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  1. Hear me out on this one...the trailer composers are clearly giving us a hint about the film by blatantly quoting the TriStar Pictures logo theme at the end. TriStar...Tri...Star, Three Starkillers. There will be 3 Starkiller bases in this film.
  2. I just purchased the CD from Mr. Hooten's website. Excited to give it a listen.
  3. I have no fatigues. I love music and I want some more.
  4. I just listened to that unearthed Fortress of Solitude alternate...WOW. It's so different, it's fascinating! I need to listen to it 3 more times when I get home.
  5. I listened to the first 3 tracks last night, I think it sounds superb! The harp and bells sparkle, the percussion and low piano in track 2 have such weight and presence, feels like it's in the room with me. The strings have a real warmth and there's definitely more detail and separation. Excellent sound quality, very excited to listen to the rest later.
  6. It was hard leaving home this morning, knowing that mine comes in the mail today, excited get back to my fortress of solitude and take a listen.
  7. I could listen to hours of this stuff. Hell, I'd listen to a weekly MM podcast where he simply describes what he worked on that week. It's all fascinating to me.
  8. It's very obvious...large soundtrack collection...knows about the 34 alternate versions of Destruction of Krypton....It's Joseph Williams.Thanks for Dexter's Diner, man! I'm very excited to listen to this remastered Superman: The Movie. I haven't listened to any samples...I'll just do a straight through listen...can't wait!
  9. On the alternate, the Celeste has an added left hand part playing under the melody in the right hand, and the super-quick violin part is actually different and comes in at a different point in the opening.
  10. I had a blast listening to this. I waited until I listened to Schindler's List, all 3 Potter's and then saved this for desert. It's super fun, and I really enjoy the balance between the orchestra and electronics in this score. What is alternate about the Snow Business (alternate)? Is it just that the horn doesn't frack a note in this take? BTW, love the JohnBarry-ness of that queue. David Arnold does John Barry better than John Barry does. Casino is my favorite piece of David Arnold Bond source music. Love the melody on the flute's low register.
  11. yeah I think it totally does, in that low harp part
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