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  1. Look let's use some subtlety here. No one is saying any person (at least in this discussion thread) can do this stuff, so let's avoid the strawman. the point is that from the pool of people with musical talent, there is going to be a much greater percentage of those who write a pop music piece like an 80s rock ballad that becomes popular than those who, as in the considered context, who can write a truly great genre-transcending melody. Again, that doesn't make the ballad bad or even less enjoyable, but it simply is, all else being equal, an easier musical feat than other musical challenges.
  2. I like Han's theme a lot, but those who have a problem with the "power anthem" approach likely think it is beneath Williams. A power anthem is like a rock ballad--it does not take an incredible amount of talent to accomplish (hence the ballad's of the 80s). That is not to say they lack enjoyability, but they are not necessarily a sign of singular talent. Williams has proved he does possess singular talent, so some may not want him to do what many, many other can do, but rather focus on what makes him unique (or at least in the upper-echelon of composers).
  3. No Man's Land from War Horse has a similar "power anthem" feel to it, but that theme is a bit more malleable.
  4. So, you are voting for RiR?
  5. There's the poll we have been expecting. Han by far. I really like RiR, but Rose's theme never really soars and the C theme is just so so. I love the string ostinato in Han. You get the feeling it is the A theme in Williams's mind and the rest is just there to serve it.
  6. I don't think it unreasonable to suppose Williams's prefers the B theme. Not only does it get the development in the piece, it receives the coda treatment to close out the piece. It is as if he is saying, here is what modern audiences expect, but I am going to give them something more substantial because I think they need it.
  7. That is a good assessment. I plays a bit like his recent Music for Brass, the Military band piece, and Just Down West Street--little moments for different sections of the orchestra to shine. ps. this piece has been around for like 24 hours by now. Why is there no poll regarding it place among something?
  8. The man has been obsessed with false endings for 30 years now. I think its inclusion sells it a as a Williams's concert piece.
  9. Dad, is that you? Oh, sorry soldier, you look just like my dad. Dad, is that you? Oh, sorry soldier, you look just like my dad. Dad, is that you? Oh, sorry soldier, you look just like my dad....
  10. I can kind of see how one might not think the A theme sounds like Williams. At the same time, I never had that thought with Poe's theme, and Han's A theme is clearly written by the same guy (even if I did not know film music, I would know that). So, its just Williams in "in-your-face hero mode," which he has not done in a full-throated sort of way in a while. I just read Williams' intro to the piece. Funny he calls it a "tune."
  11. I have not seen the film, but, yes, the theme is for the "flyboy" quality to Han. Plus, the sense I get from the trailers is that he is more an optimist here than in AHN.
  12. Neither of the themes feel forced to me. However, I do think the overall arrangement has less cohesiveness than do the classic Williams's pieces.
  13. It is a great piece. I think it is his best heroic piece in decades (NB, I did not say his best piece in decades).
  14. I am guessing that the "one or two film cues" Williams wrote heavily featured the ostinato with trumpets. Hence their place in the concert arrangement and the score.