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  1. They won’t “waste” the score only cut. The “exclusive for a limited time only” is a marketing term which, most of the time, comes with deals and terms not disclosed in the actual marketing. Right now, it’s exclusive to MA, but we’ll see a physical release somewhere down the line. Mark my words.
  2. Hopefully this will help to push for a release of 'Basketball'. Edit: Oh, the website Filmtracks. Ok, so that won’t probably help much. Although, still nice.
  3. I was at the Albert last year, there are no ID controls. Probably you’ll be fine! Hope you have a great time and see you in the crowd! : )
  4. Actually, Anakin’s theme came up in one of the first posts, courtesy of @John. I don’t mind it.
  5. Oh hell, how could I forget The immolation scene!!?? That’s one of my absolute faves!
  6. Now when I think about it, also included in my top 10 faves are Padme’s ruminations, Lando’s palace and of course The cantina band. It’s a long top ten.
  7. The little people The throne room The jedi steps Princess Leia’s theme Luke & Leia Han Solo & the princess Rey’s theme Binary sunset Into the trap Hyperspace Across the stars Sorry, that’s eleven, but now I can’t cut one.
  8. Nah, I don’t mind PC. And I understand why Hollywood is pushing for it. It’s just that, sometimes, it becomes a bit “too on the nose” for me.
  9. Maybe not, but it bears repeating. What do you think is a “proper” time to stop discussing the movie after it’s been released? Is it ok to still do it after 3 months... ? Or is the maximum shorter than that? And I love Bender! LOL! Yes I’m serious! LOL louder!
  10. Sentiment = a thought, opinion, or idea based on a feeling about a situation, or a way of thinking about something. So, no, correct. The Last Jedi is ripe with PC agenda. Vegetarianism being the least of it.
  11. Hey! I did mention the score! ...and I think it’s relevant to discuss the quality of the movie and it’s relation to it’s soundtrack. A good score can save a bad movie. Or a good score can accompany a bad one. It’s an interesting discussion, ain’t my fault if you’re too close minded to have a constructive discussion about it. JW has scored bad movies before, here at JWfan it is a constant gripe. Or am I wrong? Lastly, IJ and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, I believe.
  12. No, most of the times, it works. I’m guessing it depends on how the image is indexed.
  13. I’m rewatching the movie (first time since the cinema) as I type this... the music is easily the best thing about the movie. 30 mins in, and oh, man - beyond the hype - it’s not a good movie, is it? Leia flying through space? I’d somehow repressed the memory. Chewie opting for a vegiterian diet because of sentimental reasons? Talk about pushing an agenda. Holdo? Worst plot device ever, or is that Rose who appears a second later? Makes Jedi look like the goddamn Godfather. Edit: Oh God, now Maz has shown up talking about the Master Codebreaker... Which brings us to the whole Canto Bight sequence? I won’t even...
  14. The Arista CDs are a joy. My first CD ever was the Skywalker Symphony, but I remember gettting the Arista box set. I couldn’t believe there was so much Star Wars music! LOL! To me, they are comprehensive enough and present the “best” material in a kick ass way. Easy to enjoy and easy to digest! Although I wouldn’t want to be without the Special Editions, the expansions that followed the Arista box feels exactly like what they are - expansions. No shame in that though.