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  1. Nick Parker

    The Official Pop and Rock Music thread

    Was gonna say this sounded familiar, but I then realized I was thinking of the Splatoon soundtrack. Ever listen to Capsule? You might like them.
  2. Nick Parker

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    You should make a professional investment!
  3. Nick Parker

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    Honestly if the quality of the photos were better I think it would be improved in a lot of ways.
  4. Nick Parker

    The small talk Thread

    I'd be more scared of the fact that it's from geocities, you know whoever posted them has a past!
  5. Nick Parker

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    Ya sure you don't want to do something in the visual work, not even a concept artist, general director or creator, etc.? If Butch Hartman could do it, why can't you? He means funny as in humorous, not total weirdos, Jerry.
  6. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    I feel like a lot of Williams' dramatic more underscore-y writing for these new Star Wars films have tended to be too stiff (lots of thick, sustained string chords and similar more static textures), that come off a little flat, but "The Cave", especially when it gets all War of the Worlds, is one that really adds a strong layer to the film and affects me viscerally.
  7. I think we've had enough go around on omissions of negatives this week.....
  8. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    Your worst sellout since you did car commercials!
  9. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    You say this in regard to what specifically?
  10. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    I hope I didn't psyche you out just to acquaint you with stuff you already know. You're already familiar with the alternate Han Solo death music and the (rightfully) removed First Order rally music, yeah? Listening to some stuff on YouTube, I've also been hearing stuff that's either in the movie but not on the album, or alternates integrated with the final cues (I'm not familiar enough with the music or the film to know).
  11. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    In defense of the score, though, I will say that the alternate cues hint at a much more interesting and richer score, before presumably JJ Abrams had him tone down the Star Wars for a Star Wars movie.
  12. I guess it would have been more accurate for me to ask who is responsible for the album's content? Do composers still have the ability older ones did, such as John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, to build the album as they saw fit within its presumably-mandated constraints? Because it's really hard to justify the "film scores are meant for film, don't judge it as music" line if the composer is behind putting out an hour plus of music that they implicitly admit is not meant for standalone consumption...I want to make sure I know the angles before I write the dude off, though.
  13. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    I can't in good conscience list this score on the bottom when it has tracks like this (especially around the highlighted time--that cello line rising up into that Close Encounters chord is the kind of stuff that defines Star Wars for me)
  14. Do we know if Balfe (or Arnold or anyone else) is personally responsible for the album release, or is it a studio obligation? If the former, then as you guys say, this whole line of argument is a sadly disingenuous smokescreen.
  15. Nick Parker

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    Shucks, man, that's some real high praise. It's definitely my least favorite Star Wars score. How does it compare to The Last Jedi, in your mind? Did you use one of the playlists on YouTube for the expanded score? With your enthusiasm, I want to re-evaluate my opinion.