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  1. Gistech

    Star Trek is better than everything

    Am I the only one thinking 'Discount Zachary Quinto'?
  2. Gistech

    The Complete Cue Lists Thread

    Benjamin Wallfisch - 2017 - IT Source: Recording Sessions Leak 1m01 Logos (0:42) 1m02 Piano (2:26) 1m02 Piano Original (Unused) (2:16) 1m03 Basement, Pt 1 (0:45) 1m04 Basement, Pt 2 (Unused) (0:19) 1m05 Basement, Pt 3 (0:43) 1m06 We Call Boats She (1:00) 1m07 Chasing Boat (1:03) 1m08A Can You Smell The Circus (3:16) 1m08B Georgie's Death (0:38) 1m09 Tunnel Title (0:37) 1m10 Aerial Barrens (0:37) 1m11 Lecture (0:30) 1m13 Curfew Sign (0:32) 1m13B Betty Ripsom's Mom (0:18) 1m14 Bullies (0:34) 1m16 Yearbook (0:55) 1m18 Garage Confrontation (0:43) 2m20 Mike Bikes to Derry (0:45) 2m21 Burning Hands (0:53) 2m22 Judith Painting (2:01) 2m23 Derry Children's Hour #1 (1:17) 2m24 Boys Bike to Town (0:27) 2m25-26 Headless Boy (2:54) 2m26A Ben Uneasy (0:20) 2m27 River Chase (2:11) 2m28 Betty's Shoe, Pt 1 (0:12) 2m29-30 Betty's Shoe, Pt 2 (1:34) 2m31 Hockstetter's Death (2:22) 2m32 Saving Ben (0:39) 3m34 Bill Loves Bev (0:34) 3m35 Clown Transition (0:17) 3m36A Creepy Dad (1:08) 3m36B Haircut (1:03) 3m37 Quarry Swim (1:30) 3m39 Scary Derry History (0:54) 3m40 Ben's Room (0:35) 3m42 Eddie Transition (0:26) 3m45 Hobo (2:10) 4m46 Postcard (0:41) 4m47 Hairball, Pt 1 (0:41) 4m48 Hairball, Pt 2 (0:19) 4m49 Hairball, Pt 3 (1:12) 4m50 What Blood (1:01) 4m51 Lights On (0:22) 4m52 Turtle (0:31) 4m53 Watery Basement (2:47) 4m56 Boys See Blood (0:54) 4m57B Ben Sees Postcard (0:41) 4m58 Bev & Bill Talk (0:42) 4m59 Seeing Clowns (0:21) 4m60 Rescuing Mike (1:04) 4m61 Ready to Rumble (0:30) 4m63 Victory (0:32) 5m65 Every 27 Years (0:44) 5m67 Mike's Story (2:08) 5m68 Garage (2:43) 5m69 Bill Bikes to Neibolt (1:03) 5m70 Speech (0:37) 5m71 Missing Poster (1:26) 5m72 Betty Ripsom (2:20) 5m72A Clown Room (2:12) 5m73 3 Doors Kitchen (1:14) 5m74 Attack (2:25) 6m76 Breakup (1:37) 6m79 Knife (1:04) 6m80 Derry Children's Hour #2 (1:16) 6m81 Henry Kills Dad (0:47) 6m82 Bev Attacked (3:01) 6m83 Bloody Message (0:54) 6m84-85 Bill Gathers Losers (2:29) 6m86 Henry Watches (0:48) 7m88 Into the Well (2:11) 7m89 The Tower (1:48) 7m92 Pennywise Dance (0:31) 7m93 Deadlights (1:01) 7m94 Fight (1:51) 7m95 Stanley Attacked (2:26) 7m96 Bill Chases Georgie (2:12) 7m97 Saving Beverly (2:08) 8m98 Bill Shoots Georgie (2:04) 8m99 Georgiewise (1:00) 8m100A Battle, Pt 1 (2:31) 8m100B Battle, Pt 2 (3:06) 8m101 Group Hug (1:42) 8m102-103 Blood Oath (3:14) 8m104 Kiss Long Version (1:03) 8m104 Kiss Short Version (0:53) 8m105 End Credit (2:06)
  3. I really hope that someday the score to these games are released.
  4. EU GDPR prevents me from seeing the article.
  5. Gistech

    Venom (2018 Sony movie)

    New trailer, villain is Riot. It's much more on point than I thought it would be. This is very much the Lethal Protector version of Venom.
  6. Gistech

    Godzilla: King of The Monsters - Bear McCreary

    Let's Hit The Rodan Ghidorah Out Of Here
  7. Gistech

    Godzilla: King of The Monsters - Bear McCreary

    https://www.slashfilm.com/bear-mccreary-will-compose-godzilla-king-of-the-monsters-score-incorporating-classic-themes-comic-con-2018/ He'll be incorporating a lot of the classic themes too. I'm assuming they'll get suitable adaptations.
  8. Gistech

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    I'm assuming it will be adapted and not quoted wholesale. It could work dependant on its use.
  9. Gistech

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    Yes, the Godzilla March is the 1954 theme.
  10. Gistech

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    Yeah, it was announced during the SDCC panel, I believe. They also confirmed the original Godzilla March will be returning.
  11. Gistech

    Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread

    I love that they kept the exact look of the monsters vague. The silhouettes look really faithful. Apparently the score will be by Bear McCreary.
  12. Gistech

    Star Trek is better than everything

    SDCC trailer for Discovery Season 2.
  13. Gistech

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    ... right, because people can't change and learn from their past behaviour. Or so says social media.
  14. Gistech

    Jerry Goldsmith THE MUMMY Intrada 2CD set!!!

    I'll have to wait a bit for this but I absolutely plan on getting both scores.