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  1. There's a rumour doing the rounds ATM that Michael Giacchino will be the composer of Godzilla Vs Kong. Don't know where that came from, but while I think he could do it well enough, it would be a pity to pass up Bear McCreary since he did some great work blending original material with classic themes in KOTM.
  2. I'll tell you what it was trying to say. "Empty your wallets into ours for the next 10 years, please."
  3. If you thought Thor 3 was a disaster, you'll think this one's a disaster too.
  4. I read recently that Lucasfilm wants to slow it down to make the movies less like Marvel movies. So what do they do? Hire the guy who makes Marvel movies.
  5. What was his concept? I've heard how there were some parts that wound up used in Disney's trilogy but apart from that, I've not heard anything else about it.
  6. I absolutely expect them to 'undo' the end of Endgame at some stage, perhaps when RDJ needs more money.
  7. Apparently KOTM has a unique sound mix: the centre channel omits almost all the music.
  8. Edward Furlong's role in Dark Fate is a small role: https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2478367/terminator-2s-edward-furlong-is-really-happy-to-return-for-dark-fate Genisys had nothing to do with Salvation anyway, but you made the right call regardless.
  9. Different footage including slightly more on the original Future War. I'm assuming this is the 'red band' version of the trailer:
  10. Different T-800. It's already confirmed to be R-rated.
  11. New Trailer Actually, it does look much better than it did when the first trailer dropped.
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