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  1. SyncMan

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    Oh @TheMagicFlute, if you want to catch SW:ESB sooner, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will be doing it this August, but you are going to have to wait until April 17th to buy tickets if you are not a subscriber to that orchestra.
  2. SyncMan

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    @TheMagicFlute, I envy you in your first discovery of enjoyment from Star Wars and Williams' music. Have you been to any of the Star Wars Live-to-Projection concerts? There is one for Star Wars: A New Hope coming to Houston this weekend by the Houston Symphony Orchestra from Friday into Sunday. This same orchestra will also be doing Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back this November. Our forum has more details about the Star Wars Live-to-Projection concerts. Just click here.
  3. I think the remaining music for the end credits sequence would have been an edit of portions from body of the score, as it is the standard for movies of today. I fell that the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra did great service to the audience by not playing any more of this music, even it is bits and pieces from the score.
  4. ...and in Wichita, KS by the Wichita Symphony Orchestra on April 18, 2020 https://wichitasymphony.org/events/apollo13
  5. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    I saw this in originaltrilogy.com and I thought I would share it here: This benefits folks in and around the Indianapolis, IN area. https://www.indianapolissymphony.org/event-detail/star-wars-empire?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=3-13-19SWPush&utm_content=version_A&uid=639352&sourceNumber=0 In ISO’s upcoming 2019/20 season, they are doing SW:ROTJ this September 27, 28, 29. Play your cards right, and wait a while, you may get a discount days before that concert, too. They did a similar offer for SW:ANH back in November where you get 20% off the ticket price just days before that concert took place.
  6. The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra does Apollo 13 in their 2019/2020 season on July 2nd and 5th , 2020 https://www.sfsymphony.org/Buy-Tickets/2019-20/Film-Apollo-13
  7. I'll start this topic off by informing all that a Live-to-Projection concert program was made for this Oscar-winning, 2017 film. It made its world premiere in Washington, DC at the Kennedy Center on September 20, 2018. The composer, Michael Abels , conducted the National Symphony Orchestra. http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/NSPPI#tickets The second performance of this concert will be made this October 30, 2019 by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in their 2019/2020 season. https://www.sfsymphony.org/Buy-Tickets/2019-20/Film-Get-Out I’ve attended the DC premiere. The most fun part of the program was during the beginning. The orchestra performed Run Rabbit Run accompanied by a solo baritone, followed an experimental playing during the opening credits where the chorus sung the lyrics in Swahili, then gets R and B with a performance of Redbone.
  8. SyncMan

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    At the 44:01 mark of part 2 from TownerFan’s Legacy of John Williams podcast covering LLL’s Superman 3CD set, Mike M. said that a Live-to-Projection concert of Superman-The Movie is “under discussion” and “those talks are continuing.” To give my speculation on this, my first thought would be that the concert production company FILM CONCERTS LIVE would handle it. They, practically, have the ground floor on this. One of the producers of the company, Jaime Richardson, is with The Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency (GSA), the management agency that represents John Williams. Richardson is one of the few trusted people that Mike M. has shared the news of the film’s first generation music score audio elements. Mike M. said on Feb. 21, ‘19 on this page of from this FSM thread Meanwhile, the other co-producer of FILM CONCETS LIVE is Steve Linder of IMG Artists. Before joining Jamie Richardson to form FCL, Linder, through IMG Artists, have created Live-to-Projection concerts of their own, some from Warner Bros’ properties such as Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, West Side Story, and The Adventures of Robin Hood. So, GSA has access to John Williams while IMG has access to Warner Bros. At the time of the master tapes’ discovery almost a year ago, I am sure that Mike M. must have mentioned his intentions of doing a newly-remastered CD release of Superman from these elements to the FCL producers and to have it released on the film’s 40th anniversary. The wheels in the concert producers’ heads must have been turning. All they needed is a license to do the concert from Warner Bros. However, Warner Bros may not grant the license to any concert production company. Instead, they could make a Live-to-Projection concert of Superman, themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did go that route, like what Disney is doing by creating a separate division for making concerts out of their own properties, like the Star Wars Concert series. Warner Bros was probably kicking themselves for signing the Harry Potter concert rights to CineConcerts. Every concert venue in the world has done or will do a Harry Potter Live-to-Projection concert. Warner Bros joins Fox in the “Damn! Why did I sign over the rights to that” support group.
  9. I went to the Live-2-Projection concert of Pirates of the Carribean-The Curse of the Black Pearl with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra in Grand Rapids, MI, last Saturday. When I decided to go, I thought that a large orchestra would make the score sound a little better. It didn’t. I should have listened to Eric Woods’ review. Conductor John Varineau introduced the audience with a pirate accent and saying, “Arrr.” He encourages them to cheer at the screen by saying, “the more you react, the more we play.” Despite that, there was very little crowd reactions, even at Jack Sparrow antics, which I liked. Having not seen the film, it was entertaining. By the time the end credits came, the orchestra stopped playing, but the remainder of the credits resumed. Frankly, I didn’t mind that the performance ended that way, because I really didn’t like the music. Perhaps I’m been spoiled by all the John Williams Live-to-Projection concerts that I’ve been to that I didn’t enjoy this one. A question: After the conductor and the orchestra filed-out of the stage, I peeked at the conductor’s video monitor, positioned just above the lactern, where a separate verson of the film is shown with sync-patterns to help the conductor stay in sync with the film. As you can see in this video I took, there are sync-patterns shown in-front of the end credits, but all the musicians are gone. Not that I would lose sleep over this, but has there been any performance of POTC-I where music for the remainder of the end credits was played? https://drive.google.com/file/d/12lMPSmGFua5ktwhsw3U5zdI4NQ3MXGvN/preview
  10. I was in Grand Rapids, Mi to attend a L2P concert of Pirates of the Caribbean with the Grand Rapids Symphony and to pass the time, I checked out this Family Dollar store on Michigan Ave, off of Fuller Street, just for the hell of it. As luck would have it, there were a few of those Varese CDs left...for $3.00, this time. The titles I saw were: Shrek the Third The Kingdom As You Like It Lions for Lambs Evan Almighty The one I bought was Live Free or Die Hard and I saw only one copy
  11. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    Since no one corrected me on this, I thought I'd do so publicly. DisneyConcerts announced the Star Wars Concert Series in February 2017, not April. All I had to do was read the date of the first post of this thread. Duh! That means that DisneyConcerts didn't stick with the same pattern by not announcing a new Star Wars L2P concert on that same time. However, I still have hope that they can surprise us between now and May the fourth.
  12. Something I noticed in the end credits from the Jurassic Park-L2P concerts. When Williams replaced his film version of the end credits with his public concert version, it was shorter the film version. In this YouTube except of the RAH performance of a JP-L2P concert, this concert version of the end credits ends at the 8:04 mark, but notice the credit-roll continuing. In later concerts, the film's end credits was altered--it had to be sped-up to match the duration of the replacement music cue. Here, at the 5:24 mark of this except from a later JP-L2P concert, the music ends right at the end of the “Amblin” logo clip.
  13. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    The end credits music cue for the L2P concert version of SW:TFA was, also, shorter than the film version. If one were to sync this L2P concert version of the end credit music cue to the theatrical version of the end credits, the L2P concert version would end before the film version would. This would mean that the end credits on the screen would speed-up—increase the duration—so that the music and the credits would end at the same time. This was done the same way for the end credits in the Jurassic Park L2P concerts where Williams replaced the music for the end-credit-film-version with his public concert version, which was shorter. In this YouTube except of the RAH performance of a JP-L2P concert, this concert version of the end credits ends at the 8:04 mark, but notice the credit-roll continuing. In the 5:24 mark of this except from a later JP-L2P concert, the music ends at the end of the “Amblin” logo clip. Getting back to SW:TFA-L2P concert, the Lucasfilm logo clip and the Bad Robot logo clip were not displayed after the end credits were finished when I saw this in DC.
  14. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    I attended the SW:TFA-L2P in Washington, DC last week. There was no chorus on the stage with the orchestra, but there were choir sounds coming out through the speakers-either from the film mix or from a digital keyboard.
  15. Has anyone here checked this out? Anyone know if a recording of this will be commercially available?