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  1. Something different
  2. I got teary-eyed while recording this ! Truly spectacular score by Harry Gregon-Williams
  3. Fantastic cue composed by Mr Zimmer & Powell
  4. Marc

    Video Game Music

    I have just released a new FF medley ! I'm especially excited about that one, had a lot of fun working on those visuals
  5. Same here... not sure at all what that "position in the queue" really means !
  6. Just go here : https://tickets.royalalberthall.com/ch/?return=%2F You are currently position 996 in the queue.
  7. Actually I've always wanted to try out something like this ever since VSL's MIR came out ! ( I remember that one cost an arm at the time...) Will have to try VSS, and I just saw MIR now also has a demo version ! Looks like I'll give them both a try then Also, I'll add my JW covers to this thread
  8. Pics from a friend who had the pleasure of recording VII and VIII
  9. So we can only assume he thought the original version wasn't (not sure what the correct term would be) "intense" enough? Or "emotional" enough ? I got used to that insert with time but I still prefer the original version
  10. Thanks man ! This must have been discussed here already but... do we know how that fix insert came to happen ? Like what Steven told JW when he wanted those 4 bars re-scored ?
  11. JFK hands down, just for the Arlington cue alone !
  12. Here's one of the fantastic actions cues from JNH's Treasure Planet !