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  1. From the red carpet premiere from tonight (Saturday, 9 December). Excuse the annoying corporate, bourgeois content of the video, but the very first 40 seconds of the video might be interesting (new statements of Kylo's motif and Rey's theme). Thoughts?
  2. The OFFICIAL Indy IV Score Thread

    Merkel's right about Akakor: it's an old myth concerning a hidden pyramid complex and native city on the Peruvian frontier. Some simple research on your own should turn up info. Lucas and Koepp and the crew almost certainly deliberately mispelled Akakor as "Akator" for some unknown reason. Maybe it sounds less awkward. And the Orellana speculation is in the right direction: when he travelled in the Ecuadorian region as a Spanish emissary, Orellana claimed to have bumped into a tribe of warrior women (probably just native men) and the legend of the Amazons caim to mind. The Amazon River was subsequently "named" by the encounter. Anyway, Orellana was one of the famous pursuers of El Dorado. So the connection/spoiler that the track listing reveals is that apparently "Akator" and El Dorado are one and the same (in the movie). Anyway, sorry to "speak" so much. Excited to see the potential of three new themes (Irina, Mutt, crystal skull). Should be good.