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  1. My question is... is it truly US only??? I'm waiting for the Blu ray so I can get both digital and physical of the film
  2. NEW Score podcast. David W Collins is back!

    Yeah I can agree with most of that but it’s his analysis like the Star Wars oxygen stuff that I go to him for. I found that show brought me back to and old friend with new eyes in the Star Wars scores. Where I go to something like cinematic sound because erik and his folks have impeccable taste and put on a great show! Room for both?? edit: I don’t think David’s new show would have near the hype in the community if it wasn’t for the reach that rebel force radio had with oxygen either.
  3. but of course, I'd be up for a clean 24bit/48khz (or 96khz) transfer!
  4. Yes, seems to me the legend goes they found better source tapes for Superman even as the rhino set was coming out (which was based on generations removed sources). If memory serves they used the found tapes and transferred them for the dvds and used that better transfer for the blue box source as well. I’d love to hear what MM could get out of those tapes with a fresh transfers and his experience since. Im sure someone will be along to correct me shortly
  5. Doug Adams' new podcast on Indy scores

    FINALLY! I was really hoping to hear more from David Collins!
  6. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Gave Chicken Run a spin for the first time in years. find me a more fun score with kazoo I don’t think one exists!
  7. Was going through Jim titus’ profile on behance (adobe social network for designers) and found these two articles he put together for his work on both: TMP 3 cd release and the vinyl release intersting stuff from one of the best designers working in our beloved hobby!
  8. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    True but sometimes there’re are shows that are just worth it and keep you there like the grand tour for amazon prime or talkin toons on alpha. Not saying you don’t take what else is on the service into consideration but if you came there primarily for one thing and it makes it “worth it” to you it could keep me in the service longer. Heck when Netflix came to Canada there was next to nothing on it and I only kept it for a couple shows.
  9. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Well if they keep doing things like “resolving” the entire arc of the season in a 10 minute speech after spending literally hours playing in the mirror universe (which don’t get me wrong was a blast) I’d be killing my subscription too. Doesn’t matter how great the visuals and some characters are if they are going to blow all the tension in completely in satisfying ways.
  10. Anyone else love JWFan?

    Long live the spawn of groovyYak
  11. Jay has been adding them slowly to the first post in this thread. I'm sure he'll keep doing that as time permits.
  12. Oh absolutely I'm just saying I can see why there's confusion the movie runtime is a dead giveaway