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  1. Gistech

    STAR WARS general thread

    General Grievous. This thread's shorter than I expected.
  2. Gistech

    Video Game Music

    I quite like these adaptations of the Kingdom Hearts music, they're quite powerful when they're arranged properly, outside of their usage in the games (which are shortened and looped).
  3. Well, we've given the fans the middle finger with the film itself, why not with the music too. (Don't get me wrong, I think Junkie XL is a decent composer at times, but I just don't hear 'speedy blue hedgehog' from any of his stuff)
  4. Gistech

    RIP Michel Legrand

    The tweet says 1924, but he was born in 1932. He was 86, same age as Williams is.
  5. How To Get Yourself Fired. Chapter 1. Seriously, though, did she not get the memo about them wanting a sequel for their film too?
  6. No, he played Albus Dumbledore. You're thinking of Christopher Lloyd.
  7. When you posted this, I thought it was a fake teaser. Alas, my initial skepticism was wrong. They already have a teaser for it?! Having said that, ignore the cast claims on this video - no cast has been officially confirmed.
  8. It's not a reboot. Reboot implies a new continuity. This is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2.
  9. I'm on the fence myself. On the one hand: it's as you said. On the other hand, Sony have done some things right this decade. The fact they've hired Reitman's son to do a film set in the original continuity - which is exactly what the last film should have been - is a little tantalising. And I know Dan Akroyd must be disappointed with how the 2016 film was received by audiences and would like to take another go at it. Just don't depend on Bill Murray turning up. I think he's fulfilled his contractual obligations at this point in time and he clearly never had an interest in Ghostbusters after the second one.
  10. Maybe. I'm probably not the only one though.
  11. The most recent post on the JWFan Facebook page. The headline implies he's just finished fully recovering from it.
  12. It's funny you should mention that... a couple of days back, I saw somebody named John Williams commenting on a LLL posting on Facebook 😂
  13. Absofrigginglutely! And for their inevitable home releases, and remasters! And cinema re-releases!
  14. I just read the Facebook post... so the illness which stopped him conducting in London last October has taken this long to recover from? Sounds far more serious than jet lag...