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  1. Those 2 bars from Harry's Wondrous World, absolute magic
  2. Last news I had was also on the 18th, it was still in Paris and I got it today ( I live 200km north from Paris )
  3. "Piste" means "Track" in french 😉 And yeah, 7 times the same weird sequencing !! Just emailed LLL and messaged them on FB as well..
  4. OK so I just received my box, opened it and started reading one of the booklets, looks wonderful and all ! Then I play the first CD and... it only has 9 tracks, with one being 28 minutes-long !! So I listen to it, sounds like it is CD1 but with an extremely weird sequencing, and tracks 8 and 9 not working properly.. I then try the 2nd one, and... it has the exact same thing 😶 I then try CD3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ...guess what 😯 I got 7 CDs of this : Gonna email LLL right way about it, but did this happen to anyone else here ?
  5. Made a sheet music video for the 1st Part of the tribute
  6. And here's the isolated Horn/Trumpet track :
  7. One of my favorite JW cues ! Never easy recording brass while getting huge goosebumps and teary-eyed ^^
  8. Marc


    Absolutely ! That was THE pivotal moment. Bye bye Jimmy, and welcome...
  9. Oh and of course that chord at 6:53 !! That has to be of the best ever
  10. Some of my favorite JW chords are those on the horns here at 1:44 ! So majestic and ominous 😃