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  1. ”A complete rebuild, remix and remaster”. The only thing missing is re-recording.
  2. The Resolute and Race The Minefield are also credited (in part) to Williams.
  3. I was expecting to hear something from JP, possibly Stalling Around, or maybe the theme for Lost World... so it took me some time to place this. Also, considering that the theme is new (I have to confess, I think I’ve only listened to it once on the album, and it plays in the movie of course which I’ve seen) didn’t help me to place it either. But a cool bonus for any JW fan - no matter the concert!
  4. This piece is on the album, it’s called “Family Chores Fugue.”
  5. “Williams in Europe.” A two CD set!!! Highlights from RAH and Vienna featured on one disc each!
  6. Yes, it’d be nice to have as a physical release... ...but I don’t see The BFG, Memoirs of a Geisha and Elegy (you could maybe even even add The Last Jedi to this trio) making copies flying off the shelves into the arms of the general public. Only to a select few. Sonetimes it’s not about how good the material is, but how known it is. Maybe there’ll be a limited release. I agree to the CD comment - that’d be sweet.
  7. I look forward to hearing it in concert, I think it will complement RAH nicely. But as a stand alone Blu-ray feature... I doubt that this would be a best seller.
  8. @hornist But... why? I was actually thinking of you, thinking that ”yeah, it’s good that Hornist’ll finallåt be able to get tickets.” There are still tickets available. Just go for it, man!
  9. Being the cynic that I am, I think he’s being diplomatic, I mean, what else is he going to say? It’s a fact that people who criticize the industry or goes against the grain sees themselves without work. But it’s probably cool to work with JW so I guess you take the good with the bad.
  10. Ok ok, fair enough. In my mind, that makes the whole affair even sadder. Not that I’m not glad that we have new Williams music, but poor Powell. I’m sure he would’ve done a fine job as an independent artist. My guess is that it is pretty limiting to have someone else - be it the Studio or JW - hanging over your shoulder, telling you to do this or don’t do that. It can’t be easy as a creative professional to be hired to write music for the new Star Wars movie, and then have the patriarch of SW music himself stealing your thunder by - not only by writing a new Main theme for the thing - but also pointing out what should be done throughout the entire movie. What a blow. And as an audience, how should we judge the end result? What’s JW? What’s Powell? I’d rather have had a Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets situation. Poor Powell. Stuck in the middle. What a mess. The only thing we know for sure is that the new “Adventures” theme is John Williams. And that’s a blessing.
  11. Haha, well yes, I will stand my ground in spite of all evidence proving me wrong.
  12. Once again, I think we overestimate JW’s influence... I mean, from a logistical point of view he doesn’t need to see the movie to write a theme. Dude could probably do that in his sleep. Nor did Disney want JW to write the full score - or JW didn’t want to. So, from both the creative and business side of things, there’s no point in overdoing it. Doesn’t matter what he said in Boston, whatever hint he gave - the point is not whether he did or didn’t (but I doubt it, but whatever). The point is that I doubt that JW’s seing - or not seing - the flick before writing the theme would have any effect on the quality of the output, especially something as abstract as “Han’s Theme.” That it ties into the movie is a business decision and creatively Powell’s doing. Oh, and by the way, anyone who doesn’t like the tune needs to reevaluate their relationship with JW. It has so many things hidden in the notes. From the Korngold inspired opening, to sounding like Empire, to sounding like the prequels (is that Duel of the Fates I hear?). Brilliant.
  13. This isn't really related to the new theme, but rather how the old themes are incorporated in the movie. I don't really consider this spoiler territory, but just in case... Jeez, who'd have thought that about ol' JW... ?