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  1. I have to say both tracks "the Bio-ship/Exploring the Hull" and "Exploring the Bio-Ship" are indeed wonderful, they certainly have a "Shadows of the Empire" vibe to them..
  2. Actually there's also a second quartet - comissioned by the Hollywood String Quartet - called "Wanderings", but I can't seem to find a recording of the work, just the score.. Goldenthal and Kilar also wrote pretty interesting concert works (mostly orchestral and choral pieces), for those who appreciate their unique styles and often minimalistic approach:)
  3. I love and played his string quartet "bleeding particles", there's a recording with the Arditti Quartet, the only one out there from what I could gather. oh and check this out:) : https://www.dondavis.net/concert/
  4. You're welcome. Yes, this piece is really an achievement starting with the solo instrumentation choice, which should not at all come as a surprise since JW has been so drawn to the harp in recent years - his "La Jolla" Quartet, Markings for Violin and Harp (very beautiful IMHO as a violinist) and of course his Harp Concerto "On Willows and Birches".
  5. Here's the audio only file of this really interesting piece. Enjoy! John_Williams_Highwoods_Ghost_An_Encounter_for_Cello_Harp_and_Orchestra_-_Premiere_Broadcast.mp3
  6. I'm listening to the album right now.. just amazing, the orchestration of Adventures of Han is so swashbuckling, reminds me of Korgold and his Pirate movie scores. Now, back to the listening session :)) edit: I'll just summarize the powell score: Solo: How to train your Chewbacca :))
  7. 😂😂😂 ..I was wondering when I'd get that one..
  8. Hey guys, just discovered this arrangement by chance, its based on the leaked theme score and its really a great effort! Have a listen:) I guess this will keep us happy until the original comes out;) https://youtu.be/2_kTInyuPVE
  9. For me the first midi file that's telling me: This score is going to be a brilliant one! Yep. If it sounds this great on the piano, imagine what it must sound like played by a huge orchestra!!! And don't forget JW's brilliant orchestration... It really sounds like the old Williams style! Actually it reminds me a bit of the Escape from Venice track from LC! Brilliant!
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