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  1. That is just rehash. I want something new...wait, maybe this is the wrong thread.
  2. It will be the last JW SW score and that has a gravitas all its own. I foresee a couple more years of active scoring from JW. He is healthier than I am (and I am more than 40 years his junior).
  3. This would follow the PT mold, which he followed from VII to VIII. I could see a warrior-type theme for the new allies and a knight theme for the knights--but I also think their role in this will be minimal. I voted for two concert pieces, but the more I think about it, I think it will either only be one or he will go all out and have five.
  4. I answered all the questions. I hope the movie does not feel as exhausting.
  5. It is going to be another binary sunset. The only hope is that it will have a Rey's theme counterpoint.
  6. The other Skywalker in this version was not to be Leia, but someone Luke would go in search of in VII.
  7. Marketing is about getting people in the theater. Is anyone doubting that the theaters will be full opening week? At that point, if the movie is good, more and more will come (along with repeat views). If it sucks, no amount of marketing is going to help.
  8. JJ asked for that and Williams mentioned that he would then need a better composer than him...
  9. John Williams selects his top five composers of all time.
  10. Boy, you are using the word "selected" in the most amphibolous way possible.
  11. The flying theme gets its big, full statement at the end of the concert version, while in the film version it is in the middle of the piece. I am guessing that is part of what Marian is referring to.
  12. I have long held (well, since 2011), Williams needs to record the three-movement suite and make it available as a signature edition suite. It rivals many, many classical symphonies.
  13. Lots of pictures, but no write up (as far as I can tell). Williams looks to be in good shape. https://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/music/iparty-movie-composer-john-williams-of-jaws-and-e-t/collection_14353db3-1767-5ea2-aed9-ccb0cf9bd63e.html#2
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