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  1. Nick Parker

    Bear McCreary's Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

    Seeing such love for the Godzilla theme brings warm feelings to my heart. Man I want some of those older scores re-recorded. No one makes orchestra tutti unisons and doublings sound as goddamn thick and punchy as Ifukube.
  2. Nick Parker

    The Secrets of John Williams Writing Tools Revealed

    Oh? Please go on.
  3. Nick Parker

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    How is the Pro controller?
  4. Nick Parker

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    I loooove those buttons, the way they depress softly with some minimal and increasing tension, until it reaches a satisfying click. Almost like shooting a gun. It took Sony four tries to get their shoulder buttons down; Microsoft's have always been pretty solid, but the overall clickiness of the XBox One is the most satisfying to me (they had to have _some_thing go right). The Gamecube with its skin tag of a second stick made shooters and other similar action games awkward, but those aren't the games people remember the Gamecube for anyways.
  5. Nick Parker

    I Found It: Fanfare for Dukakis

    Why are you dissing people like Thomas Hooten?
  6. Nick Parker

    Video Game Music

    Ever since Brawl, a lot of the arrangements were more wide than deep, and many suck because of it. But that arranger consistently turned out damn near definitive versions of every tune they touched.
  7. Nick Parker

    Alan Menken's ALADDIN (2019)

    It's ass-hot spankable, chief! Re: Menken I like Little Shop of Horrors.
  8. Nick Parker

    Video Game Music

    Don't remember the track, really looking forward to listening to it soon! That's the one I was referring to! Are you familiar with the Smash Bros arrangement?
  9. Nick Parker

    Video Game Music

    Oka was one of those greats from the 90's whose prominence in a video game career sadly didn't live past the turn of the century, like the Follins brothers--those dudes wrote some baaaaaddd tunes. (On a Super Nintendo!) Oka had such a cool voice. There was a point a couple of years where I even tried to track down some of the corporate videos she's apparently scored since leaving the industry. There's an arrangement of one of her Pilotwings tunes in Super Smash Bros that's just amazing.
  10. Nick Parker

    I Found It: Fanfare for Dukakis

    Conducted by Heney Kissinger, apparently? Great find, but I understand why Williams never felt the desire to bring this one up ever. Proof that not everything he touched in those years was gold. But maybe we need a poll to decide which piece is better: Fanfare for Dukakis, or Air and Simple Gifts....
  11. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    Oh very clever, Steef. Eat any good forums lately?
  12. Nick Parker

    Video Game Thread II

    I hear it's amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock.
  13. Nick Parker

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    If there's any, and I mean _any_, thing Star Wars _doesn't_ need to worry about, it's lack of exposure. And how many Star Wars fans hated the prequels but had to begrudgingly accept that their kids loved them just as much if not more than the originals? To a kid, and I say this growing up with the prequels, Star Wars is Star Wars. If a parent blocks a kid from watching anything just 'cause they personally think it's dumb, that's a weird-ass parent. How much stupid garbage did we get into as children, that you can guarantee our parents begged to pass over? Honestly in a weird way I really look forward to that aspect of being a parent someday. I'm still reeling with guilt over Pokemon cards. Ultimately, I'm not saying there aren't kids out there who love Star Wars now, and again, that my school is an accurate sample of the tastes of children across the country. But, if they _are_ an indicator, I'm thinking that maybe Disney overestimated, as most of us probably have, Star Wars' ultimate reach as a pop culture phenomenon. Not that that's a bad thing, just saying what I see.
  14. Nick Parker

    The Amazing Electronic Music Thread

    Addressed to Vangelis from Alex: I almost never hear mega reverb done well.