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  1. I highly recommend doing this and never looking back:
  2. Mine hasn't shipped, and (I'm guessing) won't until they get Bram Stoker's Dracula in. Which is fine, but it's a thing I only know about because I read this forum. I'm not sure I understand why LLL wouldn't send me an email saying, hey, heads up, gonna be a delay.
  3. Never heard it or seen the movie, but I'm tempted to buy it just because, y'know, Goldsmith.
  4. There is no scenario in which "Jingle Bells" isn't a Christmas song. That's silly.
  5. Bryant Burnette

    The Harry Potter John Williams Collection!

    Somebody just got added to the "ignore" list. What a tool.
  6. Bryant Burnette

    The Harry Potter John Williams Collection!

    It took you three days to come up with a retort that lame?
  7. You must have Josh500 set to "ignore," just like I do, because I thought the same thing.
  8. Bryant Burnette

    Jerusalem: Book 1 and 2 (Alan Moore)

    In my case, I've got shelves full of books I haven't read yet. I get to 'em when I get to 'em.
  9. I don't think I even knew that suite existed until David W. Collins talked about it on The Soundtrack Show. This is probably my most anticipated part of the box set, now. Glad I never knew about it before! That would have driven me nuts.
  10. Agreed. I couldn't believe that was all it cost; I feel like I got it on sale. Don't tell anyone, though, some people around here think it's ridiculously overpriced.
  11. Ordered, and I got Saving Private Ryan to go along with it. I'd been waiting on that one for when this came out, and now it is done. Also Harry Potter, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The World Is Not Enough, AND The Haunting of Hill House. Basically I just handed LLL my wallet and told 'em to do whatever as long as I got my license back. Oof.