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  1. I guess it's The Last Jedi, with over 185 minutes of recorded music and 2h20 minutes of music on the actual movie. And, if I'm not mistaken, the first two Potter movies also have more than 2h10 minutes of music on each one of the movies.
  2. 4 hours of score for an 8 episode series? So, 30 minutes of music per episode? It seems that the show won't be exactly overscored, considering the episodes will be 50 - 60 minutes.
  3. Apparently, the title of the movie will be Ghostbusters: Afterlife. https://www.comicbookmovie.com/horror/ghostbusters/new-ghostbusters-2020-film-reportedly-headed-to-the-afterlife-according-to-possible-title-a171572
  4. Oh, it'll leak before that. I remember listening to TLJ's OST a few days before the premiere and getting the Yoda cameo spoiled before watching the movie.
  5. Maybe it will happen just like Goldsmith's Star Trek: The Motion Picture, with music being recorded until few days before the premiere.
  6. I'm hoping for a big, epic, choir piece, for the final lightsaber duel. It's the last confrontation for the fate of the galaxy, Williams should show some enthusiasm! Please, don't disappoint me like Silvestri did when scoring the Endgame climax.
  7. I don't think they are recording anything by now, they probably are on the mastering/mixing phase. Maybe the OST is being assembled by now?
  8. I really hope so. I liked all of his movies so far, and Dune is easily my most anticipated movie of 2020... But I can see it earning less money at the worldwide BO than the (also scored by Zimmer, lol) SpongeBob movie.
  9. They released a few trailers and a theme song by some pop divas, geared specially for teen girls on Twitter... But other than that, I haven't seen anything for Charlie's Angels either. The movie will probably bomb next week.
  10. If that's true, the prospects for Dune are very pessimistic. Unless the movie can be the fantasy blockbuster of the next Christmas season, it has big chances of bombing at the box office. And I don't know if Villeneuve can deliver a movie as crowdpleasing as a Star Wars flick, Aquaman or one of the Middle Earth movies.
  11. To each his own, I guess. Joker was ok to me, but I find movies like Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream or the 1998 dark comedy Happiness absolutely repulsive.
  12. Just listened to the leak. It's great to finally have one of my favorite 2000s Williams scores (and probably my favorite from his post-2005 era) now complete and chronological, even though the OST had almost all of the major highlights. From the unreleased stuff, I really liked the beginning of 1M2B Houses to Market, 1M7 Learning the Call, 2M22 The Landlord Speech, the first two minutes of 2M27 Dad's Medals, the superbly beautiful 4M40 Letter from the Front, as well as the complete Pulling the Cannon.
  13. Tbh, I didn't find the movie all that disturbing and violent. Yeah, it's grim and dark, and not the kind of movie you would watch with your granny, but still... It isn't as depressing and nihilistic as Se7en, Zodiac or Requiem for a Dream. I guess this is the secret of the movie's unbelivable box office: it gave the crowd used to the VFX-heavy action adventures from Marvel and DC something they weren't used to watch. Most of the audience of the movie, specially the younger ones, knows the name of all of the Infinity Stones and their location, but they haven't quite watched a movie such as Joker yet. And that may be what will open them for other kinds of cinema... Or just hype for another DC villain movie on this same style.
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