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  1. Wonder if it's just the special editions with new trilogy style artwork.
  2. I only chose yes because I really want it to happen, not because I believe it will.
  3. Wonder if it's the single CD versions of these that sony released?
  4. How likely is this to Tour? Want this to come to the UK so bad!
  5. I saw CBSO perform this program (minus the Force Awakens) in October 2015, they did a fantastic job. Well worth seeing, also the hall is brilliant.
  6. I'm really confused, is the disc going on sale on LaLaLand's site or the second disc site?
  7. E.T. The Isolated Extra Terrestrial

    I thought it was too good to be true
  8. E.T. The Isolated Extra Terrestrial

    Wow, need to get my hands on this!
  9. E.T. The Isolated Extra Terrestrial

    Is there a version of the film out there without the music, an isolated Dialogue and Sound effects track?
  10. Which would you be more happy about? SW vs HP.

    This is too easy, Star Wars.
  11. Yeah it's that hour long one on the Blu Ray disc.