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  1. Nick Parker

    The small talk Thread

    Please do, Justin, we all wish you success! Just don't talk to them about Kiera Knightley's boobs or about how Galaxy's Edge would be so much better if it was based entirely on Caravan of Courage.
  2. Nick Parker

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    I don't need this working-class-poster hero crap!
  3. Nick Parker

    Favorite movie to feature Bryce Dallas Howard?

    American Graffiti. I think I saw a twinkle in her father Ron's eyes in a scene, and I said, "Yep, she's never gonna get better than this."
  4. Nick Parker

    Can anyone identify this song?

    Do you have a full copy of the film? Have you tried checking the end credits?
  5. Nick Parker

    Hans Zimmer's DUNE (2020)

    I'm glad Zimmer is apparently doing this one, but non-Balls-To-The-Wall-Orchestra Ryuichi Sakamoto would kick serious ass.
  6. Nick Parker

    the mstrox thread

    I can't wait 'til it gets to 1,000, so we can have an mstrox ME version.
  7. Nick Parker

    Why do some people dislike movie quote posts?

    I'm sure it's a fascinating experience, but perhaps you should deactivate your movie quotes for now.
  8. Nick Parker

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    Ever play Shaq-Fu?
  9. Nick Parker

    Anyone else think 90s film scores sound the best?

    A small niche, a sliver in the pie chart! Their existence means nothing!
  10. Nick Parker

    Anyone else think 90s film scores sound the best?

    It's not so much a matter of recording technology but philosophy. Considering that we can listen to music almost every second of the day, in almost every conceivable place, there are so many variables to account for: are you going to mix and master for headphones for the public commute listeners, are you going to mix and master for the car driving listeners, are you going to mix and master for the listeners playing music through their phone speakers? The list goes on and on. So producers tend to compromise, creating a product that can "speak" and get the job done in as many scenarios as possible.
  11. Nick Parker

    Star Wars Symphonic Suite?

    Shame, because that original Star Wars Suite is awesome, much cooler than the weird, more recent one. All of the Gerhardt Star Wars albums would have made a cool addition to concert programs.
  12. Nick Parker

    Anyone else think 90s film scores sound the best?

    It sounds like it belongs on a VHS copy of the movie, if you get what I mean.
  13. Nick Parker

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    Bad food, brutal discipline...no women. Got it.
  14. Nick Parker

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    Here's one that I saw recently. I really hate to bring up all of this 'cause it seems the Internet just keeps revolving around these issues, but I stumbled upon a forum in which a game was accused of being sexist 'cause a character did something sexist in one scene and promptly got his ass kicked because of it ( some people apparently seem to believe that a form of media depicting something is always the same as condoning or endorsing said something). Here's the top: Posts which downplay or dismiss sexism, complain about outrage or outrage culture, or try to dismiss concerns based on the country from which the game came from will be met with bans. Please continue to report posts that violate our FAQ and ToS. Now of course they're free to run it as they see fit, it's their forum, but damn, really? I know there's a certain point where debating doesn't enrich your perspective, I've reached that point in several aspects of my life, but if you're going to say something so sweeping as a "this game is sexist, and it's unacceptable for 2019", devoid of context...I think a little cold water might be beneficial. Not funny, Dougie.