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  1. Yes! Not counting school, I’ve had just over a decade of composing professionally (aka ‘for money’) and I’m juuuust now finally accepting my inner voice without constantly looking over my shoulder at those I admired (Barry, Goldsmith, Horner, Williams, etc). It was there all along, just buried under the crap of constantly comparing myself to others. And it is unbelievably freeing.
  2. This is probably the best lesson that Williams can teach the “new guard” coming up. The sound that defined greats like Williams, Goldsmith, etc. worked because it was a confluence of what they studied, listened to, and also what came naturally through them.
  3. Kasey drives the pizza, Chief!
  4. The entire album is glorious, but seriously I just keep repeating the first 2 tracks over and over and over again. I'll eventually continue on!
  5. Mmmm, let's bring back the pizza discussion!
  6. I really wish they included the small quote from a previous score that accompanies you-know-what. That was great!
  7. Exactly. There are some members here that think Williams is closed minded and hates percussion grooves and anything modern. No. It might not be his own personal style, but I have a strong feeling that Williams is much happier hearing a skilled and musical composer being true to his own compositional voice over one who’s just trying to ape him.
  8. The thing I absolutely enjoy about this score is that it’s Powell’s voice through and through with no pretense to try and be a JW knock-off. And when that Golden Age sound comes into play during certain moments, it actually sounds authentic and organic and not pastiche. Ditto for the Star Wars quotes.
  9. I’ve grown to really enjoy The Rebellion Is Reborn but it’s still a bit jarring in the way it segues between ideas. Adventures of Han definitely feels more coherent, at least to me.
  10. That trumpet lick is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard Williams write for brass.
  11. Just now came up on Apple Music! But according to the album the year is 2003. Anyway, looking forward to Episode 3 in two years! I hope JW is still around to score it.