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  1. Who is we? All the other superficially/easily entertained kids who like the Transformer Movies and don't care, if a movie makes sense or not cause for them the backstory and worldbuilding is just there as an unimportant brainless backdrop? People and especially fans of course do care deeply about that. If the stage is rotten, badly constructed and makes no sense at all no character story line can be taken serious. Opinions like yours justify all the plot hole ridden lazy ass movies Hollywood produces nowadays. And people like you that are that superficially/easily entertained (because the characters are sooooo good) support this low class style of moviemaking. Shame on that!
  2. I agree with a lot of Mattris points (as mentioned in the SOLO thread) and don't get yours at all Demodex... I mean you said a few posts above regarding TLJ that "The story telling was fine to me and everyone I know." Did you all read the novel Bloodline first before watching TLJ because without its shitty explanations on the backstory you have no clue about the real state of the galaxy during the films TFA and TLJ. (the crawls didnt explain a thing, they made it even more confusing) How can the storytelling be fine if you need countless of tie in books (that no casual viewer will ever read) to get any idea whats going on in the galaxy. It of course doesn't help that the explanations on the First Order, Resistance and New Republic are incredibly idiotic and moronic and are easily reaching SW parody level. It also didn't leave a good impression that you avoided all the valid discussion points about the trainwreck of a backstory and worldbuilding of TLJ. So i guess you just don't care for movies going deeper and making sense within itself and more importantly within a franchise of 7 previous films...
  3. The prequels are bashed since their release...that may be intellectually toxic and wholly embarrassing not TLJ critizism months after its release.
  4. To be honest, Mattris is right in a lot of his points about TLJ. And he didnt even mention all the issues i had with the political backstory and worldbuilding, which made no sense at all too. In fact your only response to all my points was to read a lackluster book called bloodlines where there is an incredible stupid explanation for the New Republic fiasco. Why call people crazy instead of starting a serious discussion about the countless points that have been brought up? Probably you dont want to admit that most of the posted issues that people have with TLJ and to a lower extent TFA are REAL. Now it seems you dont have any arguments left and your only way out is to dismiss all those who have another opinion than you. (or you dont reply at all) FFS, obviously a fan cares...THATS WHY HE IS A FAN. Otherwise he would be a moviegoer like you who ultimately doesnt care and only wants to be superficially entertained, because its just a stupid lame movie. You even seem to imply that people should stop being fans of something... if there were no fans Hollywood could kiss their money goodbye. They need people who watch their films 3-4 times.
  5. TLJ was even a more glorified Rebellion 2.0 vs Empire 2.0. The New Republic plothole was ignored instead of fixed. And we are made to believe that 2000 people are a menace for the First Order instead of the rest of the Galaxy who didnt even appear apart from Casino City. Sure its because of the TFA plotholes that made our heroes easily destroy starkiller base...the lifework of the First Order... our Deathstar 3.0 where Captain Phasma on gunpoint deactivated the whole Starkiller Base SHIELD just to save her life... she alone could and would do that... ridiculous
  6. People like you are the reason Hollywood got lazy and stopped caring to write scripts without a myriad of plotholes. For people like you the superficial entertainment is enough, films dont have to make sense even within their own franchise. Its a sad time for cinema....
  7. How does that make any sense? Bloodlines is a sad try by the Lucasfilm Story Group to somehow try to damage control this trainwreck of a story and find any explanation at all for the stupid starkiller shot onto the New Republic Starsystem. It still makes zero sense. No sane people would station their whole fleet only in one system when there are 1000s of worlds in the galaxy!!! No government could work and function for 1000s of worlds when all military and governmental power is concentrated on only 3 planets. (its such a joke plotwise in TFA) This cant ever be explained at all because it doesnt make any sense. If you have any clue about politics and how the world works you realize that, no matter how many books by Lucasfilm try to fix that....
  8. I mean WTF are you talking about? What could be more lazy and more brainless than to make films with a Rebellion 2.0 against Empire 2.0 when the Rebellion has ALREADY WON THE WAR and is in control of the galaxy as the NEW REPUBLIC. Now how does it make any sense that the New Republic is wiped out including their fleet when one star system gets destroyed. WTF??? The galaxy has 1000s of worlds and the ruling party only has military and control over 3 planets....its like it was written by a 3 year old kindergarten kid Then you have 2000 people called the Resistance who are a fucking joke in terms of military force and nobody ever explains why the First Order or the New Republic even care about this little splinter group. One First Order Star Destroyer has more people than the whole Resistance and we are made to believe that they are a menace for the First Order? It all makes no fucking sense unless you follow the logic of 3 year old kids...thats why many fans are insulted Demodex, i almost envy you that you can switch off your brain so much during watching to not see nor realize all this lazy ass shit.
  9. TLJ and to smaller extent TFA are lazy brainless entertainment, because they make absolutely no sense plotwise within the Starwars Saga and Universe. People like you seem to switch off their brains and dont think about backstory, the world making sense, character motivations and worldbuilding within a franchise in general. But there are lots of people who care about these things, who dont want brainless stupid popcorn entertainment with a myriad of plot holes because the writers are lazy as ass which in turn now leads to 2 franchise films that contradict the other 6 franchise films. Thats how you anger a fanbase!
  10. You come across as the kind of guy who likes brainless popcorn entertainment and don't want to think deeper about the background , the world and the motives of the story and its characters. Is it really ok for you if a film does not to make any sense within a franchise as long as you are entertained??? Last Jedi is hated by so many fans because it makes absolutely no sense storywise within the Starwars Saga. Its a parody.
  11. SF1_freeze

    Rank the Star Wars Movies

    The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi Rogue One: A Star Wars Story The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones Solo: A Star Wars Story The Force Awakens The Last Jedi
  12. Thats why the ST makes no sense. It doesnt add up. The only reason a direct continuation wasnt done was the age of the original cast which should match the years passed since then. RotJ of course only was the beginning of the fall of the Empire not the defeat. As i said the old sextology established that. Only the ST made it all confusing and some tie in products later added stupid explanations making no sense either but at least filling the 30 year gap between RotJ and TFA. The end of RotJ is no shorthand for the defeat... why do you and as you claim Abrams and Disney follow the logic of a 5 year old and see one big victory as the defeat of the whole Empire? Dont you see how stupid and wrong that is to say such a thing for a Saga happening in a UNIVERSE of thousands planets which were almost all under control of the Empire!
  13. You are sadly wrong! The films established the senate (dissolved in Ep 4) and thousands of worlds under Imperial control. Just one victory against the big bad on Endor still leaves all the other fleets, systems, sectors intact under imperial control. All the sector moffs, governeurs and imperial commanders are still alive and still have their power. They just don't have that unified leader anymore, whichs starts the real fall of the empire! Maybe you should rewatch the films.
  14. No, it's really the beginning of the fall of the Empire. The first decisive victory that has any real consequence! I agree, i only mentioned the books AS BETTER examples of a continuation AFTER RotJ than TFA and TLJ
  15. Say what you will but the Thrawn trilogy continued RotJ in the same tradition as the original sextett. RotJ also was no definitive conclusion because the Empire was not defeated. They were still the controlling power in the universe. The big evil leader, his henchman a super weapon and a fleet were destroyed. All the other fleets, armies, planets, etc... still were in control by the Empire by Governeurs, Moffs and other military commanders. On some planets the people started rebelling against the authorities but RotJ was only the beginning of the fall of the Empire. So i don't get your point.... RotJ itself can therefore by your logic also be seen as the "Start" of the real fall of the Empire as the controlling power -> that means a beginning of a story and not the ending! That says excatly nothing, nothing is absolute! He still had this story group and the department and in 95% of the cases they made sure it was complying with in-world logic...