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  1. I quite liked it! And there were a couple of callbacks I thought were quite cleverly done: -The Falcon loses all the 'new pieces' during the Kessel Run. The one that I was expecting was for the Falcon to lose its dish while Han was flying it: it provided a nice symmetry of Lando's piloting the Falcon in ROTJ through a gap that knocks the dish off the Falcon. Much more appropriate callback than the one in TLJ. -The 'angry Han' at the end of the film mirrors Lando doing the same thing to Han in Empire. I also knew that 'closure' in the Falcon was an attachment of some kind of attachment that would be lost during the film.
  2. Yeah, I think the takeaway is that the Prequels sound really great, it's just the take choices and some bad editing that lets them down. The OT, particularly TESB and partly ROTJ, sound quite badly constructed.
  3. So TPM's a mixed bag: from a sound point of view these tracks do sound 'nice' and the new version certainly has less reverb applied to it, which I think helps it. On the other hand, there are some iffy edits and take choices. ROTS suffers from some iffy edits too. What's intriguing to me is that not all the tracks use the film mixes.
  4. The TPM reissue there was just a straight-up reissue, IIRC. This is a complete reassembly using the recording sessions.
  5. Oh, it starts going a bit more south once you hit track 14...
  6. Listen to Qui-Gon's Noble End, about 1:45.5. The OST cut out a small part of the flute there, while it's present on this new version.
  7. I think that was a combination of using a different take and then raising the volume of it. I've noticed that there are also a few microedits that were not replicated for TPM too.
  8. indeed. (The whole situation had me bemused because I thought Jay was being fairly amicable. I couldn't see any supposed arrogance in his replies. Let's just leave it there though) I think you're going to have fun picking apart Duel of the Fates. It all seems to be one take, for both choir and orchestra, with none of the OST edits to it replicated.
  9. Actually, yeah... I can agree with that. Augie's Great Municipal Band definitely needed to be louder with some of its elements - that timpani bang comes in out of nowhere.
  10. I'm not sure... it was recorded in several 'layers'. It definitely sounds different, like some of those elements weren't mixed in loud enough (also interesting is the choir is used entirely unlike the OST version but is perhaps mixed in too quietly). At the very least this release shows they had to have digitized the sessions. Now, please hand them over to MM and get him to work on these, because he would do wonders with them.
  11. I have heard them and I can agree with pretty much everything Jay has said. I'm a little confused by the take choice in some instances (though Duel of the Fates does indeed use what I would assume to be just one take, they also did not replicate some of the edits to the OST track, and some of those takes are quite clearly the same as the video game takes). It's also curious to see that not every ROTS track uses the film percussion: for instance, Enter Lord Vader and The Elevator Scene. (Quite curiously, there's a microedit in the original "Qui-Gon's Noble End" track that is not present on the new version - compare 1:46 of the new version of the old)
  12. Oh, yes. I'd love to see Fiedel return. It would be interesting to see how he 'modernizes' his sounds from the original films.
  13. Yes: this serves as a direct sequel to Terminator 2.
  14. The film has been pushed back to November next year, and the official title has been revealed to simply be Terminator. Source