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  1. I think a more appropriate description is that he was critical of it which is frankly how he feels about much of his work. It could be better. So there is much tweaking and revising. Much of these changes are very minor but can drive a composer nuts if they always thought a passage wasn't quite right and it's played a gazillion times. I think the problem with the symphony is two fold. First, he got a major discouragement from Bernard Herrmann after it's premiere that the work was unsubstantial/unworthy of the title (Herrmann himself struggled with his duel identity as a "legitimate" composer of symphonies, cantatas, opera, etc., and commercial/film composer). Second, he is a constant reviser of his work. For example, I understand "Indy's First Adventure" from TLC had been revised as recently as 2018. Perhaps the Symphony is something he hopes to revisit some day. We will definitely hear it eventually. But perhaps never really know what JW hoped it would be. As for the second symphony, my thinking of this is slightly different from my very informed friend, Miguel. The Sinfonietta is not the Symphony No.2 but rather JW considered the revisions of Symphony No. 1 to be so significant to warrant this being a wholly different work. Sort of like how Prokofiev has two different Symphony No. 4. Prokofiev has Symphony No. 4, op. 47 and Symphony No. 4, op. 112 which to me sound like two completely different works. Prokofiev was unsatisfied with the original version and vastly revised it so much that the new version is published separately and I for one love them both. JW adored Prokofiev and this is clear in his own music but I would argue in his nomenclature as well. JW's Symphony No. 2 really just means a vastly revised version of No. 1...so much so that it feels like a different work. Meanwhile, there is a Sinfonietta which is available.
  2. karelm

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    Don Williams (timpani player and brother of John) actually mentioned this very passage as not a good use of timpani and that performers solve the problems with that passage in different ways. He himself who's played this a thousand times does not do the chromatic line the timpani has in concert. In a studio, they might use twelve timpani's so they can have them chromatically tuned but in concert, that isn't practical. Image is Don Williams' personal timpani set used from a Star Wars session.
  3. That's Andrew Bain on horn - a fantastic player (and a fellow Ozzie) and first horn on the sequel trilogy. The first time the phrase is open and the second time the phrase is stopped (his hand is pushed further into the bell) stopping the overtones and you get a more nasily sound. Agree, the strings are exquisite in the Adagio and is a very beautiful piece just hearing it without the movie. Such gorgeous suspensions.
  4. karelm

    Star Wars Symphonic Suite?

    I believe this was part of the original suite recorded by Charles Gerhardt (the final battle) here: https://www.amazon.com/Close-Encounters-Williams-Classic-Scores/dp/B000003EMP
  5. A lot of the suites have evolved. Close Encounters was way different with the pops recording than the Hal Leonard "signature". He tinkers with these quite a bit and they change frequently. Often in ways we don't even notice. I was at this concert and absolutely loved it! It's so great to revisit it. Yes, my home sonics are no match for Disney Hall but hearing this certainly brings me back with all the wonderful memories including seeing The Maestro hear his music in concert. Damn, that ending of Jaws! ­čś▓
  6. He really let it breathe at the end of Jurassic Park I thought. It was very weighty and really hit the breaks in a climactic way.
  7. karelm

    What's JW's most annoying march?

    This sounds like a waltz to you?
  8. The show is in negotiation for season 3. I am optimistic. It has good ratings that are trending up.
  9. karelm

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    A very fine composer who hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet is the Irishman, John Kinsella (b. 1932). Currently he has composed 10 symphonies. His style is tonal and very listenable. Here is his Symphony No. 6 from 1992-3.
  10. I completely agree with everything you said. I also liked to get more backstory of some of the characters like Malloy who I've previously found shallow and comic relief. This episode did put him in an ethical quandary and didn't disappoint. Score was excellent with all the 80's references. One thing I wouldn't mind a bit more of is crew triangles/complex relationships. Sort of like Bones/Spock banter. The trio dynamic is a big part of what made Star Trek great which this show is obviously indebted to but seems to make the crew dynamics too squeaky clean. I get that they are trying to complicate Ed and Grayson's story but they don't really have great chemistry. Their history is frankly boring. Still a very good and enjoyable show, I just feel there are some missed opportunities keeping it from being great.
  11. I think I recognize his turtleneck too. You can get it here. https://www.amazon.com/PALINDA-Striped-Bodysuit-Stretchy-Leotards/dp/B07BWNKH1F
  12. It was an extended version of Leaving Home from Superman. JW rewrote the ending, with a nice horn solo and renamed the piece "The Journey Home" for the Oscars performance.
  13. Check it out...I took this photo of Ludwig G├Âransson while at USC. Congrats on his oscar win! He was a year after me. The other guy is what's his name with the USC Symphony behind us.
  14. Goldsmith's V'ger cloud harmony was there as the Orville descended through the clouds and the blaster beam instrument (the same one used on ST TMP) was used in this episode too. Nice nods to great scores.
  15. So I am late the party since I had trouble figuring out the schedule of The Orville this season but I absolutely loved Identity Part 1. The visual effects and world building were excellent for TV and the score was fantastic (shout out to the Goldsmith nods and blaster beam). The show itself was very much indebted to Star Trek The Motion Picture with its story of AI achieving consciousness and evaluating its creator as unworthy. Very good episode with excellent writing, special effects, score, etc. More of this please and I think this show will assure itself in TV sci-fi history. In a slightly humorous way, it reminded me of the great sci-fi animated series, Futurama episode "Fear of a Bot Planet". Another fantastic series very much worth exploring if you aren't already familiar with it. Great sci-fi mixed in with comedy/lovable characters.