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  1. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    I agree that the original theme song was so much better.
  2. Motif or not, I love the fact that it got the Disco treatment. Great find!
  3. Williams donates all his scores to Juilliard

    Here's the original source with the full article: https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/John-Williams-to-Bequeath-Concert-and-Film-Scores-to-Juilliard-20180306
  4. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Not really news since the article is based on a quote from the KUSC interview which was mentioned here a couple of weeks ago.
  5. http://variety.com/2018/music/awards/oscar-concert-the-academy-nominated-composers-la-philharmonic-1202714371/ http://www.filmmusicsociety.org/news_events/features/2018/030118.html https://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/oscar-nominated-composers-embrace-their-rare-moment-on-stage-1.3824068
  6. https://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/the-wrap/article/Academy-Takes-Over-Disney-Hall-for-Spectacular-12719026.php https://www.myjournalcourier.com/news/article/Rare-concert-gives-Oscar-nominated-composers-an-12718076.php
  7. It is rare that I chose to listen to the OSTs.
  8. Do you own the OST album of Return of the Jedi?

    The ROTJ LP is not a bad selection, especially considering that the album is the result of Lucas' decision of not releasing Williams' originally planned 2LP.
  9. That might warrant an occasional listen. But it is very rare.
  10. I purchased all of them on vinyl at the time of their original release. They were really enjoyable back in the day since that was all we had, but nowadays I listen to all scores as complete and chronological as possible.
  11. I find it funny that the website redirects you to the itunes store forcing you to download the KUSC app to listen to the interview... Thanks Maurizio for posting the direct link to the MP3 file
  12. The third performance on Sep 2 has been added to the thread title.
  13. The two-hour interview is a must-listen to any fan of E.T. & CE3K, and to all JW fans in general. There's a lot of great insight and behind-the-scenes on the two scores and movies, including some stories which I had never heard of, or didn't know in detail. The full interview will be available tomorrow Wednesday, February 21, on Erik Wood's Cinematic Sound.