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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsAaRwkNgk8 I literally just woke up, so if this is from one of the other films, blame my tiredness for not recognizing it. That said - thoughts?
  2. Can confirm, front row is the best by far. You’ll be able to hear orchestras do these pieces for years to come, but seeing the man himself conduct them two or three feet in front of you is an experience like no other. It’s how I’ve seen him at the majority of the concerts I’ve been to, and it’s truly jaw dropping, not to mention the little interactions you get as mentioned above. I’ve exchanged head nods, little eyebrow raises, and smiles with Williams himself after hearing my favorite pieces live conducted by him, and it’s surreal. This past year at Tanglewood, after one of the Star Wars pieces, he even gave me a big smile and raised both his arms in a kind of “huzzah” in response to my excited clapping!
  3. I thought the OST album version was also from somewhere else, recorded by a choir in Tel Aviv. Am I wrong? Did JW arrange/record that too?
  4. Only listened to Luke and Leia so far out of the new tracks, and I will say I’m a bit disappointed that it’s just Anne-Sophie playing on top of what is essentially the concert suite. This was a chance for Williams to totally reinterpret it, perhaps expand on the haunting, sadder statement of it from Last Jedi, but instead, it’s hardly different at all.
  5. Has Williams ever commented on why the timing of the Luke and Leia theme is so different in Return of the Jedi (mainly “Brother and Sister”) vs its concert suite from the same film? The notes are the same, but some are played faster for some reason. Only the “Leia’s News” statement is normal.
  6. This makes me wonder - how incredible would an album of just Williams, his themes, and a piano be? Just him playing his themes alone as he hears them in his head. Nothing fancy, but these iconic themes being played by the man himself. That would be an incredible album. He could record it in a day!
  7. Is this new/from IX? No music, but very nice to see!
  8. My favorite theme of his. Seeing him conduct it always gets me emotional, and the statement of it in TLJ will never fail to give me chills. How amazing to hear him play it himself. Thank you for sharing this!!
  9. Another incredible, emotional, heartwarming, and chilling evening seeing living legend John Williams. He even looked and smiled at me a lot from the podium! There was one particular moment when he saw me after I was one of the first to stand for an ovation, and he did this kind of “huzzah!” moment with both arms raised and a big smile right at me. Chills to have so much interaction with the maestro himself from the podium! During the Star Wars portion of the evening, he shared that he had written 100 minutes of music for “The Rise of Skywalker” so far, but that it was a bit difficult since Abrams changes scenes a lot. He then said he’ll be returning to LA tomorrow (Sunday, August 25) to write the remaining 40 minutes of music required! He also called TROS “wonderful”, commented on the “comedy” between Rey and Kylo in TFA that continues in the new film, and that Ridley and Driver are wonderful as well. I thought “comedy” was a very strange word choice - make of it what you will. Such an incredible night. Fingers crossed for Boston next Spring!
  10. What’s the dress code for the Tanglewood shed on a Saturday night?
  11. Well, bootlegs and such aren’t allowed to be shared here. I assumed that extends into posting other people’s, or from YouTube or wherever.
  12. Interestingly enough, I did see a guy with a large industrial-level camera and light standing in the backstage area just off the stage when the concert ended. No idea what that means - I didn’t see any filming notices anywhere - but they at least filmed something backstage after.
  13. Just heard the new Leia’s Theme arrangement at Tanglewood! It’s gorgeous. Becomes truer to the original once it gets going, but the first minute or so is really mysterious (even E.T. like in a way with those mysterious, spacey kind of bells). There was one statement of the main theme in the middle where do think Mutter’s solo bits over it were a bit too busy and different from what the orchestra was doing, but it balanced out when the orchestra got its big solo statement of the theme at the end before Mutter joined in for the big finale. Definitely will be a bonus track or something at some point. Really beautiful, and summed up everything Leia has been through since the original arrangement in 1977 and Carrie’s passing.
  14. Really surprised by all the negativity in this thread. I was grinning ear to ear the entire film. Really great fun. As for the score, I love Middle Eastern music, so I thought the entire thing was an extraordinarily well done example of fusion with that genre. Menken really impressed me!
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