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  1. Ahh, the irony of biased dismissal of a critic who now sees the light of their once biased dismissal.
  2. The complete opposite. That is very humble for a professional classical music critic to write an article with the title "I was wrong" and sincerely mean that she dismissed it because she used to feel the genre was beneath her.
  3. karelm

    Contacting John Williams?

    You mean if JW did this? Yeah, that would have been cool.
  4. Just an interesting side note for space nerds like me, Apollo 8 was the first manned flight to leave Earth orbit in December, 1968, just six months before Niel and Buzz walked on the surface. Apollo 8 was commanded by Jim Lovell who would have walked on the moon on Apollo 13 and was portrayed by Tom Hanks. The crew of Apollo 8 were Time's Man (men) of the year for 1968: And all three are still with us and reconnected three weeks ago for a redo! These guys have The Right Stuff! This is the 50th anniversary photo of these same guys with their craft (Lovell/Hanks in the center): This iconic photo of "Earthrise" was taken 50 years ago on December 24, 1968, by the guy on the left, William Anders. It is one of the most influential photographs ever taken.
  5. karelm

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    What made Star Trek great was Roddenberry's persistent optimistic humanitarian philosophy while challenging moral questions like self sacrifice and imposing your moral views on others despite the impact on them (prime directive during cold war). Orville is strange because it relies on Star Trek tradition but ignores what made it great just like the JJ Abrams reboot did by avoiding moral questions. Still enjoyable though.
  6. Impressive. Most impressive. You should send these to Jim Nova. Maybe combine the Force...err combine forces.
  7. I think the end credit suite will be an edit of all the previous 9 end credits lasting 45 minutes long and ending where the suite begins with that trumpet fanfare so can be played in a loop.
  8. Recorded in LA. This is the Newman scoring stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh550oWbhic
  9. Welcome @D_nev and @MattNev11311! Usually when we have brothers join this site, inevitably one is evil with a lust for power. The other is exiled until he redeems himself through heroic deeds and restores order to the universe. We shall see which of you is which.
  10. "We’re Lookin’ Good!"
  11. It is. But I guess its priced right if there are no empty seats for each of these four days.
  12. Where is that stupid voice over song of "Can You Read My Mind?"
  13. Yeah, LA Phil is way too expensive. But then again these sell out. I don't think any seat was less than $100.
  14. What you should say is "In my opinion, Avatar is an objectively great score and you are objectively wrong." Then no one can debate you because you are being subjective. Discuss.