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  1. Little off topic there haha, but isn’t it only 1-5 anyway?
  2. I was about to post that! It’s weird there was never even an announcement about it. It’s just kind of... there.
  3. Well, since it seems this won't be on any of the home media releases of the film, I'd say we're very lucky you recorded this! Thanks again!
  4. A Life in Music: New recordings of JW by the LSO

    No one else thinks it’s neat to get a new Star Wars Main Title recording from the LSO? I’m not sure if they’ve ever recorded it outside of the film sessions until now, but either way, it’s cool to hear what the beginnings of TFA and TLJ may have sounded like if Williams had gone over there. Especially since we didn’t get a new (released) recording of it with TLJ, so this almost makes up for that in a way. (Also, I’m sure we’ll hear clips of the LSO doing sequel trilogy music when they inevitably do the films live to picture, like they’re doing with the original Star Wars this year.)
  5. Got tickets for both nights! Usually I’m at one of the tables right in front of him, but for the first time, all four of those were already sold out right at 10:00. So I’ll be at the table across the aisle from those.
  6. No way! A full concert version for the theme almost 40 years later??
  7. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    Oh wow. The original orchestra performing the score for the first time in 40 years?! THAT would be something to experience. I wonder if there are any members still with the orchestra who were a part of those original sessions.
  8. Rare John Williams items.

    I have the original vinyls of the Star Wars trilogy signed, and also an autographed picture with him. Plus a few signed Boston Pops programs from past Film Nights.
  9. Too bad the cue from Luke's second lesson (when he recaps the Jedi's first fall, and his own failure) isn't there. I love the slight hint of the "Luke and Leia" theme in it! Still, great we finally got this.
  10. Something I realized about that “Luke and Leia” theme moment - it’s the first and only time the actual original theme appears in a film. When it was used in ROTJ when Luke reveals to Leia that they’re siblings, Williams sped up the second half of the theme for some reason. It was nice to hear the full theme breathe in a scene. Also, I recall hearing a quote of the first part of the theme in an earlier scene in the movie... anyone remember?
  11. “Luke and Leia” is my favorite Star Wars theme - it’s so heart wrenchingly beautiful - and I’d hoped that Williams’ including it in recent concerts meant he’d remember it for the new score, if a scene gave him the chance to use it. I was already tearing up when Luke entered the Crait base and started to talk to Leia, but once their theme started, I really started sniffling. That whole scene was absolutely extraordinary and beautiful, a perfect final moment between Luke and Leia, and the music brought it to another level (as Williams usually does). I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it around the web.
  12. The Last Jedi opened in the USA tonight, and in addition to the standard 7:00 pm showings, there was also a 6:00 pm showing that including free snacks, some swag, and exclusive visual content before the main film. Many thought the visual content would be a look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, so you can imagine my surprise when, after a spoken introduction recording by Rian Johnson, we were treated to a 5-or-so minute long tribute to Williams, and a look at his work on The Last Jedi. There weren’t any specific new things to me - it was mainly people praising Williams, and Williams talking about his process (still using paper and all). There was a shot of him and Daisy Ridley hugging, which was cute with Williams’ little crush in mind. There was also a beautiful statement of Leia’s Theme (EDIT: was Luke and Leia’s theme, got mixed up in the excitement of the moment haha!). Williams did touch on the topic of Episode IX right at the end. He said he hasn’t thought about it yet, but that he hopes his time with the Saga isn’t over. Hopefully this gets officially posted online, or is included in the Blu-Ray!
  13. Ordered this just a couple days ago and it already arrived! I took it out of the package, but wasn’t able to open it since I had to go to work. Still, even just looking at the main box, this thing is gorgeous. Certainly a worthy purchase so I can listen to this and leave my autographed original preserved. I really hope they do this kind of release for at least Empire and Jedi, this shouldn’t be a one-off. And I also hope they don’t wait until 2020 and 2023 to do them!
  14. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    NYC was the world premiere for ANH, ESB, ROTJ, and TFA.
  15. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    It's sooooo cool that the reviewer noted that, because I did the exact same thing!!! I'd been looking forward to that harp moment for months, and it was definitely chilling to hear it live. Such a subtle but touching moment. My pleasure!! Glad I could be of some informational help here, beyond the annual Boston Pops concerts. That reminds me, I never posted my thoughts on TFA! It was definitely a wonderful experience, and after the lackluster impression ROTJ left in regards to its merits as a film, it actually felt good to see the story continue and not have Jedi be the conclusion. It's weird, but amazing as the music was live, Jedi as a film just really did not hold up well so close in viewing to ANH and ESB. Anyway, back to TFA - interestingly, the music sounded much louder than the film this time around. The orchestra was clearly the dominant force (no pun intended) for this one, while the original trilogy definitely felt like a pretty even balance. Definitely not a complaint - after all, the whole point was the live music. I also saw TFA ten times in theaters as an adult, while I was a kid when the prequels and special editions came out, so I definitely felt more... connected?... to the film than the others. That's not to say it's my favorite, that's absolutely ESB, but I do think TFA has much fresher and formed memories for me than the other films, between the months of pre-release hype and the experiences around seeing the film itself so many times in so many different settings. I don't know if that makes any sense - I certainly have extraordinarily strong connections and fond memories of the saga as a whole, but TFA was really the first Star Wars film I got to experience as a grown, independent adult here in NYC when it came out two years ago. Anyway, I really hope the concert series continues with Last Jedi next year. Let's also not forget that Michael Giacchino said in an interview some time ago that Rogue One live was in the works, though I'm not sure if that's something the Philharmonic would do, since it's not part of the main saga. These concerts were definitely experiences I'll treasure for a long time!