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  1. We are coming to Vienna for Saturday, all three of us. Daughter will be 18 two days prior! Yes, we got tickets, but... ...we are also on the waiting list for even better tickets up until Friday noon - since after that we will drive, yes drive, from Graz to Vienna - which is nothing compared to most of you - except Marian, that is. So I don't know what we will do with twice as many tickets so shortly before the concert - we'll see - but at least I told you (all) now; not likely though, it seems.
  2. Saw that too right before reading this, haha - and used it. I might end up with too many tickets (not likely) on January 17 at noon at the latest - so do we manage a pool of tickets around here? I'm not sure that Musikverein will take back/offer tickets on consignment at all or that late, what do you think Marian? See you there! (here's hoping the more often this is stated, the more probable it will be )
  3. Ahm, in the holiest of holies conductors are allowed to speak? That's even worse than members of the audience swapping seats quietly...
  4. That's pretty strange indeed, picture this: I haven't been on this site for a year or more, then in the evening of June 27 (!) 2018 out of an unexplicable urge (?) I took a look, saw the incredible announcement from months (!!) ago, "immediately" got going and got us three seats in the 7th (!!!) row, centre. Can you imagine that? That's why on Tuesday morning I wasn't online on 9am precisely but leisurely had coffee with the woman in my life instead. Little did I know that the whole site started working just minutes before I got online towards 10am, with only limited seats available. Very strange indeed. But hopefully we all will meet in Vienna and most importantly will find Maestro John Towner Williams in good health - and I wish anybody who's still looking for tickets the very best of luck! Marian (funny, the first time I read from you, I thought you were a woman - too close to "Marion" I guess ;-D), since one of our seats is on the "Loge" right next to the orchestra and conductor (!), do you know if it is easy for two of us to switch seats during the interval at least? I don't think that it's possible at all while the first or second half is in progress - the seats are on different sides of the hall and you are supposed to move in or out only while the audience is applauding. We'd risk missing a piece... Bye, ML
  5. Guess what we did on June 20 to see Dudamel conduct the Philharmonic during "Sommernachtskonzert" at "Schloß Schönbrunn"? It even showered right before the concert and they nearly, only nearly opened the gate to let us take some empty seats since we already arrived at 5pm and were as close as you can get for free. So that's more than 5 hours of standing. Was totally worth it. :-D
  6. Oh yes, it was absolutely amazing as was "8-bit Symphony". No, he attended and jammed last year, when Back in Time Live happened in Bergen for the first time; together with Reyn Ouwehand. This year it has been Jeroen Tel, the band FastLoaders, Matt Gray (of Last Ninja 2 fame), and Rob Hubbard, plus original tunes and remixes galore. Yes, which I typed in, Marian, hehe.
  7. /o\ Sounds like a cool event and job/gig nonetheless. Luckily this would not have been your first exposure to the Maestro. *phew* This is all ... so ... bizarre: In June our daughter and I attended a unique orchestral concert in Hull/Middle England to celebrate the ending of her Commodore home computer childhood with me (orchestral versions of famous chip tunes), that in turn lead to an amazing rock and dance event (held by the Commodore demo scene) in - hold on to your potatoes, Thor - Bergen/Norway, held on last Friday/Saturday - also on an 18th like this concert, where I literally danced off my shoes and socks for two nights' events in a row (and even participated w/ a live Theremin remix in the compo), and furthermore the main composer of aformentioned orchestral concert was present and on stage too in this club in Bergen. I in turn brought sunshine with me from Austria since they had had 3 weeks of rain there before (third most rainiest city in the world!) - so I got incredibly lucky with the weather too. T'was fabulous, never been to Norway but enjoyed it immensely (nice country you have there, Thor, mountains _and_ ocean, friendly people; pricey though), which is an understatement still... ...and now we are attending this together with our daughter (in the holiest of holies as far as classical music is concerned), who wasn't even born when we first experienced the Maestro and the LSO in 1996! <3 <3 <3 I'm soo happy. ML I noticed this too - I even kept the newspaper clippings! /me is seriously considering to attempt another try at reserving seats for Saturday the day after tomorrow at 9am precisely. So if I end up w/ seven tickets I suppose it will not be a problem to get rid of at least three, right? *smirk*
  8. Unbelievable, yay! \o/ /me is very, very excited. ... dark thoughts kick in ... Uh oh! /o\ Here we go again. Let's just hope the best, see you all there! ML PS: ...and yes, we should do a group photograph for sure - will activate our daughter's smartphone for that - this concert is the perfect birthday present since she will be 18 two days prior!! Can you believe that? :-D PPS: I think she already had contact with you, Stormlord, when we tried to meet last time regardless, am I right? Same here - I bought 4 tickets for the three of us, whole family at about the same distance as you are seated, but on the lower balcony ("Loge"). Last time I wandered in here and bought tickets weeks (!) after they went on sale in 2018 we ended up in the 7th row, dead centre. *scratcheshead* I am not complaining either, as it's a dream come true after the fact, PLUS: As I've mentioned above, it's our daughter's birthday present and I have grabbed an additional seat (becoming available _again_ later on!) for her and me to sit there before or after the break, right next to the orchestra, "Loge"! You can see the Maestro conducting on the same level, directly from the right. (will have to check at the last moment if he surely will do so in both halves of the concert) So for sound/family we have the "Loge" and for experiencing the Maestro very, very close the other seat. This will be fun. See you there, TownerFan! ML PS: I need a White Russian now/later on! Yesss, he has to end up on the group photograph! Haha. See you there, Marian! Martinland, Romy and Crudla
  9. Yes, he should have gone straight to Vienna instead and step out into the sweet, healthy air that Max Steiner and Erich Wolfgang Korngold breathed before him.
  10. I think Pieter just meant tracks like "Leia's Theme" on the Star Wars OST, which is clearly not part of the original soundtrack on the film but a wonderful concert arrangement hinted at, in this case but not always, by the word "theme". Maybe somebody compiled a list of all these tracks that sometimes can be found ONLY on the OST and not necessarily on later expansions. Correct me if I'm wrong but the exciting "Over the Moon" concert version featuring the piano from the E.T. OST is nowhere to be found on later expansions (at least the two I have before I gave up ;).
  11. The last ~40 minutes are the most amazing, exhilaratingly edited, composed, filmed, fx-enhanced (for the time), and funny culminating "moments" (nearly half the film!) of any (not too serious) action/adventure movie I know of; and in a nostalgic movie mode to boot (gone nowadays). I simply love it. Same could be said about the first two reels of the film...
  12. I am sorry if my answer was confusing, I should have explained: Hopefully the third album is available individually on CD by now; it's not about the performances, it's about content and marketing. Good to know those are splendid performances! Up until 2015 I have been collecting everything Williams (cassette dubs back in the early 90s, boots, LPs of scores unreleased on CD, concert work recordings, you name it), some of you know that feeling. Then I had first doubts (e.g. liking original albums more than each and every expansion) and this particular announcement was really hard to say yes to for me (= easy to say no): Not only would I have had to re-buy two perfectly fine albums I already owned and treasured for decades, but the content of the third I considered "less classic" and did exist individually on the respective score CDs except for that Marion's Theme (which is now available thanks to Tokyo) and Escapades, which we all heard live in Madrid, unforgettable - needless to say I started to say no (it's just me, don't worry) to a lot of albums until the point where, especially after being unable to experience the magic of seeing John Williams conducting (once more), this time with our daughter, in Vienna last year I just stopped collecting. I have so much to treasure and listen to, lasting me another lifetime. So this is my collector's story coming full circle. Hopefully this explains my snappy answer above and, again, I am sorry for any confusion that may have caused. Have a better one, ML
  13. That was the only reason to buy that one, right? Scam I skipped; will extract the audio from this fabulous Tokyo concert recording, done.
  14. Well, yes, they are both fruits, which is to say they are both off the main road stylistically - that's what I meant (jokingly anyway): Let's compare these one-of-a-kind debut approaches. Fair enough?
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