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  1. Just released a horn cover of 7m3, 7m4, 7m5, 7m6 and 7m6A from HP3 ! All thanks to this wonderful boxset
  2. Here's my horn cover of 15m3 "The Lost Boys", which as you know was partly replaced by "You Are the Pan" in the movie. It really gives the scene a totally different vibe !
  3. Great cue by Harry Gregson-Williams ! Horn solos rarely go that high ^^
  4. All of these solos were performed by legendary horn player James Thatcher, who's actually part of the facebook group I originally posted these in ! And here's the comment he made about the JFK one The original part :
  5. Thought some of you guys could enjoy these
  6. This may have been discussed in here already but I just realized something by studying the handwritten full score... So right after the Throne Room sequence ends we hear the Main Title's theme played by the horns, but I just saw it actually wasn't what JW originally wrote ! It looked like this : And a 9-bar insert was created to add the Main Theme : I find it interesting that JW's first take on it didn't include that Main Theme ! Knowing that it was used for every episode afterwards ( played by the trombones in V and VI ) and has become so iconic ! Couldn't imagine any SW movie not having it when the "Written and directed by GEORGE LUCAS" appears
  7. Toy Planes, Home And Hearth is such a gorgeous piece... When the horns enter at 0:58 and are joined by the choir at 1:17, oh man the goosebumps
  8. Sure, many things in these score seem reminiscent of other scores such as Far & Away and Amistad ( sometimes it also reminds me of Seven Years In Tibet ) and the movie itself might not be the best movie ever.. Yet, I actually really like this score ! Especially some of the slow cues which I find really poignant, plus all of those gorgeous horn moments of course This one for example :
  9. Listened to this score this morning...and I still love everything about it ! The choirs, the guitar, the harmonica, the horn solos Just read this great article about the score and John Singleton (RIP) https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2019/04/30/john-singleton-rosewood/
  10. Oh I know that one of course ! I meant it'd be cool to see like an hour-long or so video of him today, playing anything he wants
  11. He could even record it in an hour ! Just a simple video of him playing anything he wants and I'd be in heaven
  12. That actually gave me goosebumps ^^
  13. Such fantastic horn parts in this cue ! (3:30)
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