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  1. Agreed - ”preferring one over the other isn't necessarily saying anything bad about the other.” And on top of that it’s ok to disagree about taste. We can all like what we like. Even if we don’t agree, I can still enjoy what I like and you what you like. We agree on this however: expanded Dracula will be a fine release!
  2. I look forward to this - who’d have thought this would see the light of day? I ownn the original CD and look forward to upgrade. Big smile on my face! But @Jay, I saw this was commented earlier, but I have to ask as well - is this what you really think? Each to his own! : ) And I agree that overall Dracula might be the better score... but Epilogue is one of the best tracks JW has ever written. That track alone makes The Fury surpass most of what JW has done outside of his top 5 franchises!
  3. rough cut

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    K like the black/yellow one for Solo!
  4. Should’ve been more but I guess a lot of people didn’t vote, my self includef, because it’s such an obviously biased question, but whatever. Some good comments emerged from the people answered ’no’ to the topic at hand as well as about the missing composers on the list. Might’ve been even more fruitful if @Josh500 didn’t create such a hostile environment in his threads.
  5. rough cut

    Favorite Star Wars finale and end credits music?

    I’m glad this isn’t a poll. The revised concert version of Throne Room from ANH.
  6. I like concerts arrangements. But when it comes to Window, I prefer the Prague-version over the OST.
  7. I can live without more Potter music. If it happens, then fine. But I’d rather have a remastered or expanded release of an older score.
  8. They are considered to be one of the finest orchestra in the world, yes. I read somewhere that this is the first time they’re having a full program dedicated to movie music. Don’t know if that’s true or not, though.
  9. Yeah, it’s close, just be aware that you are missing out on Vienna - a city that is frequently on the top of the list when it comes to “cities that is most worth to pay a visit in Europe”, and also one of the most influential cities when it comes to European history. That’s worth something.
  10. It’s all good. You bring up some new aspects to JW fandom that I’ve never considered - such as not caring about a pop/rock song even if it were written by the maestro himself. Which is cool. Not for me - but for you. We can’t all be the same, like what you like. It’s cool to discuss. Maybe you (and here I mean me and/or all of those who participate in the discussion) will learn something new. There are aspects of JW’s writing that doesn’t appeal to me. Whole albums, in fact.
  11. Even though my last post consisted of nothing but questions, there was a subtext to the way I framed them that they were asked as rhetorical devices - not absolute - wasn’t it? But thanks - I guess?
  12. I think it is curious that 2 minutes of Private Ryan gets people to take out their wallets, but 5+ min of Superman doesn’t? Yeah, it’s an odd inclusion - but so what? What is the world - and JWfan!!! - coming to?! Is it because it’s source? MM should’ve put “film version” in brackets at the end of each title, maybe that would’ve helped... ?
  13. Cool! About five and a half minute of unreleased STM music. Yup, that’s probably worth money! Haha, what is wrong with us! An odd thing to include as many have pointed out, but I’m glad none the less. Since the number of times I’ve bought the Superman music isn’t quite up to the levels of Star Wars in my collection yet, I’ll cave and double dip.
  14. I didn’t participate. And your attitude is extremely condescending... It’d be great if you could keep your criticism constructive. There’s no need for me to stoop to your level and retort in a similar fashion and attack your person and the way you set up your polls - I continuously see that in comment after comment on poll after poll. So much for “most people.”
  15. First it’s a bit of an intro (“Without him, could ET have made that heartbreaking call?” Without him, would the white shark’s bite be as sharp?”). It goes on to say that with his notes, he enhances cinematic masterpieces and is quite simply “Mr Hollywood”. Then there’s a bit where they go through all of his awards (under the title “Man of records). They recount a lot of movies he’s scored and say that “John Willliams can do anything”. They call him “Man of continuity” and connects it to his longstanding relationship with Steven Spielberg. Under the headline “Man of games” the article mentions some of his non-cinematic works, such as works for the Olympics and the presidential inauguration. The last paragraph, “Man of the stars”, is probably the most interesting. It focuses on that JW will conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and that he has chosen some of his most famous selections from his film scores. It ends by saying that the orchestra will start a new journey, down an untrodden path, together with Williams. A path from a universe of images, and where the images “can’t have reach their full effect without music.” Or something to that effect. It’s a fluff piece, but it’s nice. 😊
  16. I have a lot of passions in my life. There’s no way to spend time on them equally. And even if music as a whole takes up a big chunk on a regular basis (I mean, who can live without music?), and JW takes up a big chunk of that, still, out of the 5 000-something tracks I have by just JW alone, on occasion, favorites are bound to be short changed. I’d say the scope of your survey is too narrow and will give you skewed results. How will results be affected by the ones who’ve travelled, who’ve had kids, birthdays, extra workload, moved apartment or just discovered a new favorite artist and are devoting time to get to know their catalogue? The list goes on and on with unknown reasons for why one might’ve not listened to one of your selected albums within the last 30 days. And saying “but 30 days is what I wanted to know” is no excuse for conducting a bad poll. It just surves a personal interest which usually confirms ones biases instead of shedding proper light on a subject.
  17. I own all of them and listened to zero of them for the last 30 days. I think I might’ve streamed Across The Stars though. That being said, that in no way reflects my feelings towards these releases. As for how I consume music, I rarely listen to the full album as it is released. I prefer to make my own take on it where I skip out the tracks I don’t like, or reshuffle the order. Oh, and I’ll also edit individual tracks that I think are too long or too boring but still has a good part in ‘em, and I just want to keep that part. Life is too short to listen to bad music.
  18. What if you guys would consider II, III and IV as partial re-recordings?
  19. Maybe MM will do some super subtle EQ changes, like he did on SPR (or he didn’t do?), and we can have an endless debate whether it sounds better or not.
  20. Yeah, STM definitely sounds different than the previous Rhino release, that’s for sure. Which is better is a matter of preference, though, I’d be hard pressed to say STM on the Blue Box sounds bad. But that is inconsequential since I understood that @Nick Parker‘s question was about Ken Thorne’s contribution to the film series - not the original JW score from ‘77.
  21. You remember correctly, but you’re wrong about the aim of the criticism, SII was criticized for sounding like a “marching band” upon its initial release, which is due to it’s played by a smaller orchestra (not the LSO) and poor mastering choices. But the Blue Box SII sounds great! Ken Thorne might’ve not have had the LSO to perform his score, but he did a stellar job none the less and on the Blue Box, MM brings his work justice. Disregard any negative comments regarding sound quality on the Blue Box (and I guess the re-release as well)! This is definitely a JW release!
  22. I think I’ve seen the movie twice - once in its original run in the cinema and the other one at home - and I have no recollection of the music. All I can remember is that it was noisy and neither run made me want to check out the score - or even curious about it. Which is curious in it self.