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  1. Ordered, 186473. Wow, I just listened to the first sample and yes...sounds fantastic! Separation of instruments is great, has a real punch to it, wonderful clarity and as others have said, the 'space' sounds much better. Sounds more like I'm in a room with an orchestra in front of me.
  2. I think that's my favorite statement of that motif. It really is awesome!
  3. Ah yeah, definitely makes more sense to be something closer to when it was recorded!
  4. I usually listen straight through a score (not all in one sitting, but with interruptions often) rather than any track on repeat, but there have been some exceptions: -Jango Fett Fight -Battle of Hoth -Quidditch Match (HP1) -Journey to the Island -Rey's Theme -John Goldfarb Main Titles (just kidding)
  5. Very excited for this! I love the way this score flows in complete form. Sean's Theme has always been one of Williams' most beautiful and haunting melodies for me and I enjoy the low brooding sounds of this score. I wonder if there were any thoughts to try and stick the Dreamworks Logo onto this release...I hope that a future release of some sort can have that logo music added on. It would be cool to have it without the splash sfx.
  6. Hear me out on this one...the trailer composers are clearly giving us a hint about the film by blatantly quoting the TriStar Pictures logo theme at the end. TriStar...Tri...Star, Three Starkillers. There will be 3 Starkiller bases in this film.
  7. I just purchased the CD from Mr. Hooten's website. Excited to give it a listen.
  8. I have no fatigues. I love music and I want some more.
  9. I just listened to that unearthed Fortress of Solitude alternate...WOW. It's so different, it's fascinating! I need to listen to it 3 more times when I get home.
  10. I listened to the first 3 tracks last night, I think it sounds superb! The harp and bells sparkle, the percussion and low piano in track 2 have such weight and presence, feels like it's in the room with me. The strings have a real warmth and there's definitely more detail and separation. Excellent sound quality, very excited to listen to the rest later.
  11. It was hard leaving home this morning, knowing that mine comes in the mail today, excited get back to my fortress of solitude and take a listen.
  12. I could listen to hours of this stuff. Hell, I'd listen to a weekly MM podcast where he simply describes what he worked on that week. It's all fascinating to me.
  13. No it's (the) ray's theme, the laser beam released from Starkiller base.
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