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  1. I ordered from Amazon.ca and it is this same version "Made in the EU" pressed CD
  2. LOL of course the Voyage Track is an album only purchase on iTunes as well.
  3. So I guess here in Canada the physical release has been pushed back to July 26th... https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07SJ9JD63/
  4. This just made my day! Thanks! Must say I like the live drummer vs the programmed ones in the actual score... although it does appear a couple of times he's trying to keep up with the timing but great job the brass players are SPOT ON my only real change would be to turn down the guitar at the bond theme as it comes in really loud and yes having this recorded professionally would be a great track!
  5. I’ve got the FSM one signed and am considering this one too 😊
  6. I feel ya but $60 to get this to Canada ouch! edit: brain fart I could go to screen archives I guess for $40
  7. @JTWfan77 I sent you a PM For the others out there here's the link https://www.albumartexchange.com/covers/154168-raggedy-man?fltr=ALL&sort=TITLE&q=Raggedy+Man Another place I sometimes look is MusicBrainz... it's not as good of a scan but if you are like me and add multiple art files to your meta tags they often have the backs etc. https://musicbrainz.org/release/d9893b03-e75a-4619-9ad3-ba8204ac5dc0/cover-art They actually had a scan of the entire blue box book on there... which I'm not too sure about for copyright reasons but for me who wanted to read it on my ipad without taking the book with me everywhere I went it was great. EDIT: https://musicbrainz.org/release/c3921710-12ef-4fec-8b94-886853c51e9f/cover-art See what I mean... who would crush their poor book like this to get that scan?
  8. Ok, Yeah I'm with you there the fees and so on that our Labels have to pay just to get us the music is absurd and I certainly don't hold it against the labels as they have to live but the unions and so on that make this stuff so hard to do at our scale perhaps deserve a little "bile" thrown their way.
  9. @bollemanneke Trying to be helpful here but I don't want to make it seem like I'm either talking down or not getting some sarcasm here but... Do you know how the re-use fees and licensing works for the labels and that they have to be limited due to how the unions and such work? It sucks but it has to be this way otherwise no one could afford the releases.
  10. Finally getting to listen to all of this... Awesome TV scores here! As I mentioned in the other thread. We all know temp tracks are obviously used here but... Did I just hear Horners Danger motif in the track "Alara Gets the Cold Shoulder"? Either way doesn't matter The more of this they make the happier I will be
  11. Seems the largest one on any of the major sites is from last fm. Probably the same one the original poster added. https://goo.gl/images/pjT3NR
  12. Turning to the music for a moment. Something I never realized watching the show but listening to samples... Wow, the first season had a lot of Trek Scores used as temp all throughout! So Far I've heard almost direct quotes from The Motion Picture, Wrath of Kahn (Opening to track 12 Alara Gets the Cold Shoulder) & First Contact within the first few episodes! Still great stuff though and I wish more TV still did full symphonic scores!! EDIT: Did I just heard Horners Danger motif in the track "Alara Gets the Cold Shoulder" as well?
  13. Lol one province away in New Brunswick and it’s $175 here. AND you have to do it on paper form before you can find out if it’s taken. This is 2019 right? still such a cool idea!
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