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  1. Yes, he should have gone straight to Vienna instead and step out into the sweet, healthy air that Max Steiner and Erich Wolfgang Korngold breathed before him.
  2. I think Pieter just meant tracks like "Leia's Theme" on the Star Wars OST, which is clearly not part of the original soundtrack on the film but a wonderful concert arrangement hinted at, in this case but not always, by the word "theme". Maybe somebody compiled a list of all these tracks that sometimes can be found ONLY on the OST and not necessarily on later expansions. Correct me if I'm wrong but the exciting "Over the Moon" concert version featuring the piano from the E.T. OST is nowhere to be found on later expansions (at least the two I have before I gave up ;).
  3. The last ~40 minutes are the most amazing, exhilaratingly edited, composed, filmed, fx-enhanced (for the time), and funny culminating "moments" (nearly half the film!) of any (not too serious) action/adventure movie I know of; and in a nostalgic movie mode to boot (gone nowadays). I simply love it. Same could be said about the first two reels of the film...
  4. I am sorry if my answer was confusing, I should have explained: Hopefully the third album is available individually on CD by now; it's not about the performances, it's about content and marketing. Good to know those are splendid performances! Up until 2015 I have been collecting everything Williams (cassette dubs back in the early 90s, boots, LPs of scores unreleased on CD, concert work recordings, you name it), some of you know that feeling. Then I had first doubts (e.g. liking original albums more than each and every expansion) and this particular announcement was really hard to say yes to for me (= easy to say no): Not only would I have had to re-buy two perfectly fine albums I already owned and treasured for decades, but the content of the third I considered "less classic" and did exist individually on the respective score CDs except for that Marion's Theme (which is now available thanks to Tokyo) and Escapades, which we all heard live in Madrid, unforgettable - needless to say I started to say no (it's just me, don't worry) to a lot of albums until the point where, especially after being unable to experience the magic of seeing John Williams conducting (once more), this time with our daughter, in Vienna last year I just stopped collecting. I have so much to treasure and listen to, lasting me another lifetime. So this is my collector's story coming full circle. Hopefully this explains my snappy answer above and, again, I am sorry for any confusion that may have caused. Have a better one, ML
  5. That was the only reason to buy that one, right? Scam I skipped; will extract the audio from this fabulous Tokyo concert recording, done.
  6. Well, yes, they are both fruits, which is to say they are both off the main road stylistically - that's what I meant (jokingly anyway): Let's compare these one-of-a-kind debut approaches. Fair enough?
  7. DUEL is better. (and yes, it had been played in European cinemas) P.S.: We should compare the music in Duel and Sugarland. Hm.
  8. Ha, what's he doing there? I know him from back when he was performing with Triology here in Austria, doing Morricone renditions for string trio... ...I even played a couple of their tracks at the radio station.
  9. No. Nearly the same reason. (I can remember, as I wrote in the other thread: 2011/2012 ;-D)
  10. To be honest I have been experiencing it at least since 2011/12 (1941/Hook). Those were the last expansions I really cared for; and that comes from the mouth of someone who literally spent decades waiting (!) for CDs being released _at_all_ and hunting CDs/Boots/LPs all over the world; in real brick and mortar stores, you know. I even give the Colpix Records LP of "Diamond Head" a spin now and then (love that instrumental track right in the middle). I have quite a few LPs in my collection from way back when not every short cue was available from every score, but whole sections of John Williams' discography were not available other than on LP, if even that. Nowadays I tend to cherish the original albums put together by the Maestro and their listening experience (plus the nostalgic experience, knowing where and when I got hold of them for the first time); except for a couple of indispensable cues only found on expansions of course (but that's been solved 7 to 25 years ago already, so, see topic)...
  11. "The Adventures of Mutt" and the entire "Finale"
  12. It indeed was performed beautifully by the orchestra - that is very true; most beautifully. Hm. But I meant _before_ that, when he tries to give the cue for the timpani once, hesitates, tries one more even stronger beat and then goes into that holding pose, touches his left ear and ultimately goes for the final downbeat. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, sorry, then it's just me ... and thanks again for this wonderful documentation of Maestro Williams at 87 plus three weeks. ;-D
  13. I have to add something myself after the fact: Having been completely overwhelmed emotionally (see above) the first time I barely registered it, but on second viewing it's evident: Did anybody else notice the Maestro's conducting during the final bars of E.T.? Either the timpani player got ahead of him or something else was irritating him for a split-second which he then covered up, being a pro, with gestures and by hitting the final beat. Hm... ...does anybody (with [watching] conducting experience) have any insights on this?
  14. Thanks so much, Johnny! After the devastating blow with us and our daughter already having secured seats in row 7 for Vienna and the Philharmonics this is really gut-wrenchingly nice to see and hear. I might even show it to her so that she at least gets a faint idea of how it feels to experience the Maestro in person as we did in those golden days past (1996) with the LSO at the Barbican...
  15. Indeed, it is _very_ close stylistically and even as a composition.
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