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  1. It is now reported that the fire was more damaging than first reported, affecting up to 800 artists instead of “just” the initial 100. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/26/universal-warehouse-fire-neil-young-cher-martin-luther-king
  2. Not having heard the expanded edition, I am simply guessing here, put probably not distorted.
  3. I remember this was kind of a big deal when it was released. It was hailed as the greatest soundtrack a TV show had ever had. In retrospect, that was perhaps a bit exaggerated but it’s still a good score.
  4. Yes, I get it. But complain about exchange rates then. Not that a company should put something up on sale - when they really shouldn’t - because that isn’t the issue.
  5. Why should they put it on sale if it’s 1) still a new item 2) still selling? I. Don’t understand the attitude “aw, it’s not on sale - poor me”? Jusy buy it. Or don’t.
  6. This link opened about 50 pop ups in 10 seconds for me before I could close it...
  7. I love Luke screaming as he jumps down the tube in ESB.
  8. Adywan, TN1... So many versions! I had no idea. Soon you’ll tell me there’s a fan edit of The Phantom Menace that edits out all the stupid bits!
  9. Is Adywan’s better than Harmy’s?
  10. Instead of remaking West Side Story, Spielberg should remake the PT. Lucas could produce if he’d want, he likes messing around with his old stuff. Update the VFX, tighten up the story, highlight the drama, focus on the smaller, personal stories and let the big political developments happen in the background. Only question is... should JW write a new soundtrack???
  11. On a serious note - yes, LLL has more clarity, which I like. But I guess it’s possible to be conditioned to like the older versions and then you’ll reject any new version just because it sounds different.
  12. LLL sounds good. I played it to a friend and he agreed.
  13. Which versions here are you referring to?
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