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  1. https://www.npr.org/ and click on the "Daily News Email — Get the latest headlines and unique NPR stories, sent every weekday." where you enter your email address to subscribe.
  2. What is this Horner chord at 0:16? Horner used this chord quite a few times such as in Krull and Star Trek II, but I'm trying to understand what exactly is it. Would this be considered a cluster or tri-tonal? I hear D minor, D major, and G major but is there a better way to explain this harmonic choice than just poly chords?
  3. Continuing the theme of excellent British female composers, here is Grace Williams' very fine Symphony No. 2.
  4. Happy 50th Anniversary to Apollo 11! Apollo 11 took off heading to the moon on this day, 50 years ago in what is one of the seminal events in human history.
  5. I think he's asking for scores where a solo violin is prominently featured. Like how it is in Schindler's List. It isn't source but very prominent in the score.
  6. James Newton Howard's "The Village" of course. Plus why no mention of Corigliano's Red Violin? There was a great Dudley Moore comedy (forget the title) where he was a conductor and the score was full of violin. EDIT: This is the film I forgot about:
  7. True, Benny's emphasis would have been on the "Wars" part emphasizing the tragedy of Anakin's fall, Ben's death, the countless storm troopers and Aldaranians killed.
  8. The Morton Gould performance is gorgeous but too much glockenspiel. It's crazy just how great the music is even though I've heard it a billion times. Comparing it to the rest of the very fine album it still stands out. Also, a very fine performance of the Bliss. Might be my new favorite. The previous favorite was conducted by Bernard Herrmann here: I was totally into these rerecordings of epic sci-fi scores at that time but somehow never heard the Morton Gould which is very fine so thanks for posting a new favorite. Oh, just imagine how great a performance of Star Wars suite Benny could have done.
  9. I really enjoyed "Rapture", a new work from the young American composer, Patrick Harlin (b.1984) who I previously never heard of. The music is energetic and reminds me of John Adams and Michael Daugherty in their sense of rhythmic variety, dramatic intensity, accessible lyricism, and vitality. I definitely want to hear more from this young composer.
  10. Yeah he did. Rumor has it he squandered his fortune on gambling and hookers.
  11. You don't need to be unionized if you're a student but this is probably an indication that he was already doing studio/session work while a student so signed up to get the benefits like pension, scale, etc. It could also be that his dad, who was already a session player, advised him to join the union and he could get his first gigs in sessions based on recommendations from his dad type of thing too.
  12. I'm on a Part binge. Absolutely sublime. Tabula Rasa is a musical composition written in 1977 by the Estonian composer, Arvo Part. In two movements, "Ludus" and "Silentium", it is a chamber concerto for two solo violins, prepared piano (piano with metal objects in its strings) and strings. It's a heart achingly beautiful work full of pathos, fury, questioning, and ultimately silence.
  13. Damn it, so much time went by between seasons, I've forgotten everything that's happened.
  14. A lovely gem of a cue. Gentle dissonances can be quite beautiful. Just adding a little spice to the harmony. Some of the reasons why it works so effortlessly here, is he's established the pattern right away because it opens in A major in low flutes (a very mellow register compared to their brilliance as they ascend), then goes to F# major where a solo oboe sits on A so you have a minor second rub with the A# (from F# major) and A natural in the oboe at balanced dynamics. The oboe at this register is more poignant than aggressive so these clashes are gentle. So throughout the pieces, JW is using gentle harmonic rubs. At 1:06, that is part of a sequence as we hear the same melodic phrase then it modulates to a bridge but again, he's set up the expectation of this from the start. Quite dissonances are all over Debussy's La Mer too and you can hear some of the same ideas: Lots of octatonics and harmonies that might not match the melody. Here is another beautiful example from the repertoire. Prokofiev is known for thorny dissonances but listen how beautiful and magical it is here, coincidentally at the same place as Fawkes the Phoenix, at 1:06, the mysterious and magical theme in it's second bar has B natural and A# while the winds are sustaining a C major chord. Just another example that just because it is dissonant, doesn't make it ugly to hear. It can be gorgeous.
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