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  1. I feel like we're really failing to keep in mind the fact that the work here had to likely be heavily crunched to get it looking like it does, even after the delay. As such, it's impressive they've managed to make it look as nice as it does. It obviously needs refinement for sure, but kudos to the VFX team for making it look as presentable as it could be in the time given.
  2. I can only see it being fixed on the potential solo release, based on some of the info that I've heard in the past. While I still think it's a really crappy thing for something you're paying $100+ for, I've grown to get past it. Already made the edits replacing it with parts from the OST. Besides, it really means little if its inaudible to even the ears of an audiophile.
  3. Finally ordered this after the Veteran's Day discount. It's not much, but it's within the range I'm willing to pay for a 2 disc set. Is it safe to say that "Betrayal (film version)" is the only thing that wasn't on the leak? There is only one version there, and the alts that were present for other cues are accounted for on the LLL release. Perhaps this was the one thing they needed to pull out a separate source for.
  4. Mission: Impossible - Fallout - Lorne Balfe Giving this a second go around, this barely crosses into the guilty pleasure category. There's enough interesting ideas here to prevent it from feeling like a complete rehash, but man did I wish they were for a different score. This is lucky that my love for the TDK trilogy makes me more lenient on it. Plus the fact it's more tolerable of a listen than M:I-3, which just has little to offer in comparison. I just hate how much this represents people of today just wanting that Zimmer sound and rejecting anything else, as I doubt they've actually heard prior installments to know this is truly the best the series has to offer. I might not love Rogue Nation's score, but it's still very respectable in what it achieved.
  5. I hope he comes to America again soon enough, since I had to miss out on his 2017 shows.
  6. Apparently they still are honoring past deals, so assuming the project hasn't been terminated since its initial mention, it might be allowed.
  7. Was there ever any mention of Kamen's X-Men? A friend mentioned that being a title that was brought up at some point as being in the works, but I haven't seen any post to confirm it so far.
  8. Having actually seen the movie: it's likely not gonna do much to sway you from how it's assembled on the album. With the amount of source tracks present (from some pretty well known names), it just wasn't going to stand out much. The most I picked up on was the cute variant of the Fox logo that he did (though it seemed more like an original piece that happened to start with the familiar drums). It wasn't buried in the mix, and stylistically does fit the time of the film, but it left very little impression otherwise. I was admittedly a bit distracted at points when watching it, so maybe that didn't help. Still, I doubt hearing it on its own is suddenly gonna bring it to life more, especially being as short and fragmented as it is.
  9. That's basically what I think of it. Despite knowing its faults, it just appeals to me more. How can one hate a movie where four guys control the Statue of Liberty with an NES Advantage, while "Higher and Higher" plays in the background? Just sublime.
  10. It didn't occur to me to check "Orbs" when I posted Ad Astra, and it does seem like it's a suite and not a proper cue in the score: AA Orbs v1.00_SW01_18_2Mix
  11. I assume it is everything Balfe composed for the film, though of course a lot of it likely isn't used. Since we have no digital copy yet and the film is more likely to leave theaters soon, there's no way of checking chronological order yet. The only thing I've gathered from my Richter only listen is that "The Rings of Saturn" likely wasn't used, as I can't recall anything that sounds like it in the film. I'll get to Lorne soon enough.
  12. Not the Bangles, but I have heard some stuff from the Rutles. I was much harsher on their earlier stuff on my first listens, but I'm slowly warming up to it. Definitely prefer their later stuff myself.
  13. To give more concrete thoughts: Giacchino can go either way on this. While I do like his two Spidey scores, Ghost Protocol, and find Ratatouille a rather pleasant listen, the rest of his work I haven't found particularly impressive. Star Trek 09 and Doctor Strange have nice enough themes backed by a largely dull underscore. And that issue regarding his action writing being too frantic was my primary issue with M:I-III and Incredibles. His relationship with Matt Reeves is the key thing that does give me hope, since I find that him working with his trusted partners can boost his efforts by a large margin. I would've liked to have seen someone like David Arnold tackle something like Batman, but I assume he likes his TV work too much currently, and is too in the past for any studio to consider. About the sound mix issues, it was surprisingly decently present in Far Far Home and Dark Phoenix. Ad Astra was pretty alright too, though I suspect some parts were dialed down. But Shazam proved way too quiet if we were to refer to DC efforts specifically, and I heard JL was particularly bad with its placement in the mix. I guess if you aren't Marvel (sometimes) or Zimmer, you're out of luck. Regarding the "I wanna kill everyone around me for their opinions" attitude that can pop up here, I feel no need to address it, since I figure it's never really going to leave, so I might as well get used to it. The one thing I will say is that in another place that has a similar thing to it, at least they still talk about the things they actually like.
  14. So..... for the third time now, Hollywood has decided that the guy who did the most popular hero for one company should now do the most popular hero for the rival company. At least it was Spidey first this time around, which makes the news more out of left field somewhat. Though seriously: now with Gia joining Elfman and Zimmer in the ranks of being those guys who composed for both Batman and Spider-Man, would that have meant that Horner would've taken a stab at it had he lived?
  15. And already the Balfe section has had a complete leak, weirdly mixed in with the Richter/Frahm tracks off the OST. The fact this manages to happen right after the album released is rather amazing timing, even if there has been shorter time spans prior. It's been said that Lorne had been asked to record a whole new score, before the studio then decided to mix and match between his and Max's. Whenever anyone asked him though, he'd insist it was all a group effort, even though he'd need to be there from the start for that to make sense. With the comments alluding to the alt. score suddenly disappearing and now the leak popping up, I have reason to believe the first story probably is true. Though where Nils and Robert Charles Mann fall into this is beyond me. Since I assume the Richter portion of the OST is what was originally assembled and likely contains pieces not in the film, it'd be interesting to compare the two different approaches directly now. From what I saw in the film, the Frahm piece is what stuck out the most, but I thought the rest of it was pretty effective within the picture. Even recognized the two tracks that were posted prior, which is a rarity on my end.
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