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  1. We have a second performance at 1pm January 27th Sunday. So please buy your tickets for this one sooner rather than later.THIS WILL SELL OUT ALSO.
  2. Wow! This has sold out! We are actually working on a second performance. Updates later.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/513434672494624/ Attendance on this one is crucial to me. It will determine whether I can continue to do concerts on the obscure film music of Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin and....oh, yeah, John Williams. If anyone can make it please do buy these pretty cheap tickets. Thank you. https://theautry.org/events/music-and-festivals/music-ennio-morricone?fbclid=IwAR2QKVgHYIV7KcDZRkYckdg3i5DN6HPXfR02FOlVWL9TCRYF3Nwn-CzwA_M
  4. I thought I'd post this here since John and him were friends and played on quite a few of these scores like THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. GSPO Elmer Bernstein Tribute concert tomorrow Feb. 15th at the spectacular Warner Grand Theater, San Pedro TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FROM THE TERRACE STRIPES WALK ON THE WILD SIDE GHOSTBUSTERS FAR FROM HEAVEN AIRPLANE ,,,and a lot more, ...and remembrances of Elmer from PETER BERNSTEIN BEAR MCCREARY PATRICK RUSS (his orchestrator) RICHARD KRAFT (his agent) Tickets at http://www.gspo.com
  5. I believe you added the NBC Nightly News theme (THE MISSION) and the Olympics Fanfare. That and Jeff Bond (more liner notes than you can shake a stick at including "Danse Macabre" in the Burton-Elfman Box) doing your stageside chat at 7:30PM gets me to San Pedro (and the spectacular Warner Grand!) pronto!
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