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  1. The new film might be a young Morpheus film.
  2. Fixed. Luke fits the bill more: he's practically uncorruptible, and he was able to guide torpedoes through a shaft without a targeting computer on his first try, without any training in the Force. Stark Trek? I know Thor was in the film, but I don't remember seeing any of the other Avengers.
  3. Confirmation of the speculation about it appearing at Celebration Orlando, then. Also:
  4. if it's following on from T2, can it truly be called a reboot? Isn't it just a 'selective sequel'?
  5. I personally think there's one of two ways they could go: If they want to stick rigidly to the first two films' stated events, Judgment Day will still happen on August 29, 1997. The movie will focus on the future war. If they want to honour the ideas presented in the first two films - the idea that we are becoming more machine-like and machines are becoming more like us, then the movie might have a completely different "Judgment Day", where the Future War did not happen as we were told it would. In fact, I've seen it suggested plenty of times that the alternate ending could actually be used as the basis: that Skynet has not taken over the world by force so much as we have allowed it in, and that it's there in a subtle way instead of an obvious way like the War scenario would have it. Genisys tried this idea but it would have just wound up as the Nuclear War. Genisys had some good ideas, but went about implementing them in completely the wrong fashion.
  7. Production is starting in May.
  8. Well, there are some gulliable sorts who do think that Life is a prequel, but they clearly fail to spot something when they read that article, and that something is that the whole Life being a Venom prequel thing? Having said that, I do think they're angling for Eddie Brock's version of the character. Especially given that's where the comics have ended up - back with the Eddie Brock version of the character.
  9. He did do that one film last year.
  10. So, it looks like they're going to angle for the Eddie Brock incarnation of Venom. And the writers of Life are enjoying pouring fuel onto the theory I posted about earlier about Life being a Venom prequel.
  11. If the Wachowskis had involved themselves they'd probably go for Giacchino if Don Davis ruled out coming out of retirement. But without them, I bet the studio uses Hans Zimmer or one of his factory-built underlings.
  12. I found this really interesting piece on DeviantArt of a guy who is building a 3D model of the refit Enterprise. Now, 3D models are of course a dime a dozen, so what's so interesting about this guy is that he's actually building the model as if it were a real version of the ship he were building. Girders, warp coils, tiniest details... What's so interesting about this is how it's scaled. He's made this using the bridge as the starting point. And it answers a key question about the scale of the Kelvin ships. There is no way that the Kelvin Enterprises are 725m in length. Look at the tiny guy there, on the left of the second deck of the saucer rim. That's the same scale as the guys working on the saucer in the end sequence of Beyond. And in that sequence, you can see that the saucer rim only has two decks. There are more decks in Beyond's Ent-A's neck, but that's because the neck is taller than the refit. About 8 or 9 decks compared to TMP's 6. So, there's one of two possible explanations: #1 - the scale for the TOS/TMP ships is way off to begin with. This is not likely at all as we can see that each deck aboard the Enterprise has roughly that amount of vertical room as shown in the linked diagram, though there is a spanner in the works when you consider just how small the shuttlebays on the Enterprise and Enterprise refit are. That could just be down to the set designers though. Could you imagine, if that is indeed the case, the same logic that was used to make the Kelvin Enterprise 72 metres in length was applied to the scale of the TOS Enterprise? I'm sure it'd wind up being a lot smaller than the 288 metres it is stated to be. #2 - The Kelvin timeline ships have their scaling completely wrong and they are in fact much closer to their Prime timeline counterparts in scale. I think #2 is most likely. The Enterprise would then sit at the originally-stated 367 metres. Still larger than the TOS and Refit Enterprises but definitely more consistent with the deck sizes.
  13. And gone are the days they put bits from the sessions into the games too. It's all OSTs or original music now. So if it's unreleased music you're looking for... you'll probably have to wait until Disney decides to do an expanded release.