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  1. I love hearing the first runs of the Main Title with the stage chatter and the cellos coming in early the first time.
  2. I apologise is this was made clear in previous posts, but is it settled which TESB tracks should be deleted from this release since they sound awful? From what I've read, it sounds like: Asteroid Field Battle in the Snow Hyperspace Are the rest of the tracks sounding great or did I miss any?
  3. I will certainly buy it. I kind of wish it were remastered, not because I think the OST sounds bad, but just think about a super-remastered Hymn to the Fallen. Now hear all the keys on the woodwind instruments click with spectacular clarity during the woodwind soli, and hear the brass players breathe in unison during the brass soli in a way never heard before! The real reason I will buy it is that I never got around to buying the OST. One day I bought a copy on eBay but when I went to import it, it turned out to be a CD of Christian music but with a Saving Private Ryan logo pressed onto the disc. Wtf.
  4. MrJosh

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    I'll be at the Star Wars performance in Boise, ID in September.
  5. I wish to find this and read it.
  6. That article is fantastic.
  7. MrJosh

    John Williams At The Movies (Dallas Winds)

    I really enjoyed listening through this. LOVED Christopher's playing in the Lincoln track, what a beautiful trumpet sound. I liked hearing band versions of The Cowboys Overture, CE3K, and Harry Potter.
  8. That's one thing the M:I theme doesn't need. That's a good way to describe it. This is the 2nd most disappointing scoring assignment choice in recent years for me (right after David Arnold not being asked to score ID4 2). I really enjoyed Kraemer's score for the last one and I loved that he used the Puccini melody twice in the score for moments between Ethan and Ilsa, really liked his treatment of Lalo's themes.
  9. Just listened through the CD. As others have said, the clarity of the music is amazing. It was a joy to listen to. The overall soundstage, instrument clarity/ detail, sounds wonderful. The horns sound more like horns, the strings sound more like strings, the snozberries taste like snozzberries... I've listened to the old release about 7 times maybe, but this was like hearing it all for the first time. I love the energy in the fast-paced queues. I love the feel of the bass drum in a couple tracks, love the beauty of the Vivaldi arrangement, and I really enjoy the percussion and low instrumentation in 'The Execution.' My appreciation for this score has grown considerably thanks to this release. And I'm so impressed with what Mike M was able to accomplish with this re-mastering.
  10. MrJosh

    John Williams At The Movies (Dallas Winds)

    Oh dear, I was planning to pick this up. I'm interested to hear these arrangements.
  11. How was meeting David Arnold?
  12. Gilligan's Island: The John Williams Collection Playhouse 90: The John Williams Collection Oliver Stone: The John Williams Collection Because They're Young I Passed For White
  13. MrJosh

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I really need to listen to this. I watched the film a few times when I was young. Never had the soundtrack, bought the expanded release and it's in the shrink wrap still... (I know, shame on me). I shall make myself listen to it this week! Alien 3 Elliot Goldenthal (4th time listening to the LLL release) Still can't believe this was finally released in complete form. I love so much of it. It's a work of art. I love the layers of texture, distorted samples over orchestra. I love the opening track of Disc 2, love the high horns, the low brass and the minimalist patterns in the high strings. I love the ending of 'Candles in the Wind.' Ivanhoe Miklos Rozsa Quo Vadis Miklos Rozsa Loved them both
  14. MrJosh

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    I've been listening to JoaquĆ­n Rodrigo lately. Really enjoyed this lovely concerto.
  15. MrJosh

    The Reivers

    I definitely want to hear the 1990 CD now and compare.