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  1. It surely must be the iconic A Toast!. Surely.
  2. Stupid and/or funny quotes about JW

    Hehe. When I was in college I got my music professor to put the kibosh on a proposed presentation by a fellow student that had that exact title. Good times.
  3. Disaster Movie Suite - Henry Mancini

    I have the manuscript. It says "Orchestrated and Arranged by Henry Mancini" I like the segue note into JAWS:
  4. Ah, a good book title: John Williams: The Man with the Round Face and Friendly Eyes
  5. John Williams would not be where he is today without having strong opinions and particular points of view when it comes to music/his music. I'm sure he's just as opinionated as Goldsmith, Barry, Herrmann, and Horner were...he's probably just better at airing those opinions in the appropriate setting while being diplomatic and gracious in public. It has nothing to do with being nice or mean or positive or negative. As one member of the LSO put it: 'the iron fist in the velvet glove'. And I absolutely think JW can judge the quality of a score after viewing a movie once. He could also probably listen to one cue from Desplat, Powell, and Giacchino and make very astute judgements about compositional quality without needing to listen to their entire discography.
  6. I wonder if this 'John Williams credit song-mashup' will also be butchered for the Blu Ray release...
  7. We've all been fooled. The Post will be fanfares and fugues and TLJ will be subtle Americana.
  8. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/magazine-feature/7800213/celine-dion-my-heart-will-go-on-oral-history-interview
  9. There's a sample from the opening Dr. No electronics at 0:27. Interesting! http://johndadlez.com/MP3/DieAnotherDay/1_07_KOL.mp3