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  1. The way Mike, and Jim Bowers, talk about the way this sounds - I can’t wait to get my hands on the CD! 😀
  2. Yeah, sure, but not all of us have produced the album. Also, is it reeeeeally the crystal clean sound MM is listening for when he’s driving about Hollywood? Or could it be edits, track list flow, mastering choices, etc etc. All I am saying is: I think a lot of times, it’s funny to hear people comment on sound quality - it’s good, it’s bad, too much or not enough bass, it sounds thin and so on - and then you find out they’re listening on computer speakers. It’s a bit of a contradiction. I make the same (dis-)connection between “sound crystal clear” and “in my car”. I listen to JW while driving too - but not to judge the quality of the recording. I think it sort of takes the edge of the judgement.
  3. I hate when people say “It sounds crystal clear - I heard it in the car.” In the CAR? Maybe not the best place for judging sound quality...
  4. I don’t really think anonymous bothers anyone. He’s not getting on anyone’s nerves. He’s speculating, just like the rest of us. He’s just beating his drum a bit too hard, that’s all.
  5. I interpret it as if JWs influence is not final, which I’ve stated many times before. Like if he he would have to approve every single release that contains Star Wars music - he’d do nothing else except playing battlefront and watch a 1 000 hours of cartoons. My point is, when it comes to any official release of his music, I’m sure he has influence, but the final product is probably a collaboration between a lot different business partners, with different agendas. Maybe by ‘management’, MM was referring to a licensing deal prohibiting it from being released more than on the II/III set. But who knows? Maybe MM will clear it all up in the future.
  6. Get the II\III set for the exclusive source music from STP. Get IV for the new JW themes that aren’t available any where else. On top of that, you’ll be getting a sh*tload of good Superman material that you’ll grow to love.
  7. Definitely bigger than Potter!
  8. Great listen! Many thanks! A bit too much music squeezed in there for my taste, which disrupts the flow of the conversation (and was it very loud?), but fine work from all who contributed. You really get a sense of how much MM toils over getting everything right. I am thankful to know of his hard work, it makes the release so much more special. Thank you, MM, for your efforts!
  9. I’ve no love for none of those mentioned, but it’d be a hell of a lot more interesting than this. I keep hoping for Lights Camera Music Vol 2 where they include the Oscar-arrangement of The Book Thief and the new HS and The Princess arrangement.
  10. Predicting that Superman will get another release somewhere down the line... Somebody get this guy an award for most insightful post ever.
  11. We’re talking about a lot of things at the same time. Sound frequency ...is audible between 20-20 kHz. An increase in Hz does not improve sound quality as it is inaudible. Sampling frequency There are a number of studies that show that 24 bit does not sound better than 16 bit - other than in theory. @Jurassic Shark is talking about that the Nyquist bandwidth: the relationship between frequency rate and bit rate. If “frequency rate” < ”half bit rate” then this would cause distortion. CDs do not have this problem, so hi-res files can’t fix what ain’t broken. 😉
  12. To the human ear, the audible frequency range is 20–20,000 Hz (20 kHz). The CD standard (casually thown around under the term ’lossless’) is 44.1 kHz. That is DOUBLE to what humans can hear. For companies to sell - and charge more! - for audio content in 96 kHz must be the greatest scam of our time.
  13. But it will be like the first time... Again! Like a second first time! Or a first second time!
  14. Music in surround is overrated. But I guess that’s a preference.
  15. I don’t see any point in 96khz/24bit releases. And I’m not just talking about Superman, I mean in general. CD quality is the perfect middle ground. Anyhoo, I am super excited for this release! Can’t wait to hear it! If it sounds as good as the press release states... “...this outstanding reissue – simply put – is like hearing SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE for the very first time!” ...then WOOHOO bring it on!
  16. I would say that he wasn’t right at all. The “news” he broke was that it was the recording sessions, not a remaster. Of course it’s the recording sessions! Technically, the recording sessions are the source of the score! All other releases are also the recording sessions... And one missing alternate no recording session make. “Right” would have been a claim that it was earlier generation tapes, or something along those lines. That’s the real news about this set. But nope. He was wrong. Ok. Now that’s settled. I noticed there are two books in the set. What’s that about?
  17. ”This first generation element has be en re stored, remixed, assembled and remastered...” I am glad they remixed the tracks (and had the balls to put it in the press release). There’s a gross misunderstanding regarding remixed, archival releases.
  18. I’m glad the anniversary logo’s not on there.
  19. If the themes in Superman are corny, then so are the themes in Star Wars. Williams applied camp where camp was due (for example, March Of The Villains).
  20. I mean, I don’t mind Zimmer’s earlier scores. And, love it or hate it, but he really changed the game with Inception. But his Man Of Steel score... I mean come on! Where’s Williams? It’s like not using the Bond Theme just because the changed the actor!
  21. Can we pleeeeeeease get back to talking about the music, comparing editions, speculating about the box art... anything else! Hell, I’d even take a Williams VS Zimmer discussion over this shit.
  22. rough cut

    Which E.T. release sounds better?

    Or the music from the ‘82 Atari game. The LLL edition was incomplete! YouTube