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  1. Nothing wrong with that plot line. That is what makes "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" (1048–1131) a timeless masterpiece. It's a universal story.
  2. karelm

    RIP Hal 9000

    and for those of you like me who want more of Douglas Rain's soothingly damaged voice, here is the Pre-2001 documentary he narrated that is excellent and very influential in the look, feel, and tone of 2001. Aside from Hal 9000's Douglas Rain narrating this early space age journey through the galaxy, the then state of the art special effects artist for this short film worked on 2001 and Star Trek The Motion Picture. I love retro sci-fi and this stuff is the pinnacle of it.
  3. karelm

    RIP Hal 9000

    Sad news. https://www.npr.org/2018/11/12/666883376/r-i-p-hal-douglas-rain-voice-of-computer-in-2001-dies-at-90 One of the most colorful character actors who was never on film. RIP.
  4. Here is Prokofiev's complete Nevsky. http://www.musicsalesclassical.com/composer/work/35001 I understand Korngold is much more complicated because film music back then wasn't preserved. It was often tossed so would have to be reconstructed by extant copies. Miklos Rosza's Ben Hur for example was reconstructed. Only the suite which was published is preserved, the rest was remade.
  5. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    A moving work from a composer I had never heard of before. Lilian Elkington's "Out of the Mist" (1921) is a World War 1 piece about caskets coming through from the mist of WW1. More about her here: https://bachflipclassical.com/2018/05/28/quick-take-the-mysterious-case-of-lilian-elkington/
  6. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Those of you who are history buffs might enjoy this new "war" symphony by the grandson of the famous Soviet composer, Tikhon Khrennikov who was a thorn on Shostakovich's and Prokofiev's side during the Stalin years since Khrennikov served as president of the Composers Union who frequently ostracized famous composers for not being conformist enough with Soviet propaganda and ideologies. Flash forward to 2018. This work "Only Light Remains" features a "Battle of Stalingrad" sequence which is a very important and prominant part in history as well as Shostakovich's great Symphony No. 7 written in Stalingrad (aka Leningrad (aka St. Petersburg)) during the siege itself. "I tried to look into the past and into the future,” says composer Tikhon Khrennikov Jr. - The symphony “Only light remains ...” begins in 2018, then returns to 1941, 1942 and 1943. The last part is the year 2043, one hundred years after the end of the Battle of Stalingrad. If you look even from the point of view of the musical canvas, then in the fifth and last part all previous topics are collected. All material is a symphony. This means that even in a century nothing will be forgotten, and the memory will be eternal."
  7. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Cliff Eidelman's brand new Symphony for Two Pianos and Orchestra composed earlier this year and recorded with the LSO at Abbey Road. Behind the scenes: CD Booklet is here: https://issuu.com/cliffeidelman/docs/181014_completebooklet_symphonyonly
  8. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    This is an absolutely gorgeous album of modern music. The Cello Concerto has a wide range of emotion and is complex and deep and the final two works are absolutely gorgeous! Highly recommended. I can't find it on youtube but here it is on spotify.
  9. He posted this on his twitter page from the hospital.
  10. karelm

    Elliot Goldenthal

    That was an awesome interview by one of my favorites. I never knew he was at Woodstock '69.
  11. You don't remember? You were dancing naked on the table and telling all of us "I love you, bro".
  12. Classical FM just said you can hear the broadcast anytime for the next 7 days from their website but I must have heard the link wrong. They said classicalfm.com but it isn't there, does anyone have the correct link? Also can someone who attended take a picture of the orchestra roster please? Thanks. EDIT: Ahh, wrong address. It is https://www.classicfm.com/composers/williams/john-williams-royal-albert-hall-how-to-listen/
  13. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Any fans of Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006) here? He's a very unique composer who is quite twisted but can also be traditional. His 9 symphonies are substantial and deep works with few moments of levity yet simultaneously he showcases a great wit and sarcasm as in his aptly named "A Grand, Grand Overture" which is scored for a modern orchestra in addition to organ and 3 vacuum cleaners, 1 floor polisher, 4 rifles! It actually reminds me of something that would be conducted by Victor Borge - great music disguised as comedy and way over the top. The final moments sound like the conductor lost the ending of the piece and had to improvise. His Concerto for Two Pianos reminds of Bernard Herrmann's Concerto Macabre. They had much in common personality wise and were both straddling film music and concert music at the same time. Arnold's "Fantasy on a Theme of John Field" reminds of me of the sweeping melodies of a Rachmaninoff concerto (that's high praise) and his final Symphony No. 9 is a dark and anguished send off like the final symphonies of Tchaikovsky, Mahler (No. 9 not 10), and Vaughan Williams. Like all great symphonists, I don't recommend starting at the end but rather going in order as the composer takes you on a journey well worth exploring. At times hopeful or wistful but there is a trajectory towards greater introspection and reflection. Sadly he spent his last years with either dementia or schizophrenia. His life is documented beautifully in Tony Palmer's film "Towards the Unknown Region" which is very much worth watching. It was shot a year or two before his death and is a very well made film about a creative artists descent.
  14. So sorry to hear JW won't be in person in London and especially feel bad for all of you looking forward to seeing the concert with him conducting. That's a real bummer.
  15. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    In honor of this being Halloween week, I would like to recommend Derek Bourgeous' Chamber of Horrors: Four Demonic Dances for Orchestra! Broo hoo ha ha ha ha...