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  1. Well, I guess all we can hope for is that they push the nostalgia element further and push him to write something more in the vein of the older series (sans the sustained vaguely uneasy chords). McCarthy is my favorite Trek TV composer, I was hoping he'd have some involvement as well.
  2. Oh, smart, I never thought of that! Where that would screw me up big time is what I would have the grenadiers equipped with (anti-vehicle vs. anti-personnel). What do you think of the plot so far?
  3. Oh that's a fun one! In any kind of shooting game I always go for the sniper role, so by that time I upgraded my snipers' guns to be pinpoint deadly. It helped, but with the special enemies in that one I kind of got lucky and manipulated them to take just one of the paths and focus on my tank (which would then be healed by an engineer), and when their attention was focused completely opposite one of my snipers I had one of them pop those enemies in the head...I also shot the hell out of 'em point blank with my tank. In general though it seemed to be better to avoid as much direct confrontation with them as possible, and use bulkier characters as escorts for my snipers to reach the vantage points they needed to shoot down the bombs.
  4. I was a couple years too young, but I miss the vibe and usernames of 2002 message boards.
  5. Remind me what happens in Chapter 10? I love how the tone of the game shifts from "Yeah let's whoop the bad guys!" Star Wars type feel to the feeling of being hunted and alone, and on the brink of total defeat.
  6. Ooh, haven't checked that one out. Seems like I should rectify that...man I miss high string melodies in movies.
  7. Haha. I'm reminded of a story about Miles Davis...being the legend he was, every young player around would look for his approval if they knew he was listening to one of their sets. They would run up to him and say, "Mr. Davis, what did you think of my solo?" His response: "Do you kiss your girlfriend like that, like how you solo?" ...Jerry knew how to capture what Miles was getting at! I can't think of another orchestral composer who comes close.
  8. There was a period for about two weeks, a couple of weeks ago, where I listened to that about every day. I think it might be one of my favorite scores. There's something about it...there's a sheen to it, I don't know, its tone, the orchestrations, it's so clear and inviting. The complete score is _tons_ of fun, start to finish. The First Contact Theme, then Red Alert, where the tone gets really giddy with the Enterprise theme, before the Borg Theme blares in immediately afterwards...what a hell of an overture, and then with that groovy ass piano riff in Temporal Wake to bring the mood down, the fun just keeps going and going. He and his son did a fantastic job, the latter being responsible for some of my favorite moments, I remember discovering with shock. It's hard to get more badass than this, for example: And there's the sexy-ass stuff that Papa G-Smith wrote for the Borg Queen. I'm always fascinated by portrayals of sexiness in music, and Jerry knocks it out here with genuinely sensual material, like in this moment: The whole track is great, but the rustle of harp and strings climaxing into that high B in the violins? Chills. And then there are the smaller, great moments where Goldsmith really takes the dark, cornered scenario of the film and refracts it musically to the point where it transcends an action type movie, like in some of the more profoundly desolate statements of the secondary Borg motif at the beginning of The Dish, which on the flipside culminates in a great fanfare that recalls Alien in its more cathartic moments. Yeah, First Contact might be one of my favorites.
  9. Maybe it's 'cause I've been in a funk for the last hour or so, and watched the trailer in this period, but... I don't know, watching this trailer reminded me how much I dislike most modern television aesthetics, and only upon watching this has the worry struck that this show will be molded in that, especially if they get a Jeff Russo type to score it. I hope there's more levity in how they handle the plot and all that than the trailer lets on, because if the plot is indeed the Chosen One With the Key to the Universe, I think it will need some whimsy and romance (think the more quiet and contemplative renditions of Ilia's Theme, tonally). In other words, while yes I want the show to capture the more meditative and introspective aspects of what the concept practically has by birth, and the franchise as a whole, I _do_ also want to see a twinkle in its eye, a feeling of adventure as it hints at when it shows Picard getting with a younger crew. Also, am I the only one who thinks Data looks _really_ weird? Also also, damn Jeri Ryan is fine.
  10. How do you feel about artificial intelligence, the whole gaining sentience and all that, @Datameister?
  11. Goddamn! I do love that the Mario Maker games have always allowed for a sense of humor. Regarding Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I had some news come out that indicates it's not a very good game.
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