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      For those who may not know, JWFan relies entirely on donations to keep running.  Donations pay for our server bills, as well as keeping our domain and Invision Powerboard fees.
      As an incentive to donate, I am offering a series of free CDS to anyone who donates over a certain amount!   Last time this was a modest success, where I raised $500 of our desired $1,000 and mailed out 3 free CDs to lucky JWFanners.  This time I'll be doing the raffling a littler different!   Our goal is $1000 once again, and I will have four tiers of free CDs you can win once again.  But this time, the more you donate, the more entries into each raffle you'll get!   Each $10 you donate gets your name put into the raffle mug once for the $10 pool, twice for the $20 pool, thrice for the $30 pool, and five times into the $50 pool.  Here is the list of CDs you can win - and I have more to add at a later time when I get a little more organized (I'll post what they are by Friday at the latest)   The $10 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you one ticket into this pool) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $250 donated Tyler Bates - God of War; Ascension (OST, La La Land Records) Danny Elfman - Planet of the Apes (OST, Sony) Danny Elfman - Taking Woodstock (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Identity Thief (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (OST) Michael Giacchino - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (OST, Varese Sarabande) Dave Holmes & Various - Ocean's 11 (OST, WB Records) Joel McNeely & Various - Hollywood '94 (Varese Sarabande) Joe Kraemer - Jack Reacher (OST, La La Land Records) John Williams - Born on the Fourth of July (OST, MCA Records)   The $20 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you two ticket into this pool, must donate at least $20 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $500 donated John Barry - First Love (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - The Challenge (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - In Harm's Way (2009 Intrada edition) Jerry Goldsmith - The Red Pony (Varese) Alan Silvestri - Dutch (La La Land) Shirley Walker - Willard (La La Land) John Williams - Family Plot (Varese Sarabande) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $30 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you three ticket into this pool, must donate at least $30 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $750 donated James Horner - Gorky Park (OOP Kritzerland Edition) James Newton Howard - Outbreak (2CD, Varese Deluxe Edition) Laurence Rosenthal - Clash of the Titans (2CD, Intrada) John Williams - The Fury (2CD, La La Land) John Williams - Jane Eyre (OOP, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $50 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you five ticket into this pool, must donate at least $50 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $1,000 donated Jerry Fielding - The Wild Bunch (3CD, FSM) Ira Newborn - The Naked Gun trilogy (3CD, La La Land) Shirley Walker and Various - Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 (4CD, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer     All shipping will be paid by me to anywhere in the world!   I will pull names from a hat for each pool, and you get to pick whatever CD set you want if I pull your name!   To be eligible, leave your JWFan username in the comments area of your donation.  If you want to donate but not be in the running for a free CD, mention that in the comment.   Use this link or the link on the mainpage.       Thank you!   Jason, Ricard, and Andreas.


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  1. I just found the original thread for this same topic, in which most of you already posted last November.... http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27879-jw-new-piece-for-yo-yo/
  2. Just in case anyone forgot, the new concert work was announced last November and mentioned here. The piece will be performed again at the Bernstein Centennial Celebration on August 25, with Williams conducting:
  3. Alex Ross on Williams' The Last Jedi

    Yes, it's been mentioned here and here. But it probably deserved its own thread, so thanks for posting it.
  4. Hey, they're great songs!
  5. The Official username change thread

    Rick -> Ricard
  6. The full concert including the 13-minute Escapades suite is currently being streamed by the CSO: https://csosoundsandstories.org/susanna-malkki-and-branford-marsalis/ Williams Escapades from Catch Me If You Can Branford Marsalis, alto saxophone Robert Kassinger, bass Cynthia Yeh, vibraphone CSO conducted by Susanna Mälkki
  7. The World Premiere of CE3K live to projection will take place in Brisbane, Australia on March 24: http://www.worldsciencefestival.com.au/program/events/close-encounters-third-kind-concert/
  8. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Mikkos review of the OST is now available on the main page: http://www.jwfan.com/?p=10413
  9. It's the press release for the album, which is also available on the main page.
  10. I don't see a contradiction there but I respect that you do, since this idea seems to be the foundation for your collecting and appreciation of film scores.
  11. Sure you can, because they're two different things. One refers to the preference for a more or less complete/chronological sequencing (subjective). The other refers to the idea that if someone prefers a shortened version of a score over its C&C presentation, they don't appreciate it as much as a whole. It's simple.
  12. It seems apparent to me that you don't want to accept that all this is happening on a subjective level, hence there may be people who prefer the C&C presentation over their OST counterpart. A film score is not just its main title, or a suite of themes, or its soundtrack album, or an expanded release. One may say "I love the Schindler's List score" but only listen and enjoy its main theme or a selection of cues. Well to me that's not appreciating the score in its entirety as a listening experience, that's all I'm saying. And as I said before there's nothing wrong with it, it's just a matter of preference and appreciation. BTW feel free to use words like "pedantic" or "fallacy" to try to discredit my opinion, but don't expect me to take yours seriously if you choose to do so.