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  1. I am listening to the 99.5 live broadcast of the concert. Williams opening speech was fun and tear-inducing.
  2. This thing: https://makingstarwars.net/2019/08/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-d23-poster-and-bts-reel-description/
  3. I will believe it when I hear it, but the sizzle reel (or whatever they are calling it, which will be released on Monday) contains new JW music, according to some who saw it today.
  4. It is the same amount of time he put in for Episode VIII. If it wasn't for the absurdly long time he put into VII, I don't think this would seem even the least bit unusual.
  5. Congrats on meeting him. Interesting that he was in attendance, but nice to hear. Sounds like a fun concert.
  6. A very ironic line given the mediocrity of the story within which it is uttered.
  7. Jurassic Park with chorus. Not the tightest performance, but the choir really opens the piece up.
  8. Yeah, he is good like that. Cue helicopter music from Towering Inferno and JP.
  9. He once called Across the Stars the first love theme in SW. Therefore, he forgets a huge chunk of themes he has composed.
  10. I continue to think we are making way too much of a fuss about a throwaway quote, but if we are talking about ideal preferences: I would love Qui-Gon's theme to reappear, along with a proper concert version. It is one of my top favorite JW themes of the last 20 years, and Lucas killed it.
  11. After 45 years, I am finally free of this crap and Finale
  12. I wonder if these same people believe a watched pot never actually boils.
  13. It is not really a dark side. He is a perfectionist, which is one of the reasons he is at the top of his field. It is analogous to the top coaches, top CEOs, top directors, etc. They give their best, and they expect those assisting them to give their best as well.
  14. I agree for the most part. I crave new SW concert pieces, and so I always hope for more. I am sure he will provide at least one. Given the trend of the prequels and sequels, the pattern is to front load the first installment with a full concert suite and then give one piece per successive movie. That being the case, we will likely get only one. However, with the unexpected pieces of AoH and GE, I cannot complain even on this front.
  15. Sure, but did we know he plays classical piano works all evening up until bedtime or quickly fires musicians from recording sessions who are, say, problematic? I think there is some new stuff in these videos.
  16. These are all wonderful. I am glad the SW IX video brought them to our attention. Who knew that Don Williams would be the key to understanding better John Williams the man and professional. I love that John plays some classical piece until bedtime. The man lives and breaths outstanding music. True dedication to a field that most of us can only aspire to.
  17. It will be a mix of old and new, like all Williams's sequel scores. Also, and this is not purely SW-related, youtube brought up this video after I watched the Don Williams SW interview: Some nice insights into Williams the professional.
  18. No, it just means that Williams is anticipating the recording sessions will record around 135 minutes. Based on everything we know (35 minutes by April 15th and such), it is good guess that most has already been written.
  19. Why is that worrisome? The recording schedule is what everyone assumed it would be (into the early-mid fall). I find it heartening to know that the music itself has already been composed. Sounds like Williams is a bit ahead of schedule, if anything. Edit: okay, I guess Don Williams does not confirm that much music has already been written. Either way, Williams is in good health and currently recording.
  20. I would not read too much time into the 135 minutes of music--it sounds average for a SW movie. Like the previous three episodes, there are likely to be cut scenes that were fully scored and such. The good news is that it sounds like the composing part is largely completed. This also explains the Tanglewood on Parade cancellation. He went back to LA to compose. I think if we go into this score without over the top expectations, we are going to be in for a real treat.
  21. I am increasingly convinced the missing Leia's theme has something to do with IX. Maybe it is part of the score recordings. hell, maybe that Vanity Fair picture wasn't really doctored at all.
  22. Excellent find. This is a piece deserving of a proper recording (and more live performances). An uplifting, yet fun, piece without any over the top reverence or needless sentimentality. Does the Special Olympics use the piece?
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