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  1. Do you like Subway?

  2. The Official Intrada Thread

    Correct and I wouldn’t label Mulan as an action masterpiece. And I don’t think the original composer, Rachel Portman recorded anything, I believe she had to drop out due to a pregnancy. I think she had a different set of song writers though, maybe they wrote something. That would be another reason to include a 3rd Disc.
  3. The Official Intrada Thread

    I doubt it’s Mulan, unless they preserve the original album release. The entire score, songs plus alternates would only need 2 discs.
  4. Do you like Subway?

    The only fast food I do on a regular basis is once a week at Whataburger. I allow a cheat day for myself once a week.
  5. The Official Intrada Thread

    Poledouris wrote a good score but I wouldn’t call it an action packed masterpiece. But if goes the Zimmer route, I wouldn’t call any of his potential titles as action packed masterpieces either, but then I don’t know how Doug Fake or Roger Feigelson view Zimmer’s work.
  6. The Official Intrada Thread

    Makes it sound like it’s something most people might guess right away.
  7. The Official Intrada Thread

    Most older Disney films ran around 90 to 100 minutes, I can’t recall one that was really long. But then again, if the movie had a rejected score or underwent massive changes, or perhaps there has already been an album release that will included, who knows.
  8. The Official Intrada Thread

    I’m calling it, it’s a Star Wars score! Otherwise I’m stumped too.
  9. the mstrox thread

    “Monsieur Neary, I envy you."
  10. the mstrox thread

    Because the state of Texas panics at the slightest chance of ice and snow. Howver I do agree with the decisions to close. And if you had to drive in poor weather conditions with some of these idiots, you would understand why.
  11. the mstrox thread

    Snow day today, although we got nothin. Damn weatherman!
  12. The Official Intrada Thread

    Maybe it’s a Star Wars score. 😉😄
  13. The Official Intrada Thread

    I don’t think Mulan would take up 3 discs. Are you sure Intrada cant release it?