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  1. Marc

    War Horse MUSIC Discussion Thread

    Thank you ! It is also one of my favorite JW cues...such delicate writing, so subtle and moving ! An absolute delight to play and to listen to
  2. Marc

    War Horse MUSIC Discussion Thread

    Thanks ! Yeah I've rarely played that many high D's in a piece before ^^
  3. Marc

    War Horse MUSIC Discussion Thread

    Couldn't resist playing that exquisite piano solo from the last cue on the horn
  4. Hedwig's Theme sounds wonderful !! This is gonna be one amazing album.. A friend of mine actually did something quite similar a few years ago, turning Rey's Theme into a violon concerto movement :
  5. Here are several cues from BTTF2 ! Back to Back / It's Your Kids, Main Title, Hoverboard Chase, He's Gone, Western Union & I'm Back / End Logo As usual I transcribed and re-recorded all of the horn/trumpet parts and also had some fun with a few others
  6. I just love it when chords are unpredictable in a song.. And there's that awesome chord progression in the chorus where it goes from an Eb to an A7b9, which is absolutely delightful !
  7. Thanks man ! To be honest, I think Let It Go is the worst song of the whole score.. While this one is absolutely gorgeous ! Those melodies, the chords, the arrangement..I just love it 😃
  8. A couple of new ones :
  9. I wasn't sure how to call this thread but I was wondering what your family thinks of JW ? Do they love his music as much as we do or to the contrary do they not care about it at all ? Reason I'm asking this is because my 5 year-old niece gave me this, saying " here's a drawing I made just for you, it's John Williams conducting Harry Potter music !!" 😊 I guess I'm doing a good job as an uncle 😃
  10. Those 2 bars from Harry's Wondrous World, absolute magic
  11. Last news I had was also on the 18th, it was still in Paris and I got it today ( I live 200km north from Paris )