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  1. 1. The Force Theme 2. Main Theme / Lukes Theme 3. Imperial March 4. Luke and Leia 5. Duel of the Fates 6. The Emperors Theme 7. Reys Theme 8. Han and the Princess 9. Across the Stars 10. Shmis Theme
  2. Maybe because it's one of my favorite John Williams scores of all time? Does it click now for you? You do realize that JWFAN is a filmmusic forum??? After the failure and complete trainwreck of TLJ you certainly are in the minority, if you still believe TPM is arguably the worst SW film Sadly TFA isn't much better now, TLJ didnt bother to fix any of TFA's huge problems and instead made them worse.
  3. ESB>SW>ROTS>TPM>R1>ROTJ>AOTC>TFA>TLJ The sequel trilogy so far is a big failure. They make absolutely no sense in the context of the starwars universe. After TLJ i can only see them as an incredibly expensive and stupid Starwars parody.
  4. SCORE: --- THEME --- The Force Theme

    Guess i will have to update this for TFA and TLJ
  5. Bilbo, if you really think the Thrawn Trilogy is a pile of shit then the Sequel Trilogy films are a few boatloads of shits to use your language. Agreed, exactly what i wanted to show with my long posting. @Holko Even if you look at these "explanations" it still is incredibly stupid and makes no sense. No government even after disarmarment keeps its military only in one location. Even if they did, a substantial part of the fleet would be flying around in the galaxy to secure order and peace in republic space. They would also have Republic military bases scattered across the galaxy etc. So a substantial part of the Republic fleet must still be out there.
  6. Ever heard of the Thrawn Trilogy Starwars books of the now officially alternate starwars canon. This is an original story much better than the ST, which doesn't diminish anything achieved in RotJ and also has a plausible backstory that makes sense involving the whole Starwars Galaxy. So this is easily possible, if an author really cares.
  7. I watched quite some films with lots of potential, where i had no emotional connection whatsoever, that failed miserably in my eyes because the backstory made no sense. So even though i had no connection to these films, the substantial story failures ruined these films for me and made me lose any interest.
  8. What has a film making sense and having a plausible believable backstory to do with an emotional connection?
  9. What? Since when is it okay for films not to make any sense anymore??? I certainly won't switch off my brain like in your standard blockbuster. The Starwars universe deserves much more and George Lucas and Lucasfilm delivered for more than 40 years till the Disney sellout. Starwars always had this sprawling and plausible world since 1977. Look at the PT and OT films in conjunction with the books and computer games. It all made sense! Now suddenly Disney ruins all that with the ST and we just shall accept that? Thats why it is a parody for me. I can't take these films serious anymore. George Lucas made it work for over 40 years and DIsney with the ST suddenly completely fucks this up!
  10. A very uneven film indeed. The biggest thing that bugs me is that the backstory with the Republic and the Resistance is so dumb that you really can't take the sequel trilogy serious anymore - it's almost a parody by this point! Nothing makes any sense, if you start to think about the state of the galaxy! I hoped TLJ would solve this problem that was introduced in TFA but i was wrong. It even made it worse! After TLJ everything good that was achieved in the OT (the end of the dictatorship and the installation of a democracy in the form of the New Republic, the New Jedi Order, the achieved Peace in the galaxy) is now gone -> it invalidates the complete OT and kind of resets everything in the dumbest way possible. (Also Luke dying without even one last cool lightsaber fight was an additional bummer!) The Starwars Galaxy always made sense in the OT and PT. It was a living breathing universe of thousands of worlds with its own "magical" elements like the Jedi but it made sense within its own rules. The different fractions reacted naturally and their power levels and influence were explained in the films themselves. The state of the galaxy was plausible and understandable! Both Sequel films completely fuck this up, by disregarding all other planets, fractions and systems apart from the planets our main characters visit. In addition apart from Canto Bight all of these planets are sort of isolated remote worlds which play no role in the greater galaxy. The new films follow the logic of a 5 year old kid. If you destroy the main system of the republic (2-3 planets in close proximity including the capital world, then magically the whole republic is destroyed. They even want to make us believe the Republic is so stupid to station the main part of its military force only in this one system?!?!) The Republic is a union of hundreds of star systems with thousands of worlds. Of course at any given point substantial parts of the Republic military are on all kinds of missions out in the galaxy and located on other spread out military bases. All these ships and sector fleets are still intact and alive after the Starkiller base attack. Still in TFA its is said that the republic fleet was destroyed - WTF - this can't be the case! In the opening crawl of TFA and also in General Hux speech before the Starkiller attack it is mentioned that the Republic government supports the "Resistance". This makes no sense without further elaboration (which is sadly not given in both films). If the Republic as the main military and ruling force in the galaxy supports the Resistance, then a resistance isn't even necessary. The Republic and the Republic military would solve the job themselves. What does the name "Resistance" even mean, what do they resist? The main ruling and military power is the Republic, did they resist both the Republic and the First Order in TFA? Then in TLJ the Resistance suddenly has a Mon Calamari cruiser and three smaller ships, but the Republic military still is nowhere to be seen. Where do these ships come from and why weren't they part of the Starkiller Base Attack? Also other fractions are nowhere to be seen -> the whole sprawling starwars galaxy is just completely disregarded and instead we follow this 4-ship Resistance "fleet" as it is hunted down and destroyed one by one till only 20 people survive. The only mention of a greater starwars galaxy is their emergency signal on Crait to alert potential allies in the outer rim but no one seems to answer.... The sequel trilogy is a trainwreck of a story! I really liked the new TFA JW score and the energy and playfullness especially with the returning TFA themes. I love Rose theme and the Canto bight source music. Also the Fathiers track is fantastic and reminds me of the TOD score.
  11. THE POST - FILM Thread

    No one knows that, he may even win one for the Post.
  12. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    Will order CE3K and probably Titanic today. I had a more than a month long delivery time for the Jurassic Box last year. The Austrian Postal service /customs were responsible and sadly ruined the christmas delivery. The box only arrived in January. Hope to have more luck this year!
  13. JWFAN's Favourite Fantasy Epic

    I'm judging the books/story only: Game of Thrones, because it was the best reading experience i ever had. The LotR books were like sleeping pills in comparison (and i still liked them very much).
  14. Johnny's Best Counterpoint Moments

    What you posted is sadly not this unreleased piece. It's a rearrangement of parts of the Padmes Funeral piece but it employs a full choir and misses at least one Imperial march counterpoint appearance and lacks the subtelty of the film piece. It's more a continuation of the "standard" funeral theme arrangement coming from TPM and playing during the Birth of Darth Vader in ROTS. In the film for Padmes Funeral the funeral theme is sung only by a women choir supported with subtle instrumentation and then the counterpoint with the Force Theme and the Imperial March starts and it gets purely instrumental.
  15. Favorite Harry Potter score?

    My favorite is PoA. Completely utterly fantastic score!!!