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  1. I think it's fairly obvious Kylo and Hux were going to survive given Snoke ordered Hux to retrieve Kylo Ren before the destruction of the planet, but Phasma's survival was a bit more perplexing.
  2. Newer ones were often complete but not necessarily so, but that all depends on how you define 'complete'. The Lion King, for instance, wasn't complete on account of not having alternates or even one or two pieces as the film has them, but it hardly mattered because all the music was represented.
  3. Me personally, I'm hoping for The Fox And The Hound, and Aladdin (on top of Robin Hood). Pity some recent films are, well, too recent, for inclusion.
  4. Interesting reprisal of the old 60's theme... I'd bet this particular presentation plays at the start of the credits, like Courage's Theme in Star Trek.
  5. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Source: Sheet music leak 1m2 Main Title 1m3 The Arrival 1m4 Gas Leak 1m4a Droid Fight 1m5 Queen Amidala 1m6 The Droid Invasion 1m7 Introducing Jar Jar 1m8 Bubble World 1m9 Gone Fishin' 2m1 Darth Sidious 2m1a Tentacles 2m2 Theed Palace Arrival 2m3 You're Under Arrest 2m3a Escape from Naboo 2m4 Intro Darth Maul 2m5 Arrival at Tatooine 2m7 I'm A Pilot You Know 2m10 Stealing Food 2m11 Through The Slave Quarters 3m1 Running Out of Time 3m2 Are You A Jedi? 3m3 Watto's Deal 3m4 Kids at Play 3m5 It's Working 3m6 The Sith Spacecraft 3m8 Watto's Big Deal 3m9 Flag Parade 3m10 Start Your Engines 3m11 The Race Begins 4m2 Anakin Defeats Sebulba 4m3 Anakin's Great Victory 4m5 Anakin Is Free 4m6 Darth and Qui-Gon 4m7-8 Coruscant Arrival 4m9 Queen and Palpatine 5m1 High Council Meeting 5m2 The Senate 5m3 Anakin's Test 5m4-5 The Chosen One 5m6 More Nute And Rune 5m7 Moving Forward 5m8 The Gungans 5m9 Promoting Jar Jar 6m1 The Armies Face Off 6m1N The Armies Face Off 6M1 PT2 The Armies Face Off 6m1X Forest Mist 6m2 Lazer Fight 6m2 PT2 Lazer Fight 6m3 Take To Your Ships 6m3N Take To Your Ships 6m4 The Big Army 6m4a The Fight Begins 6m5 The Droid Battle 6m6 Up the Wire 6m7 The Great Duel 6m7 PT2 The Great Duel 6m8-9 Qui-Gon's Noble End 6m10 Blowups And The Death Of Darth Maul 6m11 NEW The End of Darth Maul 7m1 Afer The Victory 7m1 N-N After The Victory 7m1A Qui-Gon's Funeral 7m2 Joe/Randy 7m2 Joe/Randy 1 7m2 Source (Brass) 7m2 Source (Perc) 7m2 Source (Randy) 7m2 The Big Parade 7m3 End Credits 7m3 End Credits Insert 7m3 Throne Room Anakin's Theme Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 String Cluster Throne Room (End Credits)
  6. He recently released his Death Star and Scarif suits. Some very intersting references to the Prequels in there (including a section in the Death Star Suite that reprises the Droid Battle from TPM and a section in the Scarif Suite that references "The Falcon" from The Force Awakens.)
  7. A week or so ago, Gordy Haab posted the Rogue One: Scarif Suite to his Soundcloud:
  8. The Force Awakens

    I'd assume that she didn't see the film either.
  9. Yeah, because a composer's political views totally impact on their work.
  10. Something a bit better than the cop-out of The Lion Guard, at least.
  11. The Jungle Book wasn't completely CGI. But I think The Lion King will be. No reason to use any practical effects if there are no live actors. It has a lot to live up to, considering both the original film and the fact it will also be compared to the live-action Jungle Book. But they also have a golden opportunity to create their own continuity outside of the original film series (as much as I did enjoy Simba's Pride, let's not pretend it was anything more than average). Plus, they can actually delve a bit deeper into the story. While not everybody wants to know Scar's origin, for instance, the remake can delve a bit more into Scar's years as King.
  12. Release date confirmed as July 19, 2019, Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen are in final talks for the roles of Timon and Pumbaa., Beyonce 'top choice' for Nala.
  13. Interesting... With the eception of Beyond (which has yet to have a proper L2P), his previous Star Trek scores had L2P performances which preceeded expanded scores. Of course, this is Disney and they haven't even done the original film's score expanded yet, so it's unlikely that the trend will continue here.
  14. The next X-Men film is "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" and will release next year, along with Deadpool 2 and New Mutants.
  15. That was actually used by the "heavy" variant in TFA: