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  1. The cover is fan art made by a guy called Simon Z, I recognized it instantly: http://simonz.co.hu/wallp3_eng6.html That says enough about this thing's legitimacy, I think...
  2. Surprised at the silence in this thread! Tickets went on sale this morning. Who's going? I got tickets for Wednesday.
  3. It sounds like an early, subtle statement of the Throne Room theme, specifically 1:01 of said theme. Maybe some musical foreshadowing?
  4. Strange there'd only be two dates, and on weekdays no less. Isn't there always at least a Saturday performance?
  5. Some more good/neat ones that have been posted over the past day: Electric guitar with cool intro and elements of other themes: Violin and piano: Arranged for 34 (electric) guitars: Mariachi version (yes, really): Alto Sax: Singin' in the Rain Mashup:
  6. These are more tributes to Carrie Fisher than Williams, but still, there have been some wonderful/cool interpretations of Leia's Theme in the past day or two: A bell tower: Classical guitar (really peaceful, and nice cameo of another theme at the end): Cello (especially sad sounding): Acapella: I'm sure there'll be more in the coming days.
  7. Nice gesture! And always nice to see new footage of Williams in action, especially relatively recently.
  8. Not sure if this has been posted, but it's pretty interesting. http://www.rebelforceradio.com/shows/2016/12/21/star-wars-oxygen-vol-38-rogue-one-part-1
  9. True. It's one of Williams' greatest, and it'd be great to finally get a full statement of it in a film beyond the end credits.
  10. I'm afraid that if Leia doesn't reunite with Luke in VIII, we'll never hear a new rendition of "Luke and Leia" again after all.
  11. This is completely random, but - if Burning Homestead was tracked directly from the original Star Wars, did the LSO have a credit in TFA for that small cameo?
  12. Saw this last night. Definitely neat, but I can also understand where others are coming from with concerns. Anyway, I was listening to NYC's big classical radio station this morning, and suddenly the host on air was talking about the video. He proceeded to play the entire Main Title suite from the original film. On NYC classical radio. So that was awesome.
  13. I'm surprised at the lack of conversation about the vinyl release. Anyway, now it's out on cassette. lol http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/ca/en/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=39421706&category=A-VINYL-NEW