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  1. The Rope Bridge, while musically simple, is too important dramatically to be omitted.
  2. Perhaps someone else may have documentation on that? My question may have been poorly worded, but not necessarily directed at Jay.
  3. Off Topic, but related to your post... Did Williams write the Chewbacca Theme/Motif from Solo?
  4. And yet, it provides child viewers a role model with a moral compass equivalent to that of Christopher Reeve's Superman. Growing up 1966 Batman was great. Watching it as an adult is still great for the other reasons you didn't pick up on as a kid.
  5. Airplane Fight from Raiders followed up by Desert Chase. It's music to fist fight to.
  6. I don't know the answer to the OP, but it certainly is effective. Ben Burtt's sounds have tonality all their own. The TIEs and X-Wings have their own harmonic tonalities. Even the pilot chatter is musical as it changes pitch from cockpit POV to headset distortion. It's easy to take for granted how revolutionary the sound effects were, but it's my opinion that the decision to let them breathe on their own, and take a solo, was the right one for the storytelling.
  7. All you really need is the 1966 show. Oddly, B&R gets closest to that in its tone.
  8. The last few minutes of Raiders March in the End Credits. I just love how Williams veers off with it when you think he's going to finish it off in the traditional way.
  9. You can't help but hear similarities in the way it's presented, but I believe it's this motif from The Planet Krypton at 1:31 Mike Matessino mentioned on Mauricio's podcast that this motif only being repeated in an unused alternate was similar to the "Threepio in distress" motif heard in the Alternate Binary Sunset, heard only once in the film when Threepio is whining after loosing an arm to the Sand People.
  10. I'll add another observation from the left channel. Neither the Blue Box nor the 2018 restoration seem to prominently feature the dotted staccato trombones you hear in the Rhino version of Planet Krypton at the 4:26 mark. I'm finding it hard to describe the difference, but both the Blue Box and the 2018 restoration seem to bury that articulation in their mix, just slightly. I did an A/B comparison on the wav files, and decided I would merge the Rhino with the 2018 around that point, as seamlessly as possible.
  11. I'm no pro at custom art, but I never liked the Debney cover, so I made this one yesterday for my iTunes. (It's not the right dimensions for a double jewel insert)
  12. I love this day. One of my favorite days of the year. How wonderful to celebrate the Maestro's birthday by filling the day with his music.
  13. It doesn't sound bad, but it is a bit metallic. You can hear it in the first bars of the cell ostinato when compared with the Rhino version, which sounds more robust and powerful. I'm hoping a re-release fixes this and brings out the vitality in the recording.
  14. Track 4 "Dracula Appears", about 20 seconds in sounds a lot like the motif used that closes out the Carbon Freezing scene. It's a great cue that mickey mouses the action of the steps unfolding from the coach and Dracula's feet descending. It's got a bit of that Raiders Nazi menace to it.
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