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  1. Titus' Behance page is really worth taking a look at! https://www.behance.net/jimtitus
  2. Ricard

    Dougie For Moderator 2019

    Thanks for the reports! The spammer was banned and all of his posts are gone.
  3. Indeed, Mehta recorded the suite in December '77, a few days before the Charles Gerhardt recording in London.
  4. Ricard

    Upcoming Films

    Charles Manson is in the trailer:
  5. Ricard

    Will you watch Bryan Singer's movies again?

    I think one thread about Bespin's obsession with paedophilia is more than enough.
  6. What a great find! I remember reading the news of JW's total retirement in newspapers and magazines back in '93. Funny how history repeats itself!
  7. Bespin, you don't know all the facts either. Those people you criticize already had a formed opinion about the MJ case, same as you. You dislike them because they don't share your opinion!
  8. Williams with pianist Yuja Wang and violinist Aleksey Igudesman, after the premiere of John Adams' new concerto conducted by Dudamel with Wang on piano.
  9. Backstage with Itzhak Perlman and Michael Tilson Thomas
  10. (Photos & videos by Daniel Cape) VIDEOS: John Williams conducts E.T., introduces Itzhak Perlman, conducts Schindler's List and The Imperial March (Vertical Video) 1_-_John_Williams_conducts_E.T..MOV 2_-_John_Williams_introduces_Itzhak_Perlman.MOV 3_-_John_Williams_conducts_Schindler's_List.MOV 4_-_John_Williams_conducts_The_Imperial_March.MOV INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: John Williams conducts E.T. Williams conducts Schindler's List
  11. It is correct, thanks!