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  1. How can you say it sounds like a generic SW piece when your main comment was that it does not sound like SW? Not trying to be snotty, just asking.
  2. Yeah, based on the article alone, it seems that Williams was not involved beyond the themes in the suite. Oh well. I continue to be of the opinion that this piece will go down as one of the upper-echelon pieces of his oeuvre. I can see how some might be underwhelmed by the two main themes if comparing theme to Williams's all time greats. However, they are still strong and the effect of the piece as a whole is just superb. At this point, as strange as it might seem, I do not want a theme stronger than Luke's. Let the main title forever be the overture to the soundscape of Star Wars. I really like that William is offering such diverse pieces to fill out that soundscape. Galaxy's Edge fits the adventure bill perfectly and rounds out the now 2 hours of concert suites very nicely. My dream would be for the LSO (just travel to LA for goodness sake) to record a 2-CD (NB: I would also be happy with a 3-CD ) set of all the key concert suites upon the completion of IX.
  3. Yes, just a joke. I am well aware that Ross composed the whole score to CoS. Back on topic, there was mention of a new Cantina piece. I wonder if Williams had a hand in that or if the suite themes are it. Either way, I am more comfortable with Ross as the adapter versus the other options.
  4. So, about the same percentage breakdown as Chamber of Secrets.
  5. It is now down to 12 minutes. Turns out the first big chuck was for West Side Story. He had begun scoring and then told Spielberg that "you are going to need a better composer than me for this." To which Spielberg said, "okay."
  6. Comparing the forum's use of phrases to the plague is like comparing apples and oranges.
  7. Any way you cut it, it is a huge achievement. I have been underwhelmed by the Disney SW-product, but I hope for Williams' sake, IX goes out on a high-note. And, why not make the pun intended.
  8. Or did he score 1 Bond film 11 times? Just kidding--just an old Haydn joke.
  9. There would be something satisfying about Williams recording what he thinks should be the whole score in June and telling JJ on the way out: "That's the score. You're welcome."
  10. Dude, you have got to move on from these Straw Men examples. Just like your example of the Droid Army theme, no one in their right mind is suggesting he would include every minor theme and motif from all nine movies into one piece. Just the major themes and just some of those. It probably will not happen, but I it is not out of the question, given the saga-ending character of the film, that it does.