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  1. zoltan_902

    Kickstarter for Trumpet Concerto, with Williams conducting

    I wish all the best for this project's fruition; BUT; I don't understand how all the musicians and the studio, not the mention John Williams (whether or not he's doing it for free), could all claim to be 'booked' onto a project that ostensibly still has a funding gap.
  2. The final section of Soundings ("The Hall Rejoices") is a rhythmic wonder. Easily my favourite JW concert piece. We did have to wait 10 years for it to get a decent, commercially available recording when the LA Phil John Williams tribute gala was released on blu-ray disc. It was worth the wait.
  3. zoltan_902

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    I did just that, but, nah, I still managed to get booed at.
  4. zoltan_902

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    This post was edited.
  5. zoltan_902

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    "Remember - to hear this concert on demand visit the WCRB website" said Ron Della Chiesa (the program announcer) when the concern finished. I don't know if he was simply mistaken, because all talk of the concert broadcast (at least on this forum) was prefaced by the claim that it would NOT be available on demand. I suppose many of us will be watching the radio's website to see if it's indeed true.
  6. zoltan_902

    Tabglewood Film Night Recording.

    I'll ask a hypothetical - *If* I had a recording of last night's Tanglewood performance, would I be allowed to share a link to it in this forum?
  7. zoltan_902

    What's your opinion on "Images"?

    Two words: Blood Moon.
  8. zoltan_902

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    If Star Wars didn't exist, or we were asked to name a title aside from it, then I'd probably suggest Jane Eyre (1970). If that had been a theatrical film eligible for Oscar nomination, I'd confidently have bet on it winning a Best Original Score. Next to that, the first Harry Potter - only because Hedwig's Theme epitomises what I love about JW's neo-romantic style.
  9. zoltan_902

    John Williams's False Endings

    This was very interesting for me with Han Solo's Theme; the quiet (fade out) false ending made me think 'that can't possibly be it', and it made me look forward to a witty surprise ending (which JW is sometimes consummately skilled in doing), but sadly when all subtlety was thrown out with the timpani solo at the end, I lost all hope of that. Then alas, the piece came to the clichéd long-note-crescendo/orchestra hit final note. In other words, I'm a big fan of a witty surprise ending, but a false-ending as a means to this is cheap and lazy. The ending to The Forest Battle in RotJ impressed me, if for no other reason that it was a fitting and clever, and managed to overcome the loud obnoxiousness of what was the climax of the piece.
  10. My Signature Editions collection is extensive, but by no means comprehensive.
  11. Once upon a time he used to wear polo shirts. I noticed ever since his pacemaker operation, he doesn't seem to have appeared in public in anything other than his turtleneck (or tails when conducting). Also, since the operation, I can't help but notice that his shoulder movement has been inhibited somewhat - he used to be able to make such grand sweep gestures with the baton. Now days he's more restrained.
  12. zoltan_902

    John Williams Autograph

    I went to Boston Film Night back in 2014. I had the Harry Potter 1 Deluxe score ready to receive signature, but he was whisked away before us. *sigh*.