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  1. At the edge of the sheet music for that cue, written in pencil, is "Start at B12". The recording log matches up with what we have, which is about 1:53 of material, so it means the first eleven bars corresponding to the mockup were never recorded. If they had recorded that section they would have put it in the recording log. Interestingly enough, looking at the sheet music, there's two versions of Take To Your Ships recorded. The first version clearly had a variance in the trumpet (bar 8) that is circled, and the performance was modified so that instead of going from higher A to lower A it sticks at a sustain of the higher A. What's interesting is that the following cue had no such modification to it, yet The Big Army was recorded after the first version but before the second, revised version of Take To Your Ships. It suggests to me that there is a performance of The Big Army as originally written before the change to Take To Your Ships was made, and that the version we hear in the albums and video games is a podium change rather than a written change. This is slightly supported by the fact that the take present on the UE and OST has the suspended cymbal at the end, as originally written, while the version in the games, the one that is often used to cleanly close the cue out in edits, does not.
  2. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I think both Rowan Atkinson and Jeremy Irons spoke their song parts instead of actually singing.
  3. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    They hired people to specifically sing for the songs instead of using the original acts. In fact, adult Simba is sung by Joseph Williams.
  4. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Um... didn't Nala sing in Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Sure, it was only a verse, but it was Nala singing. No character had a solo song.
  5. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    I would expect it to be updated, and maybe some new material as well, but it definitely won't be the same score, given Zimmer 3ix a different composer when you compare him to 23 years ago. I'm just really surprised that he's not using Debney.
  6. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Full cast confirmed. Banzai and Ed are conspicuous in their absence, instead it seems Azizi and Kamari are taking their place so it seems the hyenas aren't going to be slapstick this time around. Beyonce playing Nala means that the previous news about her providing the score is likely true too, though given Favreau's love-in with Debney I wouldn't be surprised if Debney did some of the work.
  7. I have a feeling the unrecorded section of "The Great Duel" scored the Gungan retreat scene originally.
  8. I think "The Fight Begins" definitely goes after "The Big Army". It's interesting hearing these unrecorded passages, because the material in the final film could have been meant for these scenes. Maybe that's partly why the sixth reel is musically butchered: Lucas was constantly taking things out, only to put them back in later on after John Williams had finished scoring. He wanted music there, so he just chopped up what had been recorded. It's never going to happen, but I'd love for an official Phantom Menace set to have those missing passages, recorded by the LSO. It'd truly be every note written (which otherwise could never be true).
  9. Thought I'd give a new synth calliope sound a try with this one. It sounds really close to the one used in the miniseries. The piece itself was a bit of a rush job but the intent was to demo the calliope.
  10. Thanks for the feedback It was a fun piece to work on. I've done one or two other pieces from Tomb Raider as well (though not quite as extensive as the Remastered series) but this is definitely my favourite.
  11. The Chronological Film Score Thread

    IT -Benjamin Wallfisch (2017) Thanks go to Hybrid Soldier on for this. Every 27 Years (2:36) Paper Boat (1:55) Georgie, Meet Pennywise (3:38) Derry (0:20 to 1:02) Derry (1:41 to end) Derry (1:02 to 1:41) Shape Shifter (1:42) Derry (0:00 to 0:21) Egg Boy (2:44) River Chase (2:09) Hockstetter Attack (2:15) January Embers (0:00 to 0:25) Haircut (0:00 to 0:51) Beverly (1:20) Derry History (2:48) Come Join The Clown, Eds (1:20) Haircut (0:51 to end) Tentative Title: Bloodbath You'll Float Too (3:20) January Embers (0:25 to end) Tentative Title: Bill And Beverly Saving Mike (1:15) This Is Not A Dream (2:08) Slideshow (2:01) He Didn't Stutter Once (0:31 to end) Tentative title: To Niebolt Street He Didn't Stutter Once (0:00 to 0:31) 29 Neibolt Street (4:17) Time To Float (3:04) It's What It Wants (1:19) You'll Die If You Try (0:51 to end) You'll Die If You Try (0:00 to 0:51) Return To Neibolt (2:31) Into The Well (2:05) Pennywise's Tower (1:48) The Pennywise Dance (0:36) Deadlights (2:04) Searching For Stanley (2:28) Saving Beverly (3:36) Georgie Found (1:53) Transformation (0:58) Feed On Your Fear (2:34) Welcome To The Losers Club (3:05) Yellow Raincoat (1:43) Blood Oath (3:11) Kiss (0:54) Every 27 Years (Reprise) (2:07) Georgie's Theme (1:42) Apparently there was over 100 cues written for this score!
  12. Thought I'd give a stab at "The T-Rex" from the Tomb Raider Suite.
  13. Linda Hamilton will be in the new Terminator film.
  14. The Chronological Film Score Thread

    Is there a chronological list for It (2017) by Benjamin Wallfisch? And given that it's two discs, does it contain everything?
  15. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    The Circle of Life sequence shown at D23 was shot-for-shot according to those who saw it. It is of course possible that it won't entirely be shot-for-shot, but the fact that such a crucial sequence was is telling.