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  1. Hey guys ! As you might remember a few years ago I released several French Horn Medleys of JW cues. Back then my audio mixing and video editing skills were quite limited, and listening back to the whole thing I felt it would definitely benefit from a little "update" ! So I am now in the process of remixing and remastering the entire Tribute ( that is 5 parts, totalling 1 hour of music ) I will be doing a brand new video for each part, which will feature a brand new audio mix, all of the corresponding movie scenes and sheet music synchronized to the piece Part 1: Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4: Part 5:
  2. Made a sheet music video for the 1st Part of the tribute
  3. And here's the isolated Horn/Trumpet track :
  4. One of my favorite JW cues ! Never easy recording brass while getting huge goosebumps and teary-eyed ^^
  5. Marc


    Absolutely ! That was THE pivotal moment. Bye bye Jimmy, and welcome...
  6. Oh and of course that chord at 6:53 !! That has to be of the best ever
  7. Some of my favorite JW chords are those on the horns here at 1:44 ! So majestic and ominous 😃
  8. Marc

    Vienna Instruments Program

    This should answer your question
  9. Here's the latest episode in my Hn / Tpt cover series ! 9M3A & 9M3B from King Kong (which is probably my favorite score by JNH) Those last cues are absolutely gorgeous As usual I re-recorded all of the parts exactly as they were written ( that is a 8-horn section & 3 trumpets ) plus a bunch of other cool parts
  10. Brilliant Danny Elfman cue !
  11. Hey guys ! I teamed up with my good friend @Martyprod to create this album of Piano/Horn/Trumpet covers ( and more ) It's called 1M1 and it's available everywhere : http://hyperurl.co/1m1 And if you want to know more about it here's the official website : https://1m1.didiermartini.com/ Oh and the whole album is also available on Youtube, with a cool video for each track Here are some of the JW ones :
  12. Something different
  13. I got teary-eyed while recording this ! Truly spectacular score by Harry Gregon-Williams
  14. Fantastic cue composed by Mr Zimmer & Powell
  15. Marc

    Video Game Music

    I have just released a new FF medley ! I'm especially excited about that one, had a lot of fun working on those visuals
  16. Same here... not sure at all what that "position in the queue" really means !
  17. Just go here : https://tickets.royalalberthall.com/ch/?return=%2F You are currently position 996 in the queue.
  18. Actually I've always wanted to try out something like this ever since VSL's MIR came out ! ( I remember that one cost an arm at the time...) Will have to try VSS, and I just saw MIR now also has a demo version ! Looks like I'll give them both a try then Also, I'll add my JW covers to this thread
  19. Pics from a friend who had the pleasure of recording VII and VIII
  20. So we can only assume he thought the original version wasn't (not sure what the correct term would be) "intense" enough? Or "emotional" enough ? I got used to that insert with time but I still prefer the original version
  21. Thanks man ! This must have been discussed here already but... do we know how that fix insert came to happen ? Like what Steven told JW when he wanted those 4 bars re-scored ?