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  1. Yeah, what was up with that? It didn't feel like a Star Wars CD without the full end credits suite. Or the main title, but that wasn't in the film and I don't even know if they recorded their 'practice run'.
  2. Maybe he thinks that it's absolutely unneccesary for the disagreements to descend to a personal level, as indicated in his post? And maybe he enjoys seeing some level of constructive discussion as opposed to the flat-out bashing going on with some of these posts? Like such classics as "I fucking hate Gia fans" when somebody mentions that they think certain works from said composer are "amazing". That seems to shift from mere dislike for a work to apparent contempt for people who like his work. It's not necessary. It's uncalled for. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot: somebody said "I fucking hate Williams fans". If it's trolling, it's not obvious (and we know there are users on here who tend to post on the shitposty side of things a little) but it's gone from criticising a composer's work to bashing people who like those works.
  3. Especially on every thread about Giacchino's work. It's as if some people are actively trying to change the opinions of the people who like Giacchino's work.
  4. Asking Giacchino haters not to hate on Giacchino scores is like asking the sun not to burn.
  5. Since it's clear this is a shitposting thread, here's some shit.
  6. Oh, no. Don't be mistaken: I'm a Gia fan. I'm just patiently waiting for the bashers to come in. It's as inevitable as rain in a British summer.
  7. *waits patiently for the bounty to come in for this comment*
  8. I'd actually like to see how Don Davis would tackle a Star Wars score. His work on Jurassic Park III was actually quite good despite the lacklustre film (though obviously JW is much better at holding a medicore film up with music). And his work on the Matrix scores, which were a little unconventional at the time, still stand up for me as some of the best non-Williams work in the last twenty years. Howard Shore is also a decent choice but I'd hope he'd do it a little less choral than his LOTR scores. Gorby Haab... he's a good composer and all, but I think he should, for the moment, stick to doing the games.
  9. The funniest thing for me is that trusted media picked this story up, giving it credibility it clearly wasn't supposed to have.
  10. Apparently Hugh Jackman isn't Scar after all. http://www.thewrap.com/no-hugh-jackman-isnt-playing-scar-in-the-lion-king-remake/
  11. Nobody brings up Pete's Dragon for some reason on these lists. Then again, the 'remake' might as well be an all-new film because it is (thankfully) nothing like the original.
  12. Of course it's possible, but from what I've seen it didn't do Beauty And The Beast any favours (in my view) and I'm a little concerned that they'll do the same with the Lion King. The Lion King is clearly going to follow the original story closely, but I'd rather see them doing something more with it than a simple shot-for-shot remake. The Jungle Book wasn't a shot-for-shot remake of the animated film - in fact I'd say they decided to lean closer to the book in some ways than the original animated film did. I could certainly see this film using some new ideas and some ideas that didn't make the original film.
  13. It's completely pointless. You might as well be watching the original. Then again, Favreau didn't do that with Jungle Book so I'm hoping we won't get a shot-for-shot remake.
  14. Apparently a clip was shown at D23, and it was a shot-for-shot remake of the Circle of Life sequence, in particular where Rafiki presents Simba. Please tell me that they do more with this than a shot-for-shot remake. That was one of Beauty and the Beast's biggest issues in my book.