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  1. I guess the first run batch were all regular CDs and once amazon sold out of those they started up with CDRs on demand.
  2. is there a setting I’m missing? Because I get the entire picture in my feed.
  3. I wish Twitter had a NSFW viewing function. Some members of the film score community have some very interesting things they love to look at and retweet.......
  4. My late Mother-in-law bought me a game cube and the Godzilla game for it when it first came out. I still have both.
  5. I listen to film music the way I would contemporary / classical music. I don’t need to associate it with the images on screen. I don’t even worry if I ever the see film or not.
  6. Great, fun and entertaining film that suffers from some sub-par VSFX, but then quite a few major films from the summer of 89 had poor visual effects. Elfman’s score may only be second to Williams Superman as far as superhero scores go. It manages to keep a dark tone to it and have fun at the same time, something Nolan’s Batman films could have learned from.
  7. There’s some speculation over at FSM that they may have found Bernstein’s Hallelujah Trail. I could think of a few others, Laurence Of Arabia, Mysterious Island, In Harm’s Way (again), It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World or Zulu. granted several of those composers weren’t on Roger’s list of artists the had upcoming titles coming from he posted earlier this year but things change. A Shot In The Dark?
  8. I’m more interested in this quote from Doug Fake.
  9. Interesting read. I have my misgivings about the score but it’s obvious he respects the material. And it’s also neat he tried using Desplat’s theme in early demos. http://www.bearmccreary.com/
  10. I miss the THX logos. i saw Jurassic Park in DTS and it blew the roof off, if you pardon the expression.
  11. Might as well just listen to Ifukube and Koseki’s original compositions.
  12. Meh, Trek belongs on the small screen. It’s best suited for TV.
  13. I’d say the 54, 84 and Shin count. He was destroying everything thing in his path.
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