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  1. You’re thinking of “dum dee dee dum dum”, the 007 theme is “boo dat dat boo dat dat boo dat boo dat dat weeeeeeee bop.” Anway, about these Christmas sounds...so it’s like Rosenman’s Star Trek?
  2. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    15. C3PO The Audience Wakes Up
  3. Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t pick on him for his sketches saying things like C3PO Wakes Up considering it was probably the twelfth time he wrote the cue.
  4. Ready Player One - Alan Silvestri

    SS: Have you ever encountered a John William before, sir? AS: Well no, but I don’t....Seal off the bridge! SS: That won’t be enough, sir...
  5. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    12. Carrying the Documents and The Trip
  6. Yup. Buying laserdiscs always felt like an event, even if the only extra was a trailer! The artwork was gorgeous.
  7. Yes, but will he have teeth?
  8. Lol! Previn: I keep saying, “John, stop it with Star Wars!” And he said, “Not until I've written a love theme!"
  9. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Her husband had struck gold someplace out west. She was what mother called "new money."
  10. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    JW: This is the first time in this series I've ever written a theme for a great duel...
  11. Hopefully it's a 30 sec clip of the new Stevie Wonder tune!
  12. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    I had one last night where I met JW during a session break (who, for some reason, was dressed like Mr. Monopoly) and the most interesting question I could think of to ask when presented with this awesome opportunity was, "So, do you write music every day?"
  13. What to expect from Episode VIII's Score?

    Funnily enough, that nearly happened on ROTS