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  1. He’s goin’ after Ellen Brody in the next one!
  2. Why does Yoda’s theme play over C3P0? Maybe JW did this track after all!
  3. I dunno, it all feels fake to me, just surface-level manipulation with no real sentiment behind it all. It’s ironic though, that the same people who cream their pants over this stuff will hear a traditional JW score and complain, “ahhh these orchestra songs are manipulating meeeee.”
  4. I absolutely would’ve known it was David Arnold, it’s firmly in his voice. Apart from superficial similarities, Arnold and Barry have very different compositional voices and habits.
  5. God, another Arnold Bond score would actually get me into the theater again!
  6. Relax, those remaining 280 bars are just the Duel of the Fates dialogue version + Parade of the Ewoks.
  7. Get Your Clicks on an Imperial 66! JW would’ve won the Oscar for best song with that one.
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