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  1. Are any awards fundamentally different? Does a group of people versus one provide the measure of objective quality? And, if there is no objective quality to music/art (as many here maintain), the answer to the first two questions is obvious. And, if there is objective quality (which some here maintain), then awards are largely superfluous, as the music speaks for itself.
  2. Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    IX will swing the balance in the final analysis. TPM is better than TFA, but TLJ is better than ATOC. In terms of movies, the prequels are interesting stories poorly executed, while the sequels are boring stories well executed in VII and blandly executed in VIII.
  3. Far and Away being released on Blu-Ray on March 4

    I would love a good recording of the signature edition concert suite. I heard Williams do it live in Chicago years back. He is clearly fond of the piece--so, record it.
  4. The woman makes me think this is actually a prequel to the King of Queens.
  5. I remain hopeful that, given Kasdan's involvement, this will not suck, but the evidence is just not there.
  6. What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Solo, plus a couple more useless characters (and without Solo)
  7. It is the concert suite of the main new themes for the movie. So, it comes from all of the movie. And, as I have mentioned in one of the numerous threads, while I would have preferred multiple pieces, in comparison with the other two SW movies with only one concert piece (II and III), I like Rebellion much more.
  8. Well, then no silver tuna for you tonight.
  9. Images is just not designed to a listenable score from start to finish. However, I think Blood Moon is top-notch for repeated listens. It should have been on the Lockhart album.
  10. Rate "Born On The Fourth Of July"

    Which is good. It means no one can (rightfully) call it yet another "underrated" Williams's score.
  11. What did George Lucas really do in Ireland?

    Kenobi: You know that none of those people are even slightly related to him? Yoda: Listen to me you will. Kenobi: Since we are hiding him from Sidious and Anakin, what last name should we give Luke? Yoda: Skywalker. Kenobi: But... Yoda: To Yoda you listen. Kenobi: I think I now get how the Jedi were all destroyed.
  12. Those sketches also reveal a coda to the family argument section that was probably best left on the drawing board.
  13. Of course it is there for marketing purposes. And why Williams name works for good marketing is because he is the best in the business. So, ultimately, you are upset because they wanted Williams involved because he is the best. That is kind of weird on your part.