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  1. James Horner's synths

    Success! I was able to ask Simon Franglen this question and he graciously provided some really interesting insights into their/James' process. He said the vast majority of cues where sampled instruments (like strings, woodwinds, harps, etc) stayed was because there was always a point in the process where certain cues worked emotionally in their virtual form and everyone was happy and satisfied. They felt no need to recreate it live and therefore would move on to the next cue (time pressures being what they are). Other reasons were for texture (oftentimes the synth version would sit better behind dialogue and have a more intimate sound), and of course money. Over half of the Titanic score was synth only because there was practically no music budget.
  2. Favorite Jerry Goldsmith score and why?

    Yeah, I might go back and listen to the original album and see how it compares. It's been awhile.
  3. Favorite Jerry Goldsmith score and why?

    Psycho II The colors and textures are really interesting, even though I'm not too big a fan of the synth "bwaaazzooooooong" motif. However, the absolutely gorgeous main theme is what puts it at the top of my list. One of my top favorite themes of any composer.
  4. Williams cameo in Napster Wikipedia entry

    Same here. 31, remembering the days of waiting 6 hours for the two-minute Titanic trailer to load, downloading Duel of the Fates only to discover that some jag-off mislabeled Carmina Burana, and punching a wall because my dial-up disconnected me seconds before I could snipe a last minute bid on the Thunderball Special Edition Laserdisc. Sweet Jesus, I even bought a 35mm trailer and a frame magnifier because I couldn't wait the extra few weeks it would take to show up on Quicktimes. Life may be smoother and faster now, but the drama was real. Will will never know, will he?
  5. James Horner's synths

    Thanks all! Yes, it's very interesting. NL197 you mentioned Bobby Fischer and I just started listening to that again this evening. Sure enough some cues are mainly synth and others are fully acoustic. One cue will have a synth oboe, the next will have a real one, etc. I didn't realize it was such a common pattern throughout his scores.
  6. I've been on a Horner binge lately and I've noticed several cues contain sampled strings, woodwinds, and harps amidst an otherwise fully acoustic orchestral recording. A few that come to mind are Braveheart, Bicentennial Man, and Karate Kid. Some cues will have a totally live orchestra and others will have their sampled counterparts. To me it doesn't sound like these choices were made for 'color' reasons, it sounds more like not enough budget or super-late rewrites. Anyone have any thoughts on why he might have done this? Funnily enough though I've never been bothered by the synth choir in Titanic, probably because it's a consistent color throughout and also works in the new age-y way the score is written. But on the expanded Braveheart release it's a bit jarring and perplexing to go from the beautiful LSO strings to 90's synth strings and back from cue to cue.
  7. Great article! Good ol' Johnny "never seen a basketball game- never watched a horror film before Dracula- never seen a Star War" Williams. One of these days I half expect him to say, "Pizza? What's that?!" "I do classical pieces, and it's all by hand". My new favorite JW quote.
  8. Music by John Williams (The Force Awakens, E.T., Jaws, and A Toast!)
  9. Each concert will contain ten variations of "A Toast!"
  10. Wow thanks Will. If I hadn't seen your message I would have waited till morning. Two tickets for Saturday night! $300 to hear the Schindler's List anecdote in person 😎
  11. Han Solo (2018) - John Powell

    Don't sweat it. It's just a little public intimidation from Disney to not stray too far musically...or else we'll get Rogue One: 2 "the first time was only a warning..."