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  1. Oh I wasn’t interpreting your comments as disrespectful. Given how crappy his first two DC films were, I can’t imagine his JL version being any better and apparently neither did his bosses. But part of me feels bad for him.
  2. The best suggestion I saw was Hour of the Gun. Our own Yavar.
  3. I’ve seen them all but those are my favorites.
  4. True, but the father in me couldn’t imagine losing a child. But you’re right.
  5. My faves, in no particular order; OHMSS Goldfinger Thunderball Casino Royale Goldeneye - music ruins / keeps it from being perfect though The World Is Not Enough License To Kill From Russia With Love A View To A Kill Live and Let Die For Your Eyes Only - minus the dumb pre credit sequence
  6. I really hate to criticize Snyder on this one due to what happened to him away from the film, but the fact they did more reshoots as opposed to Whedon just coming in to wrap up the film and nurse it through post production speaks volumes.
  7. I’m not even wasting my time with the Lion King, my kids managed to make me sick and tired of the original release back in the 90’s so no need to torment myself. I’m not musically educated enough to give you a detailed explanation but for one, I actually enjoyed hearing a good theme for Batman. I found it fun to listen to, compared to the generic sounding editions from the previous Snyder films. Elfman’s themes are far more catchier than the previous ones as well.
  8. My wife wanted to watch Justice League..... I’d seen bits and pieces to know how bad it was. What an awful, shoddy, half assed production. The Snyder “cut” must be absolute shit. Elfman’s score is the only positive thing, while not as good his Ultron material, it’s still enjoyable to listen to away from the film.
  9. Several decades would imply the 80’s / 90’s to me. But I forgot, I linked a quote a few pages back where Doug Fake mentioned it was from the 60’s.
  10. I’m curious about the one from several decades ago that was a re-recording but now the original tracks have been found.
  11. 22 days and counting till the season begins. Well college football does bring in a lot of money.
  12. 7 days and counting until the season starts.
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