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  1. Tom

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    For whatever reason, this project did not excite me when it was announced. If anything, I thought it was time Williams would not be using for new compositions. However, after hearing the unexpected reworking of AtS and the care Williams seems to be putting into all of this, it could be a very striking, artful collection of a mature, reflective Williams looking back on 45 years of compositions.
  2. Tom

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    With the exception of Yoda's theme.
  3. Why, oh why, did they remove the thick, delicious, brass chords from the beginning of the Olympic theme?
  4. I wish this thread had plans to retire.
  5. I hope while he was listening to the Adams' premiere, he had the thought: well, maybe I should write a piano concerto.
  6. I think the piece is really nice addition to the SW soundscape. It sounds like an extended take of one of Williams brilliant "planet themes" from the prequels (which, of course, is what its for). I could do without the opening "welcome to the attraction" strings, but, again, that is what the piece is for.
  7. I agree. I recently watched Reunification (TNG). Spock comparing Picard to Kirk and Data giving a neck pitch are absolute fan-service. Hell, Spock being there at all is clear fan-service type stuff. Yet, all of it is fun, entertaining, and watchable, even 20 years later. A confident writer/director could have made an episode 7 that included such things and still been a great episode analogous to Reunification being a great TNG episode.
  8. Very nice. It is cute that Williams seems to have no idea concerning what he was recorded in the past (BotFJ).
  9. It is hazardous to associate how a man looks to how well he composes.
  10. Yeah, me too. Allow me to list why from weakest to strongest reason. 5. Takes too long to work through. 4. Numbers can be confusing. 3. I got your list right here. 2. Williams is better than Morricone. 1. What were we talking about?
  11. That is sweet of him to point to Williams as the better composer.
  12. These sound fantastic. I hope (I really hope) that the applause is dialed out of all the tracks on the album itself.
  13. Just to be clear, my comment was a (clearly not as obvious as I thought) poke at Morricone.
  14. It is not that, I just find it hazardous to associate beautiful, plaintive music with a son leaving home.
  15. Funny juxtaposition of names.