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  1. I did one using the original poster, with a borrowed design from heidl.
  2. The Lion King (the original classic, not the soulless remake)
  3. A little early, but what the hey...
  4. Alternates for FSM's release of Lalo Schifrin's Bullitt: The poster for the first one required a lot of restoration...
  5. Where did you find these/do you know who made them/can you get them in higher-res?
  6. I did a series for Rogue One back when it came out a few years ago, so I might as well share them right The first cover uses one of (if not the first) official poster released, which is the one I think they should've used for the official cover. #2 was my attempt to recreate the simplicity of the first vinyl release of Star Wars, with the symbol of the Rebel Alliance added behind the logo. #3 uses an image of what could've been one of the more iconic shots in the film, and what most of the entire marketing campaign was based on, sadly we never got to see it (only shown in the trailers). #4 was an idea to make it look like a booklet for Plans to the Death Star. #5 is just a simple addition, which would probably work best for the FYC. #6 again uses a great shot of, well, yeah him Sadly it was also only shown in the trailers. #7 is based on Chris Alcock's artwork. #8 is based on Kevin Tiernan's artwork. #9 and 10 uses screenshots taken from the trailers, and because they feature the Death Star I wanted to emphasize one thing director Gareth Edwards is brilliant at (e.g. Godzilla); showcasing the scale/size of it, so it was critical for me that the logo and text appear tiny in comparison. #11 was another attempt at making a Plans to the Death Star cover. #12 is based on the fantastic IMAX poster. #13 was meant as an alternate to the official cover. #14 is part of my Olly Moss series. #15 was a request as an alternate for my Nicolas Alejandro Barbera series. #16 is of course part of the Signature Collection seen above. And the final version is part of my Steelbook series. Star Wars covers collection.
  7. I did a variation on Mondo's First Man vinyl as a small homage to the original LP for The Right Stuff: And then you should check out heidl's astonishing additions to Whiplash:
  8. Dave Williams and I made one for that
  9. A couple of previews for another Bond series. The Cars:
  10. With popular demand from different places by different people; The Planet Series (Star Wars) has now been modified
  11. And yet another set... The Signature Collection: Shadows of the Empire was made for request as a joint venture with Dave Williams from the FSM forum.
  12. Added The Rise of Skywalker to my previous collection above:
  13. Thoughts on this design? (Still heavy-work-in-progress)
  14. A cover for Jurassic Park: Based on the colour scheme of the jeep seen in the film.
  15. Two covers for a Deluxe Edition I made for The 13th Warrior: (contact me if you want the link for the music)
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