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  1. Bryant Burnette

    The Official Intrada Thread

    I remember it. I don't remember anything ABOUT it, but I remember watching and liking it.
  2. Bryant Burnette

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    It's Star Wars, I think, although a strong case could be made for E.T. as well.
  3. I was gonna be disgusted if nobody got that.
  4. There are FOUR expanded releases!
  5. Bryant Burnette

    THE COWBOYS (1972) - NEW! 2018 Varese Deluxe Edition

    I ordered this as soon as I saw it was on sale. No-brainer; great score, and I'm guessing I'll enjoy the bits I haven't heard yet.
  6. Bryant Burnette

    Anyone else think Spider-Man 3 is underrated?

    Didn't hate it; never felt an urge to see it a second time.
  7. Bryant Burnette

    Track-by Track: Solo vs. The Last Jedi

    This is stupid. This right here is a stupid fucking thread.
  8. Bryant Burnette

    THE COWBOYS (1972) - NEW! 2018 Varese Deluxe Edition

    I have. Good movie, although if you're not into John Wayne's persona that will knock it down a few pegs.
  9. I will buy every single Bond release LLL (or anyone else) puts out. Fuck, I'd even buy an expanded Never Say Never Again, and that score is pure garbage. So a proper Tomorrow Never Dies excites me, to say the least.
  10. Having seen the movie, I'm voting no it isn't. At least for now.
  11. By listening to the two scores, I'd imagine.