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  1. I don't think this is going to happen. The year delay is just to save face, and it's just not a priority for Spielberg, Ford or the Mouse House. And Disney's being a dick with taking out all these dates and all.
  2. Yes, but the original Pete's Dragon wasn't that good to start with. The more casting news I hear from the Favreau remake, I'm just kinda turned off. It might be a respectable retread like Bill Condon's Beauty and the Beast remake, but pointless in the end.
  3. Shyamalan might do better if Blumhouse is producing (i.e. keeping the budget low), but considering that he's bringing back Willis and Jackson, it'll probably be a mid-budget affair due to salary demands. Maybe JNH will return to score?
  4. T2 Trainspotting Danny Boyle leans a bit too much on his previous film, as there are several flashbacks and nods to the original film. (Even Kelly Macdonald has a one-scene cameo.) The returning actors are in fine form, but the story made me go "That's it? That's what Mark, Sickboy and Begbie have been doing for the past 20 years?" It's still an enjoyable film, just don't expect the story to wow you. Their Finest A true gem. It's a warm satire of the British filmmaking scene during World War II, with some pointed barbs at the sexism Gemma Arterton's character faces in the film. But there's heart and love invested into this film, and you really get a sense of the time period the film takes place in. Sam Claflin and Bill Nighy are good, but Arterton is fantastic and anchors the entire film. I hope she gets some awards love later this year.
  5. I'm waiting for them to add Sam Neill and Laura Dern at this rate...
  6. It's Tom Rothman, a studio exec known for his meddling and penny-pinching. After being booted from Fox, Amy Pascal gave him a job running the new TriStar Productions label. Then after she resigned after the Sony hacking, he took her top spot as studio honcho February 2015. He took over the studio while Inferno was casting, so I wouldn't be surprised if he requested the budget be cut.
  7. Titanic has more heart, sweat, and tears invested into it. Even if some people are still on that "Titanic SUCKS!" mindset, Cameron had a LOT more at stake back then. It was a labor of love, and Fox and Paramount were brave enough to let him make it. Avatar.... well, the CGI was top notch.
  8. No, he left during production of S2 due to creative differences.
  9. X-Men Apocalypse It's not a bad film, just overstuffed when Bryan Singer should've held back (i.e. Days of Future Past) and the CGI-laden climax gets rather redundant. Oscar Isaac is disappointing as En Sabah Nu, Michael Fassbender is his usual classy self, Jennifer Lawrence has more scenes outside the Mystique makeup (obviously sell more tickets), and James McAvoy is just... there. The four newcomers playing the younger Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler needed more screentime, those guys were terrific. Newton Thomas Sigel's lensing is usually splendid in Singer's films, but it wasn't as well blocked. John Ottman's score was really enjoyable, an actual sequel to X2 than Days of Future Past.
  10. I would rather see Cameron do Battle Angel than devote 14 years of his life to Avatar movies.
  11. Fox wouldn't have greenlit four movies if they didn't like what Cameron has planned. Two consecutive $2B films buy a lot of goodwill. He better make them lean and mean, not 3 hour epics.
  12. Batman - Danny Elfman The OST still sounds really vibrant (gives Spider-Man 2 a run for its money), and Sinfonia of London's performance on the score is second to none. It's such an enjoyable listen, especially "Batman to the Rescue", "Descent Into Mystery" and "Finale" (one of Elfman's best pieces ever written). For it being one of Elfman's earlier scores, he hits a home run for his first comic-book film. Just a wonderful score.
  13. It looks visually consistent with The Force Awakens, but obviously a different story and approach. Some really gorgeous shots and some beautiful new Williams music (it sounds like a mixture of Williams original score with trailer music). I like how they revealed almost nothing about the film, in terms of spoilers.
  14. Fast & Furious The fourth entry in the franchise is still rather formulaic. Justin Lin brought back the pivotal cast members from the first, but the plot just spins its wheels. The action climax involving the underground tunnels isn't hard to follow like Lin's next three films, but it's just head-shakingly stupid nonetheless. Vin Diesel continues to have the charisma of a wet paper bag while supporting players Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, et al aren't given much to do.