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  1. Regarding Marge’s Waltz, I love the melody, and the whimsicality of the track, but it never hits me in the stomach when I listen to it. The arrangement seem to me too meager, like a bone with not enough meat on it. Whenever I put it on (which I do a lot, I keep returning to it in hope that I’ll reevaluate it), I hear unfulfilled greatness. I imagine a new, boombastic arrangement, like Smee’s Theme from Hook, or March Of The Villains from Superman - now that would be a waltz for the ages!
  2. I’d life a better arrangement of Aunt Marge's Waltz.
  3. I am sure some people are super happy about it - which is fine. But I could probably name 20 other scores that I would have liked to hear three cues from, rather than HP. Or even better: Pick three cues from three different movies. Skip HP all together and choose any time of the two above, either would have been better, but that’s just me. If you love HP music, that’s fine.
  4. Hm, yes I realize my rallying can be a bit hard to read. I meant that: I don’t think we’ll hear Olympic Fanfare, Geisha or BFG (which I consider a bit more sophisticated or less accessible or whatever) in London, which makes the Vienna set list overall more “adult”. I tacked on that I think the HP selection is - in my opinion - too excessive. One cue would’ve been enough.
  5. Which is fine - but if given the opportunity to choose, does the world really need new recordings of his “greatest hits” (á la the LSO recordings on A Life In Music releases earlier this year)? As you point out, I guess that, in a way, at least half of the tracks chosen for the Vienna concert could be considered “B-sides”, which is cool. But the selection of “A-sides” and “B-sides” is a bit curious to me. The set list “Olympic Fanfare”, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "Memoirs of a Geisha", "E.T.", "Hook”, "The BFG", "Harry Potter", "Star Wars - The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens and A New Hope” doesn’t get my blood pumping. I honestly don’t mind the stuff that could be considered too familiar (CE3K, ET, Star Wars). It’s part of “give an audience what they want” mindset which is fine, but I think that the “B-sides” stuff is a curios bunch. Most of them is what I think is JW at his most boring (Geisha, The BFG). I have no soft spot for the HP music or the music from The Last Jedi. The inclusion of such cues such as Nimbus 2000 and The Rebellion Is Reborn, is cool, I guess, but is this the best of “B-sides” that JW has to offer? It’s not a complaint. I’m over the moon I get to see him (both in London and Vienna none the less). I also realize that preference for certain pieces in a set list is highly subjective. It’s just that these selections for Vienna - especially considering there’ll be a CD recorded and release - would be different if I’d been able to give input.
  6. My post was more about the Vienna set list than the London one.
  7. I have a feeling the London set list will be more oriented towards pop culture - as when JW plays the Bowl in LA. I don’t mind the more ‘adult’ approach to the Vienna set list (except for the excessive Harry Potter inclusion - what the hell is going on there), but since there will be a CD released, wouldn’t it have been great to have something new on there... It doesn’t have to be new-new, just those arrangements that never got a proper spot in the sun. Like the new Han Solo & The Princess arrangement, and The Book Thief Oscar arrangement.
  8. Just when I thought this thread was becomming boring, because everyone seemed to agree. Jeez. Can they ship the CD already so we can discuss something meaningful, like the unreleased 20 seconds or whatever and how they transform the score.
  9. Just to be clear - My comment wasn’t meant as an attack on Josh, but a general state of fact. But when it comes to preference for CDs over lossless rips, I guess there could be a placebo effect that occurs. I mean, if you really enjoy picking up the CD-case from the bookshelf, glancing over the track list while strolling over to the hifi equipment, pushing the eject button on the CD-player (that you did research on before you bought it) and then watch the tray disappear back in, before sitting down to listen - then I guess the lack of this ritual will make it seem as if the lossless file, being streamed without ceremony from a computer, is inferior.
  10. There is no way - no way - any one could tell the difference between CD playback and a lossless rip of that same CD.
  11. Hmmm. Just be aware. Even though both the iTunes and an iPod is able to serve up lossless audio, be aware that Apple and Bluetooth has a long history of being incompatible when it comes to streaming lossless, CD quality, audio. I wouldn’t jump too high over the remastering. The original OST and re-release will be more or less indistinguishable from each other - no matter the equipment used.
  12. All this talk about TLW being greater than JP... I don’t doubt it. Maybe it is. More complex, greater depth, a reinvention of the genre... But I can’t hear it. Subjectively, TLW doesn’t stand a chance. I know and love every note of the original JP soundtrack. Simply because JP was the first OST I ever purchased (outside of a SW compilation). I listened to that baby to death! It’s part of the reason why I am a JW fan.
  13. Simple or not, walk they did. Your meme said “one does not skip”. And I skip, skip, skip along...
  14. The Epilogue concert arrangement is a JW staple. Any JW collection is incomplete without it.