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  1. I think a score needs repeated listening (in its complete/expanded form, if possible) AND the passage of time in order to be properly compared with an older work.
  2. A much more positive review from Soundtrack Dreams. http://www.soundtrackdreams.com/2017/12/soundtrack-review-star-wars-the-last-jedi-john-williams-2017/
  3. Wow I didn't know that! It is also MY favorite film of all time.
  4. Yeah but it's much more than a theme "that's been used in cartoons and stuff"! Yep, Acuarela do Brasil is the basis of Kamen's masterpiece
  5. Review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: http://www.post-gazette.com/ae/music/2017/12/13/Star-Wars-new-last-jedi-john-williams-soundtrack-music-film-score-review/stories/201712120107
  6. The comments on a similar video posted almost a month ago are even worse. Just a small sample:
  7. Williams talks THE POST (Video)

    The video has now its own thread so it can be seen by more people.
  8. THE POST - Score Thread

    The video was posted two days ago in the FYC thread but few people noticed it, so now it has its own thread.