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  1. Annabelle: Creation It's very atmospheric and plenty of jump scares, and a phenomenally better film than the hideous predecessor. The child actors were pretty good, although the film wastes Miranda Otto to being a bedside plot device. And for a $15 million film, it looks like it cost more. Not a film I would revisit though.
  2. David Leitch does overdo the color grading in places. The scenes with Charlize taking her ice baths have this dreary blue overcast to it, and the nightclub scenes have this nauseating neon lighting. It doesn't go hog wild with the gunplay like the John Wick films, but the fight choreography is amazing. The staircase fight scene alone is worth seeing on the big screen.
  3. Atomic Blonde The plot is needlessly twisty, but hey, when you have Charlize Theron beating the shit out of bad guys AND a fantastic 1980s soundtrack, does anything else really matter? Til Schweiger was a bit of a pushover as the main baddie.
  4. The Little Hours It's a bit Monty Python-esque, but I was chuckling throughout this movie. The writer-director takes some dig at organized religion (specifically Roman Catholicism), and it's gleefully R-rated. The cast, mainly comprised of folks from "Community", "Scrubs" and "Parks & Recreation", is hilarious. Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza are the standouts here, but everyone is up to form.
  5. It's pretty telling that Disney is moving forward with May releases for future SW entries, as WB moved Aquaman to December 21, 2018 and slated Wonder Woman 2 for December 13, 2019. But Warners would move them if they moved Han and Episode IX back to December.
  6. I think Lucasfilm is aiming to flip between summer and holiday releases for subsequent Star Wars films. Like Warners did with the eight Potter films, half came out in June/July while the rest was pre-Thanksgiving. Also, Disney did not push back Han Solo when Ron Howard came on. They obviously want to reclaim the Memorial Day weekend for that film as well as Episode IX.
  7. Powell is an interesting choice. He usually doesn't incorporate pre-existing themes (unless they're his own), but Han Solo will definitely be an exception to that. Even more intriguing if Powell will try emulating Williams' late 1970s-early 1980s style.
  8. Dunkirk It's just not something I want to rewatch, but it is ruthlessly efficient with some breathtaking set pieces. Christopher Nolan nails the intensity of the Dunkirk evacuations and pushes the PG-13 limit pretty far, especially the opening sequence and that scene with the Germans shooting holes in the beached fishing boat. Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography is breathtaking in places but captures the grittiness of the 1940s well. But there's not much of an emotional center to hold on to, none of the characters really make much of an impression. Zimmer's score is equal parts effective and grating. It helps whip up suspense whenever the soldiers are racing or fighting for their lives, but Zimmer is just following his Dark Knight temp track here. (At least Interstellar offered up something new.)
  9. I can see where Theron is coming from, and that aspect can help actors with their performance (especially since she produced Atomic Blonde too). However, some actors don't like watching themselves. They prefer to do several takes and call it a day, while others go over scenes numerous times to satisfy the director. Digital can also make filmmakers less disciplined since they can delete takes they don't like and keep the camera rolling (like David Fincher). Some are rigorously self-disciplined and treat a digital shoot similarly to a 35mm shoot, where they get what they need, stop recording, and move on to the next shot. I was originally a hardcore film purist, but I participated in a commercial shoot a few months ago. The director and DOP used several digital cameras (the Red Epic and Sony F55), and I was floored at the quality of the raw images during playback. It's all how the cameras are used and how the final grading is done. Digital and film cameras are just different tools, they're not necessarily superior to each other. Although I think studios should archive their digitally shot films on film negatives as a backup if the original digital files are corrupted or deleted.
  10. Cavill does look rather fetching with facial hair... Jason Momoa did two weeks' worth of reshoots (flown in from the Aquaman set), as did Gal Gadot. Other actors (like Ezra Miller, Affleck, and Ray Fisher) had "quite a bit" more. So essentially this is an Rogue One situation where Joss will likely get a producing credit and/or screenplay credit on the final film.
  11. Despicable Me 3 - Forget Gru and his family, the little yellow Minions were the only ones worth watching. The film gets sidetracked with the annoying retconned 'long-lost twin brother Dru' A-plot and Agnes' irritating 'find the unicorn' B-plot. And let's not forget Trey Parker's annoying supervillain, aptly named Bratt. It's time to put this franchise out to pasture. Zeus and Roxanne - Bland but unoffensive. The beautiful Bahamas scenery and Kathleen Quinlan make it watchable. The titular characters, dog Zeus and dolphin Roxanne, got on my nerves after a while.
  12. Plus, Williams in his advanced age doesn't want to score several films in a row like he used to. He probably said to Steven, "After The Last Jedi, I can do either The Papers or Ready Player One. I can't do both."
  13. First Silvestri/Spielberg collaboration. Hope it's a good one.
  14. A third of the movie feels like it's directly referencing or channeling Hughes films, at the expense of the story. It rubbed me the wrong way.
  15. You'll be disappointed on that. Robert Downey Jr. is not a co-star (a la Civil War), thank God.