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  1. The Austin Wintory Thread

    What a shame he wasn't chosen. The demos he wrote sound a little unrefined (though still excellent,) but they would have been masterful compared to the generic ambiance we got.
  2. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    I choose The Last Jedi, just for the haters
  3. I think The Last Jedi can be transcendent and not the best Star Wars score. They’re not mutually exclusive.
  4. Williams has zero chance of winning even if we all prefer TLJ (or if we don’t, as for some.)
  5. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    “The Meeting with Mao” is an incredible cue. I’d not say it’s mood music.
  6. It doesn’t offend me that people dislike the score. I think that is a valid opinion. What I find fucking infuriating is the people who feel the need to come into every thread and denigrate not just the score but also the people who like it, that there is no explanation that they like it except that they have no taste or they are in denial. Everyone is entitled to like or dislike the score. Piss off with that absolutist bullshit.
  7. Maybe we can make a bot that will auto-comment "The Last Jedi score is bad" when someone bumps one of these threads so the same usual suspects who feel the need to chime in about how bad the score is every single time these threads get bumped can save themselves a lot of time.
  8. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    Wow, what a shock. Such a promising voice in film scoring gone too soon. Think that explains the recent strangeness with his projects. RIP
  9. I enjoyed The Cloverfield Paradox because it did not act like it thought it was a visionary masterpiece, the precise reason I despised those two films.
  10. I would encourage everyone here to listen to the score on album if they haven’t. I think it’s a vastly superior score to 10 Cloverfield Lane, and that’s not a knock on that score. This features some of McCreary’s best writing yet. Just listen to the track “A Message for Ava.” Absolutely beautiful melodic work and great use of choir. That whole melody is one of his best character themes. I will be remembering this score at the end of the year.
  11. I think we as an audience are supposed to make the association between Snoke and the Emperor as similar figures, since so much of the film is about the characters recognizing the cycles they (and the series at large) are trapped in and trying to escape from those cycles. Williams was simply supporting that idea. It's really not that hard to draw the connection. You can debate whether or not that is successful, but the intent seems pretty clear to me.
  12. I actually really like the quote of the Emperor’s theme. I think we can acknowledge it’s there and still appreciate it’s use in the context. The Battle of the Heroes quote is tenuous and debatable. The Emperor quote is not, but it is a plus for the score because it’s a really cool rendition of the theme. Acknowledging the quote is not inherently negative. I love The Last Jedi score.
  13. It’s really not hard to call. If you notice it in the film, it is certainly the Emperor’s theme. No ambiguity about it. Of course, everyone found it odd, but that is certainly what it is