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  1. The full Hedwig's theme is phenomenal. It makes me greedy and desire a full Harry Potter-based violin concerto.
  2. Of course, Williams could write some exit music. "Go to West Street, Take a Right." Yes, quoting myself indicates some sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel, not to mention the joke itself. Why won't they just release Leia's Theme and be done with it.
  3. Traffic is tough--a packed parking lot and a couple country roads, but yes, unacceptable. They were probably people for whom Tanglewood is a yearly or even more so event.
  4. Berkshire Eagle Review: https://www.berkshireeagle.com/stories/john-williams-takes-concertgoers-on-a-journey-across-the-stars-at-tanglewood,578857
  5. Well, yeah, but he himself talked about how CMIYC really gave him a second wind for composing. While he has not said that publicly in connection with this project, there is an air to the interviews and videos of him conducting the stuff that seems to show a bit more enthusiasm than usual. Most importantly, the brilliance of the pieces themselves and the obvious care he put into them (and the sheer number of them) indicates, to me at least, that this was a special collaboration in terms of at least the last 15 years or so. But, yes, your basic point stands--the man clearly loves composing music.
  6. The violin project seems to have rejuvenated Williams--he seems genuinely thrilled to be part of all of this. I am glad it has worked out so well for both of them (and for us fans as well).
  7. How did your talk go? Was Mutter involved in any capacity? I am excited to hear the Far and Away and Dracula pieces. Those scores need to be in more concert programs--maybe the new arrangements will be part of a revival of sorts.
  8. Originally Newman was slated to conduct the whole thing. I do not know the details on Williams participation--perhaps he just felt like he was up for it.
  9. Now that is an ideal Williams program. I am glad he was able to rearrange his schedule to conduct. Regarding Devil's Dance, the violin/orchestra version was arranged for Joshua Bell years back. So, in this case, it not being on the album is less of a big deal. Was the Far and Away piece the same as the Perlman album? How was Galaxy's Edge live?
  10. That is pretty cool. I was there for a film night back in 06, where the Memoirs suite was premiered with Ma. Spielberg was in attendance (Williams called him up to the stage during the encores too, which was fun).
  11. Obviously all speculation at this point, but given the two facts of the piece being recorded after a half hour of IX was already scored and it being left off the album, maybe there are elements of IX in it. Whatever the case, I don't like the idea of these pieces being recorded and not released--to quote Kramer, this has been one big tease.
  12. This version of Rey's theme is just achingly beautiful. Simply a brilliant take on an already brilliant piece.
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