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  1. One would hope the interview is against the backdrop of the recording sessions with maybe even a few seconds of him conducting. Buy, yes, the questions and answers themselves will be predictable. Still, it is nice to know that Disney is smart enough to see Williams as valuable to good PR.
  2. Cool. Summon the Heroes came up next, which was a very good performance--not too sure about the comatose audience members, particularly in the last two minutes.
  3. Sounds like the the sort of score that will win the Oscar over episode IX.
  4. The movie is very good, though by no means a masterpiece. It was partly brought down by the then fairly nascent wave of PC race issues, such as "The lead is not even Japanese!", and "why is an old white guy writing Eastern music?" The music has held up well. The Cello Suite remains one of my top-five Williams longer works.
  5. My kids loved the BFG, and kids their age are the intended audience anyway. The farting scene elicited extreme laughter--partly, I think, because it is a joke that is actually earned, which is rare in most kid/Pixar-type movies these days.
  6. Yes, I admire him for rolling with the punches (and feel a bit bad for him). However, I do not think he could demand such terms--not if he actually wanted to score the movie.
  7. I am pretty sure the Ross interview mentions that it was recorded late summer, and thus prior to William's trip, but he may have intended to re-record it.
  8. While I find the performances on TFA and TLJ to be top-tier, my dream would be for William to fly to London or the LSO come to LA and record a definitive 2 (3?) CD set of all the SW concert pieces.
  9. Yeah, I know. I sleep on the lawn because I cannot live in my house knowing a better builder could have followed the blueprint just a bit better.
  10. For a response without the mouthyness, I saw Naked Gun before the Police Squad TV series (which kind of counts). Both are funny, but watching them in this order does ruin many of the gags in Police Squad. Both are required watching for anyone the least bit interested in comedy. The six-episode of PS ranks just behind Faulty Towers as the funniest TV series ever made.
  11. I once had a dream where a hamburger was eating me.
  12. Do you like the concert version of the BFG suite? While I like the OST, the concert version is much better and gels really well (once you get over the excised theme).
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