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  1. Hopefully we get a release sometime in 2019. It’d be something to look forward to since there will be no new series this year. I’m thinking it will be a 3 disc set this time. 1 for Doctor Mysterio and the other 2 discs for series 10 that will also include Twice Upon a Time. I don’t think there was a lot of new music for that episode to justify a 4th disc. Maybe 6 new tracks? Or maybe it will be a 4 disc set. It might contain previously unreleased tracks from the last 9 series. Muahhahaa.... if only...
  2. Wow, Valerian sounded great! I liked hearing the "Medusa" cue around the 12:40 mark and then the space battle around 14:00. What a great score Valerian is. I'm surprised it's not talked about more. Chewy, I seem to remember you putting together a "complete version" of the score last year. How much of the score is unreleased do you think?
  3. What stinks about series 11 is seeing the wasted potential. There is so much to work with that could make a great show but the writing here has TRULY let Jodie and crew down. It really is a shame. Demons of Punjabi, Kerblam, and It Takes You Away are the only good episodes that I've seen. The Woman Who Fell To Earth was actually a decent introduction...just drug a bit. Jodie not having the screen time to further develop her Doctor is hurting her. She keeps getting lost between the companions and the people they are trying to save. She was probably at her most "Doctory" in "It Takes You Away". Hopefully the finale and New Years special rectifies this but I think it's a crime that Thirteen wasn't focused on even just a bit more. That would have gone such a long way. Then it's going to be almost year before we see series 12. I can't see anyone being excited enough to get the hype going for it then. I fear it's going to become, "Doctor Who Cares" and that is a damned shame. In the words of Ten, "THEY COULD DO SO MUCH MORE!"
  4. That's exactly why I love his debut season persona. He started off rough. Hardly likable. Something in him was different this time. But look at his arc...he MADE the effort to change into a kind Doctor. Ten or Eleven didn't have that kind of struggle to get through. They were already kind and compassionate. The fact that Twelve made it happen speaks volumes to me as a character. When you fight to become "good". Just look at the series 8 finale: "Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?"...DUDE! It was a pleasure seeing him become he always has been: KIND. Supposedly Six was going to have a similar arc but he was cut short. Could you imagine what the show would be like if each Doctor got to stay as long as originally planned?
  5. Awwww yeah! Nice to see Capaldi getting some love. 12 was a breath of fresh air for the series to me. His performance bridged the gap for me between the Classic and NuWho Doctors. The right balance.
  6. Kudos to them for putting the series 11 release together so quickly. It would have been nice to have series 10 released first though. At least from an OCD standpoint *eye twitch* As far as expanded sets go...I only see them doing a 1 disc MAYBE 2 disc set for Gold's entire 10 series run. Wouldn't that be nail-biting? Praying they get most of the good bits at least.
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