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  1. The Official Intrada Thread

    I wish somebody would put out a complete version of Pike's Sleepwalkers.
  2. My assumption is that these "awards" are just pronouncements by a goober with a blog. Not that I'm above that sort of thing; I'm certainly not. But why are we giving this attention as though it's an actual thing?
  3. It's pretty simple to get around the view image thing going missing; right-click on the image and press ... view image. Drag and drop images into the search bar on the images page.
  4. I prefer to listen to them as-is; that's how I listened to them when I bought the box set back in the day, and I enjoy hearing them that way. No wrong way to do it; put 'em in chronological order, play 'em in disc order, put 'em in flippin' alphabetical order if you want. It all depends on how YOU prefer it.
  5. I'm sure it's got something to do with them being terrified of piracy. And yet, they do things time and time again that actually drive some people toward the very thing they're afraid of.
  6. It'll NEVER be over until it's on CD, as far as I'm concerned. But this is a fine start.
  7. I liked it then, and I still like it now. But I like the movie, which helps. Not a fan of "Mutt's Theme," though.
  8. John Williams Concert Works - your favourites?

    "Soundings" might be my favorite. I like a lot of them, though: "Essay for Strings," the violin concerto, the tuba concerto, Five Sacred Trees, etc.
  9. Yep, that's the definitive version of that one, at least for me.
  10. What would be the ultimate John Williams box set?

    To be clear, I didn't start the thread. I'm just reading it! It's entirely possible I got the intent wrong, but I don't think so.
  11. What would be the ultimate John Williams box set?

    Ultimate for you, certainly. That's not what this thread is about; this thread (as I understand it) is asking, if you had about three hours of runtime in which to give the world your idea of what John Williams' music is all about, what would you put within that three(ish) hours. I can understand you not having any interest in that as an idea, but I can't quite understand why you think we need to know that you don't have any interest in it. Here's my setlist: 1. Main Title and Overture (Heidi) 2. The Cowboys Overture 3. Main Title (Jaws) 4. Main Title (Star Wars) 5. Princess Leia's Theme (Star Wars) 6. Resolution & End Title (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) 7. Theme from Superman 8. Main Title & Storm Sequence (Dracula) 9. March from 1941 10. Yoda's Theme (The Empire Strikes Back) 11. The Imperial March (The Empire Strikes Back) 12. The Raiders March (Raiders of the Lost Ark) 13. Flying (E.T.) 14. Olympic Fanfare and Theme 15. The River 16. The Mission Theme (NBC Nightly News) 17. Liberty Fanfare 18. The Dance of the Witches (The Witches of Eastwick) 19. Exsultate Justi (Empire of the Sun) 20. Cadillac of the Skies (Empire of the Sun) 21. A Second Chance (The Accidental Tourist) 22. Born on the fourth of July 23. Presumed Innocent 24. Home Alone Main Title 25. Theme from JFK 26. End Credits (Far and Away) 27. Theme from Jurassic Park 28. Theme from Schindler's List 29. Theme from Sabrina 30. The 1960s: The Turbulent Years (Nixon) 31. Seven Years In Tibet 32. Dry Your Tears, Afrika (Amistad) 33. Hymn to the Fallen (Saving Private Ryan) 34. Duel of the Fates (The Phantom Menace) 35. Where Dreams Are Born (A.I.) 36. Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) 37. Across the Stars (Attack of the Clones) 38. Catch Me If You Can 39. Sayuri's Theme (Memoirs of a Geisha) 40. The Jedi Steps and Finale (The Force Awakens) Brutal.
  12. What would be the ultimate John Williams box set?

    That's THE ultimate way to represent the works of John Williams in a box-set format? Is that a thing you honestly think? For the record, I'd buy a box set of unreleased Williams television work. Maybe someday.
  13. What would be the ultimate John Williams box set?

    Why bother commenting here, then? Is it THAT important to you for us to know you don't care? I compiled a 15-disc compilation for myself a few years ago and had trouble cutting it down to size. Asking for the contents of three discs of Williams music is like asking somebody to run into a burning animal shelter and only save a couple of puppies.
  14. Does he have a lifetime achievement award? If not, that seems like a safe bet, though possibly posthumously. Maybe not, though; they don't seem to do those anymore.