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  1. Just a reminder that David Newman will conduct Jaws in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl next week (Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21): https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/events/performances/379/ Also on July 21, the National Symphony Orchestra will perform Jaws live to picture in Vienna (Virginia, US): https://www.wolftrap.org/tickets/calendar/performance/18filene/0721show18.aspx
  2. Yep. So much so that it's going to be posted as a review of the set for the main page. Even though I disagree on the sequencing and will post my detailed thoughts about it one of these days.
  3. Ricard

    Star Wars Concert Suites

    Not the only recording but probably the best. Personally I've always considered the RSNO's to be the go-to recording of the TPM suite -no need to include Main Title and Arrival at Naboo of course.
  4. Ricard

    Film music to work out to?

    Oh, Goldsmith... And some Barry: And Kamen: And more Conti:
  5. Ricard

    Film music to work out to?

    Rocky never disappoints:
  6. Ricard

    What is your go-to feel-good movie?

    Fixed. Best post about dubbing in the history of JWFan, so far.
  7. Here's Incanus' review of the album: http://www.jwfan.com/?p=10949
  8. No problems with Firefox here... The broadcast is over now anyway.
  9. Streaming right now... BTW Williams confirmed again that "Princess Leia's Theme" was his "first attempt" to write a love theme for Star Wars, "Han Solo and the Princess" being the second... So that makes "Across the Stars" his third attempt...
  10. Broadcast starts in a couple of hours! http://classicalwcrb.org/post/film-night-boston-pops#stream/0
  11. I think most informed people would agree with that.