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  1. Game Night It was an amusing little film, with a little too many comic twists that defy belief. Michael C. Hall is wasted as the villain, while Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman work off each other well. The supporting cast was good, especially Jesse Plemons and Billy Magnussen as the Harvard-educated-but-dumb-as-a-rock friend. It's still a breezy little movie that packs in a lot for a black comedy. It'll probably still work fine as a rental, otherwise stick with a matinee.
  2. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    Let me know when they actually begin filming before we get excited again...
  3. You haven't seen her second rap video. Worth it for the prequel references.
  4. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Most of the good villain footage was filmed by Donner. Even with the reused ending (and rougher feel due to the screen tests being used), it's still a better film than Lester's version. Donner explains that one of the reasons they reused the ending is because they didn't like Lester's. He and Mankiewicz would've shot a different ending for the sequel back then had he not been fired.
  5. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Superman II This is terrible. Richard Lester's direction is campier and his footage doesn't mesh well with Richard Donner's. Too much slapstick and I'm not a fan of the "magic amnesia kiss" that ends the film. I'm frankly surprised at how well received it is. And another thing, Ken Thorne's score sounds muddy -- like it was performed by a bad marching band. For all of its roughness, I thought the Richard Donner cut a more satisfying sequel.
  6. There are numerous Draco/Hermione ones out there. There's a disturbing amount of Snape/Hermione fic too.
  7. I honestly thought JKR should've paired Harry with Hermione. I kinda get where you're coming from with Draco/Hermione.
  8. Justice League I saw it several times, but I still enjoy it. You can tell what scenes Joss Whedon added or partially reshot, but I thought tonally they fit with what Snyder originally shot. The brisk pacing works since there's not much character exposition (nor is much needed), and aside from a terrible villain and ordinary plotting, it's disposable fun. Nothing more, nothing less... about on the level of the horribly overrated Thor: Ragnarok. And the only time I noticed Cavill's CGI mouth was the opening scene.
  9. You've been reading too much fan fiction.
  10. I love Rowling's writing on the page and she does craft consistent and believable characters throughout her writing (especially her Comoran strike novels). But her debut screenplay for Fantastic Beasts... I don't know if her inexperience with the format or whether David Yates' direction is at fault. Probably both. While I have some grudges against Steven Kloves in terms of adapting the Potter books (or giving other characters' lines to Hermione), I felt Rowling's book spirit in his screenplays better than she has on her own.
  11. I felt burned on the first one. I'm skipping out on Crimes of Grindelwald and the following three sequels.
  12. I know sometimes during writing when you plan out plot beats and length, the final product can be much longer and different than expected. But still... I'm just side-eying the five movie plan. It's ridiculous.
  13. I think there's barely enough story for three Beasts films, let alone five. I wish I could talk with J.K.R. in person just to ask her "Why? Why five films? Is WB that hard up for franchise material?"
  14. It looks even blander than the first Fantastic Beasts. The bits at Hogwarts look promising (as well as Jude Law's Dumbledore), but the new characters are otherwise blah. I wish J.K. Rowling had left the Wizarding World as it was after Deathly Hallows. Newt and Grindelwald are some of the blandest Potter characters out there. It reeks of a cash-in, and she doesn't need the money any more.