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  1. rough cut

    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    I’ll upgrade to a new 4K UHD player in May. Sony will release a player that supports HDR as well as Dolby Vision. It also plays both SACD and DVD-A. Everything you need! : ) https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/blu-ray-disc-players/ubp-x800m2 Hmm... now I just need a TV to match! 😅
  2. That chronological timeline fold out that points out the differences between cuts is sweet!
  3. An earlier comment made it sound as if the SACD market was completely dead. All I am saying is, that there is still a market out there. I don’t know why you bring up Sony? The label behind the release doesn’t really affect the size of the market, does it? Regarding slipcases, I never implied that LLL does them or should do them. But they are marketed as a bonus or deluxe item occasionally - for the recent SW CDs for example. I was just stating the obvious, saying that - if given the choice - I’d rather have the CD being a SACD-hybrid as a bonus, instead of a slipcase. That’s all. No biggie.
  4. rough cut

    When will we get a new album release of Home Alone 2?

    I won’t vote, since Ibam generally against polls, but I’f Like to state that I am looking forward to the next HA2 re-release. And the remastered OST that it will contain.
  5. Fair enough, maybe it’s only Japan and/or Hong Kong who has a market for SACD. And cost is an issue I’d assume. Still, it wouldn’t have hurt to have it on there, if the price was right. I bought Steve Hoffman’s remaster of CE3K in 2015, and that one was a hybrid. I’d take that over embossed slipcases that we keep getting for SW, for example.
  7. I saw this comment earlier but haven’t had the time to listen for myself yet. Which disc is the better sounding one? But I think I would really like to know the answers to these... 1. Why state that it is the “gold disc” - wasn’t the mastering on that one the same as the OST? 2. What happened with the K2HD mix? Isn’t that supposed to be superior to the OST - and - if so, why not use that one? 3. Why no SACD-hybrid?
  8. Isn’t it curious they used the “original 1993 release’s 24-karat gold Ultimate Masterdisc digital master” as source for disc 1. Isn’t that the same master as the original pressing - just pressed onto different material, that supposedly made it sound better? There was a K2HD master a couple of years ago - that are supposed to sound better - why not use that one? Or is it purely a licensing issue and that one actually sounds better? Also, there’s a recently released SACD of the OST. I wouldn’t have minded this release to be a hybrid so that it included the hi-res version. Why not include it? I am sure the fans would have coughed up the extra $US 7, or whatever.
  9. Yes! It was pristine upon arrival but it’s all broken now.