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  1. Interesting that Duel of the Fates wasn’t there after Tanglewood. Praying he does it in Boston next year...
  2. He did Duel of the Fates, AND with a chorus?!?! That’s been my dream for the Boston concerts for ten years! Hoping he does that next year...
  3. Well listening is certainly part of it (like I said, it just isn’t ideal for a set like this), but the appeal of the large cover art, large booklet, map, and overall set is definitely worth the purchase for some. No, all three have been about that price.
  4. Vinyl may not be the most ideal way to listen to these, but they’re stunningly gorgeous sets. I think the vinyl versions are more for collectibility than to actually listen to.
  5. Around 9-10. I understood that it was still Rachel pretty quickly, but I remember being confused at first, especially since the movie’s poster/cover art used her appearance from the first film (like @Holko said).
  6. I don’t think Intrada did. That’s the way the outfit was censored in the movie’s trailer. It’s likely a promotional shot (Universal would’ve provided Intrada with the images they were allowed to use). This confused me when I was a kid, too! They really made her look so different in Returns.
  7. I’ve always liked “Forever May Not Be Long Enough”, but then again, I’m a sucker for any music with Middle Eastern influence.
  8. No way! That’s my birthday! How perfect. Preordered! Edit: And my TTT copy just arrived! Awesome coincidence.
  9. Well, of course. I meant more as in “what are the big differences between the versions”?
  10. WOW! No idea how I missed this thread (and The Mummy's). These are two of my favorite scores, largely due to the fusion with Middle Eastern melodies and instruments. What are the advantages to these new sets vs. the complete bootlegs that have been available for so long? Is the quality much improved over those? (It's also interesting the page for The Mummy notes remastering, but I don't see any mention of it on Returns'.)
  11. I'm sad they edited out Wilkins' introduction of the Indiana Jones pieces - he and I had a hilarious-and-odd conversation from the podium about the series during both nights.
  12. Was no one else at the second show last night? Williams was great as always (though he forgot Roald Dahl’s name), but he didn’t come out the stage door again. I’m afraid the greedy eBay exploiters have ruined what used to be a very calm and wonderful post-show tradition. Anyway, two wonderful nights of music!
  13. Thanks! But Bulgarian?
  14. Without story details, does that gloriously Middle Eastern theme for Enfys Nest have many appearances beyond the clip we got the other week?
  15. Wouldn’t that be against the rules to share, anyway?