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  1. Don’t the themes counterpoint at the end of Jedi Steps and Finale and again in Peace and Purpose? Or am I misunderstanding? Seems pretty hard to miss
  2. I’m leaning towards that being an alternate version they included in the suite rather than being newly written for it. Still better to have than not.
  3. Seems like the suite track at the end is just material from elsewhere on the album edited together except for the very last bit. Anything else unique in there? I don’t think so
  4. I like Armada Battle, but I think it suffers in comparison to 2’s Battle of the Bewildebeast which was so propulsive and featured new developments of many of the themes, where a lot of the material in Armada Battle is better-orchestrated restatements of older material, which is a little disappointing to me. I love the new material in that track, but some of it feels redundant. I think Powell was probably playing to nostalgia a bit the way he did in Solo’s Reminiscence Therapy, except with his own material, but Armada Battle doesn’t have all the awesome transitional material that that track had that, to me, made it so exciting.
  5. Maybe “weakest” was the wrong language to use. It’s hard to criticize a score that is so good, but I think it has a few shortcomings that put it just a hair behind the other two - the unremarkable villain theme and the somewhat schizophrenic Armada Battle as the things that immediately come to mind. I’d put them all on the same level.
  6. Yeah, I agree it’s definitely the weakest of the three, but it’s still a 5 star effort. A lot of film composers never write a single score as good as this.
  7. Thank you for pointing that out. I didn’t have time to listen to the whole interview, but I was dying listening to that anecdote. Everyone here should listen to that part if they can.
  8. Williams’ original intentions for Lupin’s Transformation are honestly baffling to me. I find it much more musically interesting than what’s in the film, but it’s severely out of step with the horror and suspense of that scene. I’d love to know what he was thinking because it really, truly does not work for that scene. It’s so out of step that I’d just assumed it was an unused opening to Chasing Scabbers when listening to it on the album for many years.
  9. Jedi Steps and Finale Becoming a Geisha Sirius says Goodbye The Search for the Blue Fairy Jazz autographs
  10. Anyone got a track/timestamp for this Buckbeak’s Flight quote?
  11. PoA, heard complete, reminds me a bit of the experience of The Force Awakens, emphasizing less the long setpieces, instead relying on smaller cues to chart the development of its excellent themes. I think that makes it feel like a stronger emotional experience for me than the two preceding scores, and makes its emotional highs really stand out.
  12. Williams wrote it to play as it plays in the new album. That is the intended version. I love the new recording of Hedwig too, many small differences giving it a different flavor.
  13. If that’s truly the best available source, then I have no issue. I didn’t notice when I listened on my high end headphones, I will say.
  14. Now that my immediate freak out has been quelled, I think leaving it as is was the right choice.
  15. That makes a lot more sense. I am working and didn’t have the time to closely examine it. Never mind then 😅
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