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  1. This is totally influenced from "the raptors appear" from the lost world soundtrack! Awesome
  2. I can't rate this score or any other of Star Wars scores. John Williams has shown amazing consistency throughout the whole saga. They are all great and are all my favourites depending on the day. However Across the Stars is the best composition ever in my books !!!!!!
  3. For me it is Attack of the Clones to get the alternate ending musical blow out that the Imperial March replaced.
  4. fuhrsy31

    The Eiger Sanction. I need your advice!

    I spent twice as much for the towering inferno. Do I regret it ? Hell no! I love that Cd. If you want it buy it! By the way I own the eiger sanction and it is great. I'm a Williams completist so maybe I'm byist.
  5. fuhrsy31

    Saving Private Ryan

    Hymn to the fallen may be the greatest composition by John Williams. If you can listen to this and not get emotional while thinking on the soldiers lost in the world wars then you are cold and heartless.