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  1. Maybe... but why, though? Unless she plans on releasing it as a single first or something.
  2. Who knows? The film is 30 minutes longer and Favreau says that while it has the same basic story beats things unfold in a different manner. All I know is that it's attributed to Beyonce. I'm intrigued to know if He Lives In You and Mbube are new recordings or are just the Rhythm Of The Pride Lands versions.
  3. The soundtrack for the live-action remake of The Lion King is due out July 11 digitally and July 19 on CD. Unlike the 1994 OST, the soundtrack includes the music standalone as opposed to being arranged into suites. Not all track titles have been published yet. So far there appears to be two new songs in the form of whatever TBA is supposed to be, and "Never Too Late" which is probably the new end title song. I'm intrigued because this essentially quates to what The Legacy Collection set of the 1994 score has, at least in arrangement. It makes me curious to hear what exactly has been changed this time around. The film is reportedly 30 minutes longer and I highly doubt this is 'everything'. Also interesting is the aforementioned lack of suites - we all know Hans loves to have suites on his soundtracks.
  4. Sigourney Weaver says she is returning as Dana, and the others are all back too. https://parade.com/888940/maramovies/sigourney-weaver-career-highlights/ Reitman has only said they have been provided with the script.
  5. There's a guy who's been working on a pretty decent-looking animation for the past year. There was another animation but it looked quite 'jittery' by comparison and Shin won by firing his atomic beam straight into Legendary's mouth (after a beam battle)
  6. To be fair, for the most part I would have believed somebody telling me that Shin Godzilla was a practical effect (bar one shot at the end of the "Who Will Know" sequence). Apparently Hideaki Anno stated he wanted Shin to have the texture of a rubber suit instead of an actual animal, and oddly enough that sold the illusion more, I think.
  7. Ironic, given Shin Godzilla isn't on screen for a large portion of the movie and a lot of the movie deals with 'boring human drama' (the cornerstone of these films ever since 1954).
  8. I'm beginning to wonder if people expect these to be 'another Final Wars' and are disappointed when they're not.
  9. Footage from Godzilla Vs Kong was shown at CineEurope. Seems Warner Brothers has decided to hold firm with the March 2020 date. https://deadline.com/2019/06/warner-bros-godzilla-vs-kong-it2-joker-wonder-woman-lionsgate-rian-johnson-knives-out-studiocanal-cineeurope-1202633778/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. It'd be strange if that did happen. The Japanese Godzilla CDs are one thing but this is a score to a major Western movie (regardless of its Japanese roots). Has anybody approached WaterTower music with this to see if they are aware of the issue?
  11. Sounds like what I said is exactly what is going on.
  12. Looks like I was lucky enough to get the real deal, then. Thanks for the clarification. I am a little curious as to what's going on here, though. Is this Amazon going "welp, we haven't enough CDs to fulfil orders... better make some CD-Rs and hope that shuts them up"?
  13. The director did answer that, to an extent: they were the first civilization to come across Godzilla. It's specifically stated in a couple of places that Godzilla hails from the Permian era, at the very least, when the radiation levels allowed Godzilla to live on the surface.
  14. A thought came to me: could you imagine the pun track titles had Giacchino scored this? Ice Cold Betrayal Where Is Your Godzilla Now? Maddie At Mom Ghidorah Boston Things Up
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