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  1. There is a Blu-Ray and 4K transfer that are waiting for James' approval. But since he's busy with those Avatar sequels, highly unlikely we'll ever see it.
  2. It's different from a tuxedo, what she normally wears.
  3. Batman v Superman, I was gonna say Justice League, sure it's still bad but it has a much more simple plot. Whereas, in Batman v Superman, it made no sense whatsoever.
  4. Trying to get through the MCU before they get removed off Netflix and put on Disney+, currently up to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  5. Maybe we'll get expanded sets for the Prequels as promotion for "Rise of Skywalker". It's a bit of a stretch, but maybe.
  6. NAME: Daniel LOCATION: Sydney, Australia AGE: 23 SEX: Male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Courier and settlement clerk FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Memoirs of a Geisha, Minority Report, Indiana Jones series FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman, Lion King FAVORITE FILM(S): Drive FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Taika Watiti, Edgar Wright, Sam Raimi, John Carpenter, John McTiernan SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Music, video games, collecting amiibos VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: 2018 (as an anonymous lurker), 2019 (as a member)
  7. @Fal J. M. Skywalker Here's what I could do with Endgame. Totally Fine (0:41-end) Arrival No Trust Where Are They? Totally Fine (0:00-0:41) (Rename "Went for the Head") Becoming Whole Again I Figured It Out Perfectly Not Confusing You Shouldn't Be Here Snap Out of It (1:18-end) ("Clint's Test") The How Works One Shot Snap Out of It (0:00-1:18) Watch Each Other's Six So Many Stairs I Can't Risk This (2:33-3:25) (Rename "In the Elevator") I Can't Risk This (1:10-2:33) (Rename "A Distraction") Tool of a Thief (0:00-0:30) (Rename "Loki Escapes") I Can't Risk This (3:25-end) (Rename "2012 Cap") I Can't Risk This (0:00-1:10) (Rename "Bruce and the Sorcerer") He Gave It Away Measure of a Hero (0:00-1:49) Tool of a Thief (0:30-1:31) (Rename "I'm Still Worthy") Tool of a Thief (1:31-end) Destiny Fulfilled (0:00-2:49) Measure of a Hero (1:49-end) (Rename "Do You Trust Me?") In Plain Sight Whatever It Takes How Do I Look? (0:51-end) Destiny Fulfilled (2:49-end) (Rename "The Red Skull") Not Good Gotta Get Out (0:00-0:57) (Rename "The Soul Stone") I Was Made for This Gotta Get Out (0:57-end) Tres Amigos Tunnel Scape (0:00-2:04) Worth It Portals Tunnel Scape (2:04-2:45) (Rename "Missed the First Time") Tunnel Scape (2:45-end) (Rename "Ugly Brown Van") Get This Thing Started (0:00-4:10) Get This Thing Started (4:10-end) (Rename "She's Got Help") The One You Did Good The Real Hero Five Seconds Go Ahead Main on End Unknown or unused How Do I Look? (0:00-0:50)
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