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  1. I did attend the Jurassic World concert back in May at the Kennedy Center in DC. I’m not really a die-hard Giacchino fan. The only score I really enjoyed listening to multiple times is Jupiter Ascending. I first heard the Jurassic World score on a downloaded audio file, but I’ve not seen the film yet. I didn’t like the score. I had just started going to these L2P concerts and I thought I’d check out Jurassic World in Concert because: I’ve still haven’t seen the film I thought maybe by hearing the score in a concert setting would change my opinion about the music. I still didn’t like the music, despite the fine performance by the National Symphony Orchestra, and the film wasn’t good, either. Oh, well. At least, I didn’t have to endure a second viewing of a film I didn’t like just to give the music a second chance. Things got a little interesting after the film. Both Giacchino and director Colin Trevorrow appeared on stage during the latter-half of the end credits to make jokes and answer questions. When the credits were over, we were treated to a screening of the first 7 and a half minutes of JW: Fallen Kingdom. As this movie was not released, at the time, we were instructed not to make any recordings of this preview. To make sure that this rule was enforced, a team of security guards, not ushers, were patrolling the aisle pathways—scrutinizing the patrons in each row in the theatre to make sure their cellphones and cameras were not positioned in their upper bodies recording the event. It got a little tense, and not because of the preview. After that, Giacchino and Trevorrow returned to the stage accompanied by conductor Emil De Cou and the paleontologist and had their Q & A. We had to endure one lame dinosaur joke. Q: What sound does a dinosaur make when it’s sleeping? A: A dino-snore After the Q & A, Giacchino took the time to sign autographs and pose for fan selfies for a few audience members. Although I still do not like most of the scores he has done, I think it was very cool of him to give his time to his fans in doing talks, autographs and pictures. It tells a lot about his character.
  2. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    If it's true, then Disney may announce TLJ-L2P concert in April or May (like in MAY the 4th be with you), as they done for their Star Wars Concert Series back in April 2017.
  3. SyncMan

    'Skyfall' In Concert

    KKL Luzern, Switzerland announced a booking of this concert for this December 2019. https://citylightconcerts.ch/konzerte.html?konzert=10 I said this.. ...on this: It's true, now. Film Concerts Live has not added this booking into their Skyfall page.
  4. SyncMan

    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    It give us this message: Do violent things onto others, BEFORE they onto you. 😀
  5. SyncMan

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    Superman-Live-to-Projection concert Ideas: I think the first thing that should be heard in the concert is the Superman fanfare, eventhough, it is not used in the final film version. The orchestra can play it while the screen is still blank, then the film can begin where the curtains are drawn wide and we hear that soft solo trumpet of the Superman motif. I feel that hearing the brass fanfare will get the audience started. In those Star Wars L2P concerts in the USA, the orchestra playing the Fox fanfare got huge cheers from the audience. What about the Warner-Bros logo clip and the Geoffrey Unsworth dedication clip that precedes the film? As you may recall, in the final-film’s end credits, portions of the ‘Love Theme from Superman’ cue were cut out. So, to restore the piece to its unedited form, the following can be featured at the end of the end-credits sequence a new dedication clip can be made featuring all the names of the people involved in the production that we’ve lost since 1978. The Warner Bros. studio logo clip Considering that most of the audience will stay to the very end of the concert and that some printed-programs may ask them to remain seated “out of respect for the musicians and your fellow audience members”, having those said clips at the end of the program will get some use. Besides, having the audience hear the end of the love theme piece—a soft flute statement of the love theme followed by a somber French horn--over this dedication clip may be moving for them. I think Richard Donner may sign-off, easily, on having the dedication switched to the end of the movie if he understands that this alteration would only be for the L2P concert. Convincing the studio to have their logo be seen at the end of the movie, may need work.
  6. @Nick Parker, if you are referring to this: I found that FCL does not update the bookings of their concerts often. I've stumbled onto their concerts that were not posted on their site, like the Vienna, VA presentation of Casino Royale at Wolf Trap. The orchestra/music venues will start announcing their schedules for summer 2019 and 2019/2020 season during the 1st quarter of 2019. My suggestion is look at the websites of these orchestra/music venues in your area and check them out.
  7. To the folks in the Bay Area: I’m reminded of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra’s LTP concert of The Matrix where the stage of Davies Symphony Hall is lit with a green gel matching the hue in specific scenes of the film. I wouldn't put it pass Davies to, at least, consider using a live-color-changing-light scheme for the ‘conservation’ piece in CE3K-LTP coming this March, however, the colored-lighting would change quickly to match the effects in the film. Which do you think this will do for you? Enhance the experience at the concert Distract you from the concert Make you nauseous
  8. SyncMan

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    I'm bummed because no one announced a Live-to-Projection concert, today. I'd go. Screw the DCP 4K screening. You would think that one concert production company would put this out by now.
  9. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    I have a chance to attend the LTP concerts of ROTJ and TFA in Washington, DC in 2019 and I need to know this: What point in each of these 2 films does it split into 2 acts? Thanks,
  10. Also, in this politically correct environment, I don't think the concert venues will allow to show a movie where there's a racial slur and the display of Susan Backlinie's bare booty.
  11. The concert production company, Film Concerts Live, has done 5 feature-length, Live-to-Projection, concert programs of Steven Spielberg films with John Williams’ music: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Raiders of the Lost Ark Jurassic Park Jaws CE3K Will FCL do another Spielberg/Williams film in 2019? If so, what film will it be? Here is what I think will be potentials. My guesses are based on what American concert venues might be receptive to. I’m thinking that they will take programs that will attract family audiences—more kids, more money. Oh, and the remaining Indiana Jones films are off this table as they are owned by Disney and they may be produced through DisneyConcerts. Lost World-Jurassic Park: It was knocked down by critics, but kids still love dinosaurs. When I attended the Jurassic Park-LTP concerts, I would see children dressed in dinosaur masks and their spiked-backed snuggies. The film itself is no more violent then the first, just the peril is intense. For FCL, it will go well in their Jurassic franchise that includes JP and Jurassic World which BTW I’ve not seen any bookings for it since its Washington, DC premiere last May. I hope that Lost World-LTP will have a live-rhythm section in the orchestra and not an electronic sampler or sound that’s outputted from the soundtrack. Hook: It’s family-friendly with popular characters and places that children and adults have known--Neverland, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell. I personally hope that FCL doesn’t do it because the film was boring. Although these venues serve wine and beer, I don’t want to turn to alcohol to get through an evening. Here are other highly acclaimed Spielberg/Williams films that may not receive support from USA concert venues: Schindler’s List: Although it has received Oscars, directions, scoring, and Best Picture; the film has nudity (and not presented in a sexy context), it’s too violent, and too long at its 3 hour-and-15-minute running time, plus 20 minutes for intermission, and a few minutes for entr’acte music. All that would be too much for a venue to gamble. Saving Private Ryan: Another Oscar-winner for Best Picture and Best Director has some graphic war sequences, and that’s at the film’s opening. I suspect that if Spielberg asks FCL to prepare LTP concerts for any of these films, they’ll do it just to maintain the relationship with Spielberg and Williams. If some of these programs do not get bookings in the USA, they’ll have a better shot outside of the country. For example, LTP concerts of the films, Aliens and Gladiator have performed in European territories including England, Dublin, and Moscow and have yet to reach the USA concert halls. On the other hand, both FCL and the USA concert venues can surprise us in 2019.
  12. SyncMan

    'Skyfall' In Concert

    I saw that Skyfall was the latest title in their Film Concert Live website last week, but it didn’t have any bookings posted at the time. I checked the RAH website at that same time and I didn't see this program in their schedule. It was only this morning that FCL announced the RAH as the venue of this program. I suspect that FCL is working with the venues in that FCL doesn’t make any premature announcements of what venues will presenting their programs before the venues have a chance to do so. For example: CineCincerts listed their program, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, as being presented by Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, CA for this August 2019. Davies has yet to make their official announcement of their Summer with the Symphony 2019 schedule, let alone their 2019-2020 schedule. You can imagine the box office staff at Davies are going to have a nightmare with this during the next few months. Harry Potter fans can get very demanding
  13. SyncMan

    'Skyfall' In Concert

    http://filmconcertslive.com/movies/skyfall/ And we have a date: The Royal Albert Hall, 4th October and 5th October, 2019 Tickets will go on general sale at 9am on Friday 30 November https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2019/skyfall-in-concert/
  14. May be that is it. That is why I'll listen to TFA, again, only at a LTP concert.
  15. Just to be clear, it's not so much the brass section's playing in as much as how their sound is heard in the acoustics of the Sony Scoring Stage. I'm sure Williams recruits the best players in the LA area, but the room's quality is not the same as back in the 1980's through the 1990's when it was known as the MGM Scoring Stage. Some kind of renovation was done in that room that created that quality and how it affected the sound of other scores recorded there in recent years. I guess I miss that sound in Williams music. That's one of the reasons why I dislike the TFA score.