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  1. Forget Bugs Bunny, Daffy is the real deal.
  2. The Princess Bride It's hugely overrated fluff. One problem is the framing story, which works well on paper, but it doesn't work that well on film. Another problem is the direction, Rob Reiner overplays the silly wink-nudge-nudge tone to the point where it gets distracting. And third is the titular heroine, she's passive and not much of a participant in her own story. I can see why it has endured as long as it has: Cary Elwes and Robin Wright 'click' from their first scene onward, and the film is eminently quotable. I wish the author had taken more liberties with adapting his book and that the tone had played straighter. There are several fun scenes but the film doesn't really gel together for me. I remember when Stardust came out and people kept bringing The Princess Bride... it's kinda mystifying. Stardust is much more fun from start to finish IMO.
  3. We've occasionally got something decent like Bear McCreary's "The Cape" or Silvestri's Avengers theme, but yeah, it's been pretty dire overall. We can thank Whedon for bringing Elfman on board. I think Elfman will be on board for Batgirl too.
  4. Some fans are going to be butthurt even if Elfman uses a lot of Zimmer and XL's thematic material. I think the themes that Elfman will probably use is the electric cello Wonder Woman theme, maybe the soft piano material for Clark. I think their Batman theme is going to be scrapped in favor of Elfman's version.
  5. Most of the fanboys are having conniption fits about Elfman replacing Holkenborg, saying ridiculous things like "I don't want an Avengers score, I want that energy and bombast from Junkie XL". I mean, some fans are reasonable but most are just bitching about how "Whedon is ruining Snyder's film!" You dumbasses, JL will still be a Zack Snyder film, improved with Whedon's polishing. Snyder is completely hands-off on Justice League now. One trade article said that Snyder and Whedon really clicked while discussing the additional scenes for the film, and so Snyder trusted him enough to finish the film. I wouldn't be surprised if Whedon broached the subject about the film's music, and Snyder probably said "If you want to hire a different composer, go ahead."
  6. I would geek out if he referenced his own Flash theme too.
  7. I also wonder if Whedon wants to re-establish a certain 'sound' for Batman before he directs Batgirl...
  8. Oh my God. Fantastic news.
  9. I had a $8 Fandango code for the movie. Only paid the $1.50 convenience fee. Hopefully, there will be no sequel.
  10. The Mummy (2017) This film has the dubious distinction of being both Tom Cruise's worst film in his career AND makes The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor look like a cinematic masterpiece. The movie wants to be several different genres, but first-time director Alex Kurtzman fumbles all of them. The shitty script... even Christopher McQuarrie couldn't salvage this. Tom Cruise is woefully miscast and lacking that on-screen charisma that he usually brings to the table. Russell Crowe isn't much better, but at least his hammy performance fits with the B-movie execution. Annabelle Wallis was cast because she's a poor man's Emily Blunt. And for all the action, explosions, and jump scares, I was mostly bored. There's too much plot stuffed in this film (namely pointless world-building) that it feels twice as long. The best way to watch this is with the inevitable Rifftrax commentary. The best thing about this film? Sofia Boutella's mummy character is a delicious mix of seduction and danger. Had she a better script and director to work with, this would've been a star-making film for her. Tyler's score was pretty enjoyable as well.
  11. Only the Strong It's like Dangerous Minds with Mark Dacascos in place of Michelle Pfeiffer. It is so hilariously cliched, with a cringe-worthy performance by Paco Christian Prieto as the main drug lord baddie. The martial arts, a relatively little-known style as capoeira, are actually pretty impressive and photographed. But the movie has little else to offer.
  12. It's definitely off life support, and WB has a new franchise to mine.
  13. Wonder Woman (2017) Director Patty Jenkins nailed it. Gal Gadot actually goes through a wide gamut of emotions convincingly, and Jenkins utilizes Gadot's natural charisma for all its worth. The chemistry between Diana and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor is winning and naturally developed through the course of the film. The humor is naturally integrated into the narrative too, so while the real-life setting is grim, the humor doesn't undercut the stakes like Avengers: Age of Ultron or Doctor Strange. The first two-thirds of the movie are very strong, and while the final third is problematic -- I have no qualms recommending the movie. Rupert Gregson-Williams' score was serviceable but could've been so much more.
  14. They're not as obvious as Pirates of the Caribbean was.
  15. Captain from Castile Great first hour, has that intrigue and rousing swashbuckling action that made Tyrone Power a star with The Mark of Zorro. Once Power's Pedro gets to the New World, it turns into tedious melodrama. (That sarabanda scene with him and Jean Peters is still quite sensuous, given that it was made in the 1940s.) Sumptuous Technicolor cinematography and a rousing Alfred Newman score. I would love to see another director take a stab at the swashbuckler genre. The Pirates of the Caribbean films just aren't cutting it, strip out the CGI, cut out the anachronisms, and go for an old-fashioned mid-budget style.