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  1. It's sooooo cool that the reviewer noted that, because I did the exact same thing!!! I'd been looking forward to that harp moment for months, and it was definitely chilling to hear it live. Such a subtle but touching moment. My pleasure!! Glad I could be of some informational help here, beyond the annual Boston Pops concerts. That reminds me, I never posted my thoughts on TFA! It was definitely a wonderful experience, and after the lackluster impression ROTJ left in regards to its merits as a film, it actually felt good to see the story continue and not have Jedi be the conclusion. It's weird, but amazing as the music was live, Jedi as a film just really did not hold up well so close in viewing to ANH and ESB. Anyway, back to TFA - interestingly, the music sounded much louder than the film this time around. The orchestra was clearly the dominant force (no pun intended) for this one, while the original trilogy definitely felt like a pretty even balance. Definitely not a complaint - after all, the whole point was the live music. I also saw TFA ten times in theaters as an adult, while I was a kid when the prequels and special editions came out, so I definitely felt more... connected?... to the film than the others. That's not to say it's my favorite, that's absolutely ESB, but I do think TFA has much fresher and formed memories for me than the other films, between the months of pre-release hype and the experiences around seeing the film itself so many times in so many different settings. I don't know if that makes any sense - I certainly have extraordinarily strong connections and fond memories of the saga as a whole, but TFA was really the first Star Wars film I got to experience as a grown, independent adult here in NYC when it came out two years ago. Anyway, I really hope the concert series continues with Last Jedi next year. Let's also not forget that Michael Giacchino said in an interview some time ago that Rogue One live was in the works, though I'm not sure if that's something the Philharmonic would do, since it's not part of the main saga. These concerts were definitely experiences I'll treasure for a long time!
  2. The Birthday Thread

    Awww thanks, guys!!! Sorry for the late response. And @Incanus, great memory!
  3. What happened? I had a little girl next to me during the first half of Empire who kept shifting in her seat and whispering questions, but her Mom was cool and switched seats with her for the second half without me even asking her to - she understood. Otherwise, the audience has been pretty good for me. Also, too bad we didn't get to meet at any of these, would've been nice to meet another JW Fan!
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but as Digital said, Jabba's stuff was tracked as far as I can remember (I certainly would have noticed if it was live). Final film (for now) tonight - The Force Awakens!
  5. Jedi was fun!! Seeing it so close to ANH and ESB really makes it clear how it's the weakest of the original films by farrrrr, but it was certainly still very enjoyable. Also, it never hit me before how Luke believing there still being good in Vader comes literally out of nowhere during his talk with Obi-Wan on Dagobah, and then it's a driving plot in the film. As for the performance itself, once again, it was incredible hearing the score live, though some moments weren't as loud or bombastic as expected (such as Light of the Force/Vader's pyre). Other moments I thought might be at least partially tracked were done totally live (Victory Celebrarion, Ewok music in various scenes), which was a nice surprise. The music during C3PO's story to the Ewoks was also a noteworthy fun moment to hear live. Regarding the choir, I SWEAR it was present via track during the scene when Palpatine tells Vader to move the fleet to the far side of Endor, but that was the only time I heard it. It sure sounded like it was there, though! Lastly - I could feel the awkwardness in the room during Jedi Rocks, though people clapped when Ghost Hayden showed up, interestingly enough.
  6. Oh, I forgot one other interesting tidbit about Empire - it opened with the 20th Century Fox fanfare, as opposed to the edited ESB finale music the Disney-owned versions use.
  7. Just saw Empire! Absolutely outstanding, though interestingly, I think the actual power of the live music was stronger during New Hope (for example, those epic clashes at the start of the original Imperial/Death Star theme). Nevertheless, this was an extraordinary experience. The absent light female chorus during the Cloud City approach wasn't distracting, but like others here, I seriously wonder how they're going to go about Jedi and TFA. It wouldn't surprise me if the choir situation is part of why they're not doing the prequels, popularity aside. Also, one especially fun treat - for New Hope, the film resumed from intermission by repeating the music from the end of the first half with the screen black, and then the film faded in as the music continued from where it left off. However, for Empire, they actually played a condensed version of the album/concert version of The Imperial March before resuming the film (it picked up at the bounty hunters with Vader scene). If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! And rest assured, I'll also be at Jedi and TFA, so I'll be able to report on those as well.
  8. I think only some of the Jedi and TFA dates have seats left.
  9. I just wanted their thoughts on the unique case of Kylo having two themes, and they believed it was due to the character being conflicted. Didn't realize it was such a mystery here! I hadn't seen many posts about it. I missed the first half hour, but it was basically the panel playing excerpts of different themes and commenting on what the themes represent, how they relate to each other, and sometimes, how they echo classical composers. There weren't any surprises or revelations, but it was amazing to be at a discussion that was so nitpicky and nerdy about Star Wars music that had such a great turn out. It was like JWFan live! I recorded audio of it on my phone so I could enjoy it again, but I'm not sure it's allowed to be posted because of the music clips, and it was a formal event by the Philharmonic. However, I'm friendly with a guy who works for them, so I'll ask if they have plans to officially post a video of it. I'm so excited for Empire, Jedi, and Force Awakens. Star Wars was extraordinary - the power of the drums during the Tusken Raider attack, the dramatic roll and burst of the Imperial/Death Star theme, the gentle beauty of Leia's theme (which I've heard live before, but matched with her scenes, it was even better), the thunderous Throne Room - truly breathtaking. Even the Main Title was even better, live and unrestricted from the not-as-full-sounding '77 recording that was limited by the tech at the time (I love the OST, but it does have that older-recorded-score sound that's hard to describe). Imagining what this will be like with the Imperial March during Vader's first scene in Empire, the furious Clash of the Lightsabers, the heartbreaking carbon freezing chamber scene, that dramatic Imperial March statement after Vader's famous line, the Emperor's theme in Jedi, Luke and Vader's final duel, the harp when Anakin dies, and so much more... this will all be mind blowing. I just wonder what they'll do about the choirs in Jedi and Awakens. It was a shame Cantina Band wasn't live, so who knows? Nevertheless, I can't wait.
  10. I went last night. It was AMAZING! I'm so excited for Empire, Jedi, and Awakens. I've seen Williams conduct Star Wars music live feet away from me many times, but the music itself seemed to have so much more umph and power here. Not sure if it was the venue (one of the most legendary concert halls of all time), the orchestra, or just because I was up on the balcony, but the actual sound and power of the music was amazing. Also, I was at that panel discussion a few nights ago, too! I was the one who asked about Kylo Ren's two themes at the end.
  11. I'll be there tomorrow. Super excited, front row! 9th time seeing him live.
  12. I'll be at the same ANH and ROTJ shows as you! All third tier for me as well in the center, except for ANH where the only cheapest options were box seats on the side second tier, so will just be at an angle, no big deal. Third tier center will give a great wide view of everything though, can't wait!
  13. I got tickets all four movies as well. My wallet is crying a bit, but worth it. These, plus Williams in Boston later this month... it's definitely an awesome year for Star Wars concerts. Also, Lincoln Center and the Philharmonic really knocked it out of the park with the event this morning. The whole staff was so friendly, everything was organized super well, and I met some great new friends in line! The brass section of the Philharmonic also performed the Main Title, Imperial March, and Throne Room (all a bit abbreviated), some in costume, and the 501st costume group was there as well. Quite a sight to see Kylo Ren, R2, Palpatine, and Stormtroopers strolling around a place as usually formal as David Geffen Hall. Got some free swag, too - a Force Awakens full size poster, and two vinyls (Force Awakens faces picture vinyl, and Jabba Flow remix picture vinyl). Great time!
  14. Thanks! Will add to the main post. Here it is from the audience's perspective. Their reaction to Williams is chillingly epic. He literally needs no introduction!