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  1. They wouldn't be running about: they both returned to the Source. We know that, at least, Neo did return to the Source in Revelations. A movie follow-up would still have to explain why they're not dead regardless. They wouldn't even have to go into the whole Biological Interface Program thing: they could just say that Neo and Trinity are trapped at the Source. They could have a brief moment at the start of the film which sparks the mission to bring them back. As for Smith: he's Neo's counter. If Neo's not dead, neither is Smith.
  2. The link Jay provided doesn't go right up to the story event featuring Trinity's fate. Here's the cliff's notes version: Neo and Trinity are the culmination of the Machines' 'Biological Interface Program' - their efforts to translate human DNA perfectly into machine code. As a result, both Neo and Trinity are part-program (which explains how Neo was able to jack in to the Matrix with no physical connection and his ability to directly interface with machines). The machines recovered Trinity's code from her body and for a time Trinity existed in a 'incomplete' state in the Matrix with no RSI. Ironically, it is Trinity returning to the source which truly reboots the Matrix - it seems they were both parts of a key to doing that.
  3. If they still consider the Matrix Online game canon (which is really the only way they can revive Trinity) then Smith survived... and assumed a 'new and more powerful' form that was never actually shown in the game prior to its shutdown.
  4. I just read that in Bob Iger's voice. Was that intentional?
  5. There's a little more to the story, it seems it might not be as much of a 'done thing' as it seems: https://variety.com/2019/film/news/spider-man-mcu-sony-disney-agreement-1203308069/
  6. Boycotts boycotting boycotts! I love it!
  7. Five minutes ago it was all 'boycott Disney'. Now it's 'Disney is the best, boycott Sony'. Fuck sakes, make up your minds, nerds! (Also, called the outrage!)
  8. Knowing the Wachowskis, it'll be a fourth film that requires a knowledge not only of the previous films but of the events of the old MMO game that got shut down a few years back. In that it's stated that Trinity and Neo didn't actually die, they merely became part of 'the Source'. It was all this complex plot about how Trinity and Neo were human interfaces with the machines, or something like that. They also had Smith return briefly threatening a new and more powerful form but that never came to anything.
  9. That's not what the articles are implying - they're basically suggesting that Marvel's involvement was worth their 5% stake but they wanted to increase both that stake and their involvement in the films and Sony refused. Whether there's any truth to that, we probably will never know. My big worry is that we wind up with a Spider-Man 3/TASM2 situation where they stuff the character up so badly another reboot is done. I'm hoping that's not the case. Sony did do Into The Spider-Verse all on their own and that film was probably one of the best if not the best Spider-Man film.
  10. I think that's the thing people forget: it's still Sony's name attached to the films, their logos in the openings and their financial gains. Obviously we don't know the exact details of how things worked for these films, but I have a feeling Disney's involvement may have involved going no further than making sure Spider-Man fit into the MCU and they wanted to take greater control. I guess the only thing left is for Disney to buy Sony now.
  11. In a move that will undoubtedly anger nerds everywhere, Sony has severed ties with Disney, taking back full control over Spider-Man. https://www.inverse.com/article/58654-spider-man-mcu-exit-confirmed-as-sony-and-marvel-end-agreement
  12. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (I doubt Keanu needs it though after all those successful John Wick films) TBH, I feel Revolutions was a pitiful way to end the story after the build-up of Reloaded, and the result wasn't just a detriment in its own right, but it made an ass out of Reloaded too. The franchise does deserve a better conclusion. Whether this will deliver that... it's too soon to tell given all we know is who's directing and who's confirmed to be reprising their roles.
  13. Make that 5 20th Century Fox franchises getting the reboot. Die Hard is getting one too. 20th Century Fox: "Come out to the coast, we'll reboot some franchises, have a few laughs".
  14. Episode III was the big 'this is the end' end credits suite but it didn't include everything. I'd expect it to include the film's new theme for sure, and a couple of pieces from the past. Maybe Anakin's Theme. Maybe the Emperor's theme, since he's the ultimate bad guy of this saga. I'd expect to hear Rey's theme in there too. I think he'll round it out with the tail end of the Throne Room Suite unlike the last two films. I'm assuming it's something from The Phantom Menace, likely Duel of the Fates. Or maybe it's the Emperor's Theme.
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