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  1. There are too many. I think Jason is right that the better approach is favorite by decade. For me, ET, CETK, Lincoln, and Memoirs of a Geisha. We will see if The Post ends up on the list.
  2. Nobody has said that and thus no one is responding to such a claim. What I am responding to are the claims by you and Bespin. Bespin claims William Ross could have composed a score of equal quality, and your comments above seem to strongly suggest you think other composers could have done the same, especially when you say "Williams failed to deliver." I think Bespin's claim is absurd, and I am still waiting for you to say who could have produced a score as good as TLJ other than Williams.
  3. You and Bespin are both claiming, then, that another composer would have composed a better score (or at lease a score of equal quality) for this movie. I do not think this is case. There are so many genuine Williamisms throughout, 3 very good new themes, and even when old themes appear, the majority of the time they are reworked. Very few are claiming it is a masterpiece, just that it is a solid Williams SW score that no other composer working today could have pulled off. If you disagree with the latter part, tell me what composer could have pulled it off.
  4. Not too much to wonder about, if you are speaking about VIII. The only Hal Leonard piece the Rebellion is Reborn. I was hoping for more pieces, but the piece itself is fantastic. Seamlessly weaving together three separate musical ideas, complexly orchestrated, and ending on a full-blown hopeful note. I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think it is better than AtS and BotH, the two other "one-piece only from a new SW score" selections.
  5. Now that I have made peace with the fact that The Rebellion is Reborn is the only concert piece we are getting from this score, I have listened to it more intently. It really is quite good and, as SW concert pieces go, quite original. I like it better than Across the Stars and Battle of the Heroes (the two other "one piece per SW score" pieces), and a lot of the other pieces from the other films (Jar Jar's great adventure, Jabba, Scherzo). So, on that measure, the TLJ does pretty well.
  6. Again, are we talking about the movie, the score, or both?
  7. I agree it is tough to see Williams getting old, but I think he would have scored this movie the same 10 years ago as he did now. An eighth episode, whose story begins 15 minutes after the seventh episode and that offers very little new by way of characters, is bound to rely heavy on previous themes. I think he threw us fans a bone by giving us a new theme for what amounts to a role player, as it was the only "space" in which he could do so. He is like life, he finds a way.
  8. I don't understand this. The score fits the movie very well, so it does the primary job it is supposed to do. Perhaps your complaint is more directed to the movie?
  9. There are two ways of ranking these: one on originality and new themes and two on pure listening experience. Obviously, it does not do all that great with the first standard. However, on the second it does very well. The versions of the MofR are better in this movie than in VIII. The force theme is better than most. Kylos theme is better than in VIII. Poes is the same. Even Luke and Leia is just as good. Rey's theme is good, though not as good as VII. Add full-throttled action, and a couple new themes to boot, and you have a very powerful listening experience.
  10. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Well, I think the Fathiers would work as a standalone piece--maybe with a grander finale than the cue itself. While it would be a departure of sorts, he could offer the Battle of Crait as a concert track. It would function much like the end credits of TFA--comprised mostly of themes for which there are already concert pieces. For a soundtrack as vigorous, energetic, and bold as it is, the Rebellion Reborn, while very good, just does not seem like a representative sample.
  11. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    I am not complaining about the piece itself, just the lack of other pieces. I was hoping for the multi-movement suite like with TFA.
  12. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Well that is disappointing. I was hoping for The Fathiers as well as a surprise or two.
  13. I agree. I think we learned/were reminded with TFA (both film and score), the more people have specific expectations for these sorts of things, the harder (if not plain impossible) it is for them to be satisfied. The score fits the movie like a glove, and it is great Williams music through and through.
  14. I always enjoy the contradictory responses to new themes. Rose's theme sounds like HP and Rose's theme sounds like Anakins or a major version of the Force Theme. If it is the latter two, then it is SW by definition, right? I remember people complaining that Rey's theme was too Potterish. Whether it is similar to HP or not, it is clearly now as much of a SW theme as any other (as Rose's will likely be by the end of IX).