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  1. The Last Jedi ( i haven't gone to the bathroom since this morning)
  2. This is a trailer leak isn't it.
  3. It's perfectly okay! I don't particularly like Revenge Of the Sith, Attack Of The Clones, or the Phantom Menace. It just shows that you have a real opinion and you don't blindly love all just to be loyal to the franchise.
  4. I'm not a Star Wars nerd, and I don't consider myself to be a music nerd. My dad saw A New Hope at a theater when he was 10, and he' been seeing SW films at the theater ever since then. My first film I saw at the theater was Revenge Of The Sith. (although I do not remember) Star Wars is just an awesome line of movies that I would like to pass on to future generations. Long live Star Wars. As for film and classical music, I have not given them much thought until I joined this forum. Until just last February, I only listened to music by John Williams and bits by Zimmer and Horner. I did not listen to full classical peices until I joined JWFan.
  5. Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End. It's decent. Still has that pumping Zimmer style most of the time. I don't hate Zimmer's music, it's just that I haven't grown to like it. After Gladiator, At World's End is probably Zimmer's best score.
  6. The Tauriel Thread? No, that's still up.
  7. 1. ESB 2. TFA 3. ROTJ I just never liked the prequels. The cinematography itself never impressed me. Storywise, they're fine, although Lucas's writing skills went down, but the cinema and acting always failed to impress me. Lucas was best in the OT movies. TFA was great because it was an amazing way to start the new line of SW films.
  8. And two more days for the trailer to be released. So, this being said, I wouldn't be surprised tickets go on sale at the end of next week, giving them some time to get the final preparations ready.
  9. Goofy questions: Who's your favorite JWFAN user? Which soda do you like best? What do you think about Bespin's discography? (Which I like alot) Real ones: Which score was the hardest to write for you? Of all the orchestras you have worked with, which one do you feel the most comfortable with. Or: Of all the orchestras that have played your music, which one do you think makes your music sound the best? Which film composer besides yourself do you like best?
  10. I saw the movie two nights ago. Something about the story: This was just a very small portion of the movie's plot. My remarks: Joaquin Phoenix plays the character well. A very believable performance. The plot is ok. I wouldn't have ever thought that Joker's history would be a failed comedian. Still, the plot fits well into the movie, and the characters fit well with the plot. The plot doesn't move too slowly, but sometimes it does move a little fast. It was great that the Wayne family appears in the movie. It wouldn't be a Joker movie without the Wayne family. Who's better? Phoenix or Ledgers? It really depends on what you want in a character like the Joker. Phoenix is a lighter version of the Joker, flamboyant at times. Ledgers is the dark and disturbing Joker, a perfect villain for the dark Batman in the Dark Knight. I like Ledger's performance better because it was even more believable than Phoenix's is. And, I prefer the Joker as the dark and psychotic villain. Comic book fans would probably disagree with me. It is true, Phoenix's Joker is more similar to the Joker of the DC comic books and the Batman TV series. So, the question of who's better really depends on your preference.
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