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  1. DigitalfreakNYC

    Off Topic: Contacts in Acting Business?

    Not true. NYC or LA.
  2. Man....I gotta say as someone with very close ties to the trans community, this thread disgusts me. Massively. I'll be very happy to stay in my NYC bubble.
  3. DigitalfreakNYC

    Off Topic: Contacts in Acting Business?

    Proud SAG member here...who makes his living entirely as an actor. Ask away. Also, my roommate from college is a working dutch actor.
  4. DigitalfreakNYC

    The Making of the Empire Strikes Back -- FOUND!!

    That is incorrect. Follow the history of this doc on Originaltrilogy.com. You must be confusing it with another one OR the bits and pieces that have come out over the years.
  5. DigitalfreakNYC

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    Uh. Ok. I just know that, for NYC where this whole thing premiered, TFA was the one that wasn't remotely sold out and barely sold any tickets initially. The newer movies won't sell nearly as much as the OT. And I would argue that TLJ is far more divisive than TFA. So good luck selling tickets to that! I actually would love to hear the prequels preformed alone, without having to watch the actual films.
  6. DigitalfreakNYC

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    And expect even fewer people to attend than TFA.
  7. DigitalfreakNYC

    Deluxe Star Wars Pre-Orders on Amazon?

    They're Japanese. Blu-spec versions of the same CD's.
  8. Doesn't a battle have to consist of a mutual fight? And doesn't a lightsaber fight have to include actual sabers touching? Or is that just a silly notion that I've built up in my head from every other Star Wars movie ever? Rhetorically speaking...
  9. There was a battle on Crait? I completely missed that. It was a Star Wars movie with no battles. There were inklings of them. But nothing major.
  10. There's no action cues because there's no action in the movie. That's yet another piece of evidence...
  11. Roku is what was used. They might have a different encode.
  12. Because it's not AAC. And it's not stereo.
  13. Omg. STOP with the 96 AAC!!! It's Dolby Digital plus 5.1 on a Roku or Apple TV. Stop listening on a computer.
  14. The people here don't seem to know what they're talking about. It's definitely in much higher quality than they claim