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  1. zoltan_902

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    If Star Wars didn't exist, or we were asked to name a title aside from it, then I'd probably suggest Jane Eyre (1970). If that had been a theatrical film eligible for Oscar nomination, I'd confidently have bet on it winning a Best Original Score. Next to that, the first Harry Potter - only because Hedwig's Theme epitomises what I love about JW's neo-romantic style.
  2. zoltan_902

    John Williams's False Endings

    This was very interesting for me with Han Solo's Theme; the quiet (fade out) false ending made me think 'that can't possibly be it', and it made me look forward to a witty surprise ending (which JW is sometimes consummately skilled in doing), but sadly when all subtlety was thrown out with the timpani solo at the end, I lost all hope of that. Then alas, the piece came to the clich├ęd long-note-crescendo/orchestra hit final note. In other words, I'm a big fan of a witty surprise ending, but a false-ending as a means to this is cheap and lazy. The ending to The Forest Battle in RotJ impressed me, if for no other reason that it was a fitting and clever, and managed to overcome the loud obnoxiousness of what was the climax of the piece.
  3. My Signature Editions collection is extensive, but by no means comprehensive.
  4. Once upon a time he used to wear polo shirts. I noticed ever since his pacemaker operation, he doesn't seem to have appeared in public in anything other than his turtleneck (or tails when conducting). Also, since the operation, I can't help but notice that his shoulder movement has been inhibited somewhat - he used to be able to make such grand sweep gestures with the baton. Now days he's more restrained.
  5. zoltan_902

    John Williams Autograph

    I went to Boston Film Night back in 2014. I had the Harry Potter 1 Deluxe score ready to receive signature, but he was whisked away before us. *sigh*.
  6. zoltan_902

    Please help me identify this melody

    Oh wow! That's IT!!!! Thanks so much.
  7. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm at my wits end. I've had this melody stuck in my head for two weeks - this happens to me sometimes, but I eventually identify the tune, but not this one. I think it comes from a fantasy score (it's sort of a sweeping waltz). Does anybody know what this might be - I fed my impression into Sibelius and rendered a piano playback.Mystery tune (Piano).wav I'd be most grateful.
  8. Rights issues I suppose. What puzzles me even more is that there seems to be officially-produced footage of the concert (akin to the 'Evening at Pops' series), of which only a few short minutes have been released. I don't know about others, but I'd be happy to pay money to see the full concert video.
  9. I didn't get access to the broadcast until they were well into JW's half of the program - a lot of us are having trouble accessing the WCRB's direct website stream. I did the iTunes hack, which made it work. I'm of a good mind to be awake for the encore presentation to record it, but even then, I can't find any listing of this on the website's Monday schedule.
  10. One of us, ideally living on the US east coast, needs to record the encore.
  11. I've been actively browsing the WCRB website. I think we'll have to wait 24 hours for it to be on demand. Unless someone here among us manages to fish it out of their temporary internet files.
  12. zoltan_902

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Hold your horses mate. These things usually take some months to reach commercial publication.
  13. I had to do some funny business with iTunes to make it work, which, in the end it did, only the concert was half-way through 'Solo' by then. I'm having a very John Williams morning; this arrived, finally!
  14. 'To Lenny' is a fascinating piece, and equally so to finally hear a slightly different interpretation of if from the original album recording. The percussion part is so FUNKY.
  15. zoltan_902

    Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Just thought I'd brag that this arrived