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  1. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    I might actually prefer it to the second in a lot of ways.
  2. Nick Parker

    The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    Old JWFan joke from the Goblet of Fire days. Wouldn't know what to search to find the thread.
  3. Nick Parker

    The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    Tom Petty's the dude who should've scored Harry Potter, yeah?
  4. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    Have you played the third one ever? Also, the Dreamcast is one of the coolest consoles ever.
  5. Nick Parker

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Saw the movie Revenge last night. It's a pretty typical feminist revenge plot: women gets raped, then seeks vengeance on her tormentors. There's a number of moments where the characters, primarily the female protagonist, defies logic in a way that feels contrived to amp up a setpiece, to mixed results: while the results are a "cooler" scene, I kept thinking, "Wait, why is she doing this?" Overall, would've been a pretty dumb and bland movie, but the direction and cinematography is absolutely beautiful. The film looks so crisp, vibrant, and natural, capturing the distinct beauty of a desert. There's a very cool, long, impressive one-shot that is probably going to make a lot of lists on film students. The score was effective and cool, but it's starting to seem like a joke that "retro synthwave" type scores (pulsing synth bass with backbeat, that sort of thing) has become so prevalent.
  6. I'm surprised I missed that movie, thanks for posting this excerpt. Two things stuck in my head: This goofy-ass theme, and all of its sillily dramatic variations The section that appears a few seconds after this. Such a chilling moment in the film, and gives the events an almost mythical, larger than life quality.
  7. Nick Parker

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I'm actually listening to BFG for the first time outside of the film. Hook's swashbuckling highlights are great, but BFG hits an emotional core that's far more resonant and compelling to me.
  8. Nick Parker

    The Introversion and Anxiety Collective

    I can get why they'd want to, although all I can remember from the Meyer-Briggs test is "I" for introverted, "E" for extroverted. But yeah, I hope they don't expect us to look that stuff up when they put it on their profile. Maybe we should put a random psuedo-acronym on ours and see what happens?
  9. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    Yeah, after the PS2 kicked its ass months after release. It wasn't a balls to the wall smash success, but the Dreamcast was doing alright, all things considered.
  10. Nick Parker

    What Do You Still Like About JWfan?

    Any JWFan(s) in particular?
  11. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    It actually did pretty well before the PS2 came out and bludgeoned it with a baseball bat.
  12. Nick Parker

    The Introversion and Anxiety Collective

    Dumb? No. A display of the peculiar neurological phenomenon to focus on the things you tell your mind not to think about or suppress? (Known as the "white elephant" phenomenon) Oh yeah. Since emotions are by and large out of our control, we can't really confront them with rationality. Next time this happens, you might want to actually try egging your brain on to display the emotion(s) you don't want.
  13. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    Imagine if they made a Dreamcast Mini!
  14. Nick Parker

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I wanna say there's brief footage of the effect in the DVD documentary
  15. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    Is that really enough, though? Aren't there so many other ways to play the game? Keep in mind, I don't like the Nintendo Classic systems, so I'm probably not the audience for this stuff. Still, I can't see something like this harping on the nostalgia as skillfully as Nintendo's.