) and it works fine as a simole introduction immediately followed by DT. And Dumbledore’s Warning is perfect after Double Trouble!
  2. Black Friday 2021: Harry Potter John Williams Collection — Definitive Shawm Edition
  3. Nope, they didn't, I was surprised. But the sound engineer messed something up: the audio track in the background has all dialogue and sfx, and since the movie was in Italian, the Italian Double Trouble was there, but they forgot to mute the track when the choir started singing, so the first bar had the italian version roaring from the speakers, then they lowered the volume and for a few bars you could hear both versions mixed together, then they realized they had to mute everything (duh), so the refrain and the "something wicked this way comes" part were in english. No frogs, though, 'cause the audio track was muted — then they cranked the volume up right after the "comes", and you could hear the reverberated last italian word of the song. It was the only major issue, but it wasn't the orchestra's fault – they nailed Double Trouble in the end credits. The rest of the performance was pretty good: the percussionists were a little bit lazy, 'cause I couldn't hear them that much, but I was pretty far from the stage so perhaps it wasn't their fault. Apart from this, there was probably just only one glitch in the whole concert (the Sirius Theme statement during Quidditch felt a tad bit off tempo): the orchestra worked really hard, they were perfectly in sync and I was actually surprised by the fact the audience didn't cheer randomly everytime a character appeared; they applauded in the right spots and it was actually cool 'cause it was clear they were praising the orchestra at the end of the most complex and beautiful cues. Too bad they applauded after the Expecto Patronum scene: couldn't hear the Rescue of Sirius cue right after, and they clapped again when Buckbeak took off and left the Tower, before the cue ended. First time I've heard an Italian crowd applaud before something lands.
  4. Went to see PoA live yesterday: as I said in the LTP thread, apart from a few minor glitches it was an incredible experience. Anyway, I probably was the only one feeling sad during the Discussing Black scene. We miss you, 30" shawm cue ❤️ (sorry for the vertical video — ugh — and the Italian dubbing) IMG_9144.mp4 By the way, I also snatched a certain tambourine/Cadogan cue IMG_9145_TRIM.mp4
  5. Went to se PoA live yesterday. Apart from a few minor issues, it was genuinely jaw-dropping to hear (and see!) the orchestra play this tremendous score.
  6. I don’t think the Time Past/Saving Buckbeak thing is a glitch. The tempo slows down right before the bat closing, and it would connect the two parts perfectly, if it wasn’t for the clock ticking that ends abruptly without slowing down. That’s why the edit before the bat cue seems sloppy, I think. By the way, I finally went to see PoA live to projection today: it was a great experience! I even made a couple of videos of a certain shawm cue and tambourine thingy 😉
  7. Minority Report has a killer score. The opening theme in 9/8 + 11/8 (I think) gives me chills every time. I also love the (extended) greenhouse cue, with that ominous Potter-y harpsicord (again, I think).
  8. Thanks, I definitely need to check those again... I remember listening to both and saying “wait, something is missing”, but it could also mean something new was added! Another question (sorry if it was already discussed): is the opening for The Daily Prophet slowed down? Or was it sped up in the movie and in the sessions? Was the sessions cue a different take? It sure is extended in the boxset!
  9. I think they’re just cut, there’s no clean ending. Hagrid’s flute has a sloppy ending mid-Hedwig’s Theme, while on the boxset it ends right before. The Leaky Cauldron cue fades out before the sloppy ending.
  10. Maybe someone else already said it, but I noticed in the sessions the source music for the Leaky Cauldron and Hagrid's Flute both had the messed up ending, while in this LLL release the ending is clean/cut/faded out.
  11. Miss my 160Gb iPod Classic so much Started making weird noises, lost all my music. Didn't lose my nerve: I put all the music I had back in it, starting from scratch. Lost it again. Both the music and my nerve. Smashed the fucker on my windowsill. 2012 was a dark year for me. Still a great device, though. Now I have a 128 Gb (used) iPhone, but it's not the same thing. Nah, it's okay.
  12. Agreed, crumbs! Can't wait to hear your thoughts about Azkaban! Enjoy it
  13. God. I played in a small orchestra when I was a kid, and obviously I (and a lot of my friends) messed up big time, but this is absurd there's literally no one playing the right note! So bad it's good.
  14. I was just losing any hope to see the package arrive today, so I got ready to leave. I went outside to take out the trash and write a note for the postman... when I saw him arrive! The boxset is finally HERE! It’s really big, nicely crafted and absolutely gorgeous! Plus, no damage whatsoever! The wait is over. Can’t wait to dive into the booklets later tonight.
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