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  1. I think they're real people whose pictures are being used for this.
  2. Nah.. He's not snooping. He's just doing his job. It's like the FBI. Just making sure law and order is kept.
  3. Ii2

    the mstrox thread

    Don't get hacked. Get security! I don't have any.
  4. It's a trap! What about Discord? We both talk there. Sometimes I talk with you and we both message at the same time! Maybe there's some kind of hacker in all this... Look... wouldn't I have a veteran ranking if I was someone's second account? Or a frequent poster ranking?
  5. Wait! What? Steve Mc is Pure Homer, Pure Homer is Ii2, Ii2 is Pure Homer, Ii2 is SteveMc? I'm confused.
  6. 85 right now. Regularish for summer.
  7. Really?! They were really rocking the place!
  8. I think it’s his seventh best, but I by mistakenly voted second best.....
  9. Ii2

    the mstrox thread

    remember the remembrance By the way, what’s with the Godzilla avatars lately? Nick Parker, The Original
  10. Welcome to the US Stefan!
  11. These days a phone is a Canon.
  12. We also had a loss yesterday. Some kind of gold cup final. I think we lost 1-0 with Mexico.
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