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  1. A lot of statements about that the Oscar has lost its relevancy, and I am sure it’s true. The Oscars know it themselves and are trying to reinvent themselves by launching new categories (“most popular movie” - that eventually didn’t happen). That being said, it’s still the most prestigious movie award out there. Regarding the late entry - most people assume that this is a deliberate move on Disney’s part. Who knows? Mistakes are made all the time, even by huge corporations.
  2. I’m very sad I didn’t get to see MM in London. That would have been a highlight.
  3. MM is great to listen to. But a lot of the interview, I thought was too broad in its way to handle the topics. Collins seems to have his strength in musical analysis, not in conducting an interview. The discussion feels a bit rushed. I would’ve liked Collins to stop and dig into the details. 120 scores a year? How do you handle that? How does a minor score differ from, say, HP? Your own studio? How did that happen? In what instances do you have to leave it? MM mentions that “they fostered the community to want everything.” What did he mean by that? What releases, when and how? But the flaws are no fault of MM. Clearly an intelligent and talented man, who is very interesting to listen to.
  4. There will be a poll or two asking which of all expanded editions we like the best, and I will bitch about the results.
  5. rough cut

    The Highlights of Expansions of Recent Years!

    Reconsider it? How many had even heard the Dracula OST, though? I’ve had a copy for years, but how many can say that? I haven’t received my copy of the expansion yet, so I can’t really comment if it drastically alters the whole, but I doubt it. The OST was very good. The expansion will be very good and slightly better, both due to improved sound and new material. I don’t doubt it. And as has been pointed out, HP is a favorite in the results gaining the most votes and it hasn’t even been released yet. Huh? But, ok ok, I won’t be a dick, I’m not trying to get in a fight, I get what you’re after. But I think it’s interesting to discuss the results and reflect upon whether they truly represent fact or if they are influenced by something else (ex, phrasing of the question, available answers, timing, overall popularity of the franchise etc). It just seems to me that if this poll had been done a year ago, with (for example) CE3K at the top of available answers, we’d have completely different results. And now it’s no one’s favorite. No doubt, the HP-franchise is a more popular one overall than CE3K is currently, so it makes sense it’s more popular now that the expanded score is released. But that also begs the question: Do the results reflect people’s love for the music in the franchise or the expansion of the music? Curious, or not?
  6. rough cut

    The Highlights of Expansions of Recent Years!

    Looking at the results, it just seems like something’s not right. What is your “highlight”? Dracula beats CE3K, ET and Jaws??? I mean, come on... There’s definitely something else at play here.
  7. rough cut

    The Highlights of Expansions of Recent Years!

    For me, it’s Heidi. Rosewood is also missing (same as Hook as previously pointed out). How come so many great releases are lumped together except for your personal favorites?
  8. That’s the explicit reason MM states in the interview... They wanted it to be “street”.
  9. No, the way I interpret it, was that it wasn’t a business decision taken in terms of sales. It was more from a branding perspective. They didn’t want the HP-franchise to be educational and preachy (for neeeeeerds), but they wanted it to be cool. Thus, “nix” on any educational stuff as it might damage the brand (and in consequence, damage sales on other HP-branded products if the HP-franchise suddenly became “uncool”).
  10. Why are there so many questions and comments about sales rate and stock? For ex, “I wonder how much thy sold the first hour?” Huh? Why? If you’ve no money then I guess being curious about stock is valid, but it seems to me a lot of times, this doesn’t seem to be the motive behind the specific questions. I hope it sells out, and sells out fast, so that it shows that JW is a bankable name that deserves more complete releases: expanded re-releases as well as more comprehensive OSTs. Like, can we pleeeeeease have a 2cd OST of the next Star Wars instead of the single standard release?
  11. 40 edits in Hedwig’s Theme? Seems a bit excessive, almost disrespectful to the musicians and dishonest to the listener, but I guess it’s like complaining about CGI in a movie.
  12. How the hell are people discussing the music already??? It was released two hours ago. Dracula was released about a month ago, and even though I ordered it on the day of its release, I’m still waiting for it to arrive - no less the HP collection!!!
  13. Cool. I’m now waiting for four JW releases: Dracula Superman II/III Harry Potter Schindler’s List 😀
  14. I love the LLL cover for E.T.. Preferences aside, Jim Titus deserves nothing but praise for that one.
  15. I own that 1993 release’s 24-karat gold Ultimate Masterdisc.
  16. No, mine hasn’t shipped. At least no notice. I’m starting to doubt I even ordered it.
  17. Just make sure you use a version from the expanded CD, and not the OST. The sound quality is slightly improved... 😉
  18. rough cut

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    Let’s hope for a full concept album of Star Wars theme park music!
  19. rough cut

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Ok, listened to it, at last. It’s nice. But she plays it very straight. The phrasing is different than from the original, it’s less syncopated, which comes across as less emotive, at least to my ears. I think that’s why some JWfaners think that it sounds “wrong”, yet are unable to point out why.