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  1. I could listen to hours of this stuff. Hell, I'd listen to a weekly MM podcast where he simply describes what he worked on that week. It's all fascinating to me.
  2. MrJosh

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    No it's (the) ray's theme, the laser beam released from Starkiller base.
  3. It's very obvious...large soundtrack collection...knows about the 34 alternate versions of Destruction of Krypton....It's Joseph Williams.Thanks for Dexter's Diner, man! I'm very excited to listen to this remastered Superman: The Movie. I haven't listened to any samples...I'll just do a straight through listen...can't wait!
  4. On the alternate, the Celeste has an added left hand part playing under the melody in the right hand, and the super-quick violin part is actually different and comes in at a different point in the opening.
  5. Oh, I was clearly distracted. I'll go check out that extended ending.
  6. I had a blast listening to this. I waited until I listened to Schindler's List, all 3 Potter's and then saved this for desert. It's super fun, and I really enjoy the balance between the orchestra and electronics in this score. What is alternate about the Snow Business (alternate)? Is it just that the horn doesn't frack a note in this take? BTW, love the JohnBarry-ness of that queue. David Arnold does John Barry better than John Barry does. Casino is my favorite piece of David Arnold Bond source music. Love the melody on the flute's low register.
  7. yeah I think it totally does, in that low harp part
  8. The Executioner from PoA is such a cool little cue. Love the low harp, drums and contrabassoon. John Williams puts such interesting and subtle detail into even the smallest cue.
  9. I have listened through Chamber of Secrets. It was a great experience! The sound quality is fantastic. Mike's liner notes talking about the mixture of the familiar with the unfamiliar helped me listen to it with a new perspective. I love all statements of Dobby's theme, the Chamber theme, and Fawkes. I love the brass and action writing in The Spiders Attack and Dueling the Basilisk. Hearing 'Harry is a Parselmouth' was so cool to me! As were the alternates! I love the alt ending to Petrified Colin and the Car Drives Off (Alternate)! Oh, and the TV commercial tracks at the end are awesome!
  10. I love the fanfare for the centaur creature in The Dark Forest. Sounds like it could find a home in TPM.
  11. That would be my guess. It's a funny little thing to hear on the end of it, but kind of cool at the same time.
  12. Is the little bit of celesta trill at the end of 'Hogwarts Forever (vocal version)' actually part of that recording, or is that an extra bit of wild celesta added to the end?
  13. I just got to this track and had to do a double-take! Some years back, I made an edit of the score using the sessions and this cue wasn't there. I created a mock-up of it (though yeah, it's a reworking of one of my favorite SS cues) and thought it wasn't ever recorded. It came on and it was such a nice surprise and delight to hear! It's like my poor-sounding mock-up was brought to life. It's a gem, I'm really glad it was recorded!
  14. I started reading on the forums at the time when TPM Super-Ultimate Edition editing was the rage. I had a blast following Elvisjones' guide and trying to track down all the tracks. Took me forever to figure out how to get that like 5 seconds of "hit the nose" out of some random Episode I CD-Rom.