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  1. Marc


    Absolutely ! That was THE pivotal moment. Bye bye Jimmy, and welcome...
  2. Oh and of course that chord at 6:53 !! That has to be of the best ever
  3. Some of my favorite JW chords are those on the horns here at 1:44 ! So majestic and ominous 😃
  4. Marc

    Vienna Instruments Program

    This should answer your question
  5. Brilliant Danny Elfman cue !
  6. Hey guys ! I teamed up with my good friend @Martyprod to create this album of Piano/Horn/Trumpet covers ( and more ) It's called 1M1 and it's available everywhere : http://hyperurl.co/1m1 And if you want to know more about it here's the official website : https://1m1.didiermartini.com/ Oh and the whole album is also available on Youtube, with a cool video for each track Here are some of the JW ones :
  7. Something different
  8. I got teary-eyed while recording this ! Truly spectacular score by Harry Gregon-Williams
  9. Fantastic cue composed by Mr Zimmer & Powell
  10. Marc

    Video Game Music

    I have just released a new FF medley ! I'm especially excited about that one, had a lot of fun working on those visuals
  11. Same here... not sure at all what that "position in the queue" really means !
  12. Just go here : https://tickets.royalalberthall.com/ch/?return=%2F You are currently position 996 in the queue.