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  1. Worst CGI for me was the shot of Rey beside her At-At home, looked like a poorly done mat painting
  2. I'd love it to be true, but I'd be _very_ surprised.
  3. Yeah thats the voting option that I wanted. "No but its very good"
  4. tarasis

    Muppet Movie?

    Mark's response is perfect, exactly what I thought of. My god I've been hoping for that (and the others) to get a re-release, though preferably with the score and any other bits and bobs they had (cut songs, demos). Cannot have enough Muppets! (Disney really need to finish releasing The Muppet Show)
  5. tarasis


    Has there been any word about composer? I am actually hoping it will go to McCreary but I think its unlikely with him already doing Defiance & Da Vinci's Demons (assuming he is back for season 2 of both shows)
  6. How different is the film mix from the album mix? Rosewood is one of those William scores I'm not so fond of, like Angela's Ashes and Stepmom. I've also never seen the movie which i admit may color my opinion. It is a little disappointing that we are getting the OST version as well, though I understand why they have too.
  7. Oh I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that trailer (not played SW:TOR, my comp isn't up to it). I wish they'd employed this technique to make another SW animated movie, its very nicely done and just runs circles around the end of AOTC. JW's music was integrated well into the scene, but then I also liked McNeely's SOTE
  8. While this would be awesome I find it unlikely. Though if it was ever going to happen it would have to be now.
  9. Wondering how to juggle lots of forums.

  10. tarasis

    FSM's Lukas Kendall speaks out

    Question to ask Lukas that I imagine he wouldn't answer: Which releases from other labels do you think were harmed compromised as a result of involving the composer? Great interview Maurizio, very in depth and informative.
  11. Apologies, my sarcasm detector has been broken these last few days.
  12. It is on iTunes and Amazon. Dunno if that qualifies as "proper" if you are looking for a physical release. Excellent, in this instance proper is a digital release which I hadn't expect but I'm glad to hear there is one. Just wish it had been a lossless release (really why can't more stuff be released via Bandcamp or its ilk rather than iTunes/Amazon) Yes, nothing wrong with VGM. Indeed Starhawk was one of my fav overall releases from last year. Still, to each their own.
  13. Hadn't heard he was doing the music to this game. Really like the Main Theme (reminds me a little of ST 2009 towards the end with the way it builds) and not what I'd have expected for the game. I presume there isn't a proper release to this anywhere?
  14. Thanks for the track times. So Picking Pockets is def confirmed dropped? Do you know why? (given you seem like you have an info tap)