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  1. I guess some of those harmonies shown there could be kind of cool. I just want a sense of romance that grounds this grim-looking show with whimsy and the beauty of adventure and space.
  2. Oh snap, yeah, I do now! It's how I was first able to watch them as an eight year old!
  3. *coughs* And my favorite from Cowboy Bebop Cheaper than live action, animation can go places any other medium can't, and Japan is perhaps one of the few places that takes animation seriously. As such, the good anime can be far more adventurous and imaginative in their scenarios, actions, and themes, giving composers a wide swing of the bat.
  4. Hmmm...assuming this is true, maybe he was brought on to potentially adapt some cues to the constantly in-flux cuts? Especially if Williams' surgery was around that time.
  5. As someone who's not a string player, I'm going to speak with a certain amount of ignorance, but I'd venture to say those fast arpeggio type runs aren't the most wieldy, but not impossible. What's more striking to me are the comments hailing it as a new masterpiece for the ages.
  6. I actually like the smaller sound of the orchestra, especially the brass. It really sounds like an homage to classic Western sounds (also paid tribute to with scores such as Red Dead Redemption: )
  7. In the beginning, there was dark and disturbing. Then, followed realistic and relatable. You've waited for the rest of the story, and now... ...Suave and sensitive? The trilogy of JWFan Allliterative Adjectives is at its end. You _don't_ want to miss it.
  8. Look, it's not that we're afraid of death--far from it. It's just that death...it's not us.
  9. As someone who has a lot of disdain for nostalgia media "love letters" and "homages", I _love_ Shovel Knight. It's an incredibly tight feeling platformer, with very crisp and responsive controls. Combine that with the moveset and the layout of the levels, you have an almost unparalleled sense of flow. Never once when I died did I feel like it was the game's fault, and it offered a great balance of challenge and mercy. Of course as you mentioned, Kaufman smacked it out of the hockey stadium, and the plot is surprisingly emotional in a silly and cartoony kind of way. I'm not too familiar with the DLC because like you I checked out after a while.
  10. Ugh, high strings playing a syncopated melody, harmonized with minor and augmented chords on every note, with sudden key changes? What pop drivel.
  11. Agreed, especially since some of us might not be able to watch the show, and people could be more free to discuss spoilers and all that. As for the score, I wrote my thoughts on it in the Last Score thread: ...How do you do that link thing to other posts?
  12. Finally listened to The Mandalorian episode 1 score for the first time in full. Lots of fun! When I imagine a space Western, I imagine a very eclectic menagerie of different cultures at play, and the music delivers that in spades. The bass recorder theme is surprisingly versatile, musically, receiving more naked renditions, as well as more groovy variations where its inherent rhythm is more pronounced and obvious. Overall the music definitely feels more isolated and cold, which I'm sure is perfect for the subject matter. I really admire the spirit that pervades it: as a kid, one of my favorite things about Star Wars was the vast worlds you were transported to, while still maintaining a grounding in our own world. Williams wrote music that achieved that balance--the exotic and the familiar--and so far Goransson has done so as well. A great inheritance of musical philosophy, if you will.
  13. Oh snap! Do you live in Seattle proper? Did you attend the first Harry Potter in '17?
  14. I saw that too, in Chicago with a _packed_ theater. (AMC by Navy Pier, for any locals). I don't know if I can ever watch The Last Crusade ever again at home, that was such an amazing experience. I can guarantee that the majority of everyone in the theater had seen these movies loads of times, but when Papa Connery got shot, you could feel the silence fill the whole room as if we were watching a new release for the first time. Leaving the theater you felt like you had just saved the world from Nazis yourself! Talk about a feel-good day!
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