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  1. Hi, @ricsim88, Were you able to investigate what each item costs in this package that adds up to $60K? Why they charge so much?
  2. SyncMan

    The Phantom Menace is 20 years old.

    And still DisneyConcert won't issue a Live-to-Projection concert of TPM, this year... ...or maybe I'm bitching to soon.
  3. SyncMan

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    Here is that video of the new end-credits roll featuring the Superman march and the complete Love Theme cue with the “dedication” clip spliced-in after the credits. Oh, brace yourself: I decided to use the RSNO recording over the video. If this concert does come up, you might as well get use to the idea that any orchestra that will play this score at a concert will not have that LSO sound. The sooner you accept that, the better. I left a 23-second space between the march and the love theme cues so that the audience can give a cathartic applause, for which I’ve added the sound of that to realize the imagination. After the orchestra plays the march at the concert, I figured that the house lights would go up for the applause as the conductor takes his bow. Then, the house lights would go off to signal the conductor in leading the orchestra to play the love theme cue. In alerting the audience that the love theme piece will follow after the march, the conductor, at the start of Act Two, can simply tell the audience that they’ll be an encore piece as the credits continue. For the dedication clip, I’ve copied the names from the Michael Coaste’s History, Legacy & Showmanship column, Verisimilitude: Remembering “Superman: The Movie” On Its 40th Anniversary   and I’ve added some other names to the list (see if you can spot the one’s I’ve added). This article was posted last December and you would be shocked at the names that Coaste overlooked. If you want to see, right away, how the dedication clip plays-out, go to the 8:07 mark. I am open to any changes on this. I realize that the dedication wording is hokey, so, any better wording is welcomed. Also, if you, guys, know of anyone that worked on the film-—gaffer, assistant sound/music engineer, the guy that claps the slate for every shot of the movie, whoever, that pasted away in the 40+ years since the film wrapped, let me know and I’ll add it. Thanks.
  4. SyncMan

    Superman: The Movie 40th Anniversary

    Believe it or not, we’re less than 4-weeks short of being half-way through Superman-The Movie’s 40th anniversary and I am upset that there is no announcement of a Live-to-projection concert. I can only hope that… 1) the “talks...” involving this concert “… are continuing.” 2) I’m making this rant too soon of the announcement. With that being said, I would like to expand on this idea I’ve expressed, back in a December post, about restoring the Love Theme From Superman cue to its unaltered form so that it can be heard in the film’s end credits via the L2P concert. I’m currently making a video on this idea which I’ll upload soon. First, let me set all this up for you. As you may recall, the love theme cue, as heard during the theatrical cut’s end credits, was trimmed. In the director’s 2000 cut of the film, the end credits were extended by over 15 and 3/4 seconds. The extra length came from the ‘Film Restoration’-credits clip that is joined after the end of the theatrical end credits. However, the love theme cue heard in this version is the same edit from the theatrical cut, plus portions of the cue’s coda—a horn solo over harp and sustain bass strings—were duplicated to make the music fit the edit. That’s because the music elements that were used at the time of the 2000 cut were the 6-track elements that were edited for the theatrical cut. Since no multi-channel music elements of that complete music cue were available, a loop in the cue’s coda had to be made in order to stretch-out the duration of the cue. The multi-channel music elements of the complete score, as it was written and recorded, would not be discovered until after the 2000 cut was completed. Meanwhile, in most of these live-to-projection concerts, the orchestra is performing the music of what is reflected from the final-edit’s music track. That means some material of the original score is deleted while others are repeated. It is unavoidable because the edits of the film have changed after the music recording was done. However, such a piece that has been written to be listened away from the film’s narrative should not have to be trimmed, if something can be done to a sequence in the film, like the end credits. Some of the film titles for these concerts have made some alterations in the end credits. The two that I’ve seen, Jurassic Park and Star Wars: The Force Awakens--both John Williams scores, had the end credits sped-up because Williams replaced each of the film-edit’s music cues with shorter versions. My idea would be that in order to have the Love Theme from Superman cue be played, live, in its entirety, the film’s end credits can be extended, even further, by inserting a dedication clip at the film’s end. This clip would be a roll-up displaying the names of the cast and crew members that have passed away after the completion of the production. PS: I figure that this project is the best time for me to show you why I’ve chosen the username, SyncMan.
  5. Single ticket purchases for this event is now on sale to the general public. No subscription s**t. Same for these others: Psycho Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone If you want the seat of your choice, get them now.
  6. I would read the fine print on that event. It is being held at a stadium--the kind where college football games and marching bands are held. Pass.
  7. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    Those of you who want to buy tickets for a Star Wars L2P concert during the 2019-20 Season and not go through this 'subscription' s**t (where you have to buy 4-6 concerts in one purchase), I'm finding a few venues that are selling them to the general public now, as a 'Star Wars Day' promotion. So, far... New Jersey Symphony Baltimore Symphony St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Minnesota Symphony--only Wednesday, Oct 2nd ...are selling them now. Check with the venue/orchestra near you for these deals. So, if you want good seats, buy them now.
  8. Attended the concert in Cleveland, OH, last Sunday. I forgot to mention this in my San Francisco notes: There was music over the scene at the air-traffic control tower that didn’t exist in the previous cuts of the film. The music begins just as one of the pilots, over the tower’s speaker, reports one of the scout ships, “heading right for my windshield.” Description: sustained low-woodwinds with quick rustling bass strings. Later, high sustained strings coming in that grows louder. I couldn’t find this music cue in my LaLa Land CD. Could it be another music cue that Williams’ originally wrote for the film that was abandoned later and decided not to include that cue on the CD release? If this is true, I can understand why—that cue is short and are variations of that cue already in the rest of the score, such as in “Roy’s First Encounter”. Another observation: when John Williams' name came up at the end credits, the audience didn't applause. After watching other Williams L2P concerts, like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter where The Maestro's name gets cheers at the end, this one was a little awkward. At Severance Hall, the only Williams-related trinkets that their gift shop had were The John Williams’ Greatest Hits (1969-1999) CD, and a CE3K DVD.
  9. SyncMan

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    Columbia-Artists, not DisneyConcerts. How come DisneyConcerts seemed so receptive in giving the concert rights away for this SW film?
  10. I guess the ones in the audience who are having the best time with all this are the ones who have not seen the film or experienced any of this music. On the other hand, these ones are in for a rude awakening when they see the film on DVD or at a theatre, to re-live that night at the concert, and notice all the extra music from the concert isn't there in the film sound-mix. I can picture someone listening to that "Back In Time" song that starts the end credits and say, "What is that crap doing there? I know I didn't hear that at the concert! WTF!"
  11. This concert from The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra has been cancelled since March. I found out about it this morning. As you'll discover from the link above, there is no information or images on that page...not even a notice that the event was cancelled. I spoke with someone from the orchestra's Marketing department and he said that during the latter half of March, they have sent e-mail notices about the cancellation to the patrons that purchased tickets for this concert. I purchased mine back in February, but I never received an e-mail notice, however I did get a refund. Is this the same with any of you that bought tickets to this concert--no email notice?
  12. Here are some notes from this CE3K concert by the San Francisco Symphony. The one I’ve attended was the second show. I don’t know whether Spielberg or Williams attended the first show, as they promised they did way back in 2013. For the opening credits sequence, the audience were on their best behavior in their not applauding at any of the names in the credits. Spielberg was wise in not putting Williams name in the opening credits because I know that the audience would have given big cheers for the maestro. Any applause, however well meaning they are, would have destroyed the ominous, building mood that the music was creating for that sequence. The sudden transition from pitch black to brightness: In RAH premiere, there are two crashing C-natural notes (at 1:32 mark), as it was done in the film. However in the San Fran concert, only one crashing C-natural note, as Williams used in his concert suites. The entire Trucking cue has been performed on stage, but in 2 parts. As Disco Stu demonstrated in this video, Trucking / Roy's First Encounter / Encounter at Crescendo Summit / Chasing UFOs the first part does begin where the headlights, shining in the back of Neary’s pick-up truck, move upward, however the music ends at this video’s 48 second-mark where Neary sees the swaying mailboxes. The remaining was used for the entr’acte as we’ve seen. There was no chorus singing the “EEEE”s during any of the scout ship flyovers. For the Chasing UFOs cue--the footage where Neary and the police cruisers are chasing the scout ships—there was a bass drum playing over the urgent brass and frantic strings. At first, I thought Williams added that extra percussion for the concert but when I heard the cue on the CD, that instrument’s sound was mixed very low beneath the brass and strings, so, you could barely hear it. We also heard the ending part of that cue with that sustained major string chord as the lights and power where being returned to the town. I don’t mind people coughing during a concert. It’s intermitted and normal. However, during the final minutes of the concert—especially over the credits—there was this one guy coughing repeatedly. I’m thinking, “Dude, if you know that you have this intense cough, maybe you should have not gone to the show.” It almost ruined the evening. Maybe the next performance of CE3K in Cleveland this month will make up for it.
  13. That photo of Williams, Dick Donner, Chris Reeve, Eric Thomlinson, and Ilya Salkind: great find, @TownerFan. ...and without a Caped Wonder watermark on it.😍 EDIT: Thanks for sharing that photo.
  14. SyncMan

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    Oh @TheMagicFlute, if you want to catch SW:ESB sooner, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will be doing it this August, but you are going to have to wait until April 17th to buy tickets if you are not a subscriber to that orchestra.
  15. SyncMan

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    @TheMagicFlute, I envy you in your first discovery of enjoyment from Star Wars and Williams' music. Have you been to any of the Star Wars Live-to-Projection concerts? There is one for Star Wars: A New Hope coming to Houston this weekend by the Houston Symphony Orchestra from Friday into Sunday. This same orchestra will also be doing Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back this November. Our forum has more details about the Star Wars Live-to-Projection concerts. Just click here.