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  1. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Be prepared for the cutting of the villain's song...
  2. Star Wars Suite (hopefully with TFA), Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, ET, Close Encounters... just a few of his best-known works.
  3. Second Tier 63 Seat 1, according to the receipt (I'm assuming 63 is the box number).
  4. Doesn't matter, I think you're automatically placed in the queue regardless. 149: within smelling distance!
  5. 184. (BTW, I logged in an hour and a half ago and it didn't trigger the waiting line but as soon as you go for the ticket options it puts you in the queue regardless)
  6. 471. Holding on to hope. The 1000 people before me can't all have been for this.