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  1. I'm sad they edited out Wilkins' introduction of the Indiana Jones pieces - he and I had a hilarious-and-odd conversation from the podium about the series during both nights.
  2. Was no one else at the second show last night? Williams was great as always (though he forgot Roald Dahl’s name), but he didn’t come out the stage door again. I’m afraid the greedy eBay exploiters have ruined what used to be a very calm and wonderful post-show tradition. Anyway, two wonderful nights of music!
  3. Thanks! But Bulgarian?
  4. Without story details, does that gloriously Middle Eastern theme for Enfys Nest have many appearances beyond the clip we got the other week?
  5. Wouldn’t that be against the rules to share, anyway?
  6. I’ll be at both nights. My 10th and 11th times seeing the maestro live in concert!
  7. They’re numbered, there were only 5,000. EDIT: Oops, didn’t notice there was a next page where someone already answered. Sorry!
  8. Wow, I’m really surprised by that theme for Nest, it’s so Middle Eastern! Arabic music and film scores are two of my favorite genres of music, and they usually get combined in Mummy-like films. Never thought that fusion would happen in a Star Wars score. Bit odd to hear a type of melody in a Star Wars film, but really neat at the same time!
  9. Any chance he’d include it in the Boston shows coming up? The second one is literally on Solo’s opening night (and if there’s any reason for me to miss the first showing of a Star Wars film, it’s John Williams! lol).
  10. If Williams is so able to travel now, I wish he’d been able to do TFA and TLJ with the LSO. Maybe there’s a chance IX will be with them?
  11. Got my vinyl set today! It’s gorgeous, very excited for the next two. Got number 3,400 out of 5,000. Tempted to also get the CD version, though, so I can have it on my computer... The vinyl set also makes me hope even more that Disney Music will release deluxe vinyls of the other Star Wars OST’s like they did with the original last year. These fancy box vinyl sets for one film are beautiful things.
  12. Little off topic there haha, but isn’t it only 1-5 anyway?
  13. I was about to post that! It’s weird there was never even an announcement about it. It’s just kind of... there.
  14. Well, since it seems this won't be on any of the home media releases of the film, I'd say we're very lucky you recorded this! Thanks again!